EXCLUSIVE: McCabe Plans to Sue Hammers Fans!

I can exclusively reveal that the Sheffield United chairman Kevin McCabe has written to West Ham asking for details of West Ham season ticket holders to enable him to take legal action against West Ham fans who he believes gave the Hammers an unfair advantage over his pisspoor Sheffield United team last season. He thinks the Premier League confirmed this when they decided not to dock points from West Ham because it would have been unfair on West Ham fans.

If his law suit for £30 million is unsuccessful he will issue proceedings against all 26,000 West Ham season ticket holders, seeking damages of £1,000 each.

Kevin McCabe is 94


39 Responses to EXCLUSIVE: McCabe Plans to Sue Hammers Fans!

  1. I AM THE EGG MAN says:

    I totally agree with Mr. mCcabe, and i shall tell him so in my postcard from Birmingham tomorrow, and i shall also tell him that my two children who sent me congratulatory text messages at old trafford on the last day of the season should also be sued as they added to his missery by filling the text airwaves with anti Sheffield united slogans, i urge all other honest west ham fans to do the same.

  2. Jamie says:

    lol quality post, the funny thing is it wouldn’t actually suprise me if did really attempt such a thing!

  3. CTM says:

    Ya want me to send a CHEQUE covering the £1000, pinned ot my postcard from birmingham?

  4. fcu1 says:

    This guy has to be shot !

  5. Sean says:

    Why can’t he just admit that his sh&Ty team are crap and move on, tosser

  6. Forward Green Flo says:

    ha ha!!

  7. BAC says:

    I’ve heard he’s demanded access to the CCTV crowd surveillance tapes for every game Sheffield United lost last season, to identify anyone encouraging the opposition to try harder, which he will use as evidence that the winning teams’ players had been subjected to ‘third party influence’, so he can demand they be deducted points/have their pockets picked, whichever will be more lucrative.

  8. John Patmore says:

    Can I have his address too please. Don’t see him reaching 95 senile old git

  9. Paul says:

    This surely has to be a joke? How can this be? I havn’t enjoyed watching Man Utd win the league, can I sue them? What a load of rubbish.

    1. Would WHUFC actually give over this information? I doubt it!
    2. Is it not against the law to provide this information to a third party?

    I think the football Community should close ranks and exclude Sheffield United untill they shut it, saying that though im looking forward to watching WHUFC do the se northern monkeys for:

    1. Defamation of Character.
    2. Constructive damage to Corporate Brand and Reputation.

    And anything else they can shaft them for, I would if possible sue them so heavily that they cant even run this so called club in the Conference.

    I cant explain how amazed i am by all of this, thought we had put this to bed. Gonna have another season of whufc in papers and not for the right reasons.

    Good luck EM I hope you stuff properly!

  10. I ate a bag of peanuts at the final game at Old Trafford i wonder if Mc,sour grapes would like to sue Golden Wonde?r,Fords for the car i drove in ?or indeed anybody in the world who disagees with him?.He has done his club untold damage and its obvious that they are now in a league they deserve.

  11. rob says:

    the whole thing makes that youtube video of hitler in the bunker supporting sheffield united on the last day of last season seem even funnier and more accurate, we have now entered the stage where hitler plans movements and attacks(lawsuit) for troops he doesnt have(an argument) and although he has already lost he refused to believe it and goes mad before killing himself and his misses. We can only hope this plays itself out in exactly the same way!!

  12. Jeff/ Cockney boy says:

    i think mccabe and his merry bunch of twats should just shut the f**k up and get on with the season. get a bit more respect back from your fans and EARN a place in the premiership.

  13. west ham johnny says:

    can he take an i.o.u the silly w@nker. infact give him my address so he can pick it up himself.

  14. west ham johnny says:

    McDonalds has a new meal the McCabe chips in gravey, batterd mars and sour grapes all goes down easy, but does keep repeating on you.

  15. geoff says:

    Can’t we take the postcard idea further, come on, let’s send him one from every away game this season. Even better, look to see who they are playing away from home a week later and send a card for his attention to the home club which will be waiting for him. COME ON YOU IRONS, first 3 points of the season at Birmingham on saturday and away we go.
    PS. Perhaps we could have a bucket collection for him at the West Ham v Wigan game.
    How do you transport piss?

