Sheffield United Lose Appeal

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UPDATE: If any Sheffield United fan leaves abusive comments here, their email address will be published here for all to see. Pity I hadn’t thought of that in the previous thread.


114 Responses to Sheffield United Lose Appeal

  1. Danny boy says:

    Greate News!

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA haaaaaaaaaa

  2. ny hammer says:

    couldn t happen to a nicer guy than mccabe could it?

  3. Mac says:

    Can we now draw them at home in the cup….

  4. harlow hammer says:

    glad this is all sorted out now, hopefully we can attract some quality new players

    come on u hammers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ny hammer says:

    agree harlow- should make it so much easier now to get one or 2 more new faces in

  6. Bob Godbolt says:

    Get in!!!!!!!

  7. cockney boy says:



  8. Danny boy says:

    I bet you all, That the news papers are going to link us with every on now.

  9. Danny boy says:

    i bet you all, That we would be linked with ever one now. sorry was in rush lol.

  10. Delboyz says:

    I am please its all over with now. I can relax and enjoy the oncoming season. Theres only one disapointing thing, I wish it was Wigan that went down with their overated Chairman and not Sheffield Utd who really tried to play good footy at times.

    Now thats of my cheat its my turn….ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha coof coof ha ha ha (how childish but great fun) ha ha ha ….Delboyz

  11. ny hammer says:

    yes it was wigan who initially gave it the big one. bit rich from whelan who s about as close to a 21st century slaveowner as u can get in. arrogant little so and so.

    i don t like the way sheffield play ,but at least warnock had personality and a sense of humour. unlike paul jewell who thought he was clever giving it teh big one when wigan beat us at upton park.

    now mccabe s proven wrong and jewell s left the game. funny how it sometimes it all works out in the end

  12. Rapidhammer says:

    I was quite sure that the outcome would be like this. But like in any other court proceedings nobody can be 100 % sure in predicting a verdict before the panel has really announced it… I feel so much relief now. Now the season can begin!! C’mon you Irons!

  13. ny hammer says:

    u hit nail on head . we probably all felt that worst case ,even if the panel didn t rule our favor ,the league still wouldn t change the decision and risk an appeal from us and all the chaos that wu dcome with that. as u say tho, u cannever be 100 percent sure ,so what a relief to not have a potential appeal or any other crap hanging over heads.

    bring on aug 11

  14. WestHamForever says:

    So happy about this!
    Finally its been proved we had a fair punishment and we can get on with preparing for next season!
    Quality seeing such a bunch of bad losers get f@ck all for their troubles. McCabe has become one of my least favourite people in the game!
    Let’s break the bank and keep Tevez, we should offer him whatever it takes.
    And a couple more top signings would be nice!

  15. ian says:

    up the hammers

  16. ian says:

    i live in yorkshire now been a west ham fan all my life loved it when i got told love to see a yorkshire man cry ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  17. WHU4EVA says:


  18. Big George says:

    just when you think today couldn’t get any better

    “Inland Revenue confirm they will be launching a legal challenge against Leeds
    chairman Ken Bates’ buy-back deal”

  19. ny hammer says:

    yeah the kings of arrogance , mccabe,whelan,bates

    are now just emperors with no clothes. see how they like the snake bites

  20. Colby says:

    Looking at the news just heard the flood levels are increasing in sheffield. police are saying it is unlikly to subside until the thick northen twats stop crying and understand it was s#!t players that got them relegated and not the mighty hammers.

    HA HA HA

  21. smashinghammer says:

    Fizzy pop,fizzy pop now piss right off to the fizzy pop,
    fizzy pop ,fizzy pop we hope you like your fizzy pop,
    the sooky sooky la la’s will be swilling in the fizzy pop,
    so don’t forget your openers for your fizzy pop!

    P.S. did I mention …….FU(K OFF!

