Magnusson & Curbs: Cracks Beginning to Show?

I’m not sure if it is a good thing or not that we don’t have a midweek match. The trouble is, once you are at the bottom of the table with matches in hand, it’s quite difficult to ‘move on up’, as M People might say. It’s looking increasingly unlikely that there will be any player movement before the next game. Quite what is going on with Nicky Shorey is anybody’s guess. Rumour is that Eggert Magnusson wants to sign him but Curbishley is ambivalent. Indeed, it’s interesting that the two of them seem to have some rather different ideas about the future. I’m told that Magnusson was none too pleased by Curbishley’s suggestion that a finish of 11th or 12th place would mean a successful season. He wants Top 6 and if he doesn’t get it Curbs may well get his P45. It’s also said that Curbishley wasn’t too keen on signing Bellamy but the chairman persuaded him.

Anyway, let’s look at Saturday’s team and speculate on changes for the weekend…

Robert Green – 100% safe!
Anton Ferdinand – Suggest is replaced by Collins or Gabbidon
Matthew Upson – Safe
George McCartney – Safe because there is no alternative
Jonathan Spector – probably safe, but I’d like to see Pantsil given a runout
Mark Noble – His performance has to be a one off, surely
Lee Bowyer – Must be dropped. maybe Parker will be ready
Luis Boa Morte – 100% sure to be replaced by Etherington
Freddie Ljungberg – 100% safe
Bobby Zamora – Will be replaced by Ashton
Craig Bellamy – Safe


39 Responses to Magnusson & Curbs: Cracks Beginning to Show?

  1. julian woodhouse says:

    Interesting Iain, I cannot understand for the life of me why AC would be ambivalent on Shorey, he isn’t suggesting that MCartney’s the answer I hope because Konchesky is better than him. As to where we should finish if AC thinks 11th or 12th would be good enough if EM invested £30-40 million in playing staff then I suggest he walks now. If we aim for 11th/12th then the likelihood is that we will not finish any higher, so we should be aiming for as high as possible and prepare the team to finish as high as possible. Setting limits now and pretty conservative ones will only make the management prepare according to those limits and will then only allow the team to play to those limits set. Let’s get Shorey in, Barnes, Gudjohnsen, Bresciano and have a real go, and if AC isn’t up for that then he isn’t the right person to meet EM’s and our aspirations for the best club in the world. COYI

  2. Nick P says:

    Never mind saturdays team, lets talk about Saturdays manager !

    Instead of buying Eidur ( appropriately named as he is similarly down from a dead duck ) use the money to secure a top class manager that can attract big name stars on less inflated wages!

  3. Mike from Stifford Clays says:

    Regarding the team for next saturday, totally agree about the changes. Mark Noble surely won’t have another game that bad this year so he deserves another chance. However, I see him as the ball winner, the player that is in the face of the oppo, not the midfield playmaker. I though Freddie should have taken more responsibility in this area. As for Boa Morte and Bowyer, why o why are they not on the list of players that can leave ? Etherington seemed bright and up for it so he deserves a start, and lets hope that Curbs starts with Deano so that he can help bring Bellamy into the game, something that no-one was able to do on saturday.
    Let’s get the injuries sorted, and see what Curbs does with everyone available.
    Finally, can’t wait for the transfer window to close – being linked to so many players is now boring and distracting.

  4. Josh says:

    Eggert hsan’t invested anywhere near £40 million in playing staff, nearly all of West Hams spending has been offset by sales, Magnusson and Curbishley have been clear since before the start of the season that what West Ham need this year is a solid premiership season, 11th or 12th fits that requirement nicely.

    I strongly believe we’ve actually bought very well this summer, clearly the performance against Man City was dire, but they were also very good. It’s a bit early for all this gloom and doom spreading around the internet though.

    Magnusson wants top 6 for West Ham, absolutely, but everything he’s said publically indicates he sees that as a 3 or 4 year goal, not an immediate target.

