Sheffield United Just Won’t Let it Drop

News of the morning it that Sheffield United are to sue West Ham for the cost of their relegation from the Premiership. They reckon the cost of their relegation is between £30m-£50m.

There’s only one problem for them. I’m pretty sure that there is an FA or Premier League rule which prevents clubs from suing each other. Doh!


50 Responses to Sheffield United Just Won’t Let it Drop

  1. Dave says:

    Whats the difference between the deal west ham had with tevez and masch to liverpools and man u’s? it’s just a technicallity that west ham may have had an error in… but basiccally its the same deal. Sheff Utd lost too many games to stay up… deal with it!!!

  2. erm are you a deluded fool or what? its a championship club suing a premiership club.

    you deserve to be taken to the cleaners

    up the blades

  3. misswesthamunited says:

    They just cant accept that we are better than them! 10 points clear and they still go down! The fact is they werent good enough to stay in the league and we were and so they are saying its not fair. I still love the way those Wigan cunts havent said anything since they stayed up! Enjoy your time in the championship cos West ham r gunna do well this season (at least a top 10 finish) Come on you Irons!!

  4. Stuart says:

    They’d be better off sueing the previous West Ham regime (Brown and co) imo. Clearly Brown knowingly broke the rules (tried to hide the evidence) and West Ham (under Eggert) paid the price.

    Ifthey went down that road, at least the focus would be in the right direction (i.e. not upon West Ham’s current regime).

    Surely West Ham would just counter sue the Premier League? After all the Prem ratified everything that we have done following Eggert’s arrival etc.

    Must be boomtime for lawyers in Sheffield.

  5. Dax says:

    OMG!!! When will this ever end?? Talk about flogging a dead horse. McCabe really needs to get over himself, I would be embarrassed if he was chairman of my club. We all know why they are in the league they are and it has ZERO to do with Carlos Tevez. I hope the FA docks points from them for trying to sue us. Now that would be irony.

  6. Sarah says:


    Why don’t Sheffield U just do one and leave us alone. I am getting sick of it all. Surely if they had a case they would have tried to sue us a long time ago.

    Just when we thought it was all over and we could get on with things, I hope they get done for trying to sue us that would make my year.

  7. Ian Smith says:

    I love the statement from Toby Craig in the Daily Express , a member of the club’s legal team, when he said: “After consideration and discussion with our legal advisers Sheffield United are today initiating legal proceedings against Sheffield United as we seek substantial compensation for our relegation from the Premier League.”

    So they are now suing themselves it seems. lol

  8. AmsBlade says:

    Hey Dax

    The FA can’t dock points from us, we are in the Football league now, not the FA Premier League. Doh!

    I too would prefer things to be sorted on the pitch. That is if everyone is playing on a level playing area. West Ham were not. They cheated, lied about it, got found out, then admitted guilt and were not punished. 5.5M is not a punishment for a club with the wealth of your chairman. You, know, I know, and everyone else with half a brain knows that Tevez was still owned by MSI for the last 3 games of the season, yet the Hammers were still allowed to play him, which beggars belief.
    To say he had no influence on the club staying up in those last 3 games is also ridiculous.
    West Ham should have been deducted points, they should have gone down, but they weren’t due to incompetancy at the Premier League.
    If they had any decency or pride, Scudamore and Richards should have resigned.The fact that they didn’t shows that the Premier League has been devalued and turned into a joke organisation!

    The Blades lost a lot of money due to West Ham’s deception and it is only right that our chairman should try and get some or all of this back through the courts. Reinstatement was never that important to us. Fair play is!
    We’ll be back in the Premier league next season better than ever.
    Though, to be honest, playing again in that corrupt league will leave a bad taste in the mouth.

  9. BAC says:

    So, Sheffield United are presumably arguing that football clubs who have agreed to play in the same league, and agreed to abide by the league’s rules and rulings, owe each other a greater duty of care than considered appropriate by the league’s administrative and disciplinary authorities? I doubt whether they’ll get any further with this one than they did with their previous desperate attempts to escape the consequences of their own imcompetence.

    West Ham should counter claim for damages from Sheffield United for distracting the club from concentrating on the serious business of playing Premier League football. All defeats and poor performances can be blamed on the McCabe factor, leading to a West Ham ‘Campaign for Justice’ in its own right.