  22. ny hammer says:

    nice one colby

  23. Jeff / Cockney boy says:

    RESULT!!! Come on you irons

  24. Jeff / Cockney boy says:

    on ssn now the arbitritration

  25. Bradley Tollbury says:

    You are just a bunch of cheats. You should have had points deducted. It is an absolute disgrace. I think our Chairman may have one or two neat tricks up his sleeve. Justice will prevail…

  26. ny hammer says:

    rock on east london

  27. ny hammer says:

    keep on rockin in the free world east london

  28. ny hammer says:

    say bradley ,can you ask him for the name of his tailor please ,mate?
    my sleeve needs mending . thanks in advance.

  29. Bradley Tollbury says:

    You only stayed up cos you had an illegal player. He should never have layed for you and because you are so crap you had to rely on this illegal player saving your bacon. You are the laughing stock of football. CHEATS

  30. Now that we have paid our 5.5 mil for so called cheating. How about Shef Utd doing the same for Kabba? And Liverpoo for breaking the rules against Fulham? F**K You Bradley Tollbury you’re just a baby like your chairman. Stop crying if you deserve to be in the PL you would have got more points. I bet you dont even make the playoffs this season. Bunch of tossers hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha WEST HAM TILL I DIE

  31. Great post by the way Mr Dale. You took the words right out of my mouth!!!

  32. Wavid says:

    Bradley, Tevez was not illegally registered with West Ham, but in the same way as Sheffield United exercised a ‘third party’ influence over Kabba, it was the contract that was in question. This was torn up – but Tevez registration was still sound.

    In the end, West Ham did their talking on the pitch by winning 7 out of their last 9 games, how many games did Sheffield United win in the run in?

    Ulitmately, even on the last day, Sheffield United were unable to win the game and therefore, as the table doesn’t lie, they were relegated. There are ongoing issues with player contracts, foriegn investment in teams and a bung culture, but lets not stop the results being decided on the pitch.

    If you want matches decided by arbitration and legal wrangle – go watch some reality tv and let sports fans enjoy the matches live!

  33. Parksey Legend says:

    I feel so sorry for Sheff Utd…


  34. Bradley tollbury says:

    i am a c*ck

  35. Bradley Tollbury says:

    We have come out of this with our integrity intact.

    You fielded an inelligable and illegal player and conned the FA and got away with it.

    You will forever be remembered as the cheats you are. No doubt you and your baldy little chickenshit of a chairman will get relegated next year. You pathetic mockney losers.

    The most pointless Premiership team.

  36. Bradley tollbury says:

    shut up and do one you mug he he

  37. Dean Lucas says:

    Bradley – Shut you cakhole you knob!

    You are talking a lode of shit. You know sod all about the case.

  38. Clive St. Badminton says:

    As a West Ham fan it feels like a hollow victory. Not the West Ham way at all. We should play Sheffield United in a one off match and beat them to stay in the league and Eggy should quit for his part in the disgrace.

  39. Dean Lucas says:

    Clive – are you Bradley in disguise? You should stop posting here your not welcome. Tw*t

  40. Rapidhammer says:

    There’s never a dull moment with West Ham: Even in summer we can celebrate a victory!

  41. kaybee15 says:

    Bradley – please explain how Carlos Tevez was ineligible. Even more so, illegal (!) Details please, not just CHEATS in caps lock.

    Awaiting your response. Missing you already….

  42. ny hammer says:

    say brad , i like you re style mate . you know exactly when to quit while you re behind. that sa real asset. in fact ,with your fine legal mind ,it s a wonder you weren t part of the sheffield utd legal team.

    oh dear brad , i m so sorry . i forgot to ask. how s the weather treating you? any luck on that water level subsding ? gee, i sure hope you re insurance has you covered. yeag that would be a real shame if they declared it was an act of god or something, woldn t it? see that woul dmean you might not have enough money for your season ticket to the Coca Cola chanpionship. now that could be the start of a real downward spiral for you bradley. first you lose neil warnock. then your home gets flooded. then you re team s relegation is made official . then the insurance people don t pay out . dearie me, it just gets worse and worse.

    never mind bradley. think of the kids. you hd time to give em a kiss and a cuddle yet? you MUST make time for that .

    oh , do let us know if you need us to do a cllection to fund you season ticket at bramall lane if the insurers prove to be a bit stingy..