  5. Tony from Lanzarote says:

    Well Iain
    Some parts ring true but I hope Eggert is not interfering. No matter who the manager is and I’m not a particular Curbs fan (his signings have for the most part been questionable) he must be allowed to manage until he is thought to have failed then he is sacked. I would say both their aims are to finish as high as possible but this is a consolidating season – I hope !!
    I agree with team you pick but I have severe reservations about Upson. He seems to have lost a couple of yards since his injuries, but we must give him a few matches to regain pace. If he doesnt then let him go. I’m glad to see Anton questioned. he is in danger of becoming a second Titus Bramble. He is so casual he needs a toe up somewhere. Years ago Gabbidon played right back for Cardiff. we did it with Repka so lets do it with Danny, and then play Collins as centre back
    I would ship Bowyer out NOW a dangerous man in all respects and could be stopping others coming in. Try for Yukubu, Ameobi or Marlon King as striker. Routledge as wide right and GOD as skilled midfielder !!

  6. TrevorH says:

    I have never been convinced that AC is the right manager for West Ham but he must be given a full season with his own players so that he can be properly judged. I admit to being an Eriksson fan and would have loved to see him at Upton Park when Pardrew left but it wasn’t to be. Unfortunately I do think that 11th or 12th is where we are likely to end up this season, perhaps higher if we get a good run with injuries. This would be an achhievement PROVIDED THAT WE AIM FOR 8TH SPOT in 2008-09 AND THEN CHALLENGE THE TOP 6 in 2009-10. We were woeful on Saturday all over the park and I thought that Upson was worse than Anton but wouldn’t argue the toss!! Boa Morte and Bowyer were both dreadful and lets hope that Noble’s one bad game is out of the way. McCartney and Spector aren’t the answer at full backs. They are not Premiership quality but are ok as squad players. We shouldn’t forget 2002 when our squad was arguably better than now and we had hopes of a top 6 place. We were relegated. I hate to be so negative but after Saturday, its hard to be anything else.

  7. Aphammer says:

    It is rather early to suggest that we need a new manager. AC is not used of being above 11th. At Charlton 11th was the best that they can hope for and aim at. He has this imprinted into his brain.
    And Upson? He was to slow to catch a cold. All the trouble in our defence was due to his presence. Always had to be covered by Spector or Ferdenand. City just had to kick the ball and run then someone had to clear it, not Upson he was well beaten. Come on fellows he was CRAP

  8. Big T says:

    Matthew Upson safe????????????The bloke done his best impression of a tree for man citys 1st goal and where the fuck was he for the second…..Ginge and gabbs should be the 2 centre backs

  9. mark says:

    can i just say you comments on Alan Curbishley are extremly unfair, the guy produced a miracle to keep us up

  10. Danny P says:

    I’ve never heard anything about Eggy wanting a top six finish this season…where does this come from? I thought they had both indicated a top 10 finish would be good…

    Are you stirring?…..

    I agree with the team selection bit though….

  11. Fish says:

    Totally agree wwith your team choices Iain, although Curbs would be better placed to know if Pantsil is in good enough form to warrant a run out. Most importantly, Boa Morte needs to be dropped, he served a purpose towards the end of last season by being to get back lost posession in the centre of the park quite effectively but he’s not doing that now. Where he plays, the ball invariably has to be played through him but both in the Man City game and the Roma game, he gives the ball away at least 75% of the time which is a disaster timing wise as everyone else has made their break run and has gone past him. The signings so far have been mostly so so rather than top 6 quality but at least we’re heading in the right direction. I also can’t believe that Curbs is under any sort of pressure after 1 game against a team of complete unknowns. Curbs is being realistic, Eggy seems to be too often quoting his ambition which is unlikely in the time frame he’s set out. You can only sign players that are available and that are not wanted by champions league teams, Benyoun was a good example of how that works. Eggy needs to stick with Curbs barring a disaster, he won’t be able to replace him with anyone better.

  12. anyotherbizniz says:

    Agree with that line up – except if Parker is not fit I would have Mullins in the middle with Noble and agtree lets give Pantsil a try out. Spector will never be top drawer, Pantsil just might and, as he seems better going forward than defending may also be cover for Faubert.

    Worst performance on Saturday was Curbs. Taking off MacCartney for Ashton meant Etherington moved to LB when his pressing down the wing (along woth Mullins stifling Elano) had been the reason we had totally dominated the first 15 minuyes of the second half. We were lost in the last twenty minutes when, if he had left alone or done a Bobby/Ashton swao, we would have won easily.

