Tevez: The Plot Thickens

West Ham, have just released this statement from Eggert Magnusson. Looks like hardball is being played…

“Carlos Tevez is a registered West Ham United player, contracted to the Club until June 2010. “There is no agreement with West Ham United for Carlos Tevez to leave the Club and we expect him to return in time for next season’s preparations.

“No decision on his future can be reached without the agreement of West Ham United.”

So, as Talleyrand might have said, what did he mean by that? I have a great fear of a huge tug of war developing between Kia Joobwhateverhisnameis and Eggert Magnusson. If Kia J is able to enter agreements with Manchester United without so much as a by your leave to West Ham, what does that mean?


29 Responses to Tevez: The Plot Thickens

  1. Byeck says:

    It means Tevez (El Saviour) doesn’t and probably never has belonged to West Ham and it ain’t over yet.

  2. Andy says:

    This is just turning into a farce. More column inches than any other player ever for Carlos. Most of it spurious. For some reason the only person in the whole of this maelstrom that seems sane and calm is Eggy. Every statement he makes is to the point, unambiguous and to me seems downright honest unlike all the other rumours and innuendo from all and sundry. It seems that with so many newspapers and blogs regurgitating and multiplying made up stories, the bull just mounts higher and higher. Thankfully Ian, your blog seems to be one of only a few that doesn’t get carried away on a tide of sh*t.
    Can we get back to football son please, hopefully with Carlos on board?

  3. Parksey Legend says:

    This whole thing is getting boring. I want it resolved asap. Hope he stays but I aint counting my chickens yet.

  4. Barry Brown says:

    Terry Brown has an f****ing lot to answer for. He has proved that he was a todger of the highest order. I for one hope that Eggi sues his nipples off!

  5. Ian the hammer says:

    It means, what I think we all knew, the while we hold Tevez’s papers, MSI own the player. Not an issue before we all start going deduct points etc etc. as this sort of thing goes on in south america all the time & isnt that much different to Ipswich getting money from the Bent deal, Sheff Utd not allowing Kabba to play against them even thought they didnt own him & Mascarano only being on loan at Liverpool & not owned by them (but thats ok – no problem there as they didnt stay up by winning 7 of last 9). I for one dont expect Tevez to be playing for us the next time he steps out at the Boylen Ground but will still cheer & clap him.

  6. atheistperspective says:

    It’s interesting stuff. As a Sheff Utd fan I wasn’t happy with my club taking the action that it did. However on reflection, I do think we have been hard done by if, after all this, it turns out that Tevez is not owned by West Ham and West Ham lied when they stated he was 100% a West Ham player when they were questioned and subsequently fined. Not good at all!

  7. Jeff / Cockney Boy says:

    wether carlos stays or he goes he still helped us stay up ie “the great Escape ” i still respect the man for that .But i will be relieved for him to put a lid on all this – if he is infact going, or is he staying in which me will have a mega season good luck carlos in your future endeavours.

  8. Jeff / Cockney Boy says:

    typo error “we” will have a mega season

  9. The Headmaster says:

    Groundswell too stron on this one. Carlos is as good as gone I reckon. Eggers wouldnt prevent the boy from moving on in practice.
    Strong noises on sky sports news tonight that bellamy has agreed personal terms. Its just the fee to be agreed apparently. Share the reservations already expressed on this blog about him, I have to say.
    Love carlos tho we do, I think i detect that even us irons have had just about enough of this now. I am beginning to be concerned that, unless this goes away soon, we will have an equally unsettled start to 07-08 as we had last year. Good tho carlos is, he aint worth that…………………..

  10. Bubbalicious says:

    Carlos did a nice job when he helped us staying up, but if he goes to Scumchester. I Will boo him off the pitch!!

  11. Slim Shady says:

    I must admit I never understood what this alleged ‘third party deal’ was all about – perhaps you could give a quick ‘explainer’ to the ‘backstory’ with how things worked with this ‘Media Investment’ company. Were they like a ‘beneficial owner’ over Tevez ??

    Won’t the agent chappie be hugely pi$$ed off if all the money goes to West Ham ??
    They will get 30m for a player that only cost them 6m – how is that going to work ??

  12. Ivor Biggen says:

    Means simply West Ham are managed and run by a bunch of liars who blatantly told lies to PL panel,football media and even their own fans..FAPL now should correct themselves and just kick them out of the league ,relegate them to Championship.West Ham should learn how to act honourably,obviously Egg head does not have any moral values,now he is aware of the danger and trying to cover his back side..it wont work though..

