Labour MP Scents Votes…

In an act of shameless populism, Labour MP for Ilford Mike Gapes has put down this Early Day Motion in the House of Commons…

That this House welcomes the decision of the Premier League arbitration panel to reject the challenge by Sheffield United and Fulham to the decision to fine West Ham United rather than deduct points; notes their view that this decision was not irrational or perverse; congratulates the players of West Ham United on their magnificent great escape by winning seven of their last nine matches to end the season with 41 points; notes that Sheffield United were relegated because they lost at home to Wigan in their last match and as a result only had 38 points; welcomes the fact that matters of survival and relegation were decided on the field of play and not in the law courts; and wishes West Ham United a successful Premiership season and Sheffield United a successful Championship season in 2007-08.

I am sure we all agree with his sentiments, but EDMs stand no chance of being debated and cost the taxpayer about £300 each to print. Money well spent, I am sure!


18 Responses to Labour MP Scents Votes…

  1. ny hammer says:

    ha- nice one cheers

  2. West Ham fan No32 says:

    Well if the mp’s from sheffield can drag our name through the mud no doubt also wasting tax payers money, this is a nice response !

    Good work fella

  3. WHU4EVA says:

    Dave Whelan…What A Wanker !

  4. ny hammer says:

    re #32

    spot on mate- nice to have shoe on other foot…..

  5. Hammerithome says:

    Love it; Love it; Love it love it love it!!
    What more can I say,but LOVE IT.
    “Love it love it love it love it love it”
    And just to finish this off,all together please;

  6. ny hammer says:


  7. Trickywhu1 says:

    so they are to appeal again!!!!! It goes on and on and on mugs all over

  8. Irons in the blood says:

    Mcabe you are a prize turd

  9. ny hammer says:

    mccabe is spending a hell of a lot of money on legal fees. not too clever for a guy who s club has taken the proverbial chairlift down to the fizzy pop. call me cynical, but maybe that s the only thing this prize potato head has been after the whole time:MONEY . he knew all along he had virtually no chance of getting the blades (what a fourth -rate name – blades) back into the premiership,but he hoped he d make a few bob trying by winning compensation. strikes me that this is all the guy has been after from the start. Justice? he can t spell the word frontwards or backwards. but he thinks , or thought he could squeeze the league for a few quid, like “pay me something,and maybe i ll keep my bob shut.”

    as for whelan? i haven t been to an away wigan fixture, but this time i ll have to go whether it takes me 5 hours or 55 hours to get there ,just to give the abuse equal to the sharp end of a sewage pipe(untreated sewage of course).

    dave whelan – the true 21 st century slave labor exploiter. the guy s maybe got 10 years left to live if that , and this is how he chooses to spend it.

  10. The Headmaster says:

    ny – you’re back!

    scary that your first post was 6.10 a.m.

    where am i going wrong?

    all tongue in cheek by the way – your sentiments are laudible, your rationale spot on, for me!

    just intrigued by your identity…………………….

  11. Parksey Legend says:

    Sheff Utd can go feck themselves. I’m glad that the Ilford MP is trying to defend our club. Is he a Hammer by any chance?

    Roll on next season… COYI!

  12. The Headmaster says:

    I seem to recall that the northern mps got their sh@t together pretty much the day after the season ended with their photo opportunity on the grass outside the houses of parliament!
    Cant help thinking that this geez is little more than an opportunist – all very well coming in at the business end and givin it the big ‘n’.
    Politicians – I sh@t the lot of em!

  13. that is really funny – does anyone know who Mike Gapes supports or is it really just a case of ‘I heard this football thing was quite popular so I’ll look like a fan’ kind of thing? But hey if Sheffield United can waste MPs time why can’t we?

  14. The Headmaster says:

    According to the website;

    “Mike Gapes MP (Ilford South) gives his support to the aims of the Stand Up Sit Down campaign. ”

    other than that, cant find a lot on im

  15. […] Labour MP Scents Votes… In an act of shameless populism, Labour MP for Ilford Mike Gapes has put down this Early Day Motion in the House of […] […]

  16. Chris says:

    I honestly cannot see your problem (or perhaps itis because he is a Labour MP!?!?!?)

    Mr Gapes is a very good local MP who is on the terraces week in week out supporting OUR team. What is the problem if he wishes to show his delight in the decision as all Hammers supporters have done over the last few days. The only difference being is that instead of us workers ‘wasting’ our employers time when e-mailing friends etc… Mike has used a medium which he is well within his right to do so. I think you should look at some of the other pontless EDM’s which are published by both sides of the House!

  17. Sameer says:

    very funny…………

  18. In answer to those who doubt my Hammers credentials I am now a season ticket holder in Bobby Moore Lower. I started supporting the Hammers aged 8 and I have been going to Upton Park regularly for over 40 years starting out standing in the old North Bank in the sixties and then in the old Chicken Run .

    My EDM was a response to the antics of Mr Bean and his friends and to anti West Ham EDMs put down by other MPs.

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