Alan Curbishley Interview

KUMB have got a three part interview with Alan Curbishley, the first part of which is published today HERE. There’s not a lot of new stuff, but he’s a bit more open than he has been with the mainstream media. I’ll link to the two remaining parts when they are published.

These sort of interviews are normally the preserve of Gary Firmager’s OVER LAND AND SEA fanzine. Last year, for the first time, OLAS didn’t get an end of season interview and from what I can make out the club have tried to stop players talking to Gary and his gang. That is a great shame. In some ways I can understand the club wanting to keep everything exclusively in the matchday programme, but I think i’m right in saying that OLAS outsells the matchday programme by a bit of a margin.

I was going to be a doing a column in the matchday programme next season (interviewing political and media personalities who support the Hammers), but the woman who agreed it has since left the club and no one else will return my calls. So I shall just stick to the blog!


16 Responses to Alan Curbishley Interview

  1. Master-Hammer says:

    Hi there, it appears that the link to the interview isn’t working.(it appears to not be there at all)

  2. Iain Dale says:

    Thanks., It works now.

  3. ny hammer says:

    with regards to curbishley s comment on “second season syndrome”, i don t buy it . a bit of overconfidence following the FA cup final maybe, but not second season syndrome. this was not about other teams finding us out- it was about some very capable players under-performing big time, and 5 of those underperformers have gone- konchesky,coker,marlon,carroll and benayoun. a more reasonable explanation for the miserable first 28 games was simply the chaos surrounding the change in ownership of the club, which unsettled everybody. i think our players could have coped with the changes better than they did,but then again ,they re only human.

    the southend match was the first pre-season match i ve seen this term . there was some good west ham passing on display for large portions of the game , though there were periods here our attention seemed to wander,especially on defense. i m not a bellamy fan , but i ll give him credit- his movement was very good and he should be an asset, provided he keeps his head. speaking of which, at the age of 31 ,bowyer still hasn t learned to keep his head down and stay out of trouble. as he leaves the pitch, what does he do? he blows kisses at the opposition fans. lee bowyer should have more on his plate than having it off with away supporters at a pre-season friendly. this is an example of what curbishley is going need to get a grip on – attitude and character of certain players. Mccartney surprised me- he played well and showed that the last 10 games of the season were not a fluke. people say we need a left back- i m not sure about that . if mccartney can carry on as he did against southend ,he ll do us just fine. Noble was nothing less than his tenacious self- even in a friendly he gave everything. Another surprise was Paintsil- playing out of position ,in midfield, he actually impressed. and kyle reid looked like he belongs in the premiership. not a brilliant team performance,as the opposition was 2 divisions below us , but some encouraging signs , and enough to put mk dons behind us.

  4. Dan Smyth says:

    I don’t blame the club if they have this attitude to OLAS. It really has turned into a piece of junk journalism. Opiniated, cliquey, laddish articles written by middle class twots trying to be working class. Profanitys everywhere and poorly put together.

  5. tiny tim says:

    stop moaning about olas. there s nothing more pathetic than a working class guy accusing a middle class guy of trying to be working class. OLAS is a far better read than the club s matchday program . written by people who don t get paid, but do it out of genuine interest in the club. get used to it . OLAS will be around longer than the whingers.

  6. Hammerithome says:

    Cheers Iain,enjoyed it a lot. Keep them coming please.

    In response to NY comments on Southend game. My son and I went to this game and I thought Southend were rubbish and didn’t give us a tough enough work out.
    We were only playing at 3/4 pace and if we couldn’t beat them with the team we had out then we would have needed shooting!
    Impressed with the new signings and if they stay fit will be decent aquisition for us in the Prem.
    Agree about the Boyer comment,as it wasn’t merrited at all and he will just have to learn to keep his trap shut.
    I think Curbs will keep us going in the right direction and will have a decent season.
    I can see us finishing around 8th and with a bit of luck on the injury front we could do even better. I think we will get some more players in January window and give us a real push to the end of the season.

  7. Hammerithome says:

    The only comment I would make about OLAS is that the last time I bought a copy it was full of people “F in and Blindin”,so I stopped buying it as I did not think it appropriate with my son with me who can read over my shoulder at times. I did find some articles quite amusing though and it has been going for quite a while so it must be appreciated by quite a few fans. Each to their own.

  8. The Headmaster says:

    Dan – intereting take on OLAS. Plainly wrong, but interesting.
    The sales of OLAS relative to the club’s matchday glossy does I believe tell a more reflective story.
    Not sure about the insults mate either. As a middle class (?) regular contributor, and presumably therefore one of the twots, I try to write incisively and with wit and passion. I’m not sure whether I am desparate to become working class, what ever that is (when I last thought about this I concluded that since I need to go to work every day to put food on the table and pay back Barclays for their very generous mortgage, I s’pose I must already be working class) but I certainly enjoy writing in the fanzine, in the same way that I enjoy responding on Iain’s blog.
    Incidentally, Iain – thanks for your comments re olas and keep up the good work.

  9. ny hammer says:

    regarding OLAS , agree fully with headmaster. the readership has gone up considerably in recent years ,which says it all. anyone who has read the fanzine over the last 2 seasons will tell you that language really isn t an issue. look at what the fanzine is now ,which is different to what it was 5 to 10 years ago. not that i m not biased or anything ,as a regular contributor.

  10. kidduk says:

    Hello, I’m south korean.. I like west ham

  11. DamerHammer says:

    U gotta love a bit of OLAS on a matchday, used to like the programme, but over the past few seasons its just become wank really, especially the ‘new look’ ‘larger than life size’,…crap doeasnt even fit in ur pocket proply. neva mind. OLAS writes about what the fans believe and who the fans believe will improve ‘our’ club. the insults are quite funny and whitty as well ‘mancscum’ ‘the arse’ ‘yidscum’ and the rest are pretty humerous. Keep up the good work with OLAS…c’mon u Irons!

  12. ny hammer says:

    on a different topic, if there is a realistic chance of getting gudjonsen , as is starting to be mentioned in media , that to me would be a very good acquisition. the ability to have 4 quality strikers at our disposal would put us in a good position to make real progress this season, even taking into account the inevitable injuries and suspensions.

  13. Brooking knows best says:

    OLAS is a fans mag that bites! 9 time out of 10 they write the worst on what could be seen two ways. I wish the mag could be more positive on most issues! It also uses swear words for swearing sake, why? Stick to the match day programme and at least you know where your money is going. Better to be ripped of by the club then those prats who think they know more then you and really dont!
    To prove my point, read a few of the Headmasters comments, clueless!

  14. The Headmaster says:

    Cheers for the endorsement Brooking. I think it was Oscar Wilde that observed that the time to be concerned is when they’ve got nothing to say about you.
    Pleased to note that, of the comments made in this string, the majority are in favour of OLAS which is widely recognised as being of pretty good quality.

    For the record, contributors to olas do it gratis – for the love of the club, with the editor, publishers and matchday sellers splitting any profits.


  15. mini man hammer says:

    My dad writes for olas lol. (honest)
    he spends like 10000000000 hrs writing the article.
    oh yea hi moureen.

  16. hammerology says:

    go on the OLAS

    go on the west ham

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