Hammers Sign New Goalkeeper

West Ham have reportedly signed Richard Wright on a free transfer as cover for Robert Green. I suggested this a few months ago and was howled down, as I recall, in the comments. They should call me ‘mystic Iain’!


80 Responses to Hammers Sign New Goalkeeper

  1. Damien says:

    I think this is a great free transfer and adds great cover and could challenge Robert Green for that jersey next season.

  2. ny hammer says:

    agree- really smart piece of business . very good cover without overspending . couldn t ask for a better guy to replace roy carroll as second choice, and good enough to be number 1 at some premiership clubs.

    3 acquisitions so far . all good ones and none of them for silly money.

    further evidence of an owner prepared to move the club forward , and not waste any time in doing so . and this was all achieved amidst difficult circumstances ,whilst the hearing was going on.

    to the headmaster =early posts courtesy of an un ungodly commute into london for an equally ungodly start to work, ha

  3. Trickywhu1 says:

    Free is my favorite word!!!

  4. soul sacrifice says:

    rock on bro

  5. Greezy Pimp says:

    Yet more evidence of West Ham’s reckless spending forcing the transfer market ever higher. No doubt the Daily Mail will claim we’re paying him £250,000 a week!

  6. Danny boy says:

    Greezy Pimp, trust me? all these news papers do is stur up sh## or tell lies.

  7. ny hammer says:

    boycott teh daily mail

  8. hammer boy says:

    Oh what a wonderful week , another great proven player ….

    and apparently Eggy is chasing Nice Fanni as well ! Lucky man …


  9. jon l.colney says:

    bit slow,but wheres caroll gone?

    good signing,tevez to utd? more pony in the papers.

  10. Linus Singh says:

    What a rubbish signing. This PROVES that Cubishley has NO ambitions for the club. We should be taking the club FORWARDS not BACKWARD!! We should have signed Shay Given or Steve Harper of Justi Jaskelyning he’s a wicked goalkeepr and would be excellent cover for super Robbie Greeno.

    Curbishley out!!!

  11. taosted ham and cheese says:

    not easy finding someone who s willing to be second choice. i m happier with wright as back-up than i wud be with carroll

  12. WestHamForever says:

    Linus Singh u must be having a laugh!
    Curbishley out? What, after the great escape?!!!
    Wright will be a good stand-in for Green.
    Goods things on the horizon at the hammers!!!
    More signings too hopefully

  13. Danny boy says:

    Just read the news paper and it is saying TEvez 2 Man U.

  14. Smell.the.coffee says:

    Good piece of business, a player who has undoubtedly under-achieved, never reaching the level expected when Arsenal paid £6 million (?) for him. (Another expensive flop for Arsene Wenger).

    He should feel he has a point to prove, but I honestly hope he doesn’t get much of a chance to show it and Robert Green stays healthy….

  15. David King says:

    I’ve said all along that I want Curbishley out. You can talk all you like about the great escape and I hear that Eggy gave Curbs a million quid bonus for it. Hope he gave it to charity cos it was more by luck than judgement we got away with it. And make all the signings you want. There’s only one signing I want to see for a dead cert
    Tevez. And according to the BBC web Man U are looking at 20 mill. And we were gonna pay 18 for Bent? Rock on Curbs !!

  16. axis bold as love says:

    good insurance though ,richard wright

  17. ny hammer says:

    it s not easy to make a cast iron on judgement ob curbishley. i ve been one of his worst critics for many reasons ,not just the team s performance in january and february. but, i can t take away from him that he contributed to one of the greatest escapes not just in football but in modern sport full stop. i say “contributed” because how much of that was down to him and how much was down to the players? whatever the answer ,something changed in the final 10 games of the season, and even though i continue to have major doubts about curbishley ,i can t deny him some credit for the turnaround. what still rankles ,is how he managed to get us so deep in the whole in the first place. yes,the players were underperforming ,but in a number of ways so was curbishley in his fist 10-15 games. the recent signings thus far seem good- let s hope curbishley proves the doubters like myself wrong

  18. Hammar says:

    Is it true that next season we can get Season Tickets at a 50% discount if we suck Curbishleys dick?? I think all us hammers should do this afterall we are cock suckers.