    Don’t think Gudjohnseen, Dyer or Solano is the answer. We have lost our playmakers – Benayoun and Tevez – and replaced them with workmen, We need someone like Riquelme. Now that would be a step us up in class.

  13. Gidz says:

    Will neil be ready in time to take Spectors spot

  14. mark says:


  15. Paul says:

    Would seem josh has got used to the old whufc mentality, do you wanne be average forever, sort it out mate.
    Gabbihasgone, Collins, McCrapney, boa buls~~t, spectator, Ther are so many average players in the squad.

    Curbishly is average and have been saying it for ages, coupled with his inibility to attract players, get someone decent in and we will move forward!

    Come on Mr M, you made a mistake and the knee jerk reaction in appointing him was a seriously bad one! I know this will be unpopular but mark my words there will be a new man in before chhristmas!

  16. dave says:

    forget benayoun,forget tevez,the less we here about this the better.we need to move on stop whinging at such an early stage and get behind the sure 2 or 3 more players will be in before transfer window shuts,then we will be reinforced

  17. ozzie says:

    Eggy DOES want a top 6 position, he said it in an interview screened on football focus the other day.

    HOWEVER he also said that he realised that it would take years, and that he was in it for the long run. He understands that it takes time to build up to greatness, and is not looking for a miracle. He is not expecting top 6 this year and nor should we.

    The manager admitted that he got it wrong on saturday and he was right to come out and say this. Like the players, he is trying to adjust to a team with many new additions and options, and we need to remember we are still in a teething period. It was never going to fall into place and click immediately (although it did seem to for man satay…)

    I think we need to be patient and support the players. All this booing is un-necessary. We need to get behind the players at the games, and we’ll start seeing some much improved performances.

  18. Shiv k Bagga says:

    Ian are you surprised that the chairman and manager do not see eye to eye? I for one would NEVER have considered Curbs for the job, He has no character, charm or chrisma, unquestionably and essentially, required to man manage. As for the tactics, he is much more questionable then Pardew, who many a times baffled me with his thinking. His signings have been poor, motivation absolutely non existent and past results were achieved due to the blood and sweat poured out in abundance by the players. Just ask Green, Noble, Reo Coker, Collins, Tevez, Ferdinand and a few others, They did it for West Ham and Never for Curbs. I cannot imagine anyone with any affection for this isolated singular character.
    Sam Allardyce was the answer I kept searching for!!!!!!

  19. west ham johnny says:

    whats happened to we’re the best fans in the country and we’re a family club, wether or not curbs is the right man only time will tell but lets get behind him and the team in the mean time or it’ll be another bad season like last. transfers this time of season take time no club wants to get rid of there main players till they get replacements in which is my guess to the shorey deal aint gone through. boa morte was terrible saturday but durin pre season he looked very sharpe so hopefuly he’ll get better cos he cant get worse. i’d love parker to be back saturday but only if he’s 100% fit as look at what happened to upson/neill last season when they rushed back. anyway lets stick together get right behind our club and see what happens…… c’mon u irons

  20. jonnyhammer says:

    It’s clear from the first game that the squad is not as strong as the media or our own expectations would have us believe.

    The midfield is devoid of creativity and I would agree that Bowyer has to shipped out sooner rather than later. Mullins is reliable but reminds me too much of Mr Sideways Pass Butch Wilkins. There won’t be many defence splitting passes from Mr Mullins I’m afraid. It is unfair to expect Noble to shake the foundations every time he plays; he is young and still learning his craft so he deserves a little patience.

    We were loosely linked with Elano pre-season and I believe he will be a class act this season, I think we will regret not doing a deal there.

    My fear is that Curbs basically wants experienced workmanlike Premiership players and has an intrinsic fear of foreign flair and unpredictability. The signing of Faubert was a good one and I hope that proves to be the rule rather than the exception.

    We urgently need reinforcements and quality ones at that. Everyone agrees that English players are vastly overvalued but there are plenty of gems on foreign shores. Does Curbs have the inclination to go for them ???

  21. jon l.colney says:

    anyone who thinks curbs should go is suporting the wrong club!

    were west ham.

    we need to be far deeper in the doggy doo dar to pull the trigger on the manager.

    1 game gone and the panic is totaly out of controll. we won the first game last season and look what happened next!!!f all for months.
    anyone a bit concerend about brum after they gave the scum a right good game?