  13. hammerhomethetruth says:

    Let’s not hide from the truth, we all knew when Tevez and Mascherano signed at the beginning of last season that something fealt wrong, Shady to say the least, all though the new west ham administration can’t be and shouldn’t be blamed for the deal. I think we should now let Tevez go and allow West Ham United to finally move on from this rediculous farce, as in my honest opinion, West ham Football Club and it’s integrity is far more important to me than any single player, however good he is. I have been a fan since a young age and was attracted to the team because of attractive football and a sense of honour and great history that surrounded the club, but i am worried that our name has been permanently damaged by this whole affair. We may not be one of the Big English clubs but we always had fantastic supporters, dedicated players and managers, great passion for the game, great history of developing young English talent, and underlying dedication to playing attractive football. Yes I want the club to be successful, but not at any cost. I’d rather be in the CCC with good, honest players, passionate about wearing the badge, than being a very succesful team always with a question mark over our integrity. To be honest i don’t know all the ins and outs of the whole Tevez/contract/Kia/Arbitration situation, but I do think if we were meant to have points deducted then the premier league should have done that, but I don’t understand why they would “Let us off lightly” if that was the case, we have no special standing with the premier league. We are not (as Sheffield Utd Officials have claimed) one of the big clubs in the league. If there was wrong doing on our part, it was up to the Premier League to handle the situation accordingly. It saddens me to see large sections of the media dragging the clubs name through the mud as I’m sure the large majority of West Ham’s faithful would have taken a points deduction and therefore relegation, like a man, if it was found by the premier league that that was neccessary. But they didn’t, and must have good reason to. I can’t believe for one second that they would not deduct points on the grounds that it would upset the West Ham fans. Rediculous! I believe that they didn’t deduct because Tevez and Masch were legally registered to play. But the fine was issued because third party involvement in the deals was not allowed under the league laws. How may I ask, does a third party effect the results on a football pitch? They can’t. Kia Joob, can’t as far as I know, tell tevez half way through a game ” alright mate now you must score more goals, or foul the opposition….. and so on. Fielding an inelligible player obviously can effect the outcome of games (especially if they are as classy as tevez), but tevez and masch were never ineligible to play. THEY WERE REGISTERED!! So in my opinion a points deduction would be unapplicable. When the Arbitration panel said, that they would probably have deducted us points, they at the time did not hear west ham’s side of the argument as they weren’t part of the hearing, so how were those particular comments relevant? Also if we were to be deducted points for having third party involvement in a player, why then would Sheffield not have points deducted for third party involvement in saying thatteve Kabba could not play against them in his new team? I think now we should let tevez go to MAN U, take the transfer fee as the premier league want us to d, then pay KIA JOob, in an out of court settlement and be rid of him and any other similar such football parasites from West HAm ever again. Case closed. Eggy don’t drag it out any longer. We need to rebuild after last season’s fiascos, with A Fresh start, and unfortunately even though we love him, tevez must go so we can begin our new chapter.

    Rant Over

  14. RMR says:

    What did Eggy mean by that? Well I think he is faced with two alternatives: being sued by Kia or having West Ham dragged up in front of another FAPL disiplinary tribunal. And he is prepared to take his risks in court (as I would advise him to do).

    The key lies in the undertakings West Ham gave after the Disciplinary Tribunal and the, probably unexpected implications of some wording changes West Ham made to the draft requested by the FAPL. I posted most of the following on another forum early y’day before all this broke….

    ‘Yes the unenforceable argument was the one that the FAPL and WH used to allow Tevez to remain registered. And both the FAPL and WH accepted that Kia would, likely, dispute it and provided for what would happen if he did.

    If you read the full Arbitration Award of Tuesday you’ll see (i) what WH had to sign up for to allow the FAPL to accept that a purported unilateral termination of the offending “Tevez Agreement” was an OK basis for the FAPL not terminating his registration and (ii) the reasons for Eggy’s statements about Carlos continuing to be under contract to WH.

    In addition you’ll also begin to see how messy the next stage of this could be for all parties, given what WH committed to do in the third promise below.

    Basically WH promised three things:

    (i) WH would copy FAPL in any and all correspondence with Tevez, MSI or JSI
    (ii) WH would continue to contend that the Tevez Agreement was invalid and unenforceable and, from WH’s perspective, terminated and WH would not perform in accordance with it and
    (iii) if proceedings were issued against WH in respect of the enforceability of the Tevez Agreement, WH reserved the right to settle or resolve such proceedings as it saw fit. However the Club would not act in any manner which was inconsistent with the confirmation given and no such settlement or resolution would include any concession by WHU that the Tevez Agreement was valid and enforceable”.

    Note the above was taken from Tuesday’s Arbitration Award, the earlier letter the FAPL sent to the PL clubs set out these undertakings with some notable differences, but assuming that the Arb Award is correct then the following issues arise…..

    If you read (ii) and (iii) together then, basically, WH cannot concede that Kia can sell Tevez without Kia first starting legal proceedings against WH. If Kia does commence legal proceedings then WH are allowed to settle on terms WH think appropriate.

    BUT that leaves the question of what was intended by the next phrase “the Club would not act in any manner which was inconsistent with the confirmation given”? “cos the confirmation given was that “Tevez Agreement was invalid and unenforceable and, from WH’s perspective, terminated and WH would not perform in accordance with it”.

