Dyer Deal Is Back On

According to several of this morning’s newspapers the Kieron Dyer deal is back on, with West Ham having agreed to pay an extra million. This bemuses me. Although Dyer passed his medical, his own papers which he handed over to West Ham apparently showed he is suffering from a liver condition which will mean that later in life he will need a transplant. Not being an expert in the medical field I have no idea when his fitness will start to deteriorate, but judging from what is being said by Newcastle fans he has never been fully fit in his time with them. There is no doubting his skills, but this is a very risky signing indeed.


31 Responses to Dyer Deal Is Back On

  1. Gee says:

    The Dyer deal may well be back on, I think he will be better than Bowyer, so looks better than no-one.

    As for the rest of the rubbish, where do you make all this stuff up, is it InventAFootballStory.com!

  2. David King says:

    Proabably a heavy drinker. Should fit in well

  3. jonnyhammer says:

    Couldn’t agree more, unless he is being paid on a pay as you play basis I’d say we have enough sicknotes already. This smacks of desperation.

    Jose Guti is available for £5m from Real Madrid, break the bank to get him instead, he is a class ( no, 3 or 4 classes ) above Dyer and plays more than 5 games a season,

    I seriously worry about what is happening at the Irons at the moment…….

  4. Doug says:

    I agree Iain, although I have no doubt about Dyer’s ability when he’s fit, that doesn’t seem to be for very long periods.
    I guess he can do a job for us in the short term, by which time, assuming we’re doing fairly well over the next few years, we should be able to attract quality players that don’t have health and fitness issues.
    £6-8M does seem rather a lot for a stop gap player though, be interesting to see how long the contract is for.

  5. hardinga says:


  6. rjolsen10 says:

    When is Curbs going to get us a left back????

  7. Dax says:

    Agreed, It seems nearly everyone shares the view that he is a risk. His injury record makes that obvious enough. However I cant believe Eggy or Curbs will have let that record go unnoticed, perhaps they know something we all dont, perhaps our medical team have given them their assurances. Either way it feels like Newcastle is making us bend down and touch our toes for a player I think we can do better than….

  8. Shiv k Bagga says:

    My dear Ian,
    I am not sure of the logic employed in a lot of our decisions; surely we can find some yossi’s, kanoute’s, cole’s, nobel’s etc. somewhere in this big wide world!!!!!!

  9. SamHam says:

    We are screwed unless we can find some real footballing talent that want to play for West Ham and Curbishley. Missing skill and spark of Tevez, I think if Carlos had stayed he would have had a lot of pressure on him to perform as he did last season week in week out. I hope Faubert recovers soon as without him Benayoun’s presence
    will be missed.

  10. west ham johnny says:

    if he stayed fit and on his day he is a class act and can play in many positions which curbs loves a player who can do that. but i do think its a panic buy, surely theres another playmaker out there for sale. we need wingers who stay on the wing boa morte ljungberg both love comin in side which leaves us short out wide. its guttin faubert is out for so long i reckon he would of been big hit. talkin about £12mil for yakobu aswel hope its paper talk cos he is a donkey in front of goal.

  11. julian woodhouse says:

    Definitely Iain, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that his move to be near his family and ability to remain fit will mean that we can get the best out of him and fill that flair gap we are missing in the centre of midfield. Let’s give the guy a chance and hopefully he will repay the faith placed in him.

    However, that is just one from the 5 I reckon we need to sign before the end of the month; Sat was a wake up call and we need to heed it.

  12. redkipper says:

    I cannot see any point in this possible signing, he’s past his best and has a poor fitness record, so why get him? The old joke about us becoming the Bupa team springs to mind!

  13. Danny says:

    GREAT NEWS, But we need a defender?

  14. Terry says:

    i think Alan Curbushly is suffering the same symptons with his brain,Dyer is a waste of space.he hasnt been fit in 3 years and isnt worth the risk at 6 million quid,curbs out for a brain transplant!

  15. SoCalHammer says:

    I would rather have Gudjohnson the nutter before Dyer.

  16. luke says:

    Well if what Iain says is true we should leave him up north, but i was interested in getting him before this info but now it sounds abit risky

  17. EastHammer says:

    Why not pay a bit more and get Van der Vaart? Younger and better.

  18. west ham johnny says:

    what about fernandes who was at portsmouth/everton last season if he played for both of them surly we could convince him to join us and he is exactly what we need. what about elmander that striker playin in france, he’s meant to be pretty good and is swedish so i’m sure ljungberg could convince him. as for left back i’ve got a funny feelin curbs feels spector and upson can fill them positions if mccarthy gets injured cos he tried em both out in that position in pre season…. hope i’m bein stupid in thinkin it cos we need a left back badly.

