Useless Facts About West Ham: No 94

Did you know that West Ham are the joint most successful team in League Cup history? No, nor did I. Click HERE for more.


4 Responses to Useless Facts About West Ham: No 94

  1. Nick says:

    west ham are the most stressfull team to support!

  2. Claudio says:

    Most successful team!!! We’ve never even won it.

  3. Lee says:

    You’ve got to be careful what you read on Sky news…

    They are obviously talking only about teams that are “United”s or “City”s.

    After all they claim that we are the most successful team in the 1980s, despite the fact that Liverpool won it 4 times and got to another final!

    Still a little bit of publicity for the Carling cup can’t hurt them! “Research” I ask you?

  4. jimwhu says:

    we entered in the first season we had a good record in the 60s most of the clubs who were in europe never entered it until 1967 when wembley was chosen for the final everton of all clubs wouldnt enter it in the 70 71 season as they thought it would effect there chances of winning the european cup joke i wonder how many of our supporters went up to darlington in the 60 61 season dont mention the result its great to see we are top of somthing maybe we are worth abet this season

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