  10. Nick says:

    AMS Blade, Tevez being owned by MSI wasn’t the issue !!!!!!!! Mark Viduka was owned by an Investment Bank whilst at Leeds. Leeds sold him to Middlesborough. They lost him off the wage bill, the bank trousered the cash. What was ripped up was MSI ‘right’ to move him on at any time – which if you might have noticed, seemed to have done the trick, since it took so long for him to join Man Utd and MSI had to effectively purchase his registration from us.

  11. David King says:


  12. rob says:

    Ams blade, you are such a typical fool who believes only what you want to believe about this case, just like the biased media. I wont go on about the whole case because i have done so to many times before, but to put it simply westhams old chairman was guilty of some small dodgy dealing, was found out and just like tottenham 10 years ago the punishment was reduced to a fine because those responsible were not at the club any longer. I dont remember sheffield united banging on about fair play then!!! yet you claim it is the most important thing to the pure sheffield united who never ever do anything slightly wrong and always stand up for good. Your main point after this seems to be that tevez was owned by Kia, of course he was, just like he is now!!! just like mascherano is!!!! west ham never claimed otherwise, its called 3rd party ownership, its a terrible system but it isnt illegal. If the premier league had said you no longer have tevez registered, which they had no right to do, then tevez would have become a free agent and west ham would have signed him straight away so he was always going to play!
    It makes me smile every day that west ham stayed up and sheffield united went down, every day!! hahaha.
    To west ham I say this, COUNTER SUE!! they have bad mouthed us enough, we are in the right legaly and they have crossed to many lines, counter sue them!!

  13. Stuart says:

    Hey Dax

    Like most Blades fans it seems, you obviously don’t have a good grasp of the facts of this case. Not entirely your fault because the media (especially the Daily Mail and SSN) have been totally negligent in reporting the facts. Most reporting has been biased and inaccurate.

    Anyway – your whole thesis is flawed I’m afraid (as is McCabe’s – some lawyer is milking him for all he can get). I can’t be arsed to explain it here yet again – go out and do your research.

    I can only help by stating:


    There, that loud enough for you?

  14. Stuart says:

    sorry – meant AMSBLADE

  15. Dax says:

    Hey AmsBlade

    Thats right, you are in Football League. Remember that!! Its where your 38 points got you. Enjoy!! =D

  16. geoff says:

    Can someone please remind me, why does everybody hate Sheffield United. Who will they sue if they get relegated again this year.

  17. Iron Man says:

    AmsBlade, I understand that you are bitter but lets cast our minds back and cut to the chase. Here are the important facts…West Ham never, at any point, fielded an inelligable player and thereby ‘cheated’. They pleaded guilty to the two charges but could, and would have, defended themselves against the punishment for the breaking of rule 18 if they had been docked points as clearly, the agreeement between West Ham and MSI did not allow them to influence whether or not Tevez was played (unlike your one with Watford…Doh). Spurs former chairman Allan Sugar successfully appealed against their point docking sentance previouisly for illegal payments to players on the basis that it was conducted under a different regime so the only precedents in existance showed that, had we been docked points, our appleal would have to be succesful. Without even having to mention Liverpool’s pathetic involvement in trying to muddy the waters and pick up some cheap players whilst at the same time making 9 player changes for the Fulham game (and remember, had Fulham lost that, they would have been relegated and not you) we still have some other villains…Manure with 3rd party involvement preventing loan players being used against them (fact), same as you hipocractic dollards Sheffield United with loan players at Watford, Fulham with Mohammed Fayad and Louis Boa Morte at West Ham…what a shower of shite. You may as well sue David Unsworth for scoring against you and Wigam for “trying too hard” (for those that don’t recognise the quote, another ridiculous accusatgion levied against the Irons, by Sir Alex Furguson some years ago). Absolutely pathetic…and as for ‘Oh, but we are a Championship Club and so can sue’ just how thick are you all? You wern’t when you signed the agreement when you were actually in teh Premier League, were you? But then, rules don’t apply to you do they, only to West Ham.

  18. aron says:

    he got it right that man sean {wanker} bean when he blamed warnock for their relegation and he is a true blade ,take your flat caps and your whippets and f**k off

  19. jon l.colney says:

    ok nice and simple for those northern mugs,

    go sit on the m1.your boring us now.its over and done with and we played by the rules,got punished and went to court,got booted out .you clubs a joke and should be kept away from the pl.

    i sooooooooo want a cup draw against you muppets.come on the fa,sort it out !