  22. b bowler says:

    For me if Curbishley is satisfied with Mcartney and Spector as our full backs then we are in big big trouble. A friend of mine closely connected with the club is convinced that AC has the dreaded 6 games to prove himself so lets hope he pulls his finger out sooner rather than later. The simple fact of the matter is we have too many below average players. Bowyer was dreadful on saturday, I cant remember a performance quite so bad in a West Ham shirt as perhaps the last time Gary Breen donned the claret and blue!!! I am a big fan of Mark Noble so am hoping that he was just having a bad day but even still i dont believe he is the right sort of player to take us to the next level (i.e top 6) but he will prove to be good cover. Luis Boa Morte has not lived up to the price we paid for him and needs to either start playing the football we saw him play at Fulham or risk being sold in the January transfer window for peanuts! Bobby Zamora is again simply not good enough, he will always be liked at West Ham as he always gives 100% but he lacks the talent to change a game and for any good defender is predictable, gives away far to many fouls and doesn’t score enough goals!
    After the Dyer saga it left a bitter taste in my mouth towards Newcastle but after sitting through that dismal performance on saturday unfortunately i think we need to go all out to sign him or find a better alternative and fast. Bowyer for me was the reason we lost the Spurs game last year and i dont want to see him lose any more games this season!!

    Lets hope this season lives up to all our expectations and for all of our sakes we dont see a repeat of last year!!!!

  23. Plaistow54 says:

    Yes, i have had doubts about Curbishley since he was appointed. He is & always was a defensive manager. That is why Charlton never progressed beyond mid table. Football is after all about scoring goals & i am not sure that he can adapt to the style of play that Irons fans are used to watching. However, Eggy employed him & every man deserves a chance to prove his worth. Albeit a small one. There are two weeks left & we are talking to some good players. Eggy says “i declare my wallet wide open”. City was a difficult game. We all wanted to be rid of last year in the first match & didn’t happen. It got away on us. Sven, the crafty little bugger. It’s not time to run around yet like that fella on Dads Army in a panic. I say give it the transfer window then another four games to sort. Then if we are still in the bottom few, summary executions can commence. Anything is possible in this world, even a top six finish, but i would settle for a season without a relegation battle happily at this point in time.

  24. dave says:

    Now the rumour is he’s going to sign Noberto Solano,it’s unbelievable,at 32 years old,he’s passed it.

  25. E1 says:

    I just read on another site that Requelme is avaliable for £4.5m !!!!!! with no interest being shown ? He could be the play maker we need could’nt he ? as for the EG saga would’nt Anelka be a better bet. We need at least 6 quality players before the end of the season and 3 before the end of the current window. Top 6 not going to happen with the current squad 11th 12th more realistic. We need a quality starting 11 with good cover and we just aint got it. COME ON YOU IRONS !!!!!!!

  26. Mick in Iceland says:

    In an apparent interview last night here in Iceland, Eiður said that most of what has been printed in the press lately is a load of rubbish, He confirmed that he has held talks with Eggert but at this stage they were interim at best. He also stated that the wages suggested were out of the ball park and that football was his motivation. Pointing out that he turned down several high playing offers to stay with Chelsea. He does feel that he still has something to prove at Barcelona but at the moment he is only concentrating on recovering from a knee problem and getting back to full fitness.
    That skims over the interview. He has not said he is not interested in joining Westham so time will tell. I remember him playing for KR in Iceland (before Bolton) on his return from a serious knee injury his upper legs were like lumps of lard slapping together, but you could see the class then. He is a superb player and I think surrounded by the right players is world class and I could see him in the hole behind Bellemy and Deano (mouth watering prospect). Latest tip bit from the land of Ice and snow is that quietly Barca have agreed a fee with Westham. I am hopeful it will happen just as I am hopeful that AC has what it takes to lead the team in the right direction it wasn’t there on Saturday but I got all the fingers and toes crossed as always – Tilbury born and bred and Westham till I die.

  27. anyotherbizniz says:

    Too many old players, too many hard working players … not enough imagination. This is West Ham. Curbs is in danger of taking us ack to the dark days of Macari not Eggy’s sunny uplands. For god’s sake sign a skillful player Curbs.

