Kieron Dyer Signs

The West Ham website has confirmed that Kieron Dyer has signed for the club today. Let’s hope it brings about a change of fortune for him and that he shows us what he really can do. Whatever reservations we might have, there’s no doubt that on his day he’s a match winning player. Let’s hope he has plenty of those ‘days’!


23 Responses to Kieron Dyer Signs

  1. David King says:

    This is a bad dream. It is isn’t it? Please wake me up

  2. SD says:

    I think that Dyer is a great signing who is fit and has shedloads of ability and the talent to turn games for us- I think he will be a match winning asset for the squad

  3. sam says:

    i hope kieron doesnt have too many injuries and is there any chance hell be playing against birmingham on saturday

  4. Paul C. says:

    Has to be a better call than Bowyer or Mullins.

  5. julian woodhouse says:

    Agree Iain, now let’s get Gudjohnsen, Shorey and Barnes, but what’s this I hear about Anelka, that bemuses me or is it just newspaper talk. Anything more on Gudjohnsen as I believe they are looking for an answer this week?

  6. rob says:

    might be exactly what we need to fill the postion wh need so bad, which is an explosive midfielder who can take players on and set a game alight. Or he might be a waister enjoying his inflated wages and thinking he is better than he actualy is. Fingers crossed we see the best of him

  7. Sarah says:

    Does any one know if he is fit enough to play on Sat up at B’ham

  8. west ham johnny says:

    i think as long as he stays fit he’ll do well…. so good luck to him. do u think he’ll play out wide or in the middle??? now a left back and a goal scorer curbs and we’ll be ready………. oh and send spector back to the states

  9. Frenchie says:

    Dyer on his day is a player that can win a game for us. If he keeps fit he’ll be a great signing.

  10. StevO says:

    whats david king on about, we are west ham and at the moment we are not able to attract the top class players so Kieron Dyer is a good signing, you wouldn’t moan if we were in the championship and KD signed for us so whats the difference. Try walking before running.

  11. luke says:

    Dyer is a step in the right direction as long as his past with injuries dosnt keep coming back, he has pace and flair which is always an asset, as for Gudjonsen I heard a 7 mill offer for him was accepted now we just av to wait for him, hopefully we shall know tomorrow, hope he does sign myself

  12. ny hammer says:

    one of the biggest gambles the club has taken in along long time. we re going to need more than a little help regarding his fitness. let s hope he has a point to prove

  13. edi hammer says:

    Riquelme wants out from Villareal… can’t we splash out on him?

  14. E1 says:

    If he stays fit he will be a great addition to the team fingers crossed and good luck Kieron welcome aboard. Riquelme and shorey and we will be more than ready COME ON YOU IRONS !!!!!!

  15. ourman says:

    From a Newcastle fan: thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I’ve never had anything against West Ham in the past but with Dyer, Bellamy and Bowyer all in the same team I shall be looking out for, and enjoying, your defeats.

    Honestly I’ve been watching the Toon for thirty years and if I had to list the three nastiest scumbags to play for my team then those three would have topped the list. Bowyer and Dyer would be vying for first place – Bowyer for his pre-Toon racism and Dyer for a huge litany of Newcastle-based misdemeanours (not to mention the pair’s on field scrap with each other).

    Just to remind you Dyer was booed by his own fans on many occasions last year – before there was even a suggestion that he would leave. His effort was zero. As for his injuries – we find they go when he next needs to renegotiate a contract. His workrate ups on these occasions too. If I were you I’d sign him on a week to week and draw up a new contract before every match,

    Anyway, he is a nasty hummer driving, bling ed up little tosser.

    That said, hope you don’t get Nobby – an absolute star and an utter gent and a representation that not all players who leave Newcastle are despised. He’d always get a standing ovation at St James’.

    I’d imagine the prospect of sharing a dressing room with the afforementioned may well see him giving the Hammers a body swerve.

  16. Brooking knows best says:

    Great signing! another top quality player. Why are some fans so upset? Lets hope he has a great season cos that will only help us!
    A gamble, not realy cos 6 million lately normaly only buys average players, something dyer isnt! COYI

  17. Ian the Hammer says:

    Riquelme -one of the best in the world. PLEASE PLEASE MR EGG, try & buy him.

  18. spooli says:

    worrying if what the geordie said is true, we’ve had enough poisonous personalities in our dressing room lately!
    i’m not confident about dyer – i really hope he surprises me and gives us another dimension to our game as he used to when i first saw him play, but in recent years ive only ever seen insipid, half-arsed performances from him.
    whats this about Riquelme? …now if we sign him i will be impressed – great player, like a modern brooking!
    we need shorey too, or a good left-back from somewhere, i like mccartney but he just isnt top drawer.
    curbishley has said today that gudjohnson isnt fit, so its not looking good for that one – shame, he is a quality player.

  19. spooli says:

    Iain – are you sure about your celebrity hammers supporters? … surely Rod Stewart is not a West Ham fan – he supports Celtic and follows Man U in England…dosent he?

  20. Chris says:

    I used to joke about newcastle having shite over-rated players. Good to see we’ve signed them all.

  21. ourmanwhere says:

    For the record – Bellamy is good. An absolute arsehole to a point whereby he could be Pele and you wouldn’t want to have him around. But good none the less.

    Bowyer was pretty much crap by the time he came to us but I reckon you’ve probably worked that out for yourselves by now.

    Scott Parker was briefly fantastic till he lost all interest. Maybe Curibishley can get him back to his Charlton ways.

    Dyer is good, very good, but only as I said when contracts are up for renewal. He does, however, have a knack when he comes back from one of his frequent injuries, of hitting the ground running and playing a blinder despite the fact that you’d think he would have zero fitness. Then, on the rare occasion that he stays fit, his interest tails off after half a dozen games and he becomes invisible.

    You only have to note that last year, despite our massive injury problems, there were still times when he wasn’t in the starting 11.

    There is also the issue of his best position. I know he said he’d play anywhere for you but experience tells us differently. If once walked out on the team when asked to play right wing (for my money his best position). But there are issues with him wherever he plays. He is neither hardworking not physically strong enough to be a central midfielder. He’s not an accomplished enough goal scorer to be a second striker. At right wing at least he can normally find space to use that pace of his – however his crossing can be a little wayward.

    Ability wise the only one I’d have back is Bellamy. But only if he could have his mouth surgically sealed. Expect his normal antics or throwing chairs at the coach (in Newcastle airport), racial attacks (should fit well with Bowyer there), girl student bashing, feigning injury if not playing exactly where he wants to be, sending poisonous email texts to his teammates, attacking team mates with golf clubs ( just to prove he carried that on to Liverpool).

    Before you mention it, yes I know, we just signed Joey Barton. God knows how that will work out.

  22. ny hammer says:

    to ourmanwhere-

    thanks for your views. what you re saying here makes sense. west ham fanslike myself are hoping these players can keep their eye on the ball and stay out of trouble- big ask…

  23. Brooking knows best says:

    Up the Hammers. No one like us but do I care! COYI

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