Who Should Replace Lucas Neill?

What a shattering blow it is for Lucas Neill to be ruled out for a month. There are four players who could come in at right back to cover for him…

Jonathan Spector
John Pantsil
Anton Ferdinand
Danny Gabbidon

Spector is probably the favourite as that was his normal position last season. Ferdinand started off his career there, but always looked to be a fish out of water there. There are rumours that Curbishley sees Gabbidon playing there, but my choice would be John Pantsil. He’s never really been given the chance to show what he can do but whenever he has played he has always impressed me, particularly going forward. I’ve read he has played particularly well in pre-season too.

If Scott Parker had been fit, I would expect him to take over as Captain, but what about this for an idea? Give it to my favourite player Mark Noble!


39 Responses to Who Should Replace Lucas Neill?

  1. Connor says:

    Yeah, Noble should be captain if Lucas Neill isn’t fit, as he was captain for like U17s England etc..

    But what the shit happened to Lucas? I haven’t heard anything about it..

  2. Andy says:

    I would agree with pantsil being a natural replacement for Neil. However I think the captaincy should go to James Collins, he is a fantastic defender and a natural leader who does not get the recognition he deserves.

  3. phil says:

    I was in the UK last week and went to the Roma game. Paintsill looked quite good when he came on going forward although he could be a liability defensively. I think Spector is probably the best bet.

    Deano looked awesome and if he can avoid injury we could be challenging for Europe.

    The other player who most impressed to my surprise was Etherington – looked back to his best of 2 years ago.

  4. Oscar says:

    I vote for Danny Gabbidon as Neills’ replacement on the right. He didn’t have a good season last year, but before that he was outstanding for us.

    Fredrik Ljunberg as captain if Parker’s injured.


  5. jon l.colney says:

    bobby zd man as captain?

    gutted for lucas,sick notes r us by the sounds ov it.get the cheque book out again,i heard pantsill wanted out anyway?

  6. Terry says:

    i think Upson should take the captaincy,with spector on the right for Neil,weneed 2 or 3 more quality players to bolster the squads drive for europe

  7. Alex says:

    I reckon it will be Upson as Captain (if fit!!)

  8. Josh says:

    I hope Paintsil gets a shot at it, he was never really given a fair go in my opinion, Spector is decent but Paintsil potentially has it all.

    As for captain, I’d think Ljungberg & Bellamy, who have both captained their national sides, will want to be considered ahead of Noble. Probably Upson will consider himself more senior too.

  9. Sarah says:

    I think Noble should be captain, its only for a month or so, so it wont hurt.

    As for cover at right back I thing it should be J Spector, he done well last year and Pantsil gets caught to far up the pitch in my opinion.

  10. Prince H says:

    I would go for Gabbidon, but Pantsil could still have a place in the team, cause if Parker is still out I would put Ljungberg in the middle with Noble (better option than Bowyer) and Pantsil could go RM, which I guess is his best position – good goin forward and good crosser.

  11. ny hammer says:

    agree fully with sarah on right back. spector knows the drill , and paintsil looked a liability last year in defense. i like what i saw of paintsil in pre-season, but that was in midfield, not in defense. i don t think anton is the answer- looking at what jon stead did to him in the away game vs the blades from a wide position makes me think anton can only be effective in teh center of defense. which wud leave only gabbidon as an alternative to spector, and i m not convinced gabbidon wud feel comfortable with it. if we re going to play someone who doesn t normally play out wide, i d prefer collins , as i think his determination and work-rate is head and shoulders above the others. so for me it would be spector or collins, and practically speaking ,probbaly the former.

    as for the captaincy, i think noble is fabulous as a player and represents everything that is good about the club. but i think he s very young to be captain, even if it was briefly. i d prefer it to be one of ljungberg or bellamy- not because i think the latter is a role model, but because he s got experience . if parker is fit , he s probably the one.

    regarding the responder who mentioned etherington has looked sharp this pre-season, i agree. i ve been shocked , in a good way , but what i ve seen. perhaps there fitness issues last season that were worse than appeared, and perhaps the chnage in ownership , chnage in manager and the whole tevez circus did his head in. but he looks a much better player now. as does paintsil. these 2 cud have a big role to play in midfield,if given the chance

  12. Gee says:

    Its got to be Pantsil or Spector. I don’t want to see players player out of position.

    Spector is favourite to replace him, there must be a reason Pantsil is behind him.

    Ljunberg, Bellamy or Upson would make the best deputy. Not sure putting the pressure on Noble is such a good idea.

  13. mark says:

    Massive blow with Lucas being out. I think he is going to be a huge player for us this year.

