Kia in his own words

This is from an article by Alex Bellos that appeared in The Guardian in September 2006.

“The transfer of Mascherano and Tévez is a permanent transfer for an undisclosed price and undisclosed terms. It is not a loan or anything like that. There is no clause for them to play or not to play. That is totally the manager’s choice. If Alan [Pardew]
doesn’t think they are good enough to play any game, or for tactical reasons, then that is his choice.”

That quote is from Kia Joorabchian. Either the man is an out and out liar or he was telling the truth. Which is it?


79 Responses to Kia in his own words

  1. phil says:

    The problem is the undisclsed price and undisclosed terms.

  2. Ian Lawson says:

    How lucky are we not to have Let Kia and His backers buy us.
    I hope Eggy shows Him how it should be done.
    West Ham are much bigger than you Kia so piss off.


  3. DannyMackay says:

    If it were that simple then why were West Ham fined?

    I would imagine the reason was because as owners of both players Kia could sell them to another club without West Ham’s permission.

    That seems still to be the case which means the club could be in trouble for the games Tevez played after the approach.

    and lets face it – while the new chairman is completely innocent – we all knew the deal was a bit weird when it happened and we all know you can’t just “rip up” a legally binding contract as West Ham did to appease the Prem.

  4. West Ham fan No32 says:

    Nice one,

    The guy is an out and out liar, he is unlikely to issue court proceedings because he knows that his third party agreement was actually unenforceable under EPL rules because of the clause breaches and under European Law as it represented a capability for restraint of trade. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon, I will be sad to see Tevez go as he is a great player but will be glad when he finally moves to end this long running debacle. I may not be happy but can understand why he would leave to go to probably the greatest club in the world in terms of prestige and the way that they play, any great footballer wants to play under the biggest spotlight and Man Utd gives him that opportunity.

    As for Joorabchian I hope we screw him financially on the move for causing us so many problems, £6 million of the transfer should be the minimum, at least that will cover the cost of the fine last year !

  5. Tj says:

    My advice to Mr Joorabchian is that if he ever sees someone wearing a West Ham shirt on his travels

  6. ny hammer says:

    spot on number 32


    you think you r hard enough kia ,then try suing .

    and as for the numbnuts at the daily mail, times and evening standard, study the facts thoroughly and comprehensively before doing your sermonizing. third rate,inferior fake journalism.

  7. Dave Morris says:

    Mr Joorabchian and THAT MAN BROWN!! have a lot to answer for – I just want all the truth to be told and then lets get on with playing Football please – Eggy let it all out so you don’t get tarred with the same brush!

  8. jane foster says:

    they should just relegate west ham and be done with it their hardly gonna win anything this year anyway. they have done enough damage as it is.

  9. rock ina hard place says:

    if i had a tenner for every story written on this issue that distorts the facts , i cud pay for Tevez s contract myself. in anyone else in any other job got teh facts wrong as frequently (and woefully) as these journalists(if u can call them that) do, they d be out on their arses with p45 s

    oh, can somebody tell neil mellor to get to a dentist and sort out that space between his teeth? what a cheapskate. if we wanted to see what a monkey looks like after eating
    a dozen bananas we d go to the zoo. LOOZAH.

  10. SPACE MONKEY says:

    I think u mean the other MELLOR don t u- wek know who you mean.

    the crumbsucker who pretends to write for the evening standard

    “standard”? what does that paper know about standards.

  11. bill says:

    wrst ham are a crooked club and they will be exposed soon. thats why they cant sign anyone half decent, as a neutral they should NOW be RELEGATED

  12. SPACE MONKEY says:

    jane ,drink real beer and not that pseudo crap that your surname is. pick a better moniker next time. and don t forget to the push -up undergarment wear next time.
    angel of dust…

  13. paddy says:


  14. jane foster says:

    sexist pig .typical white working class council ridden beer drinking tosser with one ball sad man

  15. Josh says:

    The only reason Kia wants to avoid court action is that he knows he’ll lose, his ‘ownership’ of Tevez and Mascherano became illegal the second he brought them both in to the EU, and he knows it. He’s all hot air now, trying to scare west ham into compliance with threats of mystery documents.