  28. Brooking knows best says:

    Oh dear, 1 defeat and most fans are slagging everyone from the manager to the tea lady. If i didn’t know better i would have thought i was in a spuds chat room. Come on lads, keep the faith. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Last year, Pardew was buying journeymen from the chumpionship. Things are looking a little better now to say the least. COME ON YOU IRONS and Curbishleys claret and blue army! give it sum!

  29. E1 says:

    Mick in iceland did you work for purfleet brake service many moons ago ?

  30. Westhammike says:

    For me we lack a playmaker and that is the priority. Not really sure if Eidur is the man. Freddie showed glimpses on Saturday but he was blunted out of the game by one of those anonymous new signings. City were difficult to break down – remember Sven’s England teams? When England lost in a meaningful game it was 1-0, never much worse. When England won, with the exception of the 5-1 Germany game, it was typically 1 or 2 nil. However City are not a good side and I think that surprised the players and their heads dropped. Losing Yossi in the summer was in my opinion the biggest blow, alongside Faubert’s injury. We all knew Tev would leave, but we thought Yossi had his head together with us. Curbs should sit down with Freddie and understand where and how he wants to play – first half Saturday we had no width as Freddie kept abandoning the right to sit upfront with Bobby and Bellamy. He did not create at all. At the back Shorey would be good, but lower priority, although we have no reserve left back should McCartney be injured. Finally we have to get Lucas back and find a way of getting Gabbs back – both calm players and remember how well we do with a fit Gabbs, and how badly without?

  31. geedoubleu says:

    I think you are wrong about Egg and Curbs and I think you are stirring up trouble where there isn’t any.

    Egg will be relaistic, 11th or 12th would be great. So far we haven’t spent any extra money we have just replaced players going out.

    There seems to be two types of west ham fans. Those living with the fairies that expect world domination and the rest of us normal fans who will be happy to avoid the relegation scrap.

    Once we start signing world class players then I will expect pushing for europe, until then 10th would be brilliant.

  32. Mike - Hornchurch says:


    Unbelievably we stayed up last season despite all the shananagans that were going on all over the place. I don’t know anyone who gave us even a 1 in 100 chance with 5 games to go! I certainly thought we were done for. And here we are with one game gone and a lot of you seem to be doing a pretty good impersonation of “don’t panic Captain Manering” Dads Army style!

    I’m not AC’s biggest fan to say the least but give the man a chance – he has had some gigantic issues to address and its nothing short of a miracle that we are still around!!! So far so good.

    Also it must be really tough trying to recruit into our set up at the moment with the PR we have had over the last year – why come to the “jinxed” club – its not the easy answer to wannabe superstars is it?

    Don’t forget some of our best seasons have started off badly! Also, not that i am superstitious, the way i figure it we have had so much bad luck over the last 12 months the law of averages say things must get better!

    Come on lads – hold steady there!

  33. west ham johnny says:

    brooking you do know best mate, its 1 game lets get behind our club like the great fans we r and if its the same 8-10 games time then lets start the negativaty. look at everton a team with players like carsley, stubbs, hibbert, osman, neville all avarage players yet as a team they played very well tonight and beat the spurms all them players done there job thats all we have to start doin we have the players its up to them to do there jobs and us to do ours and support them. c’mon u rip roarin irons lets show this league we mean business. irons irons irons irons

  34. Plaistow54 says:

    As Bob Paisley once said, “Football is not life & death…it is more than that.” Football is 50% ability & 50% what is in your heart or thereabouts. You can be the greatest player in the world but if the desire is not there, you are rubbish. How many lower division clubs have beaten Premier league sides in the F.A. Cup simply because it was in their heart to go out & win. West Ham is a working class area where on the weekends they go to the football to watch their team & come away feeling good for a few hours. After last year & the publicity regarding that certain player, the expectations & the desire to move forward is high. Most people when they buy a lottery ticket dream that they will win it & plan how to spend the money because for a few moments it makes them feel good, like a winner. When they are at the ground & their team is winning they feel like gods. I am neither a psychologist nor a psychic but what i do know is that given 100% effort & will to win, on paper we have a side, as it stands, that should & will win games. Curbs needs to dig deep into that heart of his & find the key to unlocking the passion in the players & the motivation to cream Birmingham so we can all feel like gods again. The season starts at Birmingham. I still believe my ticket will win the lottery.

