The Summer Season

I was chatting to a friend on the gold course this afternoon and we reckoned that our overall spending had been pretty minimal this summer. So I thoiught I would indulge you all and list the ‘Ins’ and ‘Outs’ of the summer transfer season so far…


Yossi Benayoun £5 million
Paul Konchesky £3 million
Nigel Reo Coker £8.5 million
Tyrone Mears £1 million
Teddy Sheringham Free
Roy Carroll Free
Shaun Newton

Total £17.5 million


Scott Parker £7 million
Craig Bellamy £7.5 million
Richard Wright Free
Julien Faubert £6 million

Total £20.5 million

So, as I thought, Eggie has only had to shell out £2.5 million so far. It rather makes you wonder what he has got in mind for further pruchases, doesn’t it?

A nice £20 million striker and a top knotch left back and left winger wouldn’t go amiss.


61 Responses to The Summer Season

  1. ray stokes says:

    I was just wondering what a gold course was,Iain? I think that a left-back will probably be signed next week,otherwise Curbs wouldn’t have let Konch go so quickly.

  2. Please, don´t bring Defoe back to Upton Park…

  3. darren says:

    skys the limit, lets by shelfish, and help them out, with all the shit , and then us west ham . we all fill for them.

  4. Andy says:

    Wow, you get to play on a gold course! What wood do you use to tee off?
    How about a South American striker? I know this bloke could do us a really good deal…Oh no, sorry, he’s about to be arrested.
    More worrying now is that after being linked with everyone, there don’t even seem to be any rumours about us and new strikers or left backs anymore. Do you think everyoe got scared off us with this continued MSI/Man U/Tevez/Joorabchian/FA/PL/West Ham merry-go-round?

  5. darren says:

    eggey as you call him as bin bizy sortin all the players that will bye in the west ham team . and he needs to sleep. ffs. so we need you curbs to get a 20 striker

  6. Eric says:

    We have probably lost three of our most influential players in Tevez, Reo-Coker and Benayoun and the replacements are adequate but are not likely to improve the team to any significant degree. We are a long way from being a team about to enter a race for a top six placing and we could struggle unless we improve our strength in the positions you mention. We do have one major factor and that is the return of Ashton. If his recovery is complete then he could be a major goal scorer but we have to have someone else to support him with ten goals and I cannot see any other of our strikers scoring this many goals. Our left side is woefully weak from left back to left wing and there is not too much rumour as to us seeking left sided players.

  7. MOORO says:

    Shrewd business indeed from old egg head and curbs, bodes well for the rest of the window. Perhaps the best signings are yet to come!….here’s hoping

  8. West Ham Al. says:

    If we sell Marleen on Monday to Wigan for £3.5m, we will be £1m up, I’m shure we can pay somone to take Daily off our hand for a quick £1m He He He.

    L I A B I L I T Y.

  9. Mike says:

    Get rid of Marlene Harewood for £3.5 means we have generated £21m although the reports I saw suggested Konch for 3.5 not the 3 you have that means 21.5 v an outlay of £20.5so far and still to go Mullins £1m Cole £2m making an inflow of £24.5m
    How about Shaun Wright Phillips – £11m, Baines £6m, Appiah £5.5m and a really good left winger for £10m. Net outlay £9m Total spend £41.5 Net outlay £17m Also with carlos off the wages and the others thats not bad work for an inflow of £50m for staying in the premiership Odds on Gudjohnson from Barcelona at £9m?
    I am sure Curbs and Eggie are working it at the moment

  10. The Headmaster says:

    Interesting bit of maths – I guess I had fallen for the Eggy’s throwing loads of money at the problem line without doing me sums!
    Certainly my guess is that this would surprise a lot of people.
    Website piece on Konch is – for me – a bit of an embarrassment tho – not so much as a ‘we would like to thank PK for the service he has given and wish him well in his future career’!. AC deffo doesnt like im does he.
    So, left back is now number 1 for me. Back up or even 1st choice strike – yes please. Would worry about Ashton / Bobby Z and that’s it!!
    Glad to see the moderation back. Fewer comments may be, but you know it’s not quantity that counts, is it?