  20. Tony from Lanzarote says:

    I have some legal background and, I would like to know where is the individual blame for West Ham in causing Sheff Utds relegation. They were tried and punished by Premier League, sufficiently or not. The High Court stated they couldnt even make panel resit let alone change punisment. Therefore any actions subsequent to the wrongful act are now unalterably punished. The “post action registration” of Tevez was “ratified” and appeal on that dismissed . So the only reason for relegation still standing is that they obtained insufficient points to avoid relegation
    However there may be a more sinister reason for McCabes actions. He could be hoping that by keeping the pot boiling this will have an effect on W/Hams performance and they will be relegated this season. Such hatred, if this the case is very sad. There is no doubt that some clubs will use the past to motivate their players to perform “extra well ” against us anyway. Let us hope all at the Boleyn use this to make us even stronger and fight our way upwards and onwards, putting the whole sorry affair behind us.
    Finally I hope, but doubt, that Brown and co are sleeping uneasily in their beds for all they have done to us !!

  21. AmsBlade says:

    All very amusing guys.

    I suggest you all read the original hearing document regarding rule 18 about third party ownership. Which I have read, by the way.
    Mind you, seeing the level of replies on here, I imagine some of you would struggle to understand it.

    Counter suing? Also amusing. When that doesn’t happen, maybe then you will realise that the “Shammers” don’t have any legal recourse.

    Reading between all the lines of your protestations, I get the feeling that you are all actually “bricking” it, and rightly so. Shame your once respected club has let itself sink so low. Even Man City fans were singing last saturday that they should have been at Bramall Lane.

    The most amusing thing of all though is that it looks like we will pass you on your way down at the end of the season. Cracking display against Sven’s City!

  22. Pete WHU says:

    I was up in Sheffield in June and I wore my Tevez shirt and not one blade said anything. The fact is the Kevin Mc is a complete cock who is just out to get what HE can from the situation, media whore…!

    Up Sheffield Wednesday.

  23. Lee says:

    This is unbelievable… can’t help but think that Kevin McCabe’s lawyers are having a field day.

    What on earth do they think they are suing us for?

    Courts are only any use if someone breaches a contract between two parties (and then the other party are the one who has to sue), or if someone has broken a law (rather than an obscure rule for a game).

    It’s pretty obvious that there was no contract between Sheff U and West Ham that was breached, and that the Hammers haven’t broken any laws (other than the rules of the league, but that’s nothing to do with the courts).

    My favourite retort to these desperate Sheff fans is – why do you have 3 points in your head? Why is the correct pubishment not 2 point?

    If it weren’t for the fact that going to court is always expensive and potentially risky, this would be funny.


  24. I AM THE EGG MAN says:

    I can now read all posts of this subject and laugh, im passed being pissed off and bored with it, all hammers fans have debated it on line in pubs at work etc and are all quite versed in the subject and actually know what they are talking about it, just remember lads to send a postcard to mccabe from birmingham on saturday, put a first class stamp in your back pocket, pop into a local shop or post office and send a brummie view postcard to the old git, infact why dont we do it at every away game this year, fuck it home games too im sure the club shop sells post cards, let mccabe know how many hammers fans are enjoying his misery. UP THE AMMERS.

  25. ny hammer says:

    up teh wednesday .

    guess what irons?

    mccabe is going to end up bankrupting sheffield united, and getting thrown out of the football league.

    couldn t happen toa nicer guy and a niucer set of supporters.

    you re going down sheffield united. way down . we re talking leeds united style .
    your pride and your dignity will be left hidden under yesterdays fish and chips paper in a park inhabited by methadone addicts. inferior, fourth rate miserable excuses for human beings.

  26. west ham johnny says:

    oh boo hoo stop crying and get on with ur own season u silly muppets. NOTHING is gonna happen, NOTHING is whats already happened and NOTHING is what ur silly club are. are u gonna try sue us when u dont win promotion how about in 5 years when ur in league 1(which u will be) are u gonna sue us then. hahahahahaha them sour grapes are still sellin well up in sheffield. 1 carlos tevez there’s only 1 carlos tevez 1 carlos tevez!