  43. Hammertime says:

    Can anyone smell sour grapes???

    This Bradley fella has too much time on his hands, he’s so bitter that he has to make the effort to find a West Ham supporters site and then try and claim some morral high ground. Maybe it detached him for a brief moment from the reality that he supports a Coca Cola Championship side!

    Not that its hard to find a WHUFC fansite, we’ve got a million times more support than Sniffield United – 21,000 season ticket sales already, can they even fit that many in brammle lane?? And he’s calling us a pointless side?!?!

    Sheff Wed are bigger than you lot!

  44. Hammertime says:

    Oh, and did I mention we won the World Cup?!?!?

  45. l.a. woman says:

    and the current england side features none other than 7 players who ve developed their game at one time or another at west ham

    any sheffield utd members on the england side?

    oh yeah , that guy ,phil, um ,phil ……JAGIELKA that s it, the guy who mad that cameo ina recent friendly.

    and then somehow found it irresstible to raise that right hand defending a set piece against wigan on the last day of the season. quality that . can tteach it

  46. Hooky da hammer says:

    I work up da road from fleet st and took a late lunch 2 be outside when the decision was dished out in paper form and had great fun tryin 2 get the badge and the claret and blue shown on a certain sports information tv network 🙂 but seriously, we all new they delayed the 1st “announcement”by a few weeks 2 get em nearer the season, thus rendering any appeal kinda fcuked, now its over and as everyones said already, players will now be interested in us so,Eggert,a few new top playerz now purrleeze!! ps. COLBY my son, that joke is gonna be ledgendry 2morow in work. nice 1 geez. Oh, just 1 last thing while i’m ere……………… TOUGH FIKKIN LUCK 2 ALL U NORTHERN S*** WHO I CAN ONLY DESCRIBE AS DESPERATE > U DIDNT PULL SOMETHIN OUTTA DA BAG WHEN IT COUNTED…….WE DID….GET OVER IT. now bring on next season, UP DA IRONS!!!!!

  47. Ian the hammer says:

    How many points did you want off us, 3 because that would have been enough to get us relegated? What about if we had a better goal difference? Would you have wanted 4? What about if we where 5 points clear? 5 points? I think you know where I’m going with this.

  48. purple haze says:

    7 wins from the last 9.

    very few teams in the history of sport anywhere have been able to rescue a seson from the brink by doing that

    pretty bubbles in the air!!

  49. Hammertime says:

    and we won the World Cup

  50. Byeck says:

    Er…remind me – who got fined for being naughty, West Ham or Sheffield United?

    Even Alf Garnett would be ashamed of staying up on that footing

  51. Bradley Tollbury says:

    You just can’t seem to face the fact that you fielded an illegal player for most of the season. It is no wonder you are known as the dimmest fans in football.

    You signed a player on an illegal contract and reaped the rewards of your underhand, dodgy dealings.

    Your chairman is a silly little slaphead and his crooked dealings will land you in trouble in the very near future. Your time will come.

  52. summertime blues says:

    ummmm byeck, did u spend a long time getting that degree 20 th century humanism and religious studies? did it give you really solid grounding or “footing” as you so eloquently describe it? in your studies did you cover that bit on HE WHO CASTS THE FIRST STONE ?
    i know the KABBA version would have taken place after you got your degree. shame really ,seeing how relevant it is to your current situation . pretty good though that given your difficulty with short term memory you still managed to earn the vicar s seat. truly remarkable. not quite as good as 7 from 9 ,butgetting up there.

    how s that footing underneath you byeck ? holding up well is it ,despite the damp? we wouln t want it start to crumble now would we ,and jeopardize that elusive moral high ground now would we?

    vicar, we know you re a good student ,but please review your lessons on registration , and
    UNEFORCEABLE third party agreements. in the interest of keeping the footing solid eh?

    feeling a bit jaded ? it s almost bedtime byeck. you ll feel less pompous in the morning i promise you with all my heart.

