Heinze to Join Hammers?

All the transfer gossip sites are full of rumours that Gabriel Heinze is about to join West Ham. I can think of 57 reasons why this might not be true, but if it is, then I guess we should all be welcoming it. I have to admit I don’t know much about him. So your mission, dear Reader, should you wish to accept it, is to give me 57 reasons (well, ten will do) why this is a good idea. Heinze or Shorey? Your call.


29 Responses to Heinze to Join Hammers?

  1. chris says:

    heinze over shorey for definite.
    1.great left foot
    2 loads of energy
    3. good communicator
    4. won the title
    5. more internation pedigree than shorey
    6.champions league pedigree
    7. in his prime
    8. fell out with fergie
    9. tackles like dicks
    10. brave bordering on stupid brake (which i like)

    what do you think?

  2. Darren says:

    If its a buy rather than loan, it will be a good idea since it’ll add strength to the squad with someone with experience at the very top of the premiership. If its a loan deal, then it’ll just add competition, and add no value to the club since existing players will be alienated and not given opportunity to shine. All a loan deal, will keep him in the “shop window” for a season, or until January when Man United will accept an offer from him. In the mean time since players like Gabbidon, Collins, Upson etc will have reduced opportunties and potentially their market values will fall.

  3. Adam Harris says:

    1. Suggested as a loan deal so no large fee.
    2. Proven player with Champions League experience.
    3. At 29, a good experienced age.
    4. Would allow another season to pass for Shorey leaving 1 year left on his contract and this should reduced the requested transfer fee.
    5. Would give a great left back to strengthen the squad.
    6. A good player to help and encourage McCartney to further develop.
    7. If the team and Heinze have a successful season, there could even be an option to buy him come next year…you never know?!?!.
    8. He can also play at Centre back if needed (though I doubt it!).
    9. Internationally capped player.
    10. Does score the odd goal every now and then!!

  4. mark says:

    Heinze would be a great loan signing. he is quality. We desperatley need a quality left back, as for me, Mcartney is just not up to it game after game in the premier league. he might have the odd half decent turn out. Heinze would give us real balance and drive down the left.

    Does anyone know why the hell we haven’t made a formal bid for Nicky Shorey? i can’t understand the lack of drive on getting this quality player. There must be a reason that i’m unaware of.

  5. Colin says:

    We badly need a left back and Shorey just ain’t gonna happen.
    Curb’s is the only person that doesn’t seem to rate him.
    Heinze has international experience but lets face it he will only use us to get to Liverpool.
    I thought those days were over when player used the Hammers to get to somewere else but it seems not.
    I think Curbs will be gone if he doesn’t produce because Eggy won’t stand for failure.
    We’ve only spent about 6 or 7 million if you take into consideration the commings and goings at Upton Park.
    Hardly the new dan we were all hoping for.

  6. charlie says:

    heinze is world class shorey is average
    ifd he came it wld be a massive coup

  7. Biggsy says:

    Reason 1: A shakey and sometimes fragile defence could do with a world class international in its ranks – Neill Heinze Upson Gabbidon, I’d be happy with that.

  8. Stuart says:


    Seems Heinze would only be a loan deal (at first anyway). Shorey would be long term. As I understand it Heinze can play across the back so would be good overall cover.

    Who knows, if Heinze comes on loan, he may be persuaded by the quality of his experience at West Ham, and by the extent of clubs ambition, that this is the place for him. Exciting times!

  9. Metcow says:

    1. Heinze has played a the top end of the game for a while now. International experience, champions Lge experience and used to competing at the top end with Man Utd. Shorey has played one season in the top division.
    2. We all love players that get stuck in. I believe that Heinze is the type of player that the Upton Park croud would love.
    3. Heinze is simply a very good player. How many mistakes has Fergy ever made in the transfer market. Veron is one, but he has a very good record for buying players that work out in the Premier League.

    I’d be in support of Shorey signing if it were to happen because we need another left back, but I do get the impression that his one cap for England, in which he didn’t look much better than Ringo (George McCartney), has kind of got people thinking he’s better than he actually is.
    Question to all people on the forums saying ‘sign Shorey’ is how many have watched him week in, week out and so can really judge how good he is? It’s different with Heinze. Man U are on the telly all the time. Most people should be able to judge him by now.

  10. Adam says:

    Shorey for me. Heinze is still coming back from a case of knee knack and has yet to get back to the level he originally showed for Manure, and it’s obvious he’s a bit of a maverick journey-man, who passes through clubs, picks up the fee’d and then head’s off again. Good player, but Shorey is young, full of potential, just broken into the England squad, probably more dedicated and a much safer bet.

    West Ham seem to have a policy of recruiting players who’ve suffered major injuries – Dyer, Upson, Neil, Llundberg, etc, etc so let’s try and bring someone in who’s not already a criple.

    Good site by the way Iain.


