The ‘Eggman’ Interview

There’s a great interview with Eggert Magnusson in The Guardian today. Read it HERE. In it he says, intreguingly, that he will be making a public statement on the Tevez affair on Thursday. If I were Terry Brown I’d be a worried man.

He is preparing himself for a final public statement on Tevez this Thursday. Until then, citing legal restrictions and the need “to make a fresh start”, he chooses instead to address the view of his manager, Alan Curbishley, that West Ham have become “public enemy No1”. Magnusson winces at the changed perception of a club once regarded as a noble academy of English football. “It does hurt me because the club has been dragged into this in a negative way by some of my colleagues. West Ham has been dragged down and I don’t think this is correct. This hurts me most, because what a few people decide should not be a burden to the whole club.

“The other sad thing is that Tevez got caught in the middle. He’s a great lad, so enthusiastic about football and success, and I would have loved to have seen him [again] in a West Ham shirt. I really tried to make that possible but, as a great player, he had ambitions to play in the Champions League.”


15 Responses to The ‘Eggman’ Interview

  1. ny hammer says:

    thx for posting- for once, a more balanced presentation in the media.
    interesting that he reads blogs to get sense of what fans are thinking.

    what quinn said defies belief. what does quinn know about runing a business? he knows absolutely sweet FA- which is why eggert is in a better position to run a football club than a has been from sunderland.

    what part of this do people not undertsand- we have net spent NOTHING this summer.
    we have recieved 8 mil for coker, 5 for benyaoun, 4 for harewood and 3 for konchesky. so how have we propped up the transfer market.?the idiocy and sour grapes of a number of people in positions of power in the game. between quinn , whelan, parry and mccabe these are some of the most incompetent idiots ever to be involved with running a sporting franchise. if u want to have a moan about the high price of players direct your complaints to abramovich. the glazers and the numbnuts in north london (of the potato variety).

    as for the reference to terry brown, i agree. for a year now i ve been venting my bile toward that lowlife, because terry brown is entirely responsible fo rthe legal mess we got in, and largely responsible for our brush with relegation. he is a disgrace who has held this club back for a decade . in my lifetime i have rarely come across an owner as backwards thinking ,selfish and narrowminded as terry brown. good to see that niall quinn is taking that mantle over from him. two of the biggest dirtbags ever in football both employed by sunderland, the manager and the owner, the former of which shud be in jail for ruining a player s career by delinerately injuring his leg.

  2. Stephen says:

    It’s so refreshing to hear the Eggs views. He seems to really want to deliver the goods. Of course he has invested heavily so he should care, but you get the impression he really wants the best for the club and the supporters. He said he was a fighter and I am pleased to hear him speak out about our “public enemy no1” tag. Lets hope in time people will remember us for everything that’s good about our club and realise it was not the eggs fault. If the press would layoff the negativity and report some positives it would help! Maybe they need reminding of our loyalty through many poor years of bad chairmanship, our academy, our brand of football and hopefully by the end of the season they will be reporting how well we played and what good signings Curbs had made. In the mean time lets do our best to cheer the team on. I can’t wait for saturday……

  3. BAC says:

    Great interview by Eggie, he has been very good for the club, in my opinion, and I’m sure he won’t be to blame if we fail to become competitive in the Premiership over the next few years.

  4. jon l.colney says:

    cant wait,time to say everything .

    as a club we have been taken through the muck by all and this has to stop .

    the only way it will ever get back to being the club everyone loves second is by playing great stuff on the pitch week after week.
    we have the ability,we have the players and now its time to show the world what we are all about.

    may i just say thanks to egg for being so up front with us all and the bullitens on the whu webb page have been such a breath of fresh air.

    power to the egg .thanks mate.keep the faith we do!!!!

  5. StevO says:

    After reading our chairmans quote today i feel great to be a hammer. Eggert surfs the internet reading supporters comments, so if you are reading this Mr Magnusson thanks for taking over at WHU you are a breath of fresh air and i hope that your dreams and ambitions for the progress of WHU are fulfilled. Looking forward to your anouncement on Thursday, hope its as meaty as i anticipate.

  6. ny hammer says:

    fully agree with various responses from people saying that eggert really wants to see the club succeed and wants to see the supporters enjoying backing the club. what a massive difference from the previous regime. thank god for that

  7. Andy says:

    Hope Eggy’s reading your excellent blog Iain to get a sense of things. Especially hope he reads this… Don’t buy Dyer!
    I am amazed that every time he opens his mouth Eggy seems to say the right thing. I haven’t heard one dodgy thing from him so far.
    What a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the crap that has been talked about this club.

  8. Aitch says:

    Further to ny hammers comments re Terry Brown – there was an article in the Standard a little while back about football chairman – Terry Brown was the only one who said he had made any money out of it ‘by accident’!

    Agree with all the sentiments on Eggy – the added bonus being that – unlike most other chairman – he does know something about football and football heirachy but seems to be happy to support his manager rather than interfere.

  9. DamerHammer says:

    EGGY…EGGY…EGGY…ONCE A HAMMER ALWAYS A HAMMER, AND THE EGG IS ONE!!! Gudjonsson would be quality, along with Shorey and possibly Dyer, but i’m not too sure!You got the LOVE we need to see us thru! Come on EGGY!

  10. Brooking knows best says:

    Where has Eggy been all my football supporting life, Up the Hammers! I have a feeling Eggy will become A TRUE HERO.
    I can not wait to see what he says on Thursday, I reckon it will be great (Unless your name is Terrence Brown or Aldrige)

  11. Ian the Hammer says:

    Respect to the Eggmeister! At last (I’m sure we already knew) we have a chairman who can take this club where it belongs

  12. DamerHammer says:

    Has anyonee heard this bull*hit about Neilly bein’ out for 3 months after a freak training groung accident, look on the officaila west ham on myspace. he thinks, and hope it could be a rumour however…Lets just Hope!

  13. a30mphpickle says:

    i love the egg man
    up the hammers

  14. ny hammer says:

    if this is true what the daily fail is reporting about neill it shows why we shouldn t sell davenport on the cheap. season hasn t even started , and already we may be missing a key defender for a few matches. it may look like we are well long of dfenders, but 2 injuries can chnage that quickly

  15. Big Al says:

    Got to just back up what many of you fellow Hammers are saying Egg has handled himself and therefore the Club brilliantly over this debacle. I think he will become a legend he is already proving himself to be an excellent Chairman. Who it seems can Walk with Kings and keep the common touch…a proper Gent he is and no mug either. Well Done Egg & Curbs

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