  53. summertime blues says:

    now bradley ,what did my colleague advise you about that medication…. you must learn to take a little advice dearie . bradley and byeck- such a lovely pair ! we ll try to keep it a secret

  54. foxey lady says:

    bradley dear, i cant wait that long. when will my time come? you know i don t have the patience.
    please don t keep me waiting … please dont keep me waiting

    cos i m soooo tired, tired of waiting for you…….

  55. IronMan says:

    Byeck Alf Garnett(Warren Mitchell) was a yid, so er remind me who stayed up because we got more points and don’t go on about inelligable player crap. You didn’t moan when you were 10 points ahead with 9 games to go. Only started moaning when you realised trouble was looming. Ian can you also post Bradleys email address as I think a few of us would like to contact him direct.


  56. Bradley Tollbury says:

    Summertime blues:

    Your sense of humour is just marvellous…How do you think up such witty remarks?

    I bet there are laughs a-plenty whenever you are in the rub a dub.

  57. soul kitchen says:

    we re so happy you can see the bright side of life bradley… you know what they say the worst of the 7 deadly sins is …

    good boy bradley, i see you ve taken your meds. sleep well now . try not to let the blankets drip

  58. ny hammer says:

    IF 6 WAS 9 is what james earl hendrix said.

    but it wasn t 6.

    it was 7 FROM 9

    rock on east london

  59. Bradley Tollbury says:

    soup kitchen:

    Tee Hee. What a good remark!

  60. ny hammer says:

    soup kitchens are what some of your neighbors may be needing right about now some respect,will you. and get your spelling right- we expect better from an articulate yorkshireman like u

  61. Bradley Tollbury says:

    ny Spammer:

    Tee Hee. You are blessed with a wonderful sense of humour too.

  62. The Headmaster says:

    I’ve got more views on this subject than I can possibly be bothered to go into at this time of night. Suffice it to say that Tevez was never ineligible – that is simply a misnoma perpetuated by dimwits who are mere bandwagoon jumpers and choose to digest the sensationalised oversimplification that the tabloids feed them.

    As for SUFC – this was never about WHU or them! It should never have been allowed to become so either. Disgraceful and another example of the media frenzy creating a story.
    The committee rightly decided in April that it would not have been proper to deduct points from us at that stage of the season. All these morons who bang on about “if it was right in December then it should have been done in April” clearly have no understanding, simply none, of the nature of sport and competition. If we’d been deducted 6 points in December, I say we’d still have stayed up. See, it’s all about mentatility, expectation, passion, pride and heritage.

    Sheffield got relegated cos they couldnt beat crap like Boro or Wigan in their last two games.

    End of.

  63. Hooky da hammer says:

    i dont see the point in wasting happy hammer time postin remarks to the pondlife that upon hearing the big news, finds time in their day 2 search out a HAPPY hammers site 2 carry on the whinging and whinin. and u northerners call us lot miserable moaners. enough said guys n gals, apart from KEEP IT HAPPY, HAMMERS! we got so much PREM footy 2 look forward 2. and we’re lookin forward 2 watchin it with THE BEST fans this side of the moon! PRETTY BUBBLES IN THE AIR!

  64. The Headmaster says:

    Havin that Hooky.

    Incidentally, getting worried about ny hammer – must be at least an hour since he made any sort of a contribution. Do you reckon that Bradley geezer has searched him out and abducted him??

  65. simonh says:

    As a neutral who has read the report, it is clear that West Ham have been lucky. They cheated, were insufficiently punished by a craven Premier League but the appeal panel, unhappy as they were with what went on, weren’t able to overturn it. It’s a shame to see cheats prosper and I think many other neutrals will be hoping to see West Ham relegated next season.

