Reflections from Zurich

I’m in Switzerland this weekend visiting my money (I wish). I was like a cat on a hot tin roof yesterday afternoon. I’m signed up to Sky’s texting service, which seemed to take ten minutes longer than usual to tell me the team, let alone that the Hammers had scored. But it paved the way for me being in a very very good mood last night! I won’t bother repeating what all the others ites have said because I haven’t got anything original to add, but I’m delighted Mark Noble was back at his best and that Anton seems to have had an excellent game. It was a nice stroke to make Upson captain too.

And my final word on yesterday? Watford 1 Sheffield United 0. Oh how sweet life is, sometimes.


20 Responses to Reflections from Zurich

  1. Rob p says:

    i live in cornwall so to get up to brum is a long way for me so i went up to plymouth to see argyle my second club play cause its local to me, Im west ham through and through , and i too was delighted to see that noble had such a good game and scored he is totally a hammer , and like so many i took particular pleasure in seeing that sheff utd lost, And i hope plym argyle stuff em as well

  2. hammer says:

    How good was Noble yesterday, if Bellamy had finished off THAT move by Noble it would have been a very strong contender for goal of the season. A good game by the irons, they gave Brum. nothing in the first half, not pretty but it allowed us to open up second half and we took them to the cleaners. Well done lads, more off the same please. (What a differance a week can make.)

  3. BAC says:

    That was a much better performance all round, and I can’t help but think replacing Bowyer and Boa Morte with Mullins and Etherington helped more than a little.

    You’re right about the Watford result – just shows what can happen when Kabba’s allowed to play against his former club.

  4. ny hammer says:

    agreed, how nice to see watford stick it to mccabe.

    WIithout question, Noble was back at his best , and Dyer and Etherington also had very good matches. this is more like what etherington is capable of when he s right on it. although upson performed decently, i wasn t totally convinced- there were a couple occassions where we cud have paid the price for him giving the ball away. Zamora ws also much better than last week. The best thing is that we created far more chnaces than last week- we could have had 6 and probably shud have had at least 2. Green also came up big when needed. ferdinand also looked better than the week before. usual rules, in that steve bruce complained about the penalty given,when in fact bellamy DID make contact with the ball, and did so BEFORE their keeper did.yet bruce didn t mention the letoff he got when dyer wasn t awarded a penalty earlier in the match. some things never change. good result , and a welcome turnabout from the previous fixture. and all this with no parker,neill,ljungberg ,collins or faubert. not too shabby.

  5. maddog mark says:

    Only saw the highlights on MOTD but was good to see some passion from the team. I agree with ny hammer, Etherington looked up for it yesterday and Noble was back to his best. Shame about Dyers lack of control when he was put clean through, we do need to put those chances away to kill games off.

    Less pleasing was having to listen to Bruce whinging after the game that they were hard done by, I’d forgotten how much that man complains. He’d be better off asking the keeper why he decided to challenge for a nothing ball in the first place!

  6. Brooking knows best says:

    Come on you Irons! More of the same next week when those scabes from Wigan come wheelan in!
    We needed a performance after last weeks debacle and the 2nd half was what it needed.
    Great stuff and like NY said. this without Parker, Ljungberg, Neil, Collins and Faubert. I still reckon we are need of another quality striker and a left back.

  7. Colin Fairman says:

    Surely the most amusing outcome from yesterday’s match was Mr Bruce’s comments regarding “Big club” bias. I have to ask whether this was based on his experience as a player for a “big club” whose name somehow escapes me? If so I am sure that most West Ham fans would agree that such a bias has existed for many years and I would be fascinated if Mr Bruce could give us some examples from his playing career (time being added, really “dodgy penalties etc). The only disagreement is whether or not WHU is a “big club”. I would love it to get to that stage but the reality is that at the moment there are really only four. Has Mr Bruce joined the masses in believing Mr McCabe who was the one who decided for his own reasons to apply that description to WHU?

