Something to Make Mr McCabe Happy on Monday

I just saw this on the West Ham mailing list. I think they got it off KUMB.


Going to the Birmingham game?

Yes, St Andrews is a sh*thole. Yes, the game will be horrible. Yes, the
accent will be doing your head in after ten minutes.

The important thing is – we’re there. SHEFFIELD UTD ARE NOT.

Their c*ck of a chairman, Mr Kevin McCabe is, and shall remain unforgiven.
Let’s wind the cnut up till his head goes pop.


Print this off and put it in your wallets:

Postal address:

Mr Kevin McCabe
Sheffield United Football Club PLC
Bramall Lane
S2 4SU

(Do it now so you don’t forget)

No need to be rude, or call him names – he knows what he is, he’s a cnut –
just tell him how happy you are that you, as a West Ham fan are at a Premier
League game. Tell your friends to send one too.

When the post lands on his desk on Tuesday, he’ll explode like something out
of Scanners.


6 Responses to Something to Make Mr McCabe Happy on Monday

  1. hardinga says:

    Got the address down, and you are dead right i am going to birmingham but because its probably more of a shi* hole than i remember i am not looking forward to it, not just because the football on saturday was so dire, but because its hell on earth , why do you think so many brummies live in london, its crap central.

  2. Jeff /Cockney Boy says:

    Applauds in fits of laughter

  3. BAC says:

    I’ve been to Birmingham a couple of times over the past few weeks, and it didn’t particularly strike me as being a shithole. Unlike Sheffield.

    The postcard wheeze sounds like a great idea to wind up McCabe, who apparently still hasn’t given up on the idea of suing West Ham and the Premier League over the ‘injustice’ of West Ham accruing more points than his poxy little club. A few nice postcards will undoubtedly keep him amused whilst he ‘considers his options’.

  4. Frenchie says:

    I’m not going to the game but I don’t want to be left out of the fun so am going to send a postcard anyway saying how nice (i hope) it is to be able to watch the game on Match of the Day.

  5. Danny says:

    Ian Could you find out if this is true about Godjonson,

    Some bloke how i work with, told me today that Westham should have agread the fee and every think sould be done by this Thursday.

    Do you know any think about this mate.

  6. ChatHammer says:

    Nice one Ian, I cant make it to the game at brum and it is a Schite hole, but i will be sending a postcard of to Mr Mcabe, Saying ” With greetings from one of your many admirers for making Sheff Utd what they are now, Nothing” Love from Chathammer.
    BTW Ian, your blog is A1.

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