  16. I find it impossible to believe, that Eggy would condone Tevez and mascherano being a dodgy deal when he purchased the club, Like any other businessman he would have ironed these problems out and sorted out the problem before the contract of his ownership was completed, or asked the his lawyers to do so before he became chairman. So in my view and my opinion we cant have anything to worry about, and to be honest, I don’t worry about it. Eggy is a powerful man in the world of football and knows the rules. I believe the man is honest and law abiding and this is why the Mighty Hammers will come out of this shit smelling of roses.

  17. fred says:


  18. jimwhu says:

    there has got to be a comprimise on this whol situation with kia the man only wants money so why doesnt eggy just buy c t off him he was gonna pay all that money for bent who is not half the player c t is what worries me most is we love c t at the moment wich could end very quickly as we can all remember the dirty tricks ferguson used with ince and i just think they might be just waiting round the corner i think c t has already said a bit too much but it is saveable by eggy buying our first real class player of the summer before kia buys c t anew replica manure shirt and gets his polaroid out

  19. legal eagle says:

    koorbachian knew exactly what he was doing when he brought these 2 players to the premier league , and he knew what the premier league rules were. if kia didn t like the rules, then he should have broughtthem to italy or spain. if he didnt fully understand the rules , then that explains why corinthians are in such a mess. don t enter kitchens if u don t like heat, especailly if you re a guest.

    or just a rank outsider.

  20. bill s nemesis says:

    parker ,faubert and bellamy would all be starting at your club.

    bill the only signing you can hope for is your national insurance benefit. and no, the NHS will NOt spend good taxpayer money on the lobotomy you so deperately require.

    get used to it, crumbsucker , we re going to be making your life ever more miserable. if that s possible. said waste of flesh and blood and carbon emisisons

  21. diplomat says:

    if you don t like white,working class or heterosexual people or any combination thereof ,i suggest you find a new planet to live on.

  22. judge drury says:

    you got what you deserved ,lady. if you enter this site and conduct yourself like a rude ,ill mannered miserable excuse for a human being, you earn all the abuse you receive.

  23. mission possible says:

    keep talking poo ,detractors. we love it .

    because it s fuel to the fire when we shove it down your throats come august,like the midnight rambler.

    rock on east london

  24. Hammertime says:

    Iain, i thought you were going to publish west ham haters’ emails? I can’t stand reading peoples comments that we “should be ashamed”, and we “are the scum of the football world”. If we were so in the wrong on anything then surely both hearings would have sent us down. They didn’t so lets get on with things.

    Nice bit of digging for the Kia quote, you must have hade some time on your hands!!

  25. ny hammer says:

    sour grape sallies get nothing, except sore. and there s no oinment for that .

    WEST HAM ARE HERE TO STAY . if you don t like it, check yourself into the Priory.

  26. barry jones says:

    we could buy him but kia wants 40 mil for him do you think he is worth 40 mil for half a season now i don,t thinks so

  27. WHU4EVA says:

    jane foster u r a fukin twat, wat ar u a pikey, a yid, or a mancscum, or an arse, or whrer were u wen u were shit. SUCKING DICK?? slapper aint cha!!

  28. Leonidas11 says:

    If I remember correctly, the 40 million was qouted for Masherano and Tevez at the begining of this tawdry affair, surely we’d take a 25 -30 million offer and snap him up. According to the media we’ve spent 18 of our 40 budget, we could sell a few more mediocres and get Stephen Appiah too, come on Fernabche, let him go. What a class act he is.

  29. Leonidas11 says:

    Oh, and colourful language Jan… showed your roots, blond and thick. RU MILLWALL IN DISGUISE?