  19. rage meister says:

    which hand do you use? or are you equally skilled with both?
    you must get a lot of practice seeing that women don t like you . for that matter men don t like you ,nor do animals . so thats you out of luck then.

    which is why you use both ends . not at the same tim eof course.

  20. nicotine banner says:

    to the bloke using the real classy langauage and imagery , why do always want to get stuff on the cheap? can t you ever just pay full price? is it fun going through life always in search of a bargain?

  21. jon l.colney says:

    curbs out??????????

    come on,do you want us to turn in to a southampton,newcastle,man city where there managers are waiting for the knock on the door?

    get real,this club we all adore is not that way inclinded and thank whoever that our egg has got the balls to make big decisions.brown days arnt that far gone!!!have you lost the ability to remember?

    1 we were relegated by christmas
    2 we now have money to spend
    3 reo cocks gone
    4 green returned to form
    5 noble was picked and played like a god
    6 neil was the best signing in the jan window
    7 ashton to return
    8 upson back
    9 the belief curbs installed in the club (it does come from the top remember!)
    10 we now have a season to look forward to where we were all looking for a bridge to jump from.

    for christ sake keep the faith!!!!

  22. Danny boy says:

    I think if Tevez Leaves Westham they Should buy Dimitar Berbatov to cover him, That make the Totenham fans Cry, He is a graet Player as well

  23. ny hammer says:

    what s not pleasing is that sections of the media are linking us more strongly with bellamy now. one tabloid claims we re considering bidding up to 11 million for him. i wouldn t want him if he was available for 1 million. 11 million would be an absolute farce.

    he is not the answer. period.

  24. Danny boy says:

    He is really S###, I rather have Numo Gomez or anogh Arge,
    not the thug.

  25. detroit says:

    yes- thug, always rowing with refs,rowing with his own players
    not fit to wear anyone s shirt anywhere . well ,maybe a prison robe

  26. Danny boy says:

    I do think if we buy Bellamy we be relergated as he can’t score goals we need , i admit he was the dog’s at Newcastle i rated him, but now he ain’t got it the skill’s. Why don’t we just buy a German Striker .

  27. jimbo says:

    I hear Curbs got nicked last night for beating up his wife, apparantly he drunk 2 bottles of Scotch and the smacked her around. She was also pissed.

  28. detroit says:

    we need to be looking further afield from england, especially to not be paying over the odds. i still can t get my head round darren bent being worth 17 million. it doesn t make sense

  29. top 10 says:

    jimbo can u put that public school education to good use please . it s he DRANK not he DRUNK. good news is your spelling s improved since you last contributed under the name JUMBO. nice try JIMMY

    for the record, do u have fantasies , or are they nightmares about beating your wife? are u afraid she might bit eyou in the wrong place? (assuming she can find it)

  30. Danny boy says:

    is there going to be any good sighning like last year with Tevez Please please Egg man do some good sighning like a star striker not Thug

  31. if the sun says:

    refuse to shine

    we don t mind

    WON 7 FROM 9

  32. ???? says:

    Numo Gomez is on the way boy’s.

  33. Gary Singh says:


    Some 1 said Curbs out, i dnt think so!

    Curbs is the man right now, maybe we arent buying loads of players at once, because the bargain buys and the prices go down towards the end of the transfer window, its all good spending money but we dnt want to be like Leeds
    and Jussi Jass, or shay given wld not of come to west ham to sit on the bench, they wld of wanted top wages and to be a regualr, R. Wright knows he wont walk straght in, but once he gets to full match fitness, he will be ready to go, expect to see his debut in the Carling Cup!

    All west ham need now is left back, not Shorey, he is a 1 season wonder i think

    and another striker!

    also sell, dailly, mullins, maybe walker, carlton cole hasent done it even at his previous clubs and yossi can go if we get wright phillips!

    No 1 can replace Tevez at this moment in time.

  34. all along the watchtower says:

    6 months ago i d have agreed with you on the left back. now i m not so sure. i was astounded by mccartney s improvemnt. he played absolutely out of his skin in the last 10 games.

  35. David King says:

    I agree with watchtower about McCartney. I say the same for Collins too

  36. I hate Totenham says:

    You Should know Paul, your the one how kiddie fids!

