Off to Rwanda . . . Back in a Week

I’m off to Rwanda for a week this evening so I apologise in advance if posting is rather light over the next seven days. To be honest there hasn’t been an awful lot to wrote about over the last week which hasn’t been said elsewhere.

I was pleased for Marlon that he didn’t end up at the JJB. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. He has it within him to kickstart his career again at Villa and I am sure we all wish him well.

Apart from the ongoing Tevez row, the only transfer gossip seems to revolve in revived bids for Jermain Defoe and Nicky Shorey. Faubert’s injury is a real blow. The thought of him and Lucas Neill charging down the right was too delicious. Looks like we will have to wait a bit to see that.


37 Responses to Off to Rwanda . . . Back in a Week

  1. ChrisG says:

    Have a good time there.

    Saw you on Sky last week, the photo on the top is kinder than the TV camera! But you did not mention the Hammers…

    Anyone know how long Faubert is likely to be out for, nothing on the club site so far…

  2. jon l.colney says:

    geordie paper says dyre might be a target.

    errr why? hes a cripple most of the season and 28.

    shorey looks a big possible .hes said hes flattered,now is he saying come and get me or just up me bloody wages reading?

    im off to gt yarmouth if anyones interested? not quite rwanda.

  3. Mike - Hornchurch says:

    Agree about Marlon and wish him well. Would be good to see any further imports on board asap and in good time for start of season.

    With the Kia comments overnight it was good to see the strong response from WHU this morning. Maintaining a dignified silence is one thing but enough is enough and I think the response said it all. About time we stuck up for ourselves in public!

    Has anyone noticed how specific media people (particularly certain radio pundits some of whom I thought knew better) seem to be making sweeping conclusions over the Tevez situation without knowing the full facts. Arrogance isn’t the word!

    Also see today again a certain newspaper is making its almost weekly allegation about “exposive documentation” held by Joorabchian! They have been going on about this for weeks now, even using the same words (“explosive documentation”). First off it was about how this documentation would be used by SU at the tribunral hearing and then at the High Court. Now it is with FIFA and the FA! This same newspaper also claimed that Tevez had had his medical at MU (when he hadn’t) so they are obviously into factual accuracy in a big way!

    We are all sick and tired of this mess (thank you previous regime!) but hopefully the input of FIFA will at long last draw a line! What will the journo’s have to write about then?

  4. jon l.colney says:

    why dont we put in a bid for rooney as a replacement? that will shut the mancs up !!!!
    i see the government are sticking there beeks in on the tevez soap .
    anyone else fancy a word? maybe bush or mandela want a say!!!
    no one is sayin a word on the french chaps injury.thats not a good sign.
    anyone heard ?
    im sorry mike but it sounds as though you read a lot of papers mate? there all full of speculation and selling head lines.i havent read one in ages and if you look at the front pages and count how many positive stories they lead with each week/month youll realise there full of doom and gloom.were being filled with negative crap,even the news on tv is full of slit your wrist stuff.all the positives are put at the end or tucked up in the inside pages in a little box at the bottom.
    news papers are a waste of moey time and ink.
    on a positive note…..not long b 4 the seaon starts and we can spank a few teams that thaught they wouldnt be returning to upton park for a while.
    bye bye tevez ,thanks but ta da.

  5. NunheadHammer says:

    Good luck to Marlon – I always thought he had potential.
    Re Tevez affair, the UK Government has announced it will investigate ‘third-party’ ownership. Although it will be sad to see Tevez go, Kia’s assertion of ‘economic’ rights is akin to a modern form of slavery. Lets hope that Tevez can sever these in future, its not good for the game.

  6. DamerHammer says:

    6 months for the new matey, which is a bit of a piss take considering all the injuries last year, but Shorey at left back would be the a good signing, and looks a rea lpossibility. Santa Cruz i think would be a real success for us. But the funnies thing i saw in the tabloids today was Bobby Z to Cackburn Rovers, why the fuck would he leave the club he loves, and the club that loves him to join them northern monks’…Any Ideas ?
    Good luck to Marlon he did score a few goals for us and got us to cup final, so you can’t be too bitter towards him. As for NRC – get bent!!!

  7. StevO says:

    Very dissapointed that Fauberts injured, why is it when we buy a player they get injured straight away and are out for months, i think it is bad practice that west ham let this happen, Neil, Upson and now Faubert. Cannot think of any other club where this happens, is it because they are pushed too much or is it that they are not fit enough to start with, only west ham can tell.