  27. ny hammer says:

    magnusson ought to be considering a counter suit for reputational damage as well as libel suits against various media entities for their inaccurate coverage of the whole issue

    on the subject of media inaccuracy , that will be with us all season. more than one rag sheet referred to man city as having “demolished” us . 2-0 to me isn t demolishing. demolishing is what happened last new years at reading. also, the second goal came at 87 minutes. on top of which that game cud have easily been 1-1 well befor city got the second. for 20 minutes either side of the interval we were all over them. yes, our opening and final 20 minutes were poor- the opening in particular was weak . but it s a bit of reach to claim that city were ” in control” teh whole time. clinging on to a one goal lead putting 11 behind the ball is more like it . it s amazing it took them 87 minutes to get the second considering had only 3 at the back. but this is the kind of media dross we can expect now. we shud put it to good use and make the atmosphere better at upton park- the most disappointing thing on saturday was the complete lack of atmosphere in teh second half. all you cud hear were city fans. that has to chnage,even when the chips are down. ESPECIALLY when the chips are down.

  28. rob says:

    o my god AmsBlade you are sooooo wrong, seriously you will be laughed out of court in a big way, we are not scared, the thing that annoys us is that west ham have done little wrong but have had so much shit thrown at us this summer that some of it has stuck and idiots who only believe the utter rubbish and incorrect yet memorable words about justice spouted by mr mccabe and the papers now label west ham as cheats,.At the same time other teams get away with diving, tapping up players, crap mind games, ruining English football by having no English players, defending their players when they are clearly guilty etc and its west ham who are labeled as cheats!!
    As a very wise man posted previously, there is no president for a points reduction for this case and if they had decided to do so, why 3 points? why not 2? why is it exactly the correct amount to stop sheff unt being relegated? what if Wh had been 4 points clear? or 5,6 .. 10 or more, would sheffield united claim then that the correct amount of points to be reduced would always be that which stops sheffield united being relegated?

  29. BladesFan says:

    Think of it this way, that WHam knocked Sheffiled United down in a car. The law has fined them for reckless driving but whilst initially arguing that they should have been banned, we are now pursuing them for injuries and subsequent loss of earnings.

    As they have already pleaded guilty to the charge and there now seems to be new evidence to throw into it especially now the Tevez transfer as finally farcically completed it seems there may be a case to answer.

    I’m not sure we’ll have much joy to be honest but when potentially £30M is on the line I think anyone else would do exactly the same.

    The real people who seem to have got away with this are the shambles Premier League. How Scuadmore and Richards are still in post whilst presiding over the biggest farce in British football is beyond me……

  30. ny hammer says:

    well stated rob- cheers

    those who always try to move the goal posts become fossils

    enjoy the bitter conclusion to your life mccabe.

  31. luke says:

    Well I see there aint much to add as all points for westham as been written down again to prove that we are not in the wrong, so go on shef united sue us for all you can an when ocen again you fail to screw us I will be sat here laughing at the amount of money your club has wasted on these court cases that could av been spent on you trying to get back in the premier league. See you in court you fools.

  32. kev the hammer says:

    sheffield are running around in circles lets hope they get a big legal bill at the end of there voyage of no hope. we’ve moved on up the hammers .

  33. StevO says:

    It seems that the only winner here is the lawers representing McCabe, they keep on insisting that they have a good case for compensation but they have already lost all other claims for justice. If you were to read the reports you will evidently see that the premier league were to blame Duxbury phoned the PL and asked about signing two south american players that were owned by a third party, Duxbury asked if this would be a problem and their response was “i dont think so” west ham were not advised about rule U.18 and when the PL were questioned about this by the commission they could not remember a phone call on 31st August which put west ham in a non defendable position. The PL is to blame for the whole affair. Fuck Off Sheffield United and pester someone that gives a dame, Northern Bastards.

  34. ny hammer says:

    there is ZERO case to answer

    the documents that the PATHETIC mccabe refers to WERE submitted to the premier league

    mccabe- you re going to live the rest of your life a poor and diseased man. which is what u deserve.

  35. ny hammer says:

    keep it up mccabe- not only are u going to be countersued by westham united, your going to be sued by many other people you don t even know. get used to it. you are a disgrace not only to football, but to teh business world. you are a coward. and not even a clever one.

  36. road rage says:

    you got beat mccabe. soundly. DEAL WITH IT PUNK

  37. Stuart says:

    Blades Fan

    Your analogy is wrong. More correctly it should be:

    Sheffield United jumped off a building (throwing away a 10 point cushion and losing to Wigan at home on the last day) suffer terrible (head?) injuries and now look to blame West Ham (a totally innocent unconnected third party).

