Goodbye Yossi Hello Julien

If this doesn’t get your juices flowing with anticipation for Julien Faubert, then nothing will.


70 Responses to Goodbye Yossi Hello Julien

  1. Neil says:

    dont know if it’s the same for anybody, but immediately after clicking the play button the video finishs and offers me to ‘share’ or ‘watch again’

  2. Andy says:

    Tasty! Can’t wait to see him in the c+b.

  3. Andy says:

    Kia, is that really you? So good of you to stop by here. Bitter that we wouldn’t let you buy the club?Now f**k off and die.

  4. Uffe Berg says:

    Yossi has been my favourite from the beginning. I´m so sad to see him leave, but a new favourite is on his way.
    I just want to know who will wear my number 15 shirt…..

  5. Trickywhu1 says:

    Curbs seems to be bringing in pace which will help on away days but we do need some creativity in midfield to set these players up. Tevez would be nice but what if he goes or is injured who will step into his shoes?

  6. n17(big club) says:

    u mugs, buying up everyones rejects AGAIN!!!

  7. dave says:

    great signing we have in faubert,yossi who?

  8. dave says:

    julien faubert is the business,yossi who?

  9. spursareshit says:

    looks like another sad spurs supporter is sick with envy, never mind youv’e got the foe !

  10. Hornchurch hammer says:

    Same for me Neil!

  11. dave says:

    n17 big club,ur a jealous little retard,go back to that shithole u come from,u dont belong on here so go die somwhere with ur shit club.up the hammers

  12. spursareshit says:

    what do you mean like jimmy greaves

  13. dave says:

    n17 go back to tottenham and shove a bagel up ur arse u monkey

  14. n17(big club) says:

    dave you mug you can make silly little comments like that i can say factual things like WE R A BIGGER CLUB THAN YOU

  15. spursareshit says:

    we dont need the money !

  16. dave says:

    n17 na sunshine not wound up just like ripping into turds makes our day,only thing thats pissed is u lot or u wouldnt b on here

  17. ny hammer says:

    kia and totts-

    has it really been over a year since you ve had any?

    cos you re looking awfully frustrated.

    keep spinning out the adverts promoting child obesity – that s what you and gazzy vinegar do best . oh , speaking of obese ,send our best to jumbo.

    all the money in the world couldn t save you from being the illiterate also-rans which you are .

    you ll never be the real thing- you ll always be a pretender. and you re not even a good pretender.

  18. Kia Joorabchian says:

    You don’t need money???? you’re having to sell players to buy new players. You dickheads are deluded

  19. dave says:

    n17 sorry mate if i had a pound for everytime i heard a spud make that comment about ur so called big club i would b a millionaire u stupid sunshine coach windowlicker

  20. martin jol says:

    kia, you re embarrasing us. making tootenham hotspur look really stupid. like a small time club, which is not the image we want to project . show some common sense kia- don t make all spurs supporters look like idiots

  21. martin jol says:

    oh kia and nw17, don t forget to use the wetwipes when u finish.
    we know you never get the real thing , so all you can dois fantasize

  22. dave says:

    kia u twat thats how money is handled and we know our to handle the money,if we wanted we could buy ur club but wouldnt want to waste good money on a shit club

  23. dave says:

    kia ur jonothan kings partner u nonce

  24. ny hammer says:

    is that the best you can do kia?

    been spending time with the failed yen trader from hertfordshire?

    is that it?

    thats the sum total of you reply.

    are u bored , or just boring ? or both.

    a jail cell would suit u – then u can be even more bored and more boring

    can t reistt the bait can you? it s your crack cocaine .

    because you have nothing else.

  25. Kia Joorabchian says:


    Are you Marlons boyfriend?

  26. dave says:

    no kia but u r is swimming pool

  27. la Ginge says:

    Has your bar bar dog ever scored against a top side tosser

  28. dave says:

    come on lads u having to look thru a joke book to try n find more banter to try and wind us hammers up

  29. Kia Joorabchian says:


    are you Marco Boogers?

  30. dave says:

    kia i hear ur lot had a whipround for oxfam for ur new season shirts

  31. Kia Joorabchian says:

    Did your chairman ever find his “precious”, Or did the Hobbits throw it into mount doom?

  32. Kia Joorabchian says:


    are you Glen Roeder?

  33. dave says:

    la ging in english mate

  34. dave says:

    kia r u a bagel

  35. dave says:

    kia r u marc almond

  36. Kia Joorabchian says:


    are you a Cock sucking spammar or a shit stabbing spammar?

