Davenport off to Norwich?

Norwich City are rumoured to be after Calum Davenport. We paid £3 million for him in January. No way would they offer more than £1 million. We should hang on to him.


12 Responses to Davenport off to Norwich?

  1. Happy Hammer says:

    We should hold out for a minimum 2 million as we paid 3 milliom for him.
    We have plenty of cover in that area but he is young and worth at least double what Norwich are rumoured to be offering.

  2. phill minns says:

    yep let him go, as tie with norwich are a good thing to keep

  3. ny hammer says:

    Hs s got no chance of being a starter , and he d be last on my list of defensive subs , behind collins, gabbidon and spector. But with Upson,Ferdinand , Gabbidon and Collins all injury prone ,he s worth keeping as cover. think of the fixture congestion at x mas and easter. think of teh fixture congestion if we have a good cup run. rather than sell him, i d loan him.he ll only improve if he s playing first team football, and he s got no chnace of that at Upton Park now.

  4. Canary says:

    Although we need another central defender, we clearly wont pay over the top for him. You may have paid £3m but he isn’t worth more than a £1m given how little first team experience he has.

    He has promised a lot but is still prone to gaffs and is not as good as your other central defenders by far.

    I would rather we had Collins on loan as I’m sure he would appreciate regular football.

  5. jon l.colney says:

    no chance canary, collins is high up on the list and is not going anywhere.he has improved so much recently that curbs would be mad to let ginge go.
    on that note where have all the suiters gone for ferdinand? he was touted hugely at the end ov last season and nothing ,have i missed a new cotract being signed?

  6. ny hammer says:

    canary- i hear what u are saying about davenport being prone to gaffs. his heart is in teh right place and he certainly gives everything, but he desperately needs experience , whether it at championsip or premiership level. thankfully we didn t pay quite as much as 3 million for him, but i would agree it probably doesn t make sense for norwich to pay north of 2 million for him. 1.5 to 1.8 million is probably the right price , although i still think a beter answer for both clubs is a straight loan ,perhaps 3 months to start , and see how it goes. as for collins , i can see why u wud want him on loan- he s superb and will only get better. and he also hives 110 percent. but i also feel he s proven himself now at premiership level, and really should be starting at west ham. worst case scenario, he shud be first choice defensive sub at west ham. given that , i can t see him agreeing a loan – no disrespect to norwich, as norwich is a good place for any aspiring premiership player to go to get good first team experience .
    west ham need to be careful, because if they don t give collins his deserved shot in the premiership, we risk somebody coming and bididng big for him in january. of the entire west ham squad, i feel he is teh single most underrated, underappreciated player we have.

  7. Mtv says:

    Whilst Davenport may well be worth more than 0ne Million, Norwich dont have that kind of money left in the transfer kitty. A perfect answer would be a loan with a purchase in the new year @ £ one million but with a sell on clause that will satsifiy West Ham

  8. Paul Barry says:

    Why not loan him out to them for a year and then reassess him in a years time? Rather than lose 2 mill on him

  9. ny hammer says:

    these various suggestions all sound sensible. it doesn t seem necesary to take a 1 to 2 million loss on the player , but at same time he needs to play to get better , even if it means playing in the championship

  10. Brooking knows best says:

    To answer the question about where has all the interest in Ferdinand gone, I wonder if it has cooled off due to a possible prison sentence that may result in an alleged assult at a night club. I just hope what ever transpiresm Ferdinand leans his lesson!

  11. Bedford Hammers says:

    we cant let are verry own Bedford Born DAVENPORT to that hole called Norwich
    we need to keep this player

    Come on you Hammers

  12. WestHaMod says:

    Davenport is useless. he spent most of last season’s “injury2 on the golf course & out on the lash in Milton Keynes.

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