  66. […] Sheffield United Lose Appeal Ha ha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha […] […]

  67. burtiboy says:

    I am getting tired of these twats that continue to post their opinions about how West Ham should be ashamed of what they did. These are the same self-righteous, hypocrites who support clubs (yes big and small) that for the past 20 years who have watched their own clubs wheel and deal to their hearts content in order to get their man. Can you remember the last time that neutral fans turned on these clubs and pointed the finger – “you’re a naughty boy now”. No, because the game has been riddled with negligence and inappropriate actions for years.

    I agree that West Ham did not abide by the rules (in this situation), they were tried and fined accordingly. Enough of this drivel…, let’s turn our mind back to what was one of the greatest escapes in football history – I’ve never seen a team turn their season around. Let’s celebrate that.

    Oh and Bradley, you are the “biggest plonker”, why you spend so much time writing on this blog beats me. You should do something constructive with your time and spend it with yourr family….or is Sheffield United your familiy… cute!

  68. ny hammer says:

    to the headmaster-

    even i need some sleep ,even with the 50 odd names i ve accumulated on here

  69. ny hammer says:

    for all the high and mighty on their soapboxes ,whether it s yorkshire or wherever:


    did it ever dawn on you that there was no chance in hell that west ham united would ever allow a third party to “influence”, the club,”materially “, or otherwise?
    had koorbachian had ever tried to “influence” west ham, the club simply woul dhave taken him to court ,had the contract declared null and void, as a restraint on trade.

    any barrister worth his salt will tell you that. the third party in this instance had about as much chance of “materially influencing” the club , as i do of replacing gordon brown as prime minister tomorrow (god help u all if that ever happened ,ha) .

    the premier league , sensibly , knew that , and realized that any such “contract” that existed , coul dnever have been enforced upon west ham by koorbachian.

    thats matters off the pitch . on th epitch , where were u , all the moaners and whingers ,when for the first 3/4 of the season our form actually got WORSE with tevez,
    and particularly with tevez AND mascherano. the team was thrown into utter chaos, appeared to be disorganized ,dispirited dis-everythinged. you didn t min dit then did you? u were happy to see us languishing in 19th place ,WITH TEVEZ.

    But you got upset , when with 9 games to go u contrived to lose a 10 point lead. now that s a rare feat. i ve made some pretty grim mistakes in my life, on and off the pitch, and continue to. but i d ont think even i (or anyone ) could have found a way to blow a 10 point lead with 9 games left to go.

    you were outplayed. outskilled. outsang. outhearted. outgoaled .outpassoned.

    face it yorkshire. you were just outed.

    and for your troubles ? you re OUT




    COS I WON 7 FROM 9

    rock on east london

  71. Andy says:

    Here’s how the non-bias press sees it, and how Blades fans are now delusional…

    Daily Mail headline: The final insult: Deceitful Hammers so lucky, is verdict.
    Blades Win Hammers Row
    By Jimmy Muir
    Wednesday 4th July 2007
    Sheffield United won their case against the Premier League with that West Ham United should have been docked points after illegally signing Carlos Tevez.

  72. justice unlimited says:

    what matters to me about alf ramsay isn t what his religion was. what matters to me is what achieved for west ham and what he achieved for england. period. i m interested in success for west ham. and i m happy to have any and every etnic group in existence participate in that.


  73. ny hammer says:

    andy- yeah i read the mail piece on the train in thsi morning. this frolm a guy who supposed to make his living by being objective and presenting both sides of the issue. i don t think the guy could spell objectivity no less practice it. but that s the daily mail for you – bastion of idiocy

  74. Andy says:

    HI ny hammer, Guardian doesn’t seem much better either but how about this as well…

    This, from the Blades website…We are obviously very disappointed by this conclusion, in particular in circumstances where the tribunal recognised that the outcome of the decision turned out to be “unfortunate in the extreme,” and that Sheffield United have done nothing wrong to merit this outcome.