    Why dont ou just Fuck off your not welcome you Twat!

  37. don t worry be happy says:

    it s ok mate- the guy s a known paedo with form, so he ll be off the site in the near future. thing is he can t spell . a paedo who can t spell. worst kind

  38. ny hammer says:

    spot on david about collins

    huge improvemnt , when that was looking totally out of the question earlier in the season

  39. I hate Totenham says:

    ops im spelling like a Totenham fan,

  40. ny hammer says:

    ha too rite – i was going to remind u about that ha

  41. Parksey Legend says:

    Wright’s a quality back-up ‘keeper I reckon. I feel more confident with him on the bench than Carroll.

    ‘Paul’… F*@! off and get a job or some mates you sad twat.

  42. hammerama says:

    spot on parksey

  43. WestHamForever says:

    Who is this prick Paul?
    He obviously knows his football if he thinks the hammers are going down next year!
    Can’t wait for the season to start, good times ahead!

  44. ny hammer says:

    rock on bro

    aiming for a top 8 finish

  45. the headmaster says:

    Agree with ny about bellamy – not for me!

    sorry to hear about the ungodly commute, mate! blackberry roamer is it, eh?

  46. Gordon McBroon says:

    Now that I’m PM I won’t be able to comment as frequently, but I had to post to express my sadness that in the same day that Tevez looks like he is going to Man Utd, Mr Craig Bellamy looks as though he might be coming to West Ham.

    Of course, now that I am PM and lord and master over all I survey, I have the power to stop this. But only if you bung me £ 1, 000, 000 to help fill the gap in my finances.

    A tenner from each supporter and you’ll hit the target pretty soon….

  47. luke says:

    To right about Bellamy he’s a crap striker, and whoever said Berbatov no offence but we can’t even get Dafoe so why would Berbatov want to come to us. I can’t help but think half of you dont understand the game when it comes to signing a player, you can throw all the money about you want but top players want to play for the top clubs you need to set your sights a little lower and then build on that. The answer I don’t think is in the premiership we need to go abroad and get a good striker who would like the challenge of the primiership. I would love to see Tevez with us next season, just imagine him and Ashton what a pairing but i’m afraid I cant see it. But I’m conferdent bout next season and would agree with top 8 place and the signings so far I think are good and I cant wait to see Faubert he looks impressive from what I’ve seen.


  48. ny hammer says:

    agree with the idea ,in terms of a strker ,of “setting sights a little lower and building on that .’
    using tevez as an example, of course we love him not only for his skill but for the way in which he bonded with west ham fans. but he can t be denied the chance to play for a top european club ,whether it s here in england ,spain or wherever. any player of that caliber is going to want that. so it s down to us to be clever ,look abroad perhaps to a younger player ,as we ve done with the lad from bordeaux ,and spend reasonable money ,not silly money. this is not just a short term project- this is for the medium and long haul , which means we need to do it properly ,not on the fly. we need to build something, and in my view we re starting to put some key pieces of the puzzle together . and thats despite losing coker, tevez and probably benayoun.

  49. Barry Brown says:

    Why on earth are we signing this total loser? We should go after some quality players for a change.

    Magnusson seems to talk a good game but I for one am getting a bit ***king sick of it. So far we have got some podgey Frenchman that nobody has ever heard of, a shite goalkeeper and Scott “the slug” parker.

    Why o why do we constantly get such a shit deal from the owners of our club?

    I for one would rather have someone in charge who showed a bit of passion for a chang raher than Eggy who is clealy faking it to line his greedy pockets!!

  50. Andy says:

    Barry Brown: Are you sure you’re not Terry Brown?

  51. Hammerithome says:

    Sorry can’t agree with the last comment.
    Firstly, Wright is a good keeper and has only been unlucky with injuries. If he keeps fit he will prove his worth. He was rated at Arsenal as a keeper with oustanding qualities and was only moved on after he was fed up waiting for his chance,so then went to Everton where he done well till his injuries.
    I think you should give him a chance as he will start off as our number 2 behind Green anyway. He was picked by England a couple of times so he is worth having as a freebie.
    We don’t know enough of the french signing that’s true so how you can call him podgey amazes me.
    Finally,Scott Parker is quality and is a good signing.Wait and see on him and you will change your mind.

