Neil Warnock kann sich am ***** lecken


29 Responses to Neil Warnock kann sich am ***** lecken

  1. edi hammer says:


  2. jimwhu says:


  3. West Ham fan No32 says:

    hahaha classic the fuhrer is bright the fuhrer is claret and blue too !!!

  4. dave says:

    Living in Chesterfield,12 miles from Sheffield,it made my day when Sheff Utd went down.

  5. dave says:

    that clip si absolute last classic,had me in stitches,bet the sheff utd lot r pissed at it

  6. leo says:

    That is so well done, made me laugh my sides split.LOL

  7. appyhammer says:

    that is funny, and i should think it was Mcgob the sheff utd chairman playing hitler

  8. Kia Joorabchian says:

    your going down quicker than a 2 dollar hooker

  9. WHU4EVA says:



  10. krip says:


  11. dave says:

    kia joorbachian is a cnut sheff utd are going down quicker that the titanic,oh hang they r already down he he he

  12. dave says:

    new animation film coming out starring rabbits in a sequel,and filmed in sheffield,its called watershit down

  13. steve says:

    belly laugh, oh dear, that was funny!

  14. KIA S MOM says:



    what?? you don t ?

    because you don t have a bonus. or a job

    learn UK AND EUROPEAN LAW ,numbnut

    your “ownership of the economic rights to tevez” may work in brasil.

  15. defender of free trade says:

    funny thing is kia,you ve forgotten that west ham supporters like myself like nothing better than to rip the heart out of people like you who don t even qualify as human beings. after we rip it out we slice it into 18 pieces and feed it to your friends in solitary confinemnet doing life in belmarsh.

  16. hop says:

    I still can’t stop laughing after half an hour.

  17. Mick in Iceland says:

    Bloody Brilliant

  18. Mark says:

    Fan Bloody tastic !!

    Up the Hammers

  19. dave says:

    kia would u like a new dummy or rattle

  20. dave says:

    steve they r doing a new film 4 sean bean its a sequel to his film the hitcher.this time he hitches a lift and proceeds to whinge the driver to death on how hard done by his club are

  21. dave says:

    too right mark up the hammers

  22. geoffbarlow says:

    irony, pathos, drama, tragedy, farce, humour it’s all there. The funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. Haven’t laughed so much since I saw Sheffield United in the relegation zone in the final premiership table. Shakespeare couldn’t have done it better (mostly cos Youtube not around in the middle ages).

    My dad (age 87) is a big Westham fan and fought Hitler in the war (not personally,face to face obviously, he never got closer than Heidelberg) so he’s gonna love it.

    Is it possible that when Hess parachuted into Britain during the war, he was simply trying to get into Bramall Lane without paying? I think we should be told.

    Did Hitler stall invading after Dunkirk simply because Sheffield Uniteds games had been temporarily suspended?

    Who knows???

  23. barry says:

    that has made my night

  24. malc r says:

    Guys, absolutely brilliant, one of the funniest football related parodies ever, without question, but, you know damn well that you should have been relegated for your part, and you may still regret the entire incident when Tevez does join Man Utd. Something’s got to give, if you don’t receive all the money, from any transfer I’m afraid your Board will have let you down badly.

  25. dave says:

    malc the saga is closing we r up they r down and we wont regret anything

  26. Hammerithome says:

    Cheers Ian. Made me laugh mate.

  27. IronMan says:

    I just can’t stop laughing that Joorabchian has some serious serious problems and McCabe is only on page 1 of his attempt to gain something (obviously always been compensation because if they had stayed up they would have been relegated next season anyway, they were proper shit) and am looking forward to the fiasco that is page 2. Now Joorabchian is being investigated for match fixing I think his liscence as an agent will have to be suspended pending further enquiries, which means Tevez is going nowhere for the immediate future. Is’nt it great supporting the Irons.

  28. Steve says:

    Absolutely bloody priceless. I’ve not laughed so much in ages. Thank you whoever did this!

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