  19. NunheadHammer says:

    Apparently both Curbishley and Dyer suffer from malaria which can affect liver and brain…

  20. spooli says:

    Dyer is an ok player, but not great. we all seem to be impressed that West Ham have spent £23M, but weve sold £21 worth of players! we’ve actually spent 2 mil, that’s shit even by Lou Macari days standards!!
    The Egg needs to put that cash up now and sign Gudjohnson and Shorey and good exciting footballers – where’s the 40M we were promised?
    we dont need Dyer – we need top players, if the cash is there why not throw in a few bids for the likes of Gutti, Canavaro, even Raul (ambitious i know, but isnt that what we’re talking about?)

  21. andy says:

    No no no no no no noooooooooooooooo!

    Everyone who agrees with me should email the official website and just say no.

    Maybe Ham and Eggs will listen to the fans like he said he does.


  22. BAC says:

    Curbs and Eggy must know something lost on the rest of the footballing world, to be so keen on Dyer as to allow themselves to be railroaded over the transfer fee by Fat Sam and his bosses.

    Years ago, Dyer had great potential, but it’s never been realised, due to illness and injury, and prima donna disputes with team-mates and management. What makes them think he’s likely to fare any better at Upton Park?

    Perhaps they’ve got so much money to spend, they don’t mind taking the obvious risk.

  23. Brooking knows best says:

    I think I’d like to know where you get you information Mr Dale. Maybe he has or maybe he hasnt got a liver complaint but I sure know it wouldnt be made public.
    Let’s not try to slag every new player off before we get them. Whats wrong with us fans lately, it seem we are getting worse then the Yids. Dyer would be another useful signing given a chance. Are we going to give that chance I wonder? That’s even if he was to sign for this once loyally supported club..

  24. ny hammer says:

    there were fitness concerns before this latest twist. at the best of times , he s been injury prone , then when u add this to the mix, it seems common sense to steer well clear of him. we need someone dependable , not someone with short and long term fitness issues. short term fixes are not the answer , especially at 6 to 7 mill a pop.

  25. Danny says:

    Van der Vaart is a greate play mate, i sow him play he is goiing to be big next season so ithink we should get him now.

    Well done EastHammer i think we should make you Manager than Curbs

  26. Frenchie says:

    Lets not forget Dyer is a good player (when fit) and who is to say that his injury problems are all behind him. On his day he can win a game for us. Lets give the bloke a chance and support the team. It appears to me that we’re starting to catch the english disease of trying to knock everyone down before we give them a chance.
    I look at the names in our squad now and it looks a much better squad to me then last year and we would have only spent about 8 mill (including dyer fee) so I think Curbs and Eggy are doing well.

  27. LaurieinSpain says:

    I make it a good signing. Considering the size of our unspent warchest and our uninspiring first game it must make sense to bring in a player of Dyers prodigious talent… he is not exactly Stan Collymore after all. He can play in a variety of positions and would add pace to any side. Even if, as seems likely, he ends up unavailable for periods then we are still getting a player of undoubted quality who can only help as we try to attract others… if you are Eidur Gudjonssen the prospect of playing in front of Freddie, Parker and Dyer and alongside Bellamy or Ashton must be attractive. Curbs challenge with Dyer, as with LBM, is to get some consistency in his performances – if he had a strength at Charlton that was it though.

    I cannot understand why any Hammer would object to Dyers signing. Its not as if we are sacrificing another option in his favour as I am sure if the opportunity arises to land Barnes from Derby as well the funds are there to do that.


  28. ny hammer says:

    laurie in spain- i hope you re right.
    wish i had your optimism

  29. spooli says:

    laurie in spain – i agree that dyer is better than we’ve got, but my objectrion is that we could be going for better players than him. if we do really have some financial clout we should be going for top players, Dyer is almost a journeyman premiership player now – do we want to be average or do we want to be good.
    having said that, obviously i will support him and i hope he proves me wrong and becomes part of a strong midfield (Lundberg, Noble, Faubert, Parker – good on paper!) that dominates games – that is how we will become a top six club.
    i dont know – maybe at the start of the summer i, when all the money seemed available, i just expected the signings to be a little more spectacular.

  30. Brooking knows best says:

    I hope in the future we get top top names, but for this season i reckon Dyer is a quality signing.ay he is as good as most! COYI

  31. road rage says:

    re spooli

    agree, , that altho dyer wud not have been my choice , now that we have him, we need to get behind him ,and hope he can produce something that matches his potential. we ve now got a few players at key stages in their career , with hopefully something to prove, ,like dyer,parker and bellamy. in some ways its not too different from what redknapp has done at portsmouth, taking a chnace on some players entering the later stages of their careers. will be interesting if curbishley can drag th ebest out of this lot, as harry has at portsmouth. not going to be easy as curbishley doesn t seem overly keen on rapport with players , but let s hope for th ebest.

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