And Then He Woke Up…

Apparently Anton Ferdinand is expecting an England call-up, according to The Sun this morning. Was he not aware that Steve McLaren was watching on Saturday and saw his lamentable performance? In your dreams, Anton.

ANTON FERDINAND insists he can form a dream partnership with brother Rio at
the back for England. Coach Steve McClaren has a defensive crisis as skipper
John Terry and Ledley King are crocked, while Jamie Carragher has retired
from international football. West Ham centre-half Ferdinand, 22, is now
hoping to get the call for Mac’s squad to face Germany next Wednesday. He
said: “It’s always been my dream to play for England. “I can’t play for the
Under-21s any more because I am too old and the next step is the senior
squad. “It’s down to me and my performances on the pitch. I would like to
think I’ve done well at U-21 level. “I’ve shown that I can play at
international standard and I hope the England manager has been looking at
that. “One of my dad’s biggest dreams was to see both of us make it. He saw
Rio make it and was not going to stop until he saw me do the same. “It is
also a big dream that Rio and all my family are hoping for — that we can one
day play together for England. “We would probably need a section of the
ground for friends and family if that was to happen.”


23 Responses to And Then He Woke Up…

  1. ChatHammer says:

    Most parents would be happy to see their child make it at any league club level, Obviously this family will be dissillusioned about Anton maybe he has the potential, but might be at his best for plaistow or colchester. Do the ferdinands fill upton park,? or are they still in cookoo land?

  2. jon l.colney says:

    clearly the chap has no idea at the moment regarding anything he does or says!
    next he will want a move to real madrid or barca !
    anton if you reading this then please apply the kiss…. Keep It Simple Stupid.

  3. Kevin Fisher says:

    Do you not feel you are just jumping on the “English” bandwagon of slagging off somebody with talent and real ambition.

    Anton definitely has his moments (on and off the field) but with the right training and support he can build on what is already a really promising start to his career. He is only 22.

    He does look comfortable at under 21 level and whilst he is not at this age as good as his brother is that really a fair benchmark.

    Also a season ticket holder and do see him home and away. I thought that Anton and James Collins had a huge unsung impact on our run in last year.

  4. TrevorH says:

    The only kind thing that I can say about Anton at the moment is that he wasn’t as bad as Upson last Saturday

  5. Steve says:

    Well said Kevin.

  6. Nose says:

    id rather put titus bramble in

  7. I thinks he will be lucky to play Saturday against Birmingham, ley alone England.
    It’s nice to have aspirations but start to think about player for West Ham first and rest might follow…………..

  8. Kris says:

    What did Uncle Roy say about the talented member of the family? “Just because you earn £120,000.00 a week and play well against Tottenham for 20 minutes, you think you are a superstar”.

    Anton “I was visiting my sick grandma, oops I mean I was in the States” is even more laughable than Rio. Mind you, I don’t think Steve McClaren knows what he’s doing either- so you never know.

  9. hardinga says:

    Get off the kids back you idiots, why is it that the british mentality is to knock people who are on the peripheries of something great, it wasnt that long ago that west ham fans were saying how he would be better than rio. Get behind west ham players stop knocking them down, for fucks sake some people are calling for curbishleys head already, SUPPORT THEMSTOP SLAGGING THEM OFF.

  10. west ham johnny says:

    how can he think this after his display saturday he should be sayin he needs to knuckle down at west ham 1st then mayb dream of gettin a call up. as for him playin better than upson ur a bigger dreamer than anton, ok upson got done on that goal but was a much better defender than anton throughout that game. antons to layed back. he should be sayin micah richards should partner his brother cos that was the best display of the day he was solid all over…… i’d love him at west ham

  11. redkipper says:

    I saw Rio playing at 17 years and he was then well ahead of Anton today; Anton does not read the game well and he gives the ball away far to easily in the Premier so he needs to forget about England and really concentrate for 90 mins at Upton Park week-in week-out. He should take J Terry as his model for how to keep a clean sheet and not try and imitate his brother; if he does then great for W H and ultimately England.

