Barnes Deal Done?

i gather via KUMB that Derby local radio is saying that we have agreed a £7 million fee with Derby County for Giles Barnes.


14 Responses to Barnes Deal Done?

  1. ny hammer says:

    be great to get the player, but i hope the fee is less than being reported. 7 quid sounds high even if that s based on future appearances. funny how these are the lot that wanted to accuse us of tapping up. unless we re prepare dto pay over the odds.

    what utter tosh that club is , except for bywater of course…

  2. Plaistow54 says:

    Good Iain, not cheap but given his age & potential a sound investment. Also read that Stephen Appiah is in London. He is a class act. I also believe that Mark Noble given the opportunity is a player yet to realise his full potential. I am worried about Anelka, moody, but 20 goals a season is 20 goals a season. We are starting to scratch together not too bad a side here, if it all works out, & the way the season has started you never know, we could do alright.

  3. west ham johnny says:

    yeah i read that aswel but aint seen anything else about it on any other site. bein linked with appiah again aswel. y aint we been linked with a left back thats the main position were short in. steve copple has said there’s been no bids for shorey, unles were waitin to see he gets through england duties ok. i dont see y we dont try and sign heinze on loan for 6 months or the season because he aint goin liverpool and there’s no way he can play for man utd this season after what he’s done.

  4. ny hammer says:

    if injuries can be kept in check from here, and if the attitude of players is right, this side is capable of achieving a lot, and surprising a lot of people, especially the media
    crumbsuckers who insist on downing us.

  5. EastHammer says:

    Not sure why Anelka being a recluse is an issue. He doesnt drink, does not fall out of night clubs, is married and settled. Nothing wrong with that. I have always rated him and would have him all day. As P54 says 20 goals a season is 20 goals a season.

    Not sue on Barnes or Appiah. Dont need Appiah, and the fee for Barnes is excessive.

  6. ny hammer says:

    this additional news that collins and gabbidon have signed extensions is good. good for the players , in that it shows the club values them despite neither being a starter at the moment. and good fo rthe club, in that were someone to come in for either one of them ,the price will be higher now. i hope we don t lose either, especially collins, but this helps ensure that if we did lose either, it would not be on the cheap. smart move .

  7. G.Kinghammer says:

    i hear everybody raving about this guy, i have only seen one clip of him on telly where he went on a great run and scored,
    im not sure about the 7 million price tag but if everybody says good investment, ill go along with them

  8. Hinsdale Hammer says:

    I think Barnes would be a great acquisition. 7 million? Maybe. His potential is without question. It’s nice to see Curbs going after youth as well as proven experience. Also it’s refreshing to be linked with a player who is not surplus to requirements at his current club or a troublemaker.
    Interestingly, whilst the reporter cited on KUMB has denied any knowledge of the claim, the official Derby website have not. We will see.

  9. Miqu says:

    Assumingly it was a duck:

    Barnes claims fiercely denied

    The Derby Evening Telegraph has distanced itself from false claims on a website saying that Giles Barnes has signed for West Ham.

    According to the Knees up Mother Brown West Ham site, Derby County have agreed terms with the Hammers for the talented Rams midfielder.

    The website states: “The deal is worth in the region of £7m, according to Evening Telegraph reporter Steve Nicholson.”

    But Mr Nicholson, the Evening Telegraph’s chief football writer, says the claims are nonsense.
    “Not only am I annoyed but I’m also disgusted that my name can be used on a website without me knowing anything about it and without me having said anything about Giles Barnes’ possible move to West Ham,” he said.

    “I’ve got absolutely no idea where this has come from. If fans want to keep in touch with the Giles Barnes position with Derby, they should read the Evening Telegraph and This is Derbyshire.”

    The website also has “local radio in Derby” as reporting the story and the claims have even made it on to online encyclopedia website Wikipedia, which now has Barnes down as a West Ham player.

  10. ny hammer says:

    signing heinze on loan ,with an option to buy at the end of the season ,sounds like a great idea,IF the player would be willing to consider another english club apart from the merseysiders.

  11. […] Barnes Deal Done? i gather via KUMB that Derby local radio is saying that we have agreed a £7 million fee with Derby County for Giles […] […]

  12. dR jOnEs says:

    HES BRILLANT!!!!!!

  13. Plaistow54 says:

    Looks like the Heinze loan could be a goer. Curbs & Fergie are mates. My late teens son is a local district player & a Manure supporter. We are not mates as far as British football goes but when i told him about Heinze his eyes lit up & he said you don’t realise what a good footballer he is dad. Maybe my son is getting a feeling for West Ham

  14. AlfieG says:

    Nothing at all on BBC Radio Derby this morning….. Apart from their manager moaning about the transfer window.

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