  30. dave says:

    to jane foster,the only one that should relegated is u from this page go back to playing netball

  31. raging bull says:

    yes i know- u think a kerb crawler like her would stick to turf she knows. evidently been put out in the gutter elsewhere already

  32. dave says:

    andf to the other numbnuts bill,go do us all a favour and go back to whatever smelly club u support ur not welcome on here u second hand dustbin

  33. ny hammer says:

    well stated dave. except i m not sure she knows what shape a netball is

  34. caged animal says:

    rock on east london

  35. jimwhu says:

    to barry jones 40 mill is to dear but manure aint paying that ithoght they were paying just over half that if we could get him even for one more season we might be able to sign better quality players but we need quality to attract quality the players we have signed this summer have been good players but none of them are great there seems to be ahangover from this sheffutd crap that seems to be stopping us getting the right sort of player to join us we were lucky not getting bentthough at that price but barton would have done well it seems similar to the times when we sold mcavennie and got knocked backby harford dixon etc we ended up with rosenier who was agood player but i think a cottee and mick harford partnership would have been better with bellemy icant see him getting more goals than marlene who seems to be going to wigan wich is wrong and might help wigan stay up next season i think whelan has caused us a lot of problems this summer and eggy should stop his sale to wigan

  36. ny hammer says:

    Marlon…. interesting that one. i m not sure we shud be selling him,despite last season s disappointment , and i agree , we certainly shouldn t be selling him to dave whelan, who s club is indeed relegation fodder. i m not a fan of bellamy, but i think he ll produce more goals than marlon did last year. will bellamy score as many as marlon did in his first season in the premiership? the 7.5 million quid question

  37. warrior says:

    We have seen these biased reports in the Mail this paper has failed on every attempt that I have made to say how biased they were on their comments page. I asked would they report on the misdermeanours of Mcade and his dirctors have they no. SO I SUGGEST THAT SOME ONE OUT THERE DISTRIBUTED AT WEST HAMS HOME GAMES A LEAFLET SAYING DONT BUY THE DAILY MAIL if we all stop buying which I have it will hurt them better than getting an apology. I cannot get the leaflet printed as I live overseas so come on some one orgainize it .. viva you irons

  38. Hammerithome says:

    Well,what a lovely lot you are. some of the language on here quite fronkly is downright dreadfull.
    Jane Foster is entitled to her oppinion I suppose but oh the swearing Jane.
    Think before you print in future.

  39. barry jones says:

    i heard man u were having him on a 3 year loan and first option to buy after for 35 mil
    its just to much money kia knows that we would love to have him so he is asking for top dollor his got us by the balls over price if we want pay the price if we you don’t pay that prices then his off. im gutted tevez u ledge

  40. dave says:

    i agree warrior,and not just the daily mail,throw the sun in there and the mirror and all the other fish n chip papers.even skysports news is sinking to low levels with them,read their article on skysports text page on the west ham page,they’ve even thrown in those dirty northern bog floaters for good measure and that poxy dirty iranian

  41. Keith R says:

    Now, now …as ‘neutral’ tempers appear to be getting frayed, let’s attribute some muck for you to digest AND UNDERSTAND before you slag off my Club any more.

    The Premier League have shown that they can’t run a bath and FIFA are content with that; Next, Sheffield United are hypocrites, not least for fielding weakened sides against the Big Four. Meanwhile, West ham have got rid of the losers that contributed to the whole relegation scenario, ie, Brown, Pardew, Rio-Coker, Sheringham. Don’t forget that without that scenario looming over our heads throughout the season that Sheffield would truly stand out as the Premiership substandard dross that they were/are – or why else did their manager leave?

    Therfore, your naming West Ham as ‘whatever’ does not take account of what we are doing about it NOW …so back off, will ya’s

  42. Andy says:

    Telegram to the FA. I am so over this Tevez affair. Nothing against the bloke who helped us stay up but this whole affair needs to come to an end and Tevez and particularly Joorabchian, who is now threatening the club he wanted to buy last year, need to go away and not darken our doors again (or for that matter anyone else in the PL). STOP. Good luck elsewhere Carlos. STOP. This whole affair is the biggest pile of bullshit I’ve ever heard and has got to have had a major affect on our ability to attract and sign new players. This whole affair whiffs of something very fishy like Baldricks underpants. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP.

  43. dave says:

    west ham are the pride of london and sheff utd are toilet dwellers

  44. I Come from Near Moscow says:

    Kia is a right so and so. The thing is he could end up getting himself into trouble. I don’t understand how further punishment can be inflicted onto West Ham when Brown and his pals have since left. They were the ones who agreed to the transfers. Eggy has nothing to do with this. So how or why should we be punished? Shouldn’t Brown be the one to blame?

