President Titi?

Former West Ham striker Titi Camara has been disqualified from standing for election to the Guinea Football Association because officials say he is not experienced enough.

The 34-year-old has been told he may not stand for the presidency of the Guinean federation because he does not fulfill a rule requiring candidates to have at least four years experience of managing a sports association or football team, the Web site reported.

He was one of Harry Redknapp’s “dodgiest” buys, costing a cool £2.5 million. If i remember correctly he didn’t actually ever score a goal for us.


26 Responses to President Titi?

  1. Malcolm says:

    You are right, Iain, he made 13 league and cup appearances for us, scoring no goals. Didn’t he cost £2.2m though?

  2. jimwhu says:

    i think itis very unfair he is being treated like this he is a ledgend in our history he is the man who broke john radfords record i was at leicester in 76 7 when radford hit the bar from 30 yards out and bounced into the crowd we celebrated by keeping the ball for 5 mins until the police got it back not because we were two nil down at the time as some members of the press printed after the match anyway it took almost 25 years for us to get a player like the tit to come along and break radfords record of zero the tit got even less than radford he would grace most fans worst ever wh teams i would hope if the tit was to get this job there would be a few jobs for the boys like brown aldridge roder im sure they would work well with him my worst ever west ham team 1mcnight 2gary charles 3pantsill 4cushley 5m thomas6minto 7eustace 8 boggers 9greaves 10 the tit camara 11 radford my manager would be macari chairman brown cheif ex aldridge


    2.2 million quid in those days – be equal to about 22.2 in today s market.

    clanger of the career for old ‘arry. think of that and rigobert anytime u ask yourself why he s working miracles at portsmouth and not with us. if cats have 9 lives he s used up most of us,but it s easy to survive when you ve got 8 lives to burn.

    still. luvly to see a fottball player intersted in public service, as opposed to the harold kewell school of accumulating 11 expensive automobiles by the age of 26 and publishing a dvd to boast about that incredibly interesting fact.

  4. jimwhu says:

    inland revenue harry kewell did well getting all those cars normal people could never afford all that insurance it must be a perk from working for shielas wheels last year

  5. Anonymous says:

    Always been surprised that Titi flopped in the Prem. He was great at Marseille.

  6. Robert says:

    a redknapp (plural) special.

    Iain if you want the full spec on this you know the email address.

  7. ton of bricks says:

    interesting thought – kewell s annual car insurance bill could probably fund the NHS bill in a third world country . frightening. what a thing to aspire to.

  8. bricks and mortar says:

    in this case, perhaps we got off lightly being lumbered with bellamy , and not kewell, even at 7million quid

  9. […] President Titi? Former West Ham striker Titi Camara has been disqualified from standing for election to the Guinea Football Association […] […]

  10. Steve says:


    I was at Leicester as well that day.
    Didn’t the ball rebound off the bar to near the edge of the box & Alan Taylor caught it on the volley and it skewed right off his foot straight into the crowd?
    Not sure I’ll ever forget that day, I was only 16 and walked into the ground about 1/2 hour before kick-off to see some West Ham fans on the pitch trying to swing on the crossbar!

  11. Laurie in Spain says:

    Titi was incredible value. At a little over a million for each arse cheek. Definitely the fattest arse I ever saw in the claret and blue. Dont remember the opposition but the came on as a sub and my jaw dropped, one enormous backside. I think the bench has been upgraded now to prevent similar things happening to more recent recruits who struggle to get into the first team.
    Always thought that if you wanted to rub Harry up the wrong way on bumping into him then yhou only had to mention this guys name… what a brazen liberty… but I prefer to believe it was Brown who told him he had to do the deal and it was Brown who ended up with the envelope.

  12. pie n mash says:

    sounds like a good explanation to me- consistent with just about everything else in terry s life.