  37. dave says:

    kia did ur club just invest in getting the 7 dwarfs and snowwhite as ur chairman

  38. Kia Joorabchian says:

    Tevez will be going to wolves, he’s going to share a caravan with his pikey brother, Freddy eastwood.

  39. dave says:

    is that the best u can do kia,u must get ur banter from a xmas cracker

  40. dave says:

    kia is ur club run by nonce n co

  41. Kia Joorabchian says:


    Are you Julian Clarey?

  42. WHU4EVA says:

    i think hes better than yos already, faster, stronger and harder, he looks very good at crossing the ball aswell where yos was more of a dribbler, i cant wait to see him supplying the amo for deano nxt season, we hate tottenham we do.

  43. barry says:

    he will be playing in the top flight of football in the england a different ball game than the french league so lets wait and c but i will say he does look pretty good

  44. redkipper says:

    Looks good to me, fast, strong & good shot; not as cleaver as Yossi but should fit in well.

  45. dave says:

    kia r u boy george

  46. dave says:

    kia r u boy george

  47. dave says:

    kia have u gone to bed now must b way pass ur bedtime u knob jockey

  48. dave says:

    i think faubert will adapt well,hes hungry and cant wait to start in the premiership

  49. dave says:

    looks like the spurs lot have fucked off on here,probably gone for a bagel or motza meal

  50. barry says:

    where can i find ssn for kia interview

  51. Andy says:

    Way to go everyone. Pretty much all off-topic and childish. This blog was once decent. Now it’s a waste of time like most of the rest. People spending all their time just throwing insults… Pathetic.
    Iain. any chance of moderating this blog? This lot is just drivel and not worth sorting through for the worthwhile comments anymore.

  52. dave says:

    andy if u dont like the blog find another one try skysports

  53. Neil says:

    good to see yet another totenham fan demonstrate what a sad bunch of assholes the majority of you are.

    you put your club to shame, cant wait for five years to pass and see you bouncing around mid table in shite heart lane and coming to a real stadium in the near future after that.

    excuse the pun, but dont say you didn’t ask for the same in return when the time comes.

    ‘big club’, this is hysterical.

    have a few decent season, a few decent players and they think there f-in real madrid.

  54. The Headmaster says:

    Andy – spot on, mate! Actually I did email Iain a week or so back more or less saying the same thing. I fear for this site. I am sure that when I first logged on, my comments required moderation before being published. Now, quite clearly, any twat can come on here and spout whatever inflamatory and ill-informed drivel they choose. Contributors like NY hammer have even succombed to responding to these people.

    I will ask Iain once again; please sort it out!!

  55. dave says:

    ah well lads looks like the mary whitehouse brigade might b getting what they want and we have to moderate our cooments,try telling the daft spurs that when thay invade our sites and try to add salt to the wounds,never mind if u cant have a free banter and free speech then whats left.guess when we make a comment on here we’ll have to tone down and use words like blast and damn,now theres something new for football guys,until another time.UP THE HAMMERS

  56. localboy...wnc says:

    ian…….where are you….?…i’m astoundingly disappointed.

  57. Andy says:

    Dave, not really the point. Discussing football: fine. Throwing stupid abuse at each other and other people having to read it: a waste of time.

  58. ny hammer says:

    “succumbing ” does not even enter the picture.

    if the inflammatory comments aren t kept out ,then i will respond to them , as and when i choose , in the manner i choose. and so long as that response does not include racism ,or foul language ,that s within the rules of the game.

    if you don t like it, get used to it, as there will be more of it ,until the deliberately inflammatory responses are kept off the site.

    any part of that you don t understand dave?

  59. ny hammer says:

    before anyone starts moralizing about the use of this site, stop and ask yourself what uou contribute to it. if genuine west ham fans use the site on a more regularly basis to exchnage views, then there would be less time and space for the micktakers from other clubs. but there has been a real lack of contribution at times on the site recently,which makes it more noticeable when the numbnuts from other clubs appear.

    it isn t like there is a lack of news about the club at the moment. there is plenty to discuss . so get on here and use teh site. and stop sermonizing about people s right to respond ,provided it s not done with racist or foul language,in objection to those who abuse the site.

    it s not rocket science. GET ON WITH IT

  60. free speech within reason says:

    let s face facts. if the people posting the inflammatory comments had been kept off the site in the first place, as and when the comments occurred ,none of this would have happened. ever since the “post” on the ” supposed” bid we were lodging for Defoe,it escalated. something could and should have been done about it then. and it wasn t .
    you fail to take action , you pay the price. include that in your curriculum .

