Deano’s Goal


13 Responses to Deano’s Goal

  1. Roosterjoe says:

    Great Goal Deano.. Cmon Yu Irons

  2. Ed says:

    Great goal and hopefully a sign of what to expect from Ashton this year. Welcome back Iain, your presence has been missed. However I think jetting off to Rwanda leaving us to suffer the deluge of Niall Quinn was politically naive.

  3. Danny says:

    I have to say every one so dont get mad, “i dont think we have a chance getting in Europe” by the way we have played in the pre season.

    We should be frashing teams like Leyton Orian and Canvey not draw and lose,

    So egg sort out a signing what make use really happy a star that every one loves,

    If we have a chance i would love to see Raul as a westham player as we have got the money for his wages and anogh to buy him so go for it.

  4. DamerHammer says:

    Niall Quinn can basically kiss my ass, what did he ever achieve as a player? Scored more goals that Cascariono for the Lepracunts, let Kevin Phillips take all the credit at Sunderland, and then appoint that ugly Lapracunt as Manager !

    I also heard that Dyer preferes a move to the Yidds!
    I still can’t understand why everyone seeems to be so attracted to those pikeys, and also Santa Cruz to Crack’n’Burn Rovers?

    Anyway on a pos note, it was good to see Deano on the scoresheet again!

    Come On U IRONS!

  5. Steve L says:

    Danny are you for real!!!!!!!!! raul, behave yourself or stop with the class a’s!!!

  6. E1 says:

    Danny, Thrashing is the word I think you were looking for and the idea of pre – season games is to get the players match fit not win them. As for Raul why would we want him is he the best you think we can get.

  7. The Headmaster says:

    Agree with E1 re the purpose of friendlies. I sincerely hope they have no bearing on our stsart to the season proper which is, by anyone’s reckoning , crucial.

    That said, I have to confess to being somewhat disappointed by the results this week. There was a time when footballers from a bygone era would have sold their grandmother to win a five aside traing game within their own club!

  8. Hammerithome says:

    Went to Upton Park yesterday to see team training and autograph session.
    Spoke to Deano who said he was a little sore at the moment but hoped to be fully fit for the new season.
    Very poular with the fans as was Zamora who got an outstanding cheer from the fans.
    Also spoke to Freddie and he said he was looking forward to playing for his new team and thought we would have a good season.
    Nice to hear comments direct from the players rather than in certain newspapers who just have to print rubbish all the time.
    Really good atmosphere with the squad and the gaffer was just brilliant.He spent 40 minutes b4 training to sign as many autographs as he could. Nice one Curbs!

  9. The Headmaster says:

    i too was at the boleyn yesterday but dont have quite the same take on it as hammerithome. its always difficult ti judge from these pr exercises but i sensed a lack of togetherness amongst the players, a distance between the so called ‘stars’ and the remainder, and very little direct contact between curbs and the players. i dearly hope that my impression is not a true reflection of the way things actually are……..

  10. ny hammer says:

    if you sensed it at the boleyn ,headmaster,then you did not imagine it. it s real ,and it s cause for concern, as a feeling of distance between the highly paid stars,especially new signings, and the rest of the squad, would be very detrimental. our success two seasons ago was partly down to a strong sense of team unity. with characters like bellamy ,bowyer and potentially dyer ,this is not going to be easy to achieve. the lack of direct contact between curbishley and the players is not encouraging either , which points back to what bothered me about the manager last season-his clear lack of rapport with the players. it doesn t need to be a love-in ,but there does need to be some sense of team spirit , including the manager. i can t deny what curbishley achieved in the last 9 games last season, but i still have real doubts about his leadership and man management skills .

    in terms of the friendlies, you can t look at the results against orient and dons as anything other than disappointing. a loss is a loss, especially against lesser opposition. perhaps the best you can say about it ,is that it s a wake-up call to players and management that big-name signings mean nothing unless all eleven on the pitch do their job. hopefully these two results will show the players,including the ones on high wages , that they re going to need to perform a lot better to earn the respect of the supporters. friendly or not,losing to a team 2 divisons below you is not acceptable under any circumstances.

  11. steve says:

    Well, Headmaster, you seem to be like my old headmaster from school, clueless. Why you so full of crap about the team not being together. We noticed no such thing and thought is was very good atmosphere. Your grammer only gets a C- at best.
    Everything seems very encouraging, apart from the results of a few friendlies. I can think of a whole load of reasons why we shouldn’t read too much into those. One being, are the players really going to give 100% after what happened to Fuabert.
    Has anyone seen Dyer say he prefers Spurs. With all the rubbish printed in the Mail and the Mirror, it’s hard to tell whats happening. Maybe the Headmaster is a Mail reporter!

  12. The Headmaster says:

    Steve – trust me, the Headmaster is a season ticket holder, an olas contributor and a west ham nut,
    Opinions are everything – and I trust your’s are right! For me, the season will unfold the way it will and th e rrst is so much balderdash!
    As usual, and despite our spat of a few weeks ago, I find myself firmly in the court of the nyhammer ball.

  13. steve says:

    Oh, well, that must make YOU the expert Mr Headmaster, Not.
    Well beating Southend is cool, but like I said on my prevoius posting. Nothing to get too carried away with. I agree with you on one point, all that matters is next season and I for one will bet you that it will be better then last season!
    Let’s all try to be positive!

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