    ‘Turned out to be unfortunate ‘n the extreme’? They didn’t start whinging and calling for points deduction till they thought they might go down themselves.
    ‘Done nothing wrong to merit this outcome’? How about losing all your games?

  75. ny hammer says:

    the media never seem to learn. the mor ethey give it the big one , the more we prove them wrong.

    we wouldn t win promotion bcak to the premiership
    wouldn t survive our first year back in the prem
    we didn t stand a chnace in the fa cup final
    we were doomed with 20 games left to go last season.
    we were doomed with 10 games left to go.
    we were doomed with 3 games left to go.

    and on and on.

    one silver lining about the media muppets is that it will ensure for a very lively atmosphere atupton park this season. suspect supporters this term will be a little bit louder this time round.

  76. jon says:

    Its time for Hammers fans to boycott those papers which have a vendetta against us, the Daily Mail comes to mind strtaight away. I have it, or rather had it, delivered every day. I cancelled my subs yesterday A small gesture but if we all voted with our feet then perhaps these useless hacks that fill the so-called popular press would be a little more objective.


  77. Cloutty says:

    I have been giving it some thought and I think the Premier league have been really vindictive and it has blown up in their faces.

    I thik they looked at the league table when deciding on a the punishment and thought, ‘West Ham are relegated anyway’, if we only give them a points reduction it will be like they have got off scott free as they are going down anyway.

    I think they thought, right, lets teach them a real lesson and give them a £5M + fine as well, that should really fark West Ham up and make pretty damn sure they don’t come straight back up.

    What they could not have forseen was the spectacular turn around at Upton Park in the last dozen or so games.

    Next time we find ourselves infront of them i expect them to throw the book at us.

    When did anything ever go our way in the past,

    I think they made a judgement call and tried to really screw us up and got it all horribly wrong.

    War is gods way of teaching American’s geography…


  78. ny hammer says:

    good idea john- hit em in the pocket.
    funny thing , its not such a small gesture when loads of people do it. i won t be buying it anymore either

  79. Stickers says:

    Iain, please please please print the details of our BRAVE Cock sucking neighbours IT AINT TOO LATE !!!!!!

  80. ny hammer says:

    great point cloutty (except that last bit on geography ha)

    too right. the league may have thought we were down anyway , so why not throw in a 5.5 million quid fine for good measure. the old “kick a man when he s down, cos we don thave the balls to hit him when he s standing approach.”

    and as u say it backfired.

    like the media ,some of the crystal ball watchers in the Premier League s governing body seemed to forget something


    thought they were hard enough didn t they? not this lifetime

  81. 1969 says:

    if the sun refuse to shine

    i don t mind


  82. SheffutdfanNumbe 1 says:

    As a lifelong shefilled united fan and proud yorkshireman i must admit we deserve to go down, over 38 games we were not gd enough end off. Good luck for next season Hammers and I deeply apologise for the problems we have caused you. Again i reiterate we wereworng to pursue arbitration

  83. Hammerithome says:

    Well said Sheff Utd fan no 1.
    Pity more didn’t feel the same way.
    Lets put this all behind us and look forward to the new season ahead.
    I’m Sheff will bounce back to the Premiership soon.

  84. ny hammer says:

    thank you sheffield utd fan for your response. it s rarity for opposing supporters to treat each other with dignity it seems ,so this is a welcome change of pace. good luck in the coming season.