  61. Hammertime says:

    Iain, this guy looks class! although im a little worried that we dont know anything about him! i hope he comes through. Im not sure if i trust the videos 100% – Redknapp bought Marco Boogers after vatching videos!!

  62. Hammerithome says:

    Yea,Mickey Mouse Videos though.
    This player has been seen by a relative and says we will like him a lot.
    Can’t compare to Yossi as he plays a different game,but a good wide player on the right,so it will give us other attacking options now.

  63. dave says:

    then stop the muppets from other clubs getting peoples backs up on here and maybe people wont respond likewise especially at a time when hammers are in hotwater that seems understandable hammer and ive heard u rant befor.looks like the spuds will b lapping this up tring to turn us against each other.frayed tempers get the better of option from now is to block out opposing clubs fans from here when they want to insult or just try our best to ignore them,if patience will hold out

  64. Delboyz says:

    Kia, grow up. This site is for WHU supporters and ones with a honest, pasionate comments regarding our club.

    As for new signings that’s he way it works. A playing wants to go, so go then. We get some cash save on his wage bill and look out for hungry young talent who want to play for a revitalised club. We have drop some clangers in the past, but those days have long gone (as much as I love Harry).

    The future is bright…..the future is claret and blue……..

    WHU 4 Ever

  65. ny hammer says:

    dave ,for good order sake my initial response was meant for the Headmaster,not you, as he saw fit to complain about me responding to people from other clubs insulting westham and west ham supporters. i must have had your name on my brain as u had made a lot of postings .
    my apolgy ,as my comment was meant for headmaster. i agree that west ham supporters should not be giving each other a hard time out of dissatisfaction coming from abuse of the site by outsiders. i think it is okay to periodically remind these muppets that they should seek other places to cause trouble- the only thing i would add about that is that i think it s best to leave foul language and any racist undertones out of the criticism we throw in the direction of these muppets when they get too annoying. cheers

  66. Hammersfan says:

    Am I worrying unnecessarily as Turds empties the plastic cutlery drawer but seems to have nothing to replace it with? Onecapchesky to Fulham, Reo-Choker to Villa, Christmas Carol to Rangers, Mears to Derby, Marlon Mahogony to Wigan and Yossi Circumcision to the Reds.

    Sure, there’s a certain joy at the thought of Softwood and Heskey forming a miss a barn door from five yards partnership at Wigan and of Liverpool knocking a ball down the line for an Israeli who’s gone missing on the West Bank (or left flank if you prefer!) Obviously, the moment when Reo-Choker pouts at an angry O’Neill as he is hauled from the pitch will be something to treasure. But, assuming Tevez has gone, what have we got left?

    The squad is now tissue thin. Will Upson ever rise from the treatment table? Has Ashton got two good ankles? Where is the midfield cover? Who will fill in for Bellamy when he goes down for a three month stretch? Does this look like a squad challenging for a Champions League place as we were promised or a team that will get a nose bleed if it climbs half a dozen places off the bottom of the table? Where are the goals going to come from, remembering that Ashton only has a handful of Premiership goals to his name anyway? Suddenly I’m pining for Bent or Defoe!

    It could be worse of course – we could have “invested” ten million in Chopra and Richardson! How long before the wearysiders realise that Keane isn’t Fergy in disguise?

  67. ny hammer says:

    i m not a fan of yossi benayoun, based on his inconsistent performance last year , based on his seemingly greater commitment to country than club, and based on the manner in which he has chosen to leave west ham,having strung the club along for weeks. having said all that , refrring to him as Yossi Circumcision is just downright stupid,ignorant and classless. real muppet like move, which is PRECISELY what the “moderation” function is supposed to edit out.

    keep the overt, or thinly disguised offensive /racist vocabulary off the site. period.

  68. dave says:

    to ny hammer no need to apologise mate,im just stressed at all whats happened to our great club and my brain is all messed up,because i am a passionate west ham fan and i agree with u and what u say and my apologies to u and any hammer fan i may have upset with too much language that i may have directed at people.we must stick together and not let them anti west ham morons keep doing this to us.ur a good man hammer.respect

  69. ny hammer says:

    cheers dave

  70. Roosterjoe says:

    Great Video, He is well worth every penny we payed for him, Just hope his recovery dosnt take 6 months!!

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