  35. hammer says:

    Let’s not panic guys. It is only one game. OK the problems in that game were glaring and unacceptable but to be fair to Curbs. he said as much. I for one am glad if Curbs. & Eggert are not in total agreement over players, there’s no point in a manager getting the bullet because he can’t get the chairmans players playing. Players do need to be dropped but the Man.C. game showed we lack quality behind our strongest 11, when our top players are out we are going to struggle. It’s going to take time and a bit of success to build a strong squad. The one thing we do need to do though is get behind the manager and team. Be fair they all dug deep when all seemed lost last season and the future is brighter than it has been for years. Success won’t come overnight but we have waited this long. Come on u IRONS.

  36. MichaelC says:

    I always thought it difficult to imagine Curbishley’s apparent dour approach appealing to Magnusson who seems to be all about ambition and passion. At Charlton, Curbishley never managed any “big name” players and one wonders how a player such as Ljunberg for instance genuinely feels about life at Chadwell Heath. I agree with a number of comments made here. I think the loss of Benayoun cannot be underestimated because whatever his shortcomings, he did give us something different.

  37. WestHaMod says:

    The problem will persist as long as Curbishley remains in place. He’s stand offish & aloof. He has no regard for team direction & wants players that are passive to his instruction. This is great, but not at West Ham. Sometimes spirit is all we have. Curbishley cannot & is unwilling to interact with the team & relies on tactical instruction; which needs sorting out quickly if Man City is to become a teething problem rather than an unfortunate reality.

    Mr Curb your Enthusiasm came into chaos & proceeded to ignore it. His refusal to build a team by interacting with the players is going to cost us dear. With a dispassionate manager, you cannot rely on that rare in modern-football unpurchasable quality that West Ham has allways had; heatfelt commitment to the club & a love for the Claret & Blue.

    We are going to lose players who have grown up with the club & whose ambition has always been to be here. That passion enthuses & gels the team. It worked very well on a certain short-arsed south american & has always been what we are about.

    I’m afraid you can say goodbye to Mark Noble, Callum Davenport, Bobby Zamora, Matthew Etherington, Lee Bowyer (who is slagged off but wanted this so bad he came back twice & for all you goldfish out there played injured to try & keep the team up) & Anton Ferdinand. The only reason I do not include Chris dailly in this list is that he will be leaving by the January window for his own career; he has been a loyal servant to this club.

    There are others such as Hayden Mullins who are now despondant at the idea of remaining at this set up.

    I think that Paul Koncheskey’s rumblings when Curbishley arrived were sadly prophetic.

    To freeze out the likes of Teddy Sheringham purely to demonstrate your authority is bad, to then dissassociate yourself from the daily team interaction is appalling.

    Basically I am of the opinion that Alan Curbishley is a spurs fan.

  38. ny hammer says:

    in terms of curbishley , i ve never had a ton of faith in him, though as i ve said before, you can t take away from him what he helped accomplish in the last 9 games last season. in terms of this season , i think it s early to be hanging teh sword of damocles over him, although i can undertsand why fans would be irritated by what looks like a possible poor rapport between him and the players. in terms of players , i think bowyer is clearly unacceptable , and in his place belongs mullins. i m not a true believer in upson, but i think on balance he didn t have a bad game , despite people thinking he was to blame for the first goal . i agree that etherington shud get the nod now over boa morte- boa shdu be a sub only now. i wasn t plaeased with zamora at all, as i m sure nobody was , but after one poor performance i m not prepared to write him off, especially with ashton not fully fit. another stinker like that though, and i d strat losing patience with him. collins should play ahead of ferdinand in my view , and painstil shud be on the subs bench , not bowyer.

  39. spooli says:

    i definately think curbishly is the right manager for west ham. he done a fantastic job at charlton with no cash to spend, and ok some of his signings here have been shit but any manager needs time to get things sorted – curbishleys biggest achievement has been sorting out the baby bently spoied brats (i wont be sorry if anton goes to villa as well – collins and gabbidon are both better).
    i am sure curbishley will do the buisness but FFS lets get these players that we want in now! get a good left-back and a top striker and we’re away.
    11th or 12th is bar too low to set the bar – nothing wrong with wanting to be challenging for europe, we need a little more killer instinct.

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