We Love Sheffield Wednesday

Apparently Sheffield Wednesday supporters were were singing “Bubbles” at their game against Rotherham tonight. I wonder why!

PS They won 3-1.


29 Responses to We Love Sheffield Wednesday

  1. james says:

    Glad you stuffed the blades last season.
    long live miscarriages of justice!

  2. james says:

    Up the owls!

  3. Hook Hammer says:

    Come on You Owls!!!!

  4. crazyhorse says:

    if i ever hated one person with a passion right now its that obnoxious whinge bucket mccabe.if hes got any sense whats so ever he’ll stop this stupidity right now because our great chairman eggy is seeking legal advice and that wont do you or your club any good mcnugget.good on u sheffield wednesday stick it to those sheff utd lot

  5. hammerman says:

    If I had tried I could’nt have put any more of a meaningful way crazyhorse the man is a complete and utter twat, what the hell does he think he is doing for his club short of dragging its name even deeper through the muck I firmly believe their position at end of next season will say it all!!!

  6. 100%iron says:


  7. west ham johnny says:

    callin all wednesday fans i think u should get tevez no.1 on ur shirts this season, i’m thinkin of gettin one myself and doin it. haha love it. one team in sheffield, theres only one team in sheffield one team in sheffield.

  8. Richard says:

    were all wednesday arent we

  9. Copoowl says:


    Its already been done seen loads of Tevez shirts at birmingham friendly was hilarious

  10. Blue Sheffield says:

    Too late Johnny – we’ve all gone out and bought UNSWORTH shirts!!!

  11. Ullowl says:

    “Tevez… is a Wednesdayite,
    Tevez… is a Wednesdayite,
    Tevez… is a Wednesdayite,
    Tevez… is a Wednesdayite,”

  12. David King says:

    They were also singing there is only one Carlos Tevez. heyre a funny lot oop there aint they? Must be something to do with the weather. 🙂

  13. jon l.colney says:

    love it,

    wednesday boys whats your song and we will sing it against brum?

  14. Copoowl says:

    If you dont f**king bounce then your a blade (whilst bouncing)

  15. Ben says:

    “We love you Wednesday, we do,
    we love you wednesday, we do,
    we love you wednesday, we do!
    OH Wednesday we love you!”

  16. Blue Sheffield says:

    You could try….


  17. Hillsboro Hammers says:

    I believe it’s ‘Hi-Ho Silver Lining’ by Jeff Beck (replacing ‘Silver Lining’ with Sheffield Wednesday’ ….

  18. TevezOwl says:

    Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday (to the tune of Hi Ho Silver Lining)

  19. ny hammer says:

    spot on crazy horse

    mccabe deserves to suffer the maximum mental anguish for every second of what remains of his pathetic life. west ham should countersue and rip every shred of dignity from that lowlife vermin s body

  20. blades says:

    Yeah, that ‘if you don’t f**ing bounce then you’re a blade’ is great. Makes you look like a bunch of retards to the opposition’s fans.

    Typical Wendy, nothing to cheer about except sheffield united.

    “We should be, We should be, We should be at bramall lane” – man city fans

  21. sharpymike hammer says:

    when’s the sheffield derby? love to see sheff utd get relegated again. let’s hope no club in the prm sack their manager b4 xmas so we can finally say bye to that cnut Neil Warnock!! cheerio cheerio cheerio

  22. Sam_westham says:

    Its official you sheffield wednesday fans have made your team my 2nd team!!
    we all hate that pathetic childish mccabe and his little small team in sheffield called united.



  23. Bermuda Owl says:

    Funny thing football eh! I remember when SUFC were playing WHUFC last season and singing “going down, going down, going down”. Maybe they should all do the lottery as obviously they can see into the future. Ha! Ha!
    Let McCabe through your cash away you dumb arse Blunts.

    Come on you Irons

  24. Owl for life says:

    Great to see westham stay up, f**king blades are a load of sh*t. UP THE OWLS!

  25. ny hammer says:

    sheffield united is a club owned by , managed by and supported by the absolute bottom of the barrel. no hopers who couldn t get up, no less stay up.

    get used it ,lowlives. you are the next leeds united.

    kick, bite and bollock- thats all you know , because you have no skill,class or intelligence. sheffield united? biggest farce in the history of football. pure skunk

  26. sledgehammer says:

    sheffield equals ill mannered,low-rent,waste of space

  27. sledgehammer says:

    except for wednesday

  28. West Ham and Wednesday together in friendship, can we have the 8 million you owe us for DI Canio

  29. Bladester says:

    Shows how sad piggy wendyites and hammers are. The only thing they care about is sheffield united, becuase all wednesdayites know that their glory days are long gone so they keep their piggy fingers crossed for the dashing blades doing bad.

    Also it isn’t tevez fault, he is owned by a bunch of agents who tell him where to go


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