  11. ny hammer says:

    this is why when people complain about what w ehave spent in the market they have it all wrong. we have net spent a paltry amount , so it is NOT us who are bididng up the price of players. with the added SKY money this year ,ALL clubs are spending , and some are spending quite big. we haven t paid over the odds for anyone, and even if bellamy would not have been my ideal choice, i don t think 7 million was excessively high to pay for him. in many instances i m the first to criticize Curbishley , but i think he s dealt wisely so far this summer. And the owner of the club has also been prudent. The finanaces are being managed well thus far, and in the process we re getting rid of some players who either no longer wanted to be at upton park, or who simply were not up to the task, or both. and all this amidst the ongoing sheffield united saga. i think the club has done exceptionally well so far this summer. given that we can still receive something for unloading etherington,cole ,harewood( though i d prefer we give marlon one last chnace) ,paintsil and possibly ferdinand , we should be left with considerable buying power without dipping too heavily into the chairman s wallet. encouraging …

    message to dave- in case u didn t see it on the previous post , wanted to apologize ,as the coment i made about it being okay to periodically respond to people abusing the site ,provided it s not done with racist or foul language ,was meant for the headmaster ,not you .

  12. Len Scannell says:

    Absolutely spot on as usual.

  13. Jeff / Cockney Boy says:

    Being as we only spent only 2.5 mil why not go for a couple of real top class players or maybe buy tevez outright

  14. E1 says:

    Maybe Teves that greedy git kia could’nt resist a 30m offer ! why not try for baines in the harewood deal? shorey still not signed a deal at reading hoyte wants out at Arsenal. and there are a few tastey players playing in south america right now are we watching them ? May be he ‘s (eggy) not got the money we thought he had and curbs seems more bothered with a freindly against the daggers are we just being fed a line to get the season ticket and shirt sales up. very unsure what to think . Still after 39 years why am I suprised, I still love em COME ON YOU IRONS !!!!

  15. Hammerithome says:

    I for one can’t help thinking that we will miss Yossi big time. He was our playmaker,orchestrating things in midfield and he will be a hard act to follow.
    As for a big name striker,I’m not sure we will get one. BUT,we definately need a decent left back,so how about moving Lucas over to the left side and signing Luke Young from Charlton who’s available at the right price apparently.

  16. IronMan says:

    Let’s all hope who the £20m striker is. And I personally think it is going to happen for the reasons I wrote on another thread. So happy & can’t wait till the 11th.

  17. ny hammer says:

    agree on luke young. with him available ,and neill able to play on the left ,that seems a good solution. having said that , i was amazed at mccartney s performance in the last 10 games. he played extremely well – so well i still can t get my head round it ,compared to his first few months in the side. in terms of players who have left the club, i think attitude is everything. whatever creativity we will miss from the departure of benayoun , i think will be compensated for by having someone in his place who is fully committed and who gives 100 per cent all the time. my assessment of benayoun is that he had moments of brilliance, and in matches where he could be bothered, added value, but there mnay matches where he di dnot want to put tackles in, or where he strayed into the middle of the park and didn t provide us width. yes,his last 10 matches were good, but it required a crisis situation to get that sort of performance out of him. i also feel that in his time at west ham, he was too reluctant to take a shot, often making one pass too many . i don t think it s clear cut he ll be so happy at liverpool either , as i see no gauarantee of him starting every match there. call me old fashioned , but i still don t see teh attraction of going to a top 4 club and potentially spending a lot of time on the bench . never ceases to amaze me how many players are happy to be a cog in a wheel at a fcatory, rather be an essential part of a club outside the top 4 that s on the way up.

  18. Trickywhu1 says:

    I here Mullins is going to chalton over the weekend for one mil so add that to the list as well as Harewood!

  19. Stickers says:

    Er dont you mean eggys had to shell out £3 million so far ??!!