    I agree with paintsil at right back. He can give us pace and strength going forward which i feel Spector doesn’t.

    Give the armaband to Upson, he looked right up for it in the Roma game.

    Why have we not launched a formal bid for shorey? he is a must buy for me.

    Giles barnes looks good as well.

  14. anyotherbiznizx says:

    Pantsil. About time we gave him a chance. Spector maybe a safer bet, but he’s never going to be a first choice full back for a top Premiership team, which is what we want the Irons to become. Pantsil just might. I don’t think Neill needs competetition to perform at his best – he’s a natural competitor. But we need a top quality sub and Pantsil could play that role for Neill and Faubert.

  15. MarcDenmark says:

    What a blow… He really was one of the major factors in us staying up.. But we got a solid team and some good backup players. I reckon Spector will replace Neill, but I would love to see Paintsil be given a try. I saw him playing in Sweden against Goteborg live, and he looked as though he would hold down a regular spot. As for the replacement as the captain, I would go for Noble. He’s a natural leader and a lifelong hammers supporter. It would be a dream come true for him, and he would do the world of good for the team.
    Hope we get Giles Barnes from Derby, which the transfer speculation keeps implying. He’s one of the best talents in England. Would be a great signing for the hammers.
    Support from Denmark.. Marc

  16. ny hammer says:

    agree with marc- it goes beyond neill s ability. his leadership and intensity will be sorely missed. i know spector isn t the most popular among supporters, but i think his game came on a bit last year , and he never went hiding last season , as some others did when things went pears. i hope he takes this opportunity to prove that he s much better than he was a year ago.

  17. jimwhu says:

    give paintsil three games as he does have abit of class if he dont work out get shot of him at the end of the month regards noble its come far to soon be captain i would go for bellemy as he has a lot to prove and being captain might improve his record on and off the field

  18. StevO says:

    Whatever happens we do not have a natural replacement for RB apart from Paintsil but he is like Ashley Cole good at attacking but feeble as a defender, why can’t Curbs change the formation and go for 3-5-2. Green in Goal,Ferdinand, Upson Gabbidon, Paintsil,Ljungberg,Parker,Boa Motae,McCartney, Ashton,Bellamy. that way we have Ferdinand as cover for Painstil down the right, if Parker is injured we have a natural midfield player in Noble. What does anyone think. Playing this formation gives us more opportunities due to the versatile midfield players we have.

  19. west ham johnny says:

    well i’d go for gabbidon if he’s comfortable playin there but if not i’d go for johnny pantsdown, he’s looked pretty good in pre season. as for johnathon spectator i’d get rid of him as he’s the worst player i’ve seen in a hammers shirt for some time. if scotty parker aint fit then i’d give the captains armband to matty upson. i just hope we get off to a good start, i still think we need 2-3 players in and we’ll be ready to go. what do u all think about sunderlands comments on us spendin to much for players when they’ve just spent £9mil on a scottish keeper….. i’ve seen it all now.

  20. ray stokes says:

    I can’t believe we’ve lost our captain for at least a month,that’s just bloody typical of our luck.I do agree though that Pantsil should be given his chance at right-back,and also that Marky Noble should be skipper.There’s no other player more deserving of the job.

  21. ny hammer says:

    stevo s suggestion is an interesting one, in terms of 3-5-2 as it s a way of getting paintsil involved w/o him being exposed on defense. i can t explain it ,but i just saw something in paintsil s game which he showed vs southend and roma ,that didn t seem to exist last year. maybe he feels this is a new season ,new start etc., but paintsil just looks like 3 times teh player he was last year. i wud differ from stevo in putting etherington in over boa, again ,based on recent evidence. i don t know what the reason is, but etherington also looks a much better player than 6 months ago. i d also differ
    in having collins in the side over gabbidon. in welsh internationals a few months ago gabbidon didn t look comfortable,whereas teh rceord of collins in the second half of the season last term speaks for itself. the absence of neill may require thinking outside the box, so stevo s idea is a good one

  22. dave says:

    upson left back collins and gabbidon in the centre with anton right back!!! the strongest back four possible at the moment!

  23. carazyhorse says:

    i would give capiancy to ljundberg,he is a veteran player and knows the ropes

  24. ny hammer says:

    re west ham johnny-

    amaing isn t it? where does quinn get off giving it the big one about our spending whilst he goes and blows 9 mill quid on an SPL keeper. that purchase has got be THE single most over the top purchase of this window, apart from spurs managing to pay more for bent than barcelona did for henry.

    if u throw in the extra 2 mill quid we re getting for tevez, we ve net IN CREDIT this window. if quinn wants to have a moan (as he does best ) he ought to take a look at cost of some of the players man utd and spurs have bought .

    the highest we ve paid so far is 7 odd mill, for bellamy, and that s at least for a guy who played Champions League football. As opposed to 8 mill quid that Villa paid for a guy who s attitude in teh first half of the season damn near took us down to the championship.