  8. E1 says:

    faubert is out for 6 mths! ear we go again another exiting prospect we ‘ve got to wait a while to see. Still the Teves thing seems to be coming to a head and who knows we could earn a few quid out of it and kia squiky clean will I hope get and kick up the wallet. dont fancy dyer though shorey would be good and he comes from a claret and family, or so I understand. Requelme is looking for move and must be worth a go. As for the papers that must be getting hard up as they will make it up just to fill the space and be able to print teves’s name FIFA will sort it and I hope someone goes after BROWN if it is a dodgy deal then he ‘s the man to pay the price.
    COME ON YOU IRONS !!!!!!

  9. ny hammer says:

    agree mike , i t was time for the club to end the dignified silence , and respond properly to this latest bit of tosh put forth by third rate newspapers and dishonest wannabes like kia joorabchian.

  10. andy says:

    Faubert. Out for six months minimum. omg. If it wasn’t for bad luck we wouldn’t have no luck at all!
    Yes Mike, I also saw the Mail telling everyone Tevez had had his medical. Unbelievable. Of course they didn’t publish my response, which by the way didn’t need moderating. I had to bite my tongue. What a joke!
    Well done to Eggy again for showing restraint and saying exactly the right thing to counter the Laundryman.
    I am getting concerned though that with not enough cover for certain positions and the unsettling effect of the ongoing Tevez saga and the injury to Faubert that the coming season is going to another rollercoaster ride we could all do without.

  11. […] Off to Rwanda . . . Back in a Week I’m off to Rwanda for a week this evening so I apologise in advance if posting is rather light over the next […] […]

  12. ny hammer says:

    this has echoes of ashton again- the initial report was up to 3 months ,now it s 6 that faubert will be out??

    i agree on marlon, that he had potential , and depite last season, i think the club have given up on him too quickly. at least he didn t end up working for the rugby cheat at wigan. regarding tevez, i agree with nunhead , that this “economic rights” idea is just pure slavery. leave it to a mug like joorbachian to get involved with owning a player s rights- what is tevez meant to be , a human being or a bloody circus animal ? well ,either we need to get a wide midfielder quickly, or else boa morte is going to have to step up to the plate and prove that he was worth what we paid for him . we ve got 2 wide players capable of starting at the moment- bowyer and boa morte, both of whom i think are good substitutes,but neither of whom i d want in the first team.
    we haven t sold etherington yet, but he s not the answer. as w eve net spent virtually nothing thi summer ,now is when eggert has to dip into his wallet, as we need to avoid the dodgy start of last season, which also was down partly to injuries.

  13. Keith R says:

    Best wishes to Marlon …he’s essentially a good ol’ lad even though the midlands claret and blue is definately drab in it’s grimey and whiney surroundings.

    Am fed-up with supposed ‘neutrals’ picking up on the biased West Ham hate trail and giving me grief about it. Up the Irons…

    Glad to read that the Iranian has had some ‘listening’ to do from Eggy. Go Eggy, go …and shut-up that irritating Gill bloke at manure (…always thought Gill was a girls name..!)

  14. Danny says:

    been told Dyer on his way greate for us,
    I have to say jon l.colney is write about the bloody News papers they lie to much.

    I think it was a good idea about Roney that would be verry funny, seeing them cry ha ha!

    I think if Tevez wants to leave let him leave as it just be like Reo Coker, aint bothered about the club.

    I do think we should sign Dimitar Berbatov as that would make my day seeing Totenham down and out lol

  15. The Headmaster says:

    Marlon – bye!

    Faubert – ‘ere we go again!

    Dyer – dire

    Tevez – please God, just let it be over.

  16. jimwhu says:

    have a good time in rwanda

  17. ny hammer says:

    Dyer may need a change. cud work well both for him and for west ham.

  18. freddie ljunberg awsome signing!!!

  19. DamerHammer says:

    Freddie today, Shorey soon ?

    Giles Barnes from the Ram Bangers ?

    All sound OK to me, then we’ll just need another striker, season is becoming more and more appealing to me every day !

    Nuppence…Come ON IRONS !!

  20. Danny says:


  21. I Come from Near Moscow says:

    Now Ljungberg has signed, we need a new left-back (Shorey), a holding-role midfielder (Appiah) and a striker (Camara (of Wigan)). For me, they would be the perfect signings for us to challenge a European spot next season.

  22. ny hammer says:

    good signing….and didn t pay over the top.

    parker,llungberg,faubert once he recovers,bellamy- all these guys play .
    we ve done well, especially with all the nonesense going on in the media this summer.
    good to see there quality players who recognize that magnusson means business and who understand that the problems had to do with the previous numbnut ,terry
    “selfish ….” brown

  23. The Headmaster says:

    Avin the Lundberg all day long.