    Blades are in the Championship because they weren’t good enough for the Premiership. West Ham are in the Premiership because they were better over the course of the season (and especially during the run in – showing title winning form)than Sheffield United! Nothing more to say.

  38. E1 says:

    Your Manager fucked up your team lost a 10 point lead was that west hams fault ?
    Maybe you should all sue McCabe for taking money under false pretences after all he told you all you were a prem club but that only comes if you have a prem manager and prem players you did’nt.
    Our previouse chairman was to blame for our mistake and the club payed the price 5.5m I suggest you look for Terry brown and one other thing you may have Sharpe on your side but you are not chossen men you lost games we won them that’s football.
    Good luck and hopefully you may get it right this season if not look to your club not anybody elses. EAST EAST EAST LONDON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. E1 says:

    Sorry I forgot,
    IF you really think that anybody down south would be bricking over somthing a Northern Shit bag threatens your a bigger C***T than your chairman.

  40. spooli says:

    LOL, nice one iron man – sue wigan for ‘trying too hard’, maybe shef utd. will sue themselves for ‘not trying hard enough’ – or just ‘being so shite!’

    i cant believe these sad, useless losers are still doing this – what are they all about? – is this all about McCabe getting bullied at school, or not being able to satisfy his wife in bed?

    what a bunch of mugs.

  41. Brooking knows best says:

    Oh dear, here we go again, it’s almost boring seeing the baldes lose and get relegated three times over. Only a shame they are trying to bring the good name of west ham down. I think they are proving now just how pathectic they are. Lets hope Mcscab loses everything and I ask everyone to avoid buying anything in his cheapscate shops!

  42. BAC says:

    Bladesfan, West Ham’s breach of the rules was not equivalent to knocking Sheffield United down in a car, it was more like commiting a couple of minor traffic offences, involving no other road users, for which they were duly charged and punished.

    Sheffield United weren’t directly affected at all, they were the authors of their own misfortune.

    I can’t see how it can be established that the offences for which West Ham were fined were directly responsible for Sheffield’s inability to survive in the Premiership. Perhaps you should be looking a little closer to home, maybe at the players and management, for the real culprits. Even Colin Wanker shared out the blame, to Liverpool, Manchester United, and various referees, as well as the Premier League, and West Ham.

  43. Ian the Hammer says:

    Blades fans, who owns tevez now. manure, I think not. Are you going to sue them. I asked last season on this blog how many points did you want from us, 1? 2? or just enough to stay up. Why didnt you beat wigwam. Why didnt you make all these noises when you beat us 3-0 at your place? WHY WHY WHY WHY? Because your shite wan*ers who are only making this noise again & again as you where too shite to stay up on your own. When are you going to drop it. As for all this level playing field bullshit, 11 v 11. Tevez was CORRECTLY registered to us CORECTLY. The thrid party mickey mouse sub section 18 rule is bullsht & a re-worded contract is all that was needed. WE DID NOT CHEAT. YOU ARE SHIT. THAT IS WHY YOU WHERE RELEGATED. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? HELLO IS ANYBODY THERE WITH ANY SENSE?

  44. And interestingly West Ham lost 3-0 to Sheffield with Tevez playing so in the game when he could have directly impacted them by six points, he didn’t. How come they still managed to lose a ten point lead?

  45. a30mphpickle says:

    correct me if im wong people but didnt they try and get some money off the premier leage and lost……..i just think they are desprate and trying to disrupt west hams season. how long before he will try to sue west ham supporters……………


  46. OzzyD says:

    personally i think we should sue man city for beating us last weekend, they had no right to play better football than us, and we really really really REALLY wanted the points and desperately feel that we should have got them.

  47. spooli says:

    They’ve complained to the premier league, sued the premier league, court of appeals, had a public march protest thing, starring SEAN BEAN (who played a west ham tattoo sporting hammers fan in ‘essex boys’), untold media circus, and now they want to sue us – what are they going to do next? …tell their mum??

  48. […] Sheffield United Just Won’t Let it Drop News of the morning it that Sheffield United are to sue West Ham for the cost of their relegation from the Premiership. […] […]

  49. ny hammer says:

    inflict the maximum economic and mental pain on mccabe. he deserves no less.

  50. Plaistow54 says:

    Sheffield Utd. 2 Colchester 2 Do i need to say any more ?

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