  52. E1 says:

    I hear that eggy is not willing to show his hand untill he knows for sure what other teams are willing to pay and he has talked to Teves,so we could be in for a long wait but he’s determind to get his man.

  53. ny hammer says:

    i agree with what HAMMERITHOME has said here. all 3 new signings are good ones and will have a positive impact on the club. we need to be realistic in terms of what we can spend and who we can sign. we re not in a position to sign a thierry henry . i think in the 8 months or so that Magnusson has been in charge he has shown a genuine desire to move the club forward , amidst very difficult circumstances. when we haven t been fighting relegation, we ve been fighting arbitration . Eggert is a massive improvemnt over the previous owner- it was the previous owner who was responsible for all the problems we ve had this summer. and it was the previous owner who chose to always sell off our bets players rather than try to build a better club. Terry Brown had no ambition and only thought about his pocket. Eggert has ambition and doens t need to think about his pockets because they re deep enough.

    on a different note i d love to know exactly what coker means when he says west ham
    “hung him out to to dry.” As captain of a team that was underperforming , and a sa player who at times seemed to be sulking and not giving 100 per cent , he had to expect to get criticism . you can t earn big wages , and be the captain if you re not willing to take a bit of stick if you re underperforming.

  54. David King says:

    The Reo Coker thing is a bit amusing. He threw his toys out of his pram because we didnt inform him of a last minute January window bid by Arsenal. He wanted to play for a “big” club. Err…where does Villa come into this? And why haven’t Arsenal, Man U. or Chelsea come in for him if he is so good? Anyway to end on a note. I’d rather have Reo Coker than Scott Parker.

  55. ny hammer says:

    agree david ,perhsps on attitude alone. parker does not strike me as a sulker . he may need be as fast as coker but if he s good enough to be included in the england side he s good enough for me. but what i still can t get my head round is this BIG CLUB thing.
    for a start as u say, none of the top 4 showed interest this summer. if they had, wud he have been content to sit on the bench? it wud have been a defoe situation all over again, where a player goes elsewhere only to be a part -time player.

    and of course the silliest of the lot. leaving to go a BIG CLUB like aston villa. there s nothing wrong with aston villa and they ceratinly have a first rate manager , and owners prepared to spend now . but we ve got an owner willing to do the same . what advantage was there to going to villa ? can t see it ,other than running away from what became a poor relationship between him and west ham supporters. but if you thinkback to even coker s first season with us he had a sulk even then. we simply don t need that ,so in the long run its for teh best he s gone.

  56. Parksey Legend says:

    ‘David’… You’d rather have Reo-Joker than Scott Parker? Are you sure? Parker, in my opinion, is a far better player. I’d much rather have him in the holding-role than Reo-Joker. Nigel can’t even pass the ball straight, he can’t shoot and he’s not even that good at tackling in all honesty. Parker is better than Reo-Joker in all these areas. He’s a fantastic tackler, can pass the ball to his team-mates and has a great shot on him when he’s given the chance to do so. He scored loads of goals for Charlton (some stunning ones as well) as he was given the freedom to move forward. If we give him the chance to do that at West Ham then I’m sure he’ll score a fair few for us as well.

  57. ny hammer says:

    another issue i had with coker (bearing in mind i do think he s a very good player, it s teh attitude that hacked me off) is that he was very slow to release the ball to teammates when we regained posession. he d win the ball, and do some very hard work to move the ball up the field himself, but many times the better option would have been to pass earlier to a teammate instead of pushing the ball 20-30 yards upfield himself.
    i think there a lot of times last season where he started a good move for us upfield, but
    simply wasn t willing to pass it, and i think that cost us, especially during the stretch when we were struggling to find the net. this is vertainly not going to be an issue with parker.

  58. Tevez is going to Man UTD !!! says:

    Goodbye Tevez – Hello Relegation !!

  59. Danny Boy says:

    All i hear these day’s is Tevez going Man U or some were else, but the thing is Tevez has got a 3 year on his contract and also it is up to egg man to sell him Tevez not Kia. As it would still be 3rd Part with the player .