    Net Net does that prevent WH from entering into a settlement that allows Kia to move Carlos to another club on the basis set out in the original Tevez Agreement? If so does this have to go all the way to a court judgment? Or would some other change to the original Tevez agreement work – like WH receiving more of the dosh than the 200k set out in the original agreement? Or what other meaning was intended by those words?

    And it would be real interesting to know what discussions have been taking place between WH and Kia – both at the time WH purported to tear up the Tevez Agreement and subsequently.”

    As events play out I think its’ pretty clear that the FAPL have told Eggy that West Ham need to abide by the strict interpretation referenced above and that Eggy does not want to fight the FAPL.

    Kia’s position is also interesting – I wonder what was said to him at the time of the unilateral termination, I’d guess something was as Carlos did play in those last few games. Right now, from what I understand, he has no contractual right to the economic interest in Carlos that West Ham can accept without being in breach of their undertakings to the FAPL (and that includes the option for WH to buy, the buy out clause etc etc.)

    I actually wouldn’t be surprised if this did drag on, all sides seem backed into a corner and there is a significant outside force acting on the FAPL in the form of Sheff Utd……

    Carlos could be a West Ham player next season, maybe unhappy, but still in claret and blue….

  15. hammerhomethetruth says:

    He wont be that unhappy when we win the premiership. its gonna happen, just watch. Wouldn’t that just be the most fitting way this soap opera could go…..

  16. dave says:

    biggen ur an idiot.ur comments are boring and u dont belong on this site so piss off u plonker

  17. dave says:

    and ur name shouldnt be ivor biggen it should be ivor got a small brain cos i support northern monkeys.u misinformed nonce

  18. dave says:

    i agree with u bubblelicious,we all know carlos helped us stay up,but since then he has lead loyal hammers fans up the garden path with his whoring it about over where or what he is going to do,and thats after all the idolising west ham gave him.fuck him,let him go,cos the only reason that scum team mancs want him is so know other team can b a threat to them.Please don’t worry though the mancs will soon end up like liverpool in the next year or two…dreaming of what they once had.there team is getting like china…over populated

  19. crazyhorse says:

    we all know carlos helped us stay up,but since then he has lead loyal hammers fans up the garden path with his whoring it about over where or what he is going to do,and thats after all the idolising west ham gave him.fuck him,let him go,cos the only reason that scum team mancs want him is so know other team can b a threat to them.Please don’t worry though the mancs will soon end up like liverpool in the next year or two…dreaming of what they once had.there team is getting like china…over populated

  20. Andy says:

    crazyhorse, dave, you seem to have a split personality.
    Let Tevez go, but not because he’s been whoring it about which I reckon is mostly heresay and hacks trying to find another angle to the story. Let him go so we can concentrate on football and get rid of the parasites in the game, as hammerhomethetruth says.
    Oh, and please don’t buy Bellamy to replace him.

  21. ny hammer says:

    to the people who have posted on here trying to provide information and clarity on the issue, which we can all agree is complicated , thank you- much apprecaited.

    to the imposters who have pseudo-contributed ,from sheffield , make an appointmen tto get your prostrate checked ,as you see to have an obsession with caressing yourelf- worse, you do it in public. at least keeping your touching of yourself private.

    as for the whole saga in general, much as all west ham fans love tevez ,in the long run ,it s best we let him move on. as several of you have pointed out, the distraction of the media circus surrounding tevez is not worth it, in terms of the new season.

  22. ny hammer says:

    byeck – today s daily special

    as u seem to have an obsession with fat ladies who can t sing ,and the concept of whether
    “it s over” or not, put your money where your gob is.

    staright bet. if west ham get docked points i pay the cost of my west ham season ticket ,approx 800 quid. if west ham don t get docked points you pay me the cost of your season ticket, which is of course considerably less then 800 quid.

    put up or shut up.

  23. Byeck says:

    My Hammer – you expect me to trust anyone with West Ham connections to honour a bet??????

  24. no easy answers says:

    put up or shut up

    or are u just a coward in disguise

  25. ny hammer says:

    get the spelling right ,then we can discuss trust. NEW YORK (NY) not My.

    don t hide your whole life. it s not too late. found yur reading glasses yet?

  26. Byeck says:

    NY Hammer (apologies for mistake – glasses now found & cleaned)

    My life – you expect me to take a bet from a WH supporter who’s emigrated?
    Maybe I should tell you – I support Spurs.

  27. ny hammer says:

    that wouldn t explain very much.

    keep trying though. i know you ll outgrow your cowardice sometime before you cease living.
    whether it s upon your dying breath , or a day sooner , i m not really sure

    song remains the same . all dross ,no action

    as for emigrating , i suspect you d best check the passport

  28. HMS customs says:

    that might be useful information byeck, except for one thing. out of 92 clubs in the football league , yours was one of only 2 clubs that managed to attract supporters to this site who had absolutely nothing of value to add,on the whole. so identity theft was never really an issue . it was always going to be north london or the flood plains. 2 out of 92. that s a stellar achievement in grace. that takes some beating- even george bush wud struggle to top that

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