  16. Hammer4life says:

    what a c**t. he cant just f**k off and accept that it was his s**t team that were at fault for their relegation not tevez, west ham or their fans

  17. Boo says:

    At least we can take comfort in the fact that the only thing Sheffield united are likely to win this year is the rattle throwing championship.

  18. simon cooper says:

    why can’t he accept that we won away at the champions, whilst they lost at home to a crock of shit that were third from bottom. also, why not sue liverpool for fielding 9 reserves, including two debutants, against Long Ball Lawrie’s Raving Cottagers who would not have otherwise got another point, and then been sent to the league that their tin-pot ground and handful of fans deserve!

  19. SoCalHammer says:

    How can ShefU sue for what they DIDN’T do on the pitch. How are they going to PROVE that WHU or CT had something to do with them directly being crap on the pitch? I say bring on the lawsuit, they will lose that as well, then WHU have a nice counter sue. Either that or kick this whiny crybaby outta football and we can all get back to it. Doesn’t matter, McCaber is more concerned with suing and blaming then getting outta the fizzy pop. When they get relegated again this year, the blame will be on Colchester for drawing the first game. LOL Tosser!!

  20. David Payne says:

    Sour this may all be, but I’d dread to think of the outrage we’d be hearing had West Ham been relegated because of a dodgy Argentine playing for Sheff Utd.

    Money talks.

    The size of the fine, told everyone all they needed to know.

    West Ham are guilty, everyone knows, and you can’t blame SU for pursuing it to the end. This is big business now, not a minor blip for a private sports club.

  21. sledgehammer says:

    it s been brought to court 3 times and every time sheffield united HAVE BEEN PROVEN WRONG payne. you can try til your last dying breath, but you failed and sheffield united failed. BECAUSE YOU WERE WRONG and because you weren t good enough

    sheffield didnt moan about the 3 poiunts they TOOK when tevez was on the pitch, did they.?

    they didnt complain from august through april, did they?

    sore loser, sour graper, unable to get on with life

    always crying injustice.

    take yoiur ” big business” and your “compensation” and stick it with the blue flag.

    absolute numbnut

  22. ny hammer says:

    if it s so clear PAYNE , that west ham shud have been deducted points, then why has EVERY SINGLE LEGAL ENTIITY involved in a ruling on the issue declared otherwise ?

    because every ruling body correctly undertstood that tevez was LEGALLY registered ,and that the contract of slave labor that koorbachian attempted to impose wasn t worth yesterdays fish and chip paper.


  23. ny hammer says:

    kevin mccabe has nothing better in what remains of his pathetic useless existence , than to spend every waking second obsessing over his failure. the guy has absolutely nothing in his life than his poxy club. a complete and total loser

  24. Colin Miller says:

    He will have to come round personally to my house to pick his money up, if he wants it!

  25. appyhammer says:

    Poor Mr McGob. not only has he seen his poor team relegated back to where they belong, but being a whippet chaseing northerner is under the impression it was everybody elses fault, but theres that it happened. Once this fails i suppose he will try to sue liverpool for fielding a sub standard team againest fulham

  26. rob says:

    of course you can blame SU for pursuing this to the end!!! west ham were guilty and were fined! case closed, finished, done, they have been punished!!! Those that commited the crime left the club and the only presitant of this is Spurs 10 years ago and they got the points reduction overturned and changed into a fine, so locialy if west ham had a points reduction they more than likely would have been successful in overturning it, just like spurs did !!!!!!! ARRRGHHH how many times does logic need to be pointed out to you idiots before you realise you have to stop blaming west ham. The only problem is the punishment wasnt what SU wanted, boohoo! its not anyones decision what the punishment will be apart from the panel set up by the premier league clubs and in this case they made the only decision they could considering the spurs presitant.
    O i hear you say Tevez shouldnt have been able to play the last 3 games. Taking this to its logical conclusion tevez would have instantly been a free agent and as he was already with west ham he would have instantly been resigned for the rest of the season at the very least, so he was always going to play!!!!
    WH should counter sue because Mccabe has thrown so much shit at west ham some of it has stuck and its time this stopped and he was punished for unfairly dragging west hams name through the mud.

