Chris Cohen Moves to Forest

Former West Ham starlet Chris Cohen, who moved to Yeovil after failing to land a first team spot at Upton Park has moved to Nottingham Forest for a fee of around half a million pounds. I wonder if we had a sell on clause…


4 Responses to Chris Cohen Moves to Forest

  1. ForestFan says:

    You did have a sell on and we have a sell on for Marlon.

    So hurry up and get rid. 😀

  2. ny hammer says:

    ha – thanks for the info.

    still think we re making a mistake getting rid of harewood,but thats football.

    good luck with chris cohen- he gives 110 per cent and is going to get a lot better

  3. Hammerithome says:

    Only saw him a couple of times in a full game,so not enough to make a real judgement.
    I think he will be ok in the lower leagues but at the moment not good enough for the Premiership.
    You never know,he may come back to haunt us all one day by putting us out of the Cup or something!
    Stranger things have happened.

  4. Turtle E6 says:

    Chris Cohen always looked like a decent young player but never really got a good run in the first team. I was disapointed to see him go, but I think he will do well at Forest, he is at leat a good championship player. He probably will score against us one day, then we can all come on here and have a good moan, good luck to him though, IRONS IRONS IRONS

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