Newcastle Can Keep Dyer

It looks like Kieron Dyer’s move south has been scuppered by the Newcastle chairman, who has tried to extort another £2 million out of West Ham. I hope Eggert Magnusson stands firm and doesn’t fall for this con trick. Dyer is very injury prone, and while he might be an England international, £8 million is way over the top for him, especially as the two clubs had already agreed a fee of £6 million. People seem to think that at West Ham money is now growing on trees. That impression needs to be dispelled.


24 Responses to Newcastle Can Keep Dyer

  1. mick says:

    You have had a luky escape – he is lazy and he rarely plays to his full potential – we do not want him i say give him to the hammers

  2. David Dutch says:

    I am sorry to hear that the deal for Dyer has broken down and if the story is true the N/cle asked for more money I do not agree with those tactics, of course up to now that is paper talk and as i do not even believe the date in some news (a word used loosley) papers let’s hear the true story before making too many comments.

    I looked forward to Dyer going as it would free up a bed in the treatment room for the other crock M Owen Esq.

    I think the best thing we could do is let the Hammers take Dyer on loan for a season and when all the fuss has calmed down buy him for the original agreed fee if that was ever the fee, we have to accept that we supporters learn very little about the true going ons and we tend to get carried away by the stories in the media (all brands) who have to write something to fill the column inches.

    We wish you all the best for a successful season as long as you finnish one place below the ‘Mags’ we can both enjoy 2007/08.

    Real fans support each other with a little bit of tongue in the cheek banter.

  3. Colin says:

    As a Newcastle fan you can have him for £5m never mind £6 – in fact take him for free – hes a waste of space

  4. A Maggy says:

    Hi, please take Dyer!!! You seem to forget you got £4m for Harewood (HAHAHA you ripped them there) but you also went one better – you got £8m for Reo-coker!!!!!!! Yet you say Dyer is not worth it? He’ll certainly compliment the mercenaries you’ve signed. Seemingly they’re the only players you can attract – Bowyer, Bellamy, Neill, Faubert….list goes on! All signing for money. Just wait till Bellamy starts too! Uh oh he did didn’t he after his first game calling West Ham fans. Shame as he can change the shape of a team completely, I’ll expect West Ham to go back in for Dyer as he is still better than what you have currently at your disposal. It’s just a shame you’ll have to deal with all this excess baggage. Ooooh and he’ll be closer to Lampard and Terry….more drinking trouble for you lot there! Good luck and hopefully there will be a new court case in order to put things right.

  5. jim birkett says:

    I am a life long Newcastle fan
    Go on-do us a favour -take him off our hands
    I do not know who is the daftest-Ashley for not snatching your hand off-or West Ham for wanting him in the first place
    And as for Bellamy!

  6. alan says:

    That extra 2m will be Dyer’s cut, which the club think he should forfit for wanting away.
    Plus comp for the 5+yrs he has milked us.

  7. Griff says:

    Well said David Dutch.

    I am a Magpies fan and have always rated Dyer highly. He is the kind of player who when he wants to, will be immense. His runs are brilliant.

    How about meeting us half way, £7m 😀 lol

    We need his squad number freed up for Deco haha

  8. Bryan Pringle says:

    Some Newcastle forums are citing that the move to West Ham has stalled because Kieron Dyer is demanding a £2million “loyalty payment” to move from Newcastle.

    This would not suprise me in the least if it were true as Dyer is a prime example of the rubbish which pollutes the modern game!

  9. rappa77 says:

    Im sure something has been lost in translation between Ashley and the Icelandic egg. Truth is Allardyce assumed the deal was stalling, voicing his concerns to new chairman Mort a decision was taken to pay west ham an additional 2m to take the little gem of a player off our wage bill before his hamstring pinged across east London causing a terror alert (Dyer had reached almost 48hrs without injury or loosing a diamond encrusted ear ring).

    Good luck for the new season 🙂

  10. Nick P says:

    Hi Iain,

    Completely agree, lets not also forget that Dyer is on £80k a week at Newcastle. No wonder Big Sam is reportedly fuming with Mike Ashley. If big Sam doesn’t want Dyer in the squad and he is a man that in the past has welcomed talented bad boys with open arms then there has to be something wrong with the guy other than homesickness doesn’t there ?

    Dyer is a talented player but as mentioned he has an awful record with injuries and as someone that has tried to lose the baby bentley brigade it seems strange that Curb’s would welcome the king of bling to the club ?

    I am sure if he scoured europe he could find a top quality left side for the team that would not break the bank ? I digress, sorry, I like you hope that Eggert stands firm, I won’t be disappointed if we lose out on Dyer and like you believe we need to lose the easy touch tag.