  27. Big Al says:

    he should sue tevez for scoring or jagielka for handball. i am going to sue him for being a big crybaby and boring me to death and perhaps i have legal grounds to sue him purely for being a total and utter cnut

  28. Jimmy Muir says:

    Dont forget my penalty in the dying minutes against Man Utd lads !!
    Its me Beany – you know – 006 from Goldeneye – or you may have seen me as Sharpe in my favourite role of shooting the Froggies. Dont mess with me because I’m jolly hard thats all !!

  29. Kaybee15 says:

    Mr Payne. West Ham are indeed guilty of a rule transgression. You can tell this quite easily – we pleaded guilty. We were then punished to the extent the rule makers and upholders judged to be appropriate. Those same people have repeatedly confirmed that Carlos Tevez was never – that’s N-E-V-E-R – ineligible to play. End of case.

    Clear enough for you?

    ‘Not doing what Kevin McCabe wants’ and ‘Making Sheff Utd fans cry’ are not, to the best of my knowledge, against either the rules of the Premier League or the rules of the land.

  30. crazyhorse says:

    what gets me is the that McCabe looks like Spike Milligan,with only one difference…Spike Milligan was a great comedian,whereas McCabe is just a sad clown who belongs at the circus

  31. Voronin says:

    Paul: It is a joke, obviously that needs to be clarified…..

  32. devo says:

    mc cabes oven chips

  33. Cockney Bob says:

    If only the floods in yorkshire had flowed down thro the streets of sheffield and washed mccabe, sean bean and all the other silly northern monkeys, billy elliott wannabees and the rest of the ferrett eating pigeon racing community of this poor excuse of a city away down to the drains where they belong. get it in your head mccabe you went down cos you got a s**t team, s**t ground, s**t supporters and you played s**t over 38 games so dont keep bleating on and on about us. we deservedly stayed up, and not just because of tevez. you need to think of the efforts of players like mark noble, james collins, lucas neill, bobby zamora,robert green,the list goes on. you mccabe and your mate sean bean are quite simply a pair of cu**s. ps i hear scunthorpes ground is lovely in mid winter, enjoy your trip mccabe wont you!!!

  34. Rooster says:

    David Payne,
    In response to your post, about West Ham, Read the following:-

    West Ham agreed and admitted rules were broken, and paid the penalty befitting the punishment.
    Sheffield Utd broke rules U3 and B13 when they sold Kabba to Watford and a published agreement with Watford not to play Kabba at the Game against Sheffield UTD at Home, Which Watford an Agreement that made Kabba miss his first game since joining Watford, Watford broke the same rule that West Ham paid a massive fine for which was rule U18 which governs 3rd party interference, Sheff U being the 3rd party.
    Fulham also tried to break rules U3 & B13 when we bought Morte from them, we ignored there request, i could name 4 or 5 other clubs that have broke the same rules as West Ham, But West Ham had the Bollox to admit what they did.. And paid.

    So David Payne, the guy with the weird photo, You obviously do not have a clue about facts about what you posted your say on. My post is proven facts. Published on Watfords website and sheff u’s website, And the paperwork regarding this agreement was witheld from the Premier league, Kinda reminds you of what McCabe is accusing West Ham of doing.
    Im proud of West ham and Our supporters, We dont lose faith, All this saga does is make us love West Ham more, and the man who fights for us. Eggert Magnusson.

    BTW the TimesOnline In June quoted West Ham as the most honest club in the premier League in the last 12 months. 🙂

  35. Paul says:

    Voronin…..Have I missed the point and is this a send up? Im not sure why you made ref to my comments, when all the other comments seem to be taking this seriously as I did?

    To be quite honest im more concerned with the team and what type of season we are in for!

  36. joefootball says:

    only 30 mill?????

    sure you recieve 30mill from just being in the EPL, but i bet the club will lose a heck of a lot more … sponsors, fans, players, etc, etc

  37. crazyhorse says:

    just a quick change in subject,im listening to the game and apart from desperately needing a left back,west ham need another striker

  38. ny hammer says:

    well stated rooster. for all the numbnuts like joefootball who still don t know their spleen from their elbow.

    watford1- sheffield tosspots 0

    get used to it , sour grapers

  39. a30mphpickle says:

    LOL thats what i said would happen ……………i aint got £1000 im gonna need to find someone to sue can anyone help…….lol

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