  60. romeo and juliet says:

    which hand do u use ? i m curious because we think you re ambidextrous.

    oh, you don t know what that word means- too many letters in it . beyond your comprehension. it means that because you re equally skilled with either hand ,you stand a good chance of getting that position at belmarsh sifting through the inmates rubbish to make sure there are no infectious needles. sounds up your alley. still , that might not provide u enough money for a match ticket (forget season ticket ,we know thats beyond your means ). which comes back to the point. if you stopped using your hands so much off the job, you might actuallu earn enough to afford a seson ticket .
    pity whatever club would have you for a season ticket holder, though.

    did u get all that ? or do i need to translate it for you? let me now please.
    i wouldn t want u to be confused. then you d really be in trouble.

  61. dan gerous says:

    if the sun

    refuse to shine

    we don t mind

    WON 7 FROM 9

  62. highway 61 says:

    we ll miss carlos, but we ll be fine without him

    top 8

  63. Jack says:

    Romeo and Juliet do you really like being an a grade 1 Wanker or a Prick.

  64. jill says:

    jack- have u had your prostrate checked recently ?

    no it s not an automobile part

    it s in your rear . rear ,numbnut ,not ear

    when u check it ,do u stick your flag where it belongs.

    that s it you can do two things at once.

  65. bob dylan says:

    jack, we d be disappointed if you didn t think that . it s good that you take all the bait jack, saves you a trip to the tackle shop

  66. maggie t says:

    jack, do u enjoy being humilliated ?

  67. luke says:

    Well thats it I just heard Tevez has gone on a two year loan to Man U after his medical, also heard that we have agreeded a contract for Bellamy, were suppose to have paid 9 million, what a waste dont you think?

  68. ny hammer says:

    agreed luke. think it s a really bad purchase. even at half the price it would have been a mistake. no good can come from it

  69. luke says:

    Iwould also like to say bye to Sheringham, he was great while it lasted good luck at Colchester Teddy boy

  70. Danny says:

    Why does Egg want Craig?

    And if Craig start’s performing and scoring will any Westham fan like him ?

    I do think Alan should look harder for talent, as there is a lot of talented player out there that can do really well for us.

  71. Danny says:

    Something that might interest you guys is that Teddy sheringham wants Hogan to come back to Col U

    see here: http://www.colchester.vitalfootball.co.uk/article.asp?a=72194

  72. ny hammer says:

    cheers mate

  73. Danny says:

    It’s ok mate

  74. Danny says:

    Here a little joke for use lot, it aint about football. It just to make the day go beta.

    One day little Johnny comes home one day from school and his mom asks him how his day was.
    He replies, “Mom, today I had sex with the teacher!”
    Immediately she was angry. She said, “just wait ’till your dad gets home, he’s going to be very mad at you. Go to your room!”
    So the boy goes to his room and finally his dad is home and comes up to the room. The boy tells his dad and the dad is proud of the boy.
    “Great job son! How old are you 12? 13? How about we go down to the store and get that shiny red bicycle you wanted?”
    So, they go to the store and the dad buys the bike for his son. Then he says, “well Johnny, do you want to ride the bike home?”
    The boy answers, ” No, that’s okay Dad, My ass is still sore!”

  75. Brian swift says:

    You’re more than welcome to Flapper Wright.A sure fire bet to make one or two vital gaffes every game and the only player whos name was greeted with a groan when the team sheet was read out at Goodison.Given some of the crap we’ve had in recent years that’s quite an achievement…

  76. ranking roger says:

    he wouldn t be my first choice, but as a back-up i d think he d be ok. we shall see.
    i think part of his problem has simply been not getting games and into a rhythm . from
    our point of view that s going to be diffiicult to change , as i can t see him playing unless green is injured ,but perhaps he has something to prove.

  77. Delboyz says:

    Wright on a free, that’s not bad for a backup keeper. It looks like Man U have done better and got Tevez on a free as well!! We are not getting anything ££££. Who really owns Tevez?

    A very confused


  78. ranking roger says:

    unfortunately, i don t think even tezez knows who owns tevez…

  79. cod and chips says:

    rock on u irons

  80. pie n mash says:

    go on u irons

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