  25. Hammerithome says:

    Yes,just heard injured himself in training on Monday. Medial knee ligaments have been diagnosed and told to rest for at least 4 weeks which going by other injuries in the past means 8 weeks or there abouts.
    As to who should captain the team,you can put up around 4 names for this,but in my humble oppinion I wouldn’t look any further than Freddie Boy!
    The old injury jinx strikes again for the unlucky Hammers.
    Oh well,where’s the cheque book!!

  26. Rapidhammer says:

    I think as a right back Neill will be replaced by Spector who did fairly well in this position last season. As a captain my vote goes to Matthew Upson. I don’t think that Curbs will appoint a youngster like Mark Noble though it would be a great honour and another boost for Mark!

  27. JC_hammer says:

    remember pantsil, ive seen some of his hard work in training and based on world cup performances, he is a world class defender who we are lucky to have who was unlucky to lose his place in the team last season. I believe he could even keep lucas out of the team if he is given the opportunity to star at right-back.

  28. ny hammer says:

    re paintsil,i can t see him keeping any one of our top back 4 players out of a place, but i could see him stealing a midfield position from someone. noble and parker,once fit central. then freddy wide right,etherington wide left, provided he keeps performing like he has in pre-season. if etherington doesn t perform,then ljungberg wide left and paintsil wide right. or if etherington or ljungberg gets tired ,then paintsil wide right. not lee bowyer…

  29. Jake the Hammer says:

    Bellamy for captain – it’s a no brainer!

  30. EastHammer says:

    I was at the Orient game and Paintsil was awful. He is a liability. He may have had a bad day but he was constantly misjudging the ball and just kept hoofing it in the air.

    Spector for right back.

  31. Keith R says:

    The captaincy choice surely needs to reflect off-field attributes as well as how effective our many candidates show on the park. Things like their maturity, time-keeping, respect to hard-graft and club authority ie, all areas where the man Keane shone for the manure and where our ‘…youngest captain in the Premiership…’ Reo-no hoper let us down (and the school, etc) last year.
    Don’t overload Master Noble – let him tree to enjoy himself with goals first…

  32. Mr POO says:


  33. Brooking knows best says:

    Looks like Neil will only miss 1 game, It say’s on whufc.com that both Neil and Parker will be ready for the Birmingham game. Lets hope so! Good to see we have quite a strong squad cos with the injury jinx we have, we will need it! Come on u Irons! Lets have three points on Saturday and make my weekend! I’m also hoping for two or three more signings as on transfer fees alone, we are in credit. Or is that me being greedy?

  34. Hammerithome says:

    Just heard we are in for Gugjonson again from Barcelona. He says he will come over for a look and a chat. Fee agreed apparently.

  35. ny hammer says:

    regarding paintsil , i wasn t at the orient game ,but i did go to the matches vs. southend and roma , and in both cases , he played well. orient perhaps was an off night. i agree with easthammer tho, that for teh right back slot, spector is the better choice.

  36. WestHaMod says:

    Hope we get Barnes from the sheep-shaggers. he’s quick like his old man. Gabbs would be handy on the right & it would be good to see him working with Collins again. I think the captaicy should go to Ljunberg for now; I reckon he might be worth hanging on to. He’s got a few years left in him & this is a different sort of challenge to the Arse.
    (With abit of luck, we should pass them on our way up & their way down the league in a couple of seasons).

    We really missed a trick with Sir Ted; If we treated him a bit better, we could have got him into the coaching set-up. He would have been immense at the Academy.

    The word from Golder’s Green is that they reckon they are going to replace the Arse as one of the top four. The Trottenham Hotspurts? Top Four?

    I’ll suck Terence Brown’s cock AND pay for dinner if the yids get fourth. arrogant Fuckers.

  37. ny hammer says:

    spuds are the most arrogant set of supporters in the premier league with nothing to be arrogant about. perrenial underacievers. they now get my vote as the worst set of supporters in the league,m even worse than liverpool , who throw bottles at an ambulance transporting an injured opposition player.

  38. Hammerithome says:

    Just heard Freddie is captain for City game. I’m really pleased about that as I did predict it on here earlier,plus I had a little wager on it with my son!


  39. minijonb says:

    Spector will ride the bench as cover for an injured man in the back 4 like he did most of last season. Pantsil should get his chance. Freddy will take over as captain until L.N. returns. That was easy.

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