Goals Against Roma

West Ham United V Roma 04.08.07 SSN Match report
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5 Responses to Goals Against Roma

  1. Hammerithome says:

    Great goal from Deano from a great player. Bring on the Premiership!!

  2. E1 says:

    good overal performance still not sure on bellemy and the left side still a bit suspect once boa went off. Matty had a good game in parts but still not the class we need to chase europe place. Upson and the rest of the defench looked pretty solid and Mccartney scored !! Deano showed his class and gave the roma defence something to think about a cut above and with the right partner up front will be a real handfull this season. I think we are going to spend a bit more though 3 maybe 4 more players before the end of the season 2 before the start would be nice Shorey and gudjohnson.
    Still the season looks rosey 3 of the first 4 games are winable.

  3. redkipper says:

    I was there! Roma great midfield play had us out-guessed most of the first half. Green saved several attempts so keeping us in the game. Deano came on and looked a different class and it was no surprise when the goals came. Great cheer for his crashing drive throuth the keepers legs, nice one. Our defence still looks suspect and will need to improve greatly in the comming weeks otherwise ———–*

  4. ny hammer says:

    ferdinand has looked better than i had expected ,for a player who looked a dead cert to be sold 2 months ago. both him and etherington have surprised in a positive way this pre-season. makes you wonder if it s because they know they re within spitting distance of being tossed out ,and either trying to save themselves from being chucked out, or putting themselves in the shop window . i d prefer to see james collins playing ,rather then upson, ferdinaand or gabbidon for that matter. of the defenders the only 3 that to me look automatic starters are neill, mccartney and collins. the other one who surprised me against roma was paintsil . playing in midfield, a he did against southend, he looks more comfortable in midfield than at the back. another one who earlier i thought we shud sell, but now reckon we shud keep. he cud be valuable cover in midield if he carries on performing as he has in pre-season. all of the sudden we ve got options in midfiled, even with the dyer move falling thru, despite faubert being out . once parker returns we ve got ljungberg,etherington,boa morte,bowyer ,paintsil and reid to choose from out wide.
    no reason for us not to get off to a good start provided the attitude of players is right.

  5. E1 says:

    I was there as well so whats your point !!!!!!

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