  12. Fish says:

    let me put it in a way you’ll understand…… you’re having a giraffe you yogurt top.

  13. BAC says:

    If wanting to play for England motivates Anton into better performances for West Ham, I’m all for it!

    He formed a good partnership with Collins in the latter part of last season, and I’d like to see Collins given a run in the team again.

  14. luke says:

    Well I think he’ll be lucky, Richards should play he played well against us on Saturday at center back

  15. Brooking knows best says:

    Oh dear, oh dear. I cant believe it. 1 game and everyone is still slagging of West Ham, the players and the manager. Now, not content with that, your singling one of our own youth players off. Yeah i can accept he is not good enougth for England, but he is a Hammer and while he is, lets get behind him.
    Ian Dale, you should know better! are you a spud? You seem to be trying to stirr up as much trouble as the Daily mail. Why not get a positive not on your next posting?

  16. ny hammer says:

    there is no reason to be positive when players are not giving us a rweason to be positive. ferdinand has been not a minor, but a major disappointment on and off the field over the last 12 months. he should consider himself lucky to still be at west ham , and to be in teh starting 11. and if he doesn t improve on last saturday s performance he shud be relegated to the bench with immediate effect. he reespresents
    much of what is wrong with the club, although in pre-season his attitude seemed a bit better than last year. if he doesn t improve quickly he shud be sold in janauary.

  17. whu9105 says:

    very well said bout collins and anton……

    yes tevez was class, and he went a very long way to keeping us up….but anton and collins (especially collins) looked alomst solid at the tail end of last year….

    im sure/hope upson will prove to be a good buy, its just a shame curbs feels that he can only play players who either he paid thru the roof for or used to play for charlton, instead of playing player (collins) who deserve to be playing

    y havnt we got rid of carlton cole yet? seriously he has been useless, and clearly has no interest in playin for us…infact, he said that “i like to see it as a stepping stone onto bigger clubs”

    i know people did have criticisms against marlon, and sometime rightfully so, but at the end of the day, he wanted to play football and earn his colours…i wud far rather of us offloaded cole than harewood;.

    none of that has got anything to do with anything, just wanted to get it off ma chest!

  18. ny hammer says:

    i agree with whu9105- i d have been more keen to sell cole than harewood. we re very short of options now upfront, so although 4 million was good business , it may have been wiser to wait til janauary , when we had found someone better.

  19. Keith R says:

    I’m essentially behind ny hammer …whilst hoping that Anton gets his sh*t in a sock before (getting sold during) January.
    I hope to buggery that he doesn’t go into a terminal sulk like NRC did.

  20. road rage says:

    re keith s response. being the cynic that i am , maybe it wouldn t be the worst thing if ferdinand did go into a sulk , as perhaps that wud finally give collins the starting position he deserves. for whatever reason curbishley seems hellbent on giving anton “one last chance.” to me the only downside of ferdinand s attitude detriorating is that it would lower his transfer value.

  21. spooli says:

    james collins is a better player than ferdinand. he attacks the ball well and takes no shit from burly strikers – a good pro-active centre-half. i admit that ferdinand is a different style of defender, reading the game, sweeping up and intercepting passes – but, like his brother, dosent really do that well enough.
    i am sure that we all wish our players to do well and support them to the maximum we can but you should be able to voice youre opinions objectively, thats what this site is for! i hope ferdinand sorts his attitude out, i am sure he will be a better player if he does.
    carlton cole is not the only dead weight we are carrying – bowyer, spector, mullins, pantsdown – none of them are good enough.

  22. road rage says:

    re spooli-

    totally agree on collins. most underappreciated player we have.

    regarding mullins, i haven t given up on him, as vs man city he began to show a bit of what made him so useful 2 seasons ago.

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