  8. Rooster says:

    1st thing is Well Done you Mighty Hammers 🙂
    Noble played a blinder and the whole team played and performed magnificent, The passing was superb. I would have loved to have seen Zamora and Bellamy score the goals they missed, but hey, Thats life, We got the 3 points, thats all that matters.
    With Sheff Utd Losing it made my day complete, so i went out and got pissed that night with my hammers away shirt on, and for once i didnt spend the night in the cells, i cant keep paying those £80 fines, lol.
    It seems the top 4 apart from Chelski are having a bit of a tough season so far. and isnt it ACE to see ManUre near the relagtion zone, Poor Tevez, did he make the right choice after all?
    Reply to Colin Fairman Post:- West ham aim, in the next 3-4 seasons, is to be classed as an international club, true meaning of the word Big Club. A new Stadium in 2011-2012, Hopefully called THE STADIUM OF DREAMS opposite west ham Underground, which will seat 60,000, and by then maybe the elite players of the world will want to join us for peanuts.
    Guys make sure you keep sending those WISH YOU WERE HERE CARDS to McCabe at each away match, he must be raging like mad after this weekend.

  9. narziss says:

    heh. it’s interesting and nice to see such passion for the game!

  10. maddog mark says:

    According to KUMB Jeroen Boere has died at the age of 39. He didn’t have the most succesful spell with us but this is still very sad news. RIP Jeroen

  11. ny hammer says:

    re rooster- funny i had the same thought about tevez today. did he make the right choice? how will he react if at some point he gets benched for fluffing chances like he had at man city?ferguson won t be so forgiving , and if tevez makes these types of mistakes once rooney is back , he could find himself on the bench at times. pedigree means nothing to ferguson if form isn t good – even though it s early days , there is a limit to how much and for how long the mancs will cut him slack. sometimes you have to be careful when u get what u wish for , which may be going thru tevez s mind even though its still early doors.

  12. Rooster says:

    Re NY Hammer- I did say at end of last season, Tevez needed to do 1 more season with the Hammers and then probably move on, I bet he misses our crowd at Upton park calling his name, But i do wish him well as long as he dosnt score against us.

    R.I.P Jeroen, My prayers and im sure all WHUFC fans prayers and thoughts go out to his family

  13. Plaistow54 says:

    Well played West Ham. A just result in both divisions & a goal from a Canning Town boy. Ah! the sweet smell of success wafts gently past my nose. Now for Wigan.

  14. jon l.colney says:

    can we start a campaign please……KEEP MULLINS.

    its simple,he does the simple things very well.

    he is perfect cover for the middle two if injured and some games a def start.


  15. rob says:

    brilliant!!! its so sweet to be where we are!! we were so close to being like leeds not long ago, then relegation last season, but here we are in the premier with a damn good bunch of players and some proper pride and hope for our team. If there is an justice we will stuff Wigan next week and their fans will leave with our songs ringing in their ears.
    No matter what anyone says about curbs he is a WH fan himself, he isnt doing this for personal gain, he loves this club like we do and we should be grateful for this. Also he admitted to his mistakes against man city and did much better against brum. We have a human manager who learns from his own mistakes, who supports the club, we can ask for nothing more!
    Tevez will miss us but the big pile of money in his big house will make him feel better i have no doubt and he was going to leave at some point, should have been next season though. I still think he is to similar to rooney to play in the same team, he needed someone like zamora next to him last season, he needs something similar at manu and that aint rooney. just think how good him and ashton would have been, o hum….

  16. Danny Boy says:

    All i can say is Dyer done well good nice to see him in a caret and blue shirt, i was wrong what i said about him. Craig is doing well now but i dont see any improvement with Zomora so get Ashton on, and we might see Goals. I Would love to see how Curbishley get next? hope it is Nicky Shorey.

  17. ny hammer says:

    re mullins-

    agree we shud keep mullins. he takes some stick at times, but given the right direction and encouragemnt i think the guy can do a job for us, especially given the injury-prone nature of our midfield. 2 seasons ago he was one of the main reasons we made it to the Cardiff final. unfortunately last year he was one of the players whose form suffered a bit from all the chaos and changes around the club. he may not be joe cole or frank lampard but he doesn t need to be.

  18. ny hammer says:

    regarding zamora , i thought he had a better game this time round. he did lose possession still at times , but he looked a lot better than on opening day , and had a few decent chances. on another day he might have had a brace

  19. Brooking knows best says:

    Curbishley’s claret ‘n’n blue army! nuf said.

  20. ny hammer says:

    countersue this criminal mccabe. inflict maximum economic damage and mental anguish on that twit.

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