  85. Rapidhammer says:

    I think it’s quite interesting that the story about the “mysterious clause” in the contract between West Ham and MSI for which WHU got fined could be read in the Telegraph not later than September 7 (an updated article can be found at: ).
    We have learned that West Ham have terminated this agreement after the initial judgement. Now I wonder if they have also terminated the buy option which also has been mentioned in the above article.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Sheffield have had the flood now for the plague and locust the roth of ray winston

  87. rock-solid says:

    very interesting indeed that information about the contract was available in september.
    yet the whinging didn t start until january.

    so if anyone had any questions about the transfers ,which were given maximum publicity when they took place, they had from september through the christmas season to make their concerns known. that includes the league , or the EMPERORS WITH NO CLOTHES , mccabe,whelan and al-fayed . as an aside given whelan s liking for using exploitative labor i can t see him ever being completely without clothes.
    thank god for that – dave whelan fully unclothed ,what a sick thought. but then again dave whelan is a sick man ,which breeds sick thoughts.

    and still NOBODY , but nobody said boo to a goose (or a gander) from september through early january.

    funny that

  88. jon l.colney says:

    nice read this morning you lot ,thanks.
    lets be honest,the whole balls up is all down to the pl,so why anyone would want to blame us i dont know.i mean why does it take so long to realise that something was up with the signing’s? we all and i include anyone in football were absolutley gobsmacked when they signed some scrap of paper saying they are west ham players back in deepest winter???? is it summer yet?
    there wre cry’s of how? and what? and are you sure? from everyone,press,managers,suporters,tv the lot. and what was done? f .all
    no one did give a monkeys as they werent sure what to idea what the punishment should be and no idea how to handle it.

    in summary,because of the pl own incompetence they made the decision to drag it out untill it was far to late for anyone to do anything!

    so all you bradley types dont get the ump with us,its the pl you should be wingin at.

    anyway bring on the worthless cup or the fa cup draws.

    ide love a trip up to water logged land and give you monkeys a run around.


    ps hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

    sorry couldnt help me self

  89. Rapidhammer says:

    I think there’s a significant difference between the first three-man panel which fined West Ham and the arbitration panel which had to decide in the matter of Sheffield Utd. The first commission was an independent Disciplinary Commission of the FA Premier League of which the members had been appointed by the FAPL. Therefore no one of the judges had been named by West Ham. The second panel was installed pursuant to the Arbitration Act 1996. According to this Act each of the parties had the right to name an arbitrator and these arbitrators chose the chairman of the panel.
    I don’t think that any of the members of this panel had been biased but I am not surprised that this panel mentioned that “in all probability” they would have deducted points from West Ham if they had to decide in the disciplinary hearing. This statement should not have been made in the verdict because an Arbitration panel like this one would never have been installed in a disciplinary hearing!

  90. ny hammer says:

    nice one rapid

    at a minimum ,one of this lot were notgoing to be neutral or unbiased…

  91. we are a descrage 2 the football league and we was a descrage in the premiership with our boring lack of attack football we didnt deserve 2 stay up no way west ham deserved it there such a good team if only we could be like that n have such good players as mark noble tevez and greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeno !!! tut tut o well dream on u sorry northeners!!

  92. Danny boy says:

    Wonder if Shaun Write Philps will come to use now this shit is finished.

  93. ny hammer says:

    have to be one or 2 quality strikers who may consider it now …

  94. Hammerithome says:

    Altogether now

  95. ny hammer says:


  96. Neville says:

    I’m absolutely delighted (punches fist in the air)! Now we have properly sent down those Sheff Utd numpties, we Hammers fans can now look forward to the new season. Mind you I hope we have another rollercoaster season like the last, but better ;)!

  97. Hammerithome says:

    Dear Nev; It may be ok for you youngsters,but have a thought for us oldies mate!
    I can’t take too much of that. It was good though.he he.

  98. ny hammer says:

    doesnt do wonders for the health of us middle aged geezers either ,but no complaints ha!

  99. Bradley Tollbury says:

    We are coming to get you now! It is very clear that we have a solid case. We are going to sue you big time. I bet you wish you had played by the rules and not played an illegal player now. Come on McCabe lets slap the baldy tit.

  100. Byeck says:

    Justice Unlimited @ 6.27

    Alf Ramsey…achieving for West Ham?