  45. ny hammer says:

    agree with the recent postings here sugegsting boycotting daily mail etc. also agree with post that those who fault Magnusson for what s gone on with Tevez are ignorant beyond description , which is to be expected because these Sherlock Holmes’s aren t west ham supporters , but naive people being fed dross by second and third rate media publications with nothing else to sell papers with.

    Magnusson inherited this mess from the disgrace that is Terry Brown, and now Eggert is left to clean up the mess. Magnusson is doing everything humanly possible to set the club on the right course going forward. the mentally challenged supporters of other clubs who can t get a grip on that are need of a lobotomy. quickly.

  46. dave says:

    if i was kia or mccabe and his bunch of dirty scum i would steer well clear of anywhere near the boleyn ground,theres a pressure cooker effect that only people can take so much of,and its beyond ridiculous whats happening to our club and all because of some saggy old cunt called mccabe and a dirty iranian prick,and lets not forget the manure lot who stuck their filthy noses in to get tevez

  47. ny hammer says:

    one thing that i think will be different at upton park this coming season is the noise level. all the moronic articles in the press, many of which haven t laid the facts out accurately or honestly , combined with the inane responses of some supporters of other clubs on west ham blogs is only going to result in one thing. much louder home support at the boleyn tnan has been the case in recent years. which means per usual ,we will turn this situation to our advantage once the season starts , by making upton park an extremely unpleasant place for clubs to visit. the prrof will be in the pudding , and all the clever clogs who ve been ranting and raving against us are going to be choking on their trifle. pretty stupid move ,to antagonize us now .

    you think you re clever giving it large do you? payback is a witch. and u will be paid back . IN FULL .

  48. dave says:

    totally agree hammer,those anti west ham idiots can whinge at us all they want but they will deafened out at our ground when we cheer the hammers on,we even outdone wanky wigan at their own ground with our amazing support

  49. Robert says:

    if a contract is illegal therefore it is unenforceable, so if that was the case West ham could terminate it n that basis, they havent as they can’t.

    WHU are in serious trouble, and fwiw worth, Iain, there is a view that after the inital ruling Tevez was not “legal” to play, thus all points gained should be dropped.

    Ergo WHU get relegated and Sheff Utd go up.

    We can but hope.

    Ps Scott Parker has no exit clause……………….. doh!

  50. east of london says:

    rock on u irons

  51. dave says:

    paddys having abit of nookie wiv his bird,she says to him,’kiss me where its wet’.so he took her to sheffield

  52. dave says:

    news just in: sheffield utd have just made three new signings:compo,clegg and foggy,and they have a new chairman going by the name of nora batty

  53. TomMaxwell says:

    Iain you must remember from your political days – It’s not the crime that gets you in trouble, it’s the cover up.

    Anyway the pies at Bramall Lane are in the Premier League of Pies – vastly superior to the soggy guff on sale at Upton Park!!

  54. StevO says:

    I’ve been a hammer for over 40 years and this is the best position financially that we have ever been in, let Tevez go and draw a line under it and put this behind us. We have an exiting season to look forward to with the quality we have and the quality Curbs has brought in. McCabe is a sore loser that has tarnished our reputation as a good family football club and he should never be excused from that, i would be ashamed if i was a Sheffield United Supporter, to think that SU could still be in the Premiership by playing the worse football. Come on you Hammers, Alan Smith in exchange for Tevez.

  55. dave says:

    hoy maxwell u twotbag the only thing sheff utd have got is a bunch of washed up two bob players that spend their days eating black pudding,its simple they r SHIT like u.get off these pages ur infecting it with numpty diseases

  56. TomMaxwell says:

    dave you are a Classic Product of a Tony Blair’s education polices. You have my sympathies.

  57. dave says:

    no maxwell u have my sympathies espcially with ur lame attempt at pschology u muppet.dont do politics sunshine but u would make a great politcian…full of crap

  58. dave says:

    maxwell u have my sympathies espcially with ur lame attempt at pschology u muppet.dont do politics sunshine but u would make a great politcian…full of crap,as i said u weirdo go away ur infecting these pages

  59. ny hammer says:

    whatever the “view” of some in yorkshire may be, you had your chance 3 times. twice in arbitration and once on the pitch and u blew it all 3 times.

    for any moron who still does not grasp the concept that the so-called “contract” was unenforceable as it would represent a restraint on free trade , the offer still stands.

    you think west ham will be deducted points or relegated prior to august 11 ?
    put your money where your gob is. cost of a west ham season ticket vs the a bramall lane season ticket. Easy money for mr. ” for what it s worth.”