  20. steve says:

    I’m still hopefull that we get two or three top quality players in before the start of the season.
    As far as i can see, we are no better of quality wise, in fact worse of then last season. Bossie, reo-choker gone and the irreplacable Tevez all but gone.
    Ashton coming back is great news but we still need MORE QUALITY PLAYERS

  21. David King says:

    I thought McCartney came on quite strongly towards the end of last season and deserves a run . Etherington seems to be a good Championship player so maybe needs to move on as I think he has been “found out” in the prem, Maybe Duff? .Is he available? I personally dont think Parker is good enough to replace Coker and Bellamy certainly will never replace Tevez. I dont know much about Faubert as presumably Yossis replacement ,but as a big Yossi fan he will have to go some to win me over. So so far I think we are down quality wise from last season. I think Ashton and Z man will do well so the need for a reasonable striker to change the play a bit in the second half could be a better idea than an overexpensive overated “big name” striker. Some one like Crouch? How far down the pecking order is he? And anyway……according to West Ham United, Tevez is under contract to us for another 3 years. If its all bollocks then why do they keep banging on about it?

  22. Mick in Iceland says:

    I wouldn´t worry to much about funds being available, Eggert is our chairman and frontman but Björgjolfur is the money man behind the club and is listed above the Man.U’s Malcolm Glazier in the world richest men list and his son is wealthier. Lets wait till the copa is finished maybe our super signing is coming from that direction.
    Food for thought

  23. I Come from Near Moscow says:

    It’s hard to speculate who else we will bring in but one thing for sure is that there’ll be at least another three or four quality players joining us this summer.

    We will also be shipping out a few more fringe players like Marlene and Mullins. Our squad is too big but lacks depth in certain areas (i.e left back and left wing) but I’m certain that Curbs will address the problem over the next fortnight or so.

  24. hammermolder says:

    Had a few pigs ears on the gold coarse Iain?

  25. EastHammer says:

    1. Van der Vaart
    2. Baines or Bridge
    3. Riquelme

    That would do nicely.

  26. Master-Hammer says:

    Has everyone forgotten our January spending?

    Davenport and Quashie were hardly astute signings, and we must factor our January spending because it is a chunk out of Eggys budget.

  27. irimusvlad says:

    nice team west ham …….

  28. Brooking1980 says:

    It’s still early days in the window, We need a left back, Left midfield and a striker! If old egg head is true to his word, he will splash the cash some more, not that he has gone crazy like some of the media was sugesting. The jury is still out though until he does.
    Ashton looks like he has piled on the lard in the friendly against daggers today.

  29. ny hammer says:

    yes, that s correct that january s spending has to be factored in, and does place some constraints on what we can do ths summer. but as for the janaury signings being astute or not, i wouldn t judge them too harshly. Neill was a brilliant signing. the january signings were made in a hurry, under pressure to try to save a sinking ship. it s not excetly easy to bring in players under those circumstances. in addition, our back four was decimated by injury.i agree davenport wasn t the most inspired signing, but we desperately needed defensive cover at the time. there are a lot of things i can fault curbishley for in decmber,janauary and february, but the transfer signings then are not one of them. our backs were against the wall, and i m not sure if many managers wud have come up with any better signings at the time.

  30. bellasparkafaubert says:

    Well, i’m hoping for a QUALITY left back like a young robeto carlos and a class winger (whichever side faubert don’t play on) such as a younger giggs/beckham but somehow i doubt if thers talent like that out there we’ll beat teams such as chelsea and man united to their signature. Oh well! One can dream and some dreams can be made a reality!

  31. David King says:

    I’m not sure many managers would’ve bought Quashie or Boa-Morte either……whatever the situation

  32. Slowjoe says:

    Not a hammer, but I hope I pass moderation…

    Eggie’s money may be in the wages and not the transfer fees. You’ve got to imagine that Bellamy is earning more than Marlon Hareward, and Parker isn’t going to be on kids money, or he wouldn’t have come.

    West Ham appear to have a problem with regard to the wage structure at the club. The Bent saga seems to say that they are prepared to pay more for players, and still get turned down, so agents are going to be playing hardball. I wonder what the change in the wage bill year-on-year will be.

  33. The Headmaster says:

    Nice to have the site back minus the retards!