  11. arjan drissen says:

    we do need to speed things up and sign at least 1 midfielder,1 left back and 1 striker.
    hope you(ian dale) will provide us with some good info if any rumours are coming in.

  12. BAC says:

    I’ve been hoping something would scupper the proposed purchase of Dyer, he always seems to be injured, and paying his reputed wages for a ‘crock’ of his age strikes me as very short sighted.

    So, hopefully, Eggy will stand firm, tell Newcastle to eff off, and spend the money on that exciting young prospect from Derby County.

  13. derek mooney says:

    I believe privately Dyer had expressed second thoughts – the siging of smith as well as potentially four better quality defenders than newcastle have already got ( not too difficult I know ) had him thinking. I also don’t believe the family down south thing – he hires helicopters to go to the races with his mates for god’s sake. I think Bellamy tapped him up about the move in the first place, and the current events are the new regime’s way of sticking two fingers up to whoever attempts this sort of thing in the future.
    never doubt the ego of a billionaire!

  14. appyhammer says:

    although i would like to see dyer here, as he is another player with a point to prove it is rite that we had not held to ransom by another 2nd rate sports shop owner

  15. Connor says:

    Umm, it said like 3 days ago a fee had been agreed with West Ham and Newcastle and now Dyer just has to have a medical and agree deal etc..

  16. drew says:

    im over the moon this deal has fallen through, he is overatted injury prone and trouble, how have newcastle commanded so much money for him? they paid £6.5m 8 years ago and he has hardly set the world alight. we are better off without him

  17. Jon Bage says:

    A 9 year old? a none year old? is this what happens?

  18. Jon Bage says:

    i meant “none” year old

  19. ny hammer says:

    8 million is over the top for dyer , and credit to west ham for walking away from it. when he s fit , and with something to prove ,perhaps dyer can achieve something if he leaves toon , but he s simply not worth betting that much money on. the window is open for another 3 and a bit weeks . our walking away also sends a message to the league – we spend what we want to spend. we don t get dictated to by mugs.

    west ham united 2- AS Roma 1. for all the numbnuts who slate the players we ve bought this season, i ll take bellamy,ljunberg,faubert and parker all day long in exchange for harewood,coker,benayoun and konchesky. and we ve net barely spent a penny. so who s zoomin who. and with nicky shorey refusing a contract extension we may not be done yet.

    surprise performance of the match? Etherington. he was excellent . if he carries on like this , then we shoouldn t sell him, contrary to what i thought a few months ago. he and bellamy worked well together.

    bring on aug 11

    go on the west ham

  20. Ian the Hammer says:

    I’m off down the Boleyn ground for a job as a match day steward, their paying 80k a week for it (according to press reports, so it must be true!)

  21. E1 says:

    nicky shorey the deal looks good will be a great addition. what do you all think about leroy lita if gudjohnsen falls through after all he is another under 21 player ?
    Upson looked good against Roma as did Anton. Jury is still out on Bellemy,Freddie looked sharp and Deano was a cut above the rest. Not sure if the balance is quite right yet still a bit patchy and we only have a week to go 2 weeks and we play Liverpool away. Is parker going to be back by then ?

  22. Hammerithome says:

    Hi Ian the Hammer; I think you’ll find it’s £80 a week,still not bad for a part time job I suppose. Oh,hang on,you were only joking though mate.Just like Sheff Utd were joking,thinking they could get one over the old Irons!

    Enjoyed the game yesterday,think Roma were a bit dirty and tried to put us off our game,except it didn’t work. Things looking good for the season although don’t expect too much too soon!

    Deano’s goal was well taken and when he’s 100 per cent again,watch him go.(Not to Man U though)That was a joke Ian mate!!

  23. Brooking knows best says:

    The king (Tevas) has gone, The true king (Ashton) returns.
    Come on you Irons and bash that Swede next week!

  24. jon l.colney says:

    dyer ….6 milllllll not enough!!!!!!!!!!!

    please stop b 4 i p me self.

    dyer…..8 milllllll

    thats it ,im off for some new pants!!!

    ashton now here we go,a whole season to see what the boy can really do,and boy is he fireing himself up.

    as for tevez,thanks for the memories,oh and thanks for stringing us along thinking u wanted to stay!! back to hateing the argies again!!

    3.1 west ham saturday.ashton hatrick.

    ide love to see goodjonson (spelling wrong) at whu. allways rated him even in the scum shirt.

    not long now saturday cometh!!!

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