  13. jon l.colney says:

    kamara now signed for fulham
    bellamy not done deal
    benny off to scoucers
    harewood off to wigan
    tevez off to manure
    su going to court
    teddy off

    do i need to say more?
    is it just me or do we need a bit off cheering up at the moment?

    come on chaps,lets have some good news for a change.
    in curbs and egg we trust but get a shimmy on lads!!!!

  14. WHU4EVA says:

    other wank hammers of the past would include, Keith Rowland, The Donkey Dowie, Gary Breen, Dilly Dailly, and i think i could go on, but i won’t i’ll let someone else continue for me…who are we going to sign this summer, cus everyone seems to be fuckin’ off, and it does get a true hammer down just a bit!!

  15. ny hammer says:

    keep the faith… a couple of those we re losing weren t really going to help us this coming season anyway. when benayoun wants to play ,he can brilliant. the problem is that sometimes he just can t be bothered. we don t need that type of attitude anymore. any player who is not 100 pct committed to the cause can just bugger off. i think parker and faubert will do well . i know we d all feel a bit better if we had one more quality striker on board, but we ve got 7 weeks left til the window closes , and i think we will bring in a goal scorer , though as time goes on , i don t think that player will be english.

    go on THE IRONS

  16. ny hammer says:

    re gary breen , he s probably top of my list. my lasting memory of him is us getting roasted 4-0 at elland road in 2003, no thanks to him, and then somehow pulling 3 goals back to nearly nic a draw. he s got to be the single west ham defender i ve had the least confidence in of all time- now that takes some doing.

  17. anti- strife merchant says:

    with a bit of luck ,it appears we may finally be rid of that pest name “josh” – we believe he checked into a roach motel(NW10 Pperhaps)

  18. jimwhu says:

    steve i think you described it better than me i was also 16 at the time i can remember one big fat bloke bending the crossbar with his with his weight almost snapping it great day shame about the result

  19. I Come from Near Moscow says:

    That Titi twat tried to sue us a couple of years back. Serves his right. I hope he never gets a job or anything again. He’s a bastard, to put it politely.

  20. superyid says:

    Craig Bellamy is just the sort of signing the spammers need.
    Hes sure to toally disrupt the dressing room if it isn’t already.

  21. dave says:

    What is Curbishley thinking of,signing Craig Bellamy,he’ll be a £7.5m flop.

  22. ny hammer says:

    bellamy wouldn t have been my choice, but my view is that he won t be a flop for several reasons. obviously his disciplinary problems on and off the pitch are well documented, but with him now having the welsh captaincy ,perhaps he ll curb the rough edges a bit. secondly, he s worked with collins and gabbidon in the welsh setup, so perhaps that will help him adapt to the west ham setup as well as develop a rapport with the other players. thirdly, he s 28 , so he needs to get this right, as he s not likely to get many more chnaces if he doesn t. he may well want to show that he can finally live up to his potential ,despite failing to do so previously , and indeed may feel he has something to prove. i also think it gives the club a bit of breathing space now, to not have to start pre-season training with it still up in the air , and will allow us to be more patient in terms of finding one more striker. we ve got 3 good ones now ,but still need one more to cope with injuries,suspensions,cup runs ,fixture congestion etc.

    i m not enthusiastic about this purchase for all teh obvious reasons,but now that he s joined we ll need to support him, and hope he delivers the goods.

  23. extra-negative says:

    iain , we seem to have gotten rid of our pal josh- can u please consider delisting
    the star member of the MORON HALL OF FAME ,”superyid” from the site. thank you

  24. WHU4EVA says:

    get that fukin yid queer out of here, he fuckin stinks, mite even be about 2 go BANG!!!
    c u in the Dr Martens on 25th Sept then if u think ur ‘ard u fuking yid scum!!

  25. choda-crome says:

    time for west ham ownership to take the PR issue by the scruff of the neck, and not just sit back idly whilst the media prints dross on a daily basis.

  26. dean says:

    i saw camara score for us in a friendly at reading. i thought they didnt count but isnt that how pele and romario have got up to 1000 goals?

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