    Agree with DamerHammer re the striker. I am sure we’ll be getting someone in but your guess is as good as mine who.

    There really is a shortage of strikers available it seems to me – or is it always thus??

  24. Hammerithome says:

    I don’t want to put a dampner on it but Ljunberg has been injury prone over the last couple of years.
    Don’t get me wrong,I think it is a good signing but you have to worry about his fitness especially now he’s looking at 30 yrs young.
    I hope he turns out to be a good addition and goes on to help us get back into Europe.
    Fingers crossed then!

  25. Hammertime says:

    I’m still not sure about next season. We have made some good signings going forward, but let go some of our first team players. I think we badly need another striker, i would have loved to see bent up there with ashton and bellamy with bobby waiting in the wings but the bent man let us down (may we boo him forever and probably be on the wrong end of his first yid goal – just our luck).

    i think we need to strengthen our defence – you know, the one that let in a reading 6! shorey looks a complete full back and sounds good. although i still think we should try and get dicks out of retirement lol!

    i recon eggy and curbs will sort it out


  26. Lewis says:

    Eidur Gudjohnsen, Nicky Shorey and Giles Barnes.

    Dyer link is strong and have heard Kewell knocking about.

    But the top three players would be superb IMO and we shall be ready for the season!


  27. E1 says:

    freddy is a good bit of business he will be a big asset to the squad.
    we still need a left back and another striker at least a central playmaker would be a real bonus. who do you all think is most likley to join us now ? shorey baines hoyte requelme gudjonson ?
    it’s great beining linked with so many bring on the new season !!!!!

  28. Brian Sains says:

    Hi Ian, heard you on Radio 5 tuesday night !!! Twigged it now why you in Rwanda, off with David Cameron. And thinking i used to like your site !!!! Only joking. Hope it went ok. Keep up the good work on this site.

  29. DamerHammer says:

    Apparantly we’re in for some 29 year old Mali defender, (Star?)

    Then we’ve got this Dyer thing too, are we preparing a bid ?

    One possibiliy I have heard is Anton being involved in the deal…I don’ think this is a

    good thing. I do rate Kieron Dyer highly, but I would probably say i rate Anton even


    Apparantly Shorey is stayin’ at ‘The Book Worms’, Leighton Baines possibly, he’s the

    only other left back that i can think of!

  30. Andy b says:

    we only sign injury prone player dont u know dat!!!!hav a gud time iain

  31. Danny says:

    sort this shit out AC as im sick of hering us llose against Lower Clubs. We should be frashing clubs like MK DONS not losing.

    What does every one fill about this game?

  32. steve says:

    Looks like we might just have a decnt squad for next season!

    I do remember the time when I was younger, I used to collect the team photos out of the Shoot mag, from one season to the next, there used to be only one or two changes. Over the last 10-15 years, nearly the whole squads changes as well as the manager, coaches ect. Oh well, There’s only one Trever Brooking!

  33. Danny says:

    Iv read the News paper today and watched sky sport news and it says we are going for ANELKA and we will be paying 90.000 a week.

    I rather a super star than a no body.

  34. ny hammer says:

    we ve still got ammo left in terms of players we can sell- ferdinand,cole,etherington, mullins ,which could help us fund buying 1 more quality player ,perhaps 2 before the window closes. good news is that it seems very likely we will buy more before the window shuts – just a case of who. nice position to be in comapred to the way it looked in april….

    go on the west ham

  35. The Headmaster says:

    Went to the open training session today. Odd. Bellamy looked pretty aloof and isolated to me, Parker emerged with Curbs before going through the motions. Freddie was all smiles. Generally tho, you didnt come away with a huge sense of cohesion and surety about the way forward!
    I guess it was really just a pr exercise rather than a typical training session. It was good to see everybody again.

  36. ny hammer says:

    apparently the daily fail is continuing to print rubbish about is ,this time claiming we ve overspent in the transfer market. we ve brought 5 new players in and net barely spent a dime. urge west ham supporters to boycott that low grade,low life sorry excuse for a newspaper.

  37. ny hammer says:

    the open training session highlights some issues. curbishley has a job on his hands creating “cohesion” amongst this group . the signings are good ,but that s just one part of the job- the real challenge wil be to get them to play together and for one another , which may not be so easy for guys on very lofty wages. i m =not surprised to hear about bellamy being “aloof” ,which was why i wasn t that keen on him to begin with , but i acknowledge that we needed a striker in a hurry , and he may have been the best of what was available at the time. this is going to be a real test of curbishley s man management skills- i d like to be optimistic on that but it s hard to be.

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