    UNENFORCEABLE and ILLEGAL are two different things . or was it too much for your yorkshire or north london comprehensives to teach you the difference.

    your chances of west ham not being in the premier league come august 11 , 2007,
    or for that matter august 2008 AND BEYOND, are as good as my chnaces of replacing gordon brown by august 11 as prime minister (even if i didnt have a foreign passport).

    you can whinge all you like but west ham united football club and its supporters are going to be in your face for a long long time in the premiership. and players,coaches and supporters are going to make our detractors do not enjoy one iota of it. get used it .

  60. dave says:

    one more thing maxwell,if u dont like whats being said get lost,this is a football page with attitude not the houses of parliament,if u dont like it go back to primming ur roses and sipping pimms

  61. Lawrence Kemp says:

    good comment bout kia not buying us, glad we see the back of terence aswell. eggert will hopefully bring a new look to the club…..and clear out the old crap (your marlons, your haydens, your johnathan spectors etc)

    further to that

    we need players with pride, someone who gives it their all like noble and zamora (someone with a bit more ability tho)

    im looking forward to this year and i’ll see you there DM stand lower season ticket!! £390.00 love this academy thing they set up.

  62. dave says:

    good on you ny hammer,well said,and how disgraceful of sheff utd to try and worm their way back thru the backdoor,disgraceful

  63. pie n mash says:

    thanks for the tip tom

    you d make a great trader.

    you have your pies, porky pies ,pukka pies or whatever floats your boat.
    and there is undoubtedly a lot that floats boats and other things in yorkshire at the moment.

    we ll have premiership football.

    thanks for that

  64. ny hammer says:

    cheers dave

  65. dave says:

    it just shows how thick the yorkshire cnuts are by coming on this page and trying to have a go,knowing full well they are going to get ripped apart,must be something in those mushy peas n black pudding they eat

  66. dave says:

    no problem ny hammer us hammers stick together,brothers in arms,claret and blue forever

  67. ny hammer says:

    if they had legitimate points to make i wouldn t have such an issue with it. but 99 percent are either taking the mick, misstating or distorting the facts or both.

    very desperate souls these people – enough sour grapes to start a wine vineyard

  68. dave says:

    nice one whu4eva,absolute classic,those northern ferret fuckers cant handle the mighty fans of west ham

  69. Mark says:

    Come on. How can Jane Foster find another planet. On all the West Ham blogs she posts, she still can’t manage to take off the caps lock.

  70. dave says:

    excellent mark and very true

  71. TomMaxwell says:

    dave I’m not from Yorkshire. Why do you assume only Blades supporters are laughing at WHU’s plight?

  72. dave says:

    Maxwell house theres an old saying he who laughs last last the loudest u donut

  73. dave says:

    well well is up on charges for money laundering thats shut u anti west ham lot up hasnt it so go to hell with him

  74. Andy says:

    From the Guardian…’Arrest order issued for Tevez’s agent accused of money laundering.’
    A Brazilian judge yesterday ordered the arrest of Kia Joorabchian, the Iranian-born businessman who acts as the agent to West Ham’s Carlos Tevez , after a two-year investigation into accusations of money laundering in Brazil.

    Told you he was trustworthy.

  75. E1 says:

    Thank God kia never bought us what would he have done ?

  76. Keith R says:

    Tom …I don’t care where you are from – but West Ham is my team, so stop bad mouthing us now that we are recovering from the mire when a spiv WAS at our helm.

    Now bugger off…

  77. Blocko13 says:

    The man is a twat!!!!!! I am gutted the way we have been tarnished by this idiot. I fear the worst.

  78. TomMaxwell says:

    Very wise to have comment moderation on this morning.

    This is one hell of a mess and will takes years to unravel.

    It just goes to show the wisdom of the Premier Leagues rule on 3rd party influence and the poverty of their fudging of its enforcement.

    Good word poor deeds.

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