    Thanks, Iain

  34. ny hammer says:

    fair comment on the element of wages as opposed to transfer fees , however with regard to prospective new signings and their agents playing hardball, if the sole factor in a player coming to the club is just the money ,then it s probably not someone we want to be involved with anyway. comments to date suggest that Magnusson does have limits in place regarding wage structure ,which seems wise, even if it does mean it puts certain players beyond our reach. As for Boa Morte ,i ll admit that was a bit of a gamble ,but more as a function of what we paid for him than his skill level. i think the guy can contribute and although his first 10 games were disappointing ,his efforts in our last 9 games helped. what bothered me was not that we signed him, but that we paid 5.5 million. the price , even before he played his first match for us, seemed a bit steep. As for Quashie, i can understand people being frustrated with him , and he s not someone i would want in a starting west ham 11, but i think he s a reasonable substitute ,or reasonable cover if we need it. Put it this way , i know his distribution leaves something to be desired at times, but at least he puts tackles in , which is something Mullins seemed to stop doing , and he gives 110 percent. i m not convinced bowyer always gave 110 per cent

  35. Hammerithome says:

    I have to agree with Ny Hammer. With regards to Quashie, he is a problem and I think Curbs knows that. You are always going to have some players in the team who are not quite up to what you thought they would be.Just look at Chevchenco at Chelsea!(oppoligies for spelling).At least Quashie didn’t cost us £30 million.
    Curbs and Magnus are a good pair who are no fools and I for one have every confidence in them to get the right players in eventually.
    COME ON U IRONS………..

  36. jon l.colney says:

    havent got the time to read them all but as we havent spent that much did anyone mention we may BUY tevez with the unspent dosh?
    i still have this gut feeling that the wee chappy will be cnb next season.
    as for the strikers,may i just say booby z can get 10 a season,even from the subs bench for mopst of it.cole is 4th string at best so is curbs going with deano and belamy with zd man sub? that does seem a little shallow to me.
    with the yido gone now why dont we splash the cash on joe cole ? now that would be a top 6 guaranteed.

  37. Brooking1980 says:

    I still think theres more signings to come, lets hope they are the same or better quality then what we got in the summer and lets forget the Davenports and Quashies of January! I think they just might be forgotten from the first team this season and I hope a championship side takes them in the winter transfer window! I think Boa-Morta is a decent player who was playing injured for the most part. He is better then Etherington who is far too weak

  38. E1 says:

    REQUELME !!!!!!!!!!!! ALEX !!!!!!!!!!!!!and about 6 others all playing last night and plying there trade, in somecases for much smaller clubs than us forget Teves lets move on and let the mancs have the problem of kia. If we have the money why are’nt we beining linked with some big names or are they just not interested in joining so it never leeks out. 17m for bent !!! having a laugh requelme 10 to 12m WAKE UP CURBS !!!! there is hundreds of world class players wanting to come to England what is your excuse.

  39. Randisco says:

    Although some are calling for reinforcements on the left side, i think we look no further than our bench. Kyel Reid got a run in the beginning of last year, and while not spectacular then he has matured a year and we should give our home grown talent a chance. He showed his ability to get in the corner and put the cross in the box, just like Etherington USED to do. Also availabe is Johnny Pants, he is an established international who only wants to be on the field and give it 110%, he is fine backup for McCartney as he can play on the left… Spector plays both sides as well.

    While its true that we have a Icelandic boatload of money now, i just hope the kids are not completely overlooked, if Ephraim, Tomkins, Stanislaus or any other of the youth standouts have a chance to get a run I think they should. We are the Academy of Football for a reason and look at what mark Noble has achieved.. he bleeds Claret and Blue.

    completely unrelated to our left side, but another testament to the club… I ran into the whole Chelsea squad at the Beverly Hills hotel on thursday morning… although awestruck at the mere sight of Terry, Drogba, Cech and hell even Mourinho (what can i say.. we don’t see many prem teams here in LA), the best part was catching Joe Cole coming through the lobby.. I approached him, shook his hand and said “Hi Joe, had to meet you cause I am a huge West Ham Fan, you’ll always have a place in our hearts” at the last part he winked, smiled and said “come on you irons”… it was awesome

  40. Danny says:

    Hi every one,

    Just got back from Turkey and heard we have done the sighnning of the king Thug Bellamy.