    Nay Lad, he never did.

    Not too sure about your football knowledge son.

  101. gross negligence says:

    byeck we re not too sure about your life

    a- do you have one

    b- did you ever have one

    c- are you a failed athlete

    d- or are u just a failure

    oh- byeck, let us know how the job search goes. and also let us the know the results of your annual . w ed be disappointed not have u around for a few decades to kick around.

    son ?

    who ould want u as a father

  102. hammmerific says:

    bradley , we were led to beleive you were this well spoken,knowledgable yorkshireman with an unmatched command of the facts. now you re letting us down. also , that money we were going to try to raise to fund the flood repairs on your house and the season ticket for the COCA COLA CHAMPIONSHIP isn t going to go very far is it ?
    i mean with all the money mccabe is spending on solicitors , he s going need a bit of help from you now

  103. arrogance destroyer says:

    brad and byeck –

    i was wondering , if someone offered you a million quid to eat the excrement ona stick,
    would you do so unhesitatingly ,or would u check first whether it came from a dog or
    a buffalo.

    right – thats what i figured. you d do the buffalo but not the dog. at least thats sorted

  104. soul sacrifice says:

    Ramsey did achieve for west ham

    he got the best of out several key england players , which in turn helped those players do great things for west ham. virtuous circle

    pretty easy connection to make for most people, except of course for old men who refer to strangers on web sites as “son.” but there s a problem making connections in sheffield these days – they all seem a bit waterlogged. except the ones to the posh barristers getting apid to push paper and sip lukewarm expresso.

    want a stale hot cross bun with that lukewarm expresso lads?

    whats worse – lukewarm expresso or warm COCA-COLA

    enjoy life byeck. you only live once. yes even you byeck, and u too bradley

  105. axis bold as love says:

    if the sun refuse to shine

    we dont mind

    WON 7 FROM 9…..

  106. Byeck says:

    Girls, Girls, sober up and ask yourselves if Bobby Moore would have been proud of West Ham’s current take on morality.

    Ref . Soul Sacrifice @ 6.39. I really think Ron Greenwood, rather than Ramsey, should take the credit for Moore, Hurst & Peters.

    But…you had standards then.

  107. Byeck says:

    Girls, Girls. dont get excited – just ask yourselves if Bobby Moore would have been proud of the current West Ham interpretation of morality.

    Ref Soul Sacrifice @ 6.29am
    I really think Ron Greenwood, rather than Ramsey, should be credited with Moore, Hurst and Peters, dont you?

    Still, you had a good team then and standards to match

  108. all along the watchtower says:

    like getting promoted in a shoestring budget , finishing 9th in league in first season back and reaching an FA cup final.

    u checked the post see if your monthly benefit check arrived?

    looks like u need it in more ways than one

  109. all along the watchtower says:

    7 FROM 9

  110. lee says:

    Lets get one thing straight you cheating imbeciles. West Ham stayed in the premiership because you signed an illegal player, you cheated. You are now the most hated club in Britian as you represent cheating. Parents dont want their children supporting you as you encourage cheating. Now that Tevez is going to man u (which has nothing to do with west ham) it will all come out in court that kia owns tevez and you lied to the premier league….AGAIN. Action will still be taken and west ham will get punished. If by some miracle you remain in the bent premiership you will be booed at every ground, as everyone now knows you are filthy, devious, scheming liars and are a disgrace to the game that “real football fans” love.

  111. extra-negative says:

    lee , you one of the 1o most ill-informed armchair losers to ever grace , or fail to grace
    this planet

    we will keep proverbially shoving it dowm your moronic throat so far that not even A and E will be able to rescue you. enjoy whats left of your life of pain and suffering.

    dumb and illiterate- poor combination

  112. roasted pepper says:

    lee- are u capable of sucking your own left breast?

  113. TomMaxwell says:

    He who laughs last laughs loudest.

  114. lewis eyre says:

    fuck the blades up the owls

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