    Iv been told by some Bloke in Turkey that we was going for a hot Midfilder. I let use know his name if i speak to him this week.

  41. Trickywhu1 says:

    Yanniks Okkas is on trial or you could mean Appiah

  42. Keith R says:

    Hey, Iain …who is the French clown slagging off Faubert for joining our West Ham?

  43. bellasparkafaubert says:

    Aswell as all we’ve sold we just let Harewood go to Villa, who should soon be called West Ham Rejects … reo-coker,harewood, who next?

  44. steve says:

    Herewood, has gone to Villa, Cole rumoured to be going to Turkey, Tevez gone to Manoure, or so claimed by the press. I think we need a striker cos we are now short and with Deano just back, we need back-up

  45. ny hammer says:

    spot on , the recent post who mentioned that even tho boa morte wasn t at his best last season, he was still better than Etherington. The player in Turkey sounds inetresting , especially because he WANTS to come to West Ham . i hope w ecan convince Fabernace or whoever it is to let hm go.

    do not buy the daily mail. they keep rubbishing us, so let s colelctively hit them where it hurts.. in the pocket.

  46. rough trade says:

    that benayoun and coker are gone is a good thing. but that has nothing to do with their skin color or religion. it has everything to do with the fact that they were not 100 percent committed.
    would the clever clogs who keep using racially inappropriate language wise up? are u a numbnut in disguise? clean the rubbish up- or get disposed of like rubbish.

  47. Danny says:

    Yer thats the bloke mate Appiah, is he really good or not?

    Is it true that we tock a bid to get Defoe back?

  48. Trickywhu1 says:

    Faubert might be injured anyone know the latest. Not to bothered about losing last night as they are half way through there season. And one more thing all transfers have been put on slow down until the Tevez thing is sorted out.

  49. Hammerithome says:

    Note to Curbs;


  50. The Headmaster says:

    wots happnin, iain?

    no new subjects?

  51. ny hammer says:

    the daily mail continue to print lies about our club. b


    hit their profits. these vermin desrve a p45 and dozen black roses.

  52. If Carlos Tevez does go to United do you reckon it would be OK to ask Alex Ferguson for a gentlemans agreement not to play him against us like they did with Howard and Everton as it seems putting it in writing gets you in trouble

  53. ny hammer says:

    ha- nice one graham

    for those who like to fault the signing of boa morte, he may come in handy if faubert has to miss the first month or two of the season.

  54. jon l.colney says:

    good point,lets have an aggreement that says he must score against every team apart from us!!!

    tevez ging to train with utd till all this is sorted? what the hell are west ham doing?

    this must all stop now b4 season starts to go in the same way last season went.

    this is not funny anymore.lets not forget we all hate argentina anyway for several reasons so lets get back to what we all love doing.HATING MAN U,CHESKI,YID SCUM AND ARGENTINA!

    This is deflecting away form the real problem we have ahead ov us.PREMIERSHIP SURVIVAL!

  55. Trickywhu1 says:

    ny hammer isnt that how the feud got started in the first place. They wrote or said something about arry and he didnt like it and wouldnt let them into press shoots after that.

  56. Hammerithome says:

    Latest Club Statement says it all really. Shame about Tevez, but we should really try to move on now and look forward to the new season ahead.

  57. Danny says:

    Check this out alan going for a good Striker:

  58. ny hammer says:

    thanks for the post danny.

    this is the type of player the club needs to consider buying – not overpriced people like bent, or someone with the dubious past of defoe.

  59. ny hammer says:

    good shout hammerithome on the club statememt.

    statement makes perfect sense and shows that the club is not just going to sit back and let the media or muppets like joorbachian talk tripe.

    there is a public relations war going on , and the club selectively needs to shove it down the throat of the liars, as the club has done with this accurate and reasonable statement.

  60. Danny says:

    Here is anogher striker that might plaese us all.

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