  11. musicmob-uk says:


  12. Rapidhammer says:

    As Heinze’s move would come in the wake of his arbitration hearing, he could give the Hammers some advice for their forthcoming proceedings against Sheffield. The result of his hearing – “the letter constitutes an ‘agreement to agree’ and did not create an obligation or binding agreement for the club to transfer the player to any particular club” – would suit West Ham well if it was going to be the panel’s conlusion on their respective “third party agreement” and its “amendment” of Dec 1st! 😉

  13. Hayden says:

    Shorey over Heinze… If we loan Heinze it’d be for what? 6 months to a year.. At the end of that we’d want to buy Nicky Shorey – his price will have rise dramatically in that time. Get him now and let him gel with the team now instead of 6 months down the line.

  14. West Ham fan No32 says:

    I don’t think Heinz will come, hes bean ( pun ) saying that he wants to play for Liverpool. I can’t see him dropping european football for potential, he is 29 and would expect to be playing european football during the prime of his career, he may also need it to stay in the Argentina team who knows ?

    Having said that it would be great if he did come because he is in the mould of many of our favourite left backs. Shorey we can sign in a season or so for a fraction of the current price Reading are asking.

  15. Pete says:

    A loan agreement would be better than buying him outright as Liverpool would still not be able to touch him while he is still a ManU player. If we bought him – expect Liverpool to tap the player up and he’ll move to them in January

  16. west ham johnny says:

    we need a left back badly reading wont sell nicky shorey unles they get in a replacement so dont think we’ll get him this transfer window so like i said yesterday a loan deal for heinze for 6 months or the season would be great then try get shorey cos i cant see heinze wantin a perenant deal with us, he wants a club playin champions league football.

  17. EastHammer says:

    Shorey over Heinze.

    1. Younger
    2. Less wages
    3. British
    4. HAMMER
    5. Less likely to moan
    6. Less likely to make a silly tackle
    7. Wants to actually play for us
    9. Will play for England
    10. Wont take us to arbitration.

  18. ny hammer says:

    i think either a loan or outright buy would be good. tha asking price of 7 quid doesn t seem excessive in today s market. if it works out at west ham , great. if it doesn t we d be able to sell him to a european club, probably at a profit. it becomes even mor einteresting if we cud actually get man u to slightly lower the price to get the deal done quickly and allow all parties to move on. in contrast to some supporters, i think mccartney has improved a lot in a short space of time, but heinze wud add a bit of bite to the defense. given how injury prone we are, especially in defense, having 2 left backs capable of starting and getting the job done (or more than that in the case of heinze),seems wise. it s hard for me to explain exactly why , but i just think that heinze wud work out better than shorey- gut feeling i guess.

  19. editorialminuto says:

    Hi im joaquin from Argentina and i know heinze very well … im not so sure that this player its a good deal because, in my opinion, its overrated. In fact, i dont how he get to de Manchester. Now, he is in a bad moment of his carrere (thats becouse manchester want to sell)…
    I think he dont know how to handle the ball, its very angry all the time (every match goes out with a yellow card) and lately moves very slow, like he was older than Maldini.

    in conclusion, heinze suck, thanx to him we lost the World cup and the American cup…

    By the other hand, we have a great player who plays in Manchester and now is playing at my favorite team: Sebastian Veron – Athetic Club Estudiantes de la Plata. Do you remember him?


  20. crazy horse says:

    Curbishley needs to act fast,we are in dire need of a left back and with only just over a week left what is Curbs playing at.If we dont get a left back cracks will form in our defence and we all know what that will mean.

  21. west ham johnny says:

    brilliant i just read yossi benayoun is already fed up with not playin for liverpool and may consider leavin to play for a mid table team…… hahahahahaha good the silly fcuker bet he wishes he stayed with us now a top half team.

  22. ny hammer says:

    re editorial minuto

    i noticed towards the end of last season that heinze s form seemed to dip a bit. hearing what you say reminded me of that ,but having said that , i still think he cud be of use to west ham. given what u have said, perhaps a loan deal is teh answer, and then see how he doesto dtermine if it s worth buying him after

  23. jon l.colney says:

    bring back dicks!!!

    or does he have a son?

  24. ny hammer says:

    re benayoun, the grass isn t always greener is it?

    i am so hacked with him for leaving, as this was inevitable. did he really think he would be starting every match, or even coming on as a sub in every match? how naive. th eonly midfielder in that side guaranteed to start is gerrard.

    funny how defoe found out the hard way , and now perhaps benayoun might. and with hargreaves at man utd , carrick may soon find he s not an automatic starter either.

    much as disliked coker s attitude in leaving , at least he had the sense to go to a place where he will start every match , and not just be a cog in a wheel.

    the usual ” big club” , aka tottenham syndrome.

    woul du rtaher sit on the bench and be miserable at a big 4 club. or would u rtaher be part of something at west ham ,and help move wets ham into the top 7 initally, and then above that over time?

    glad to see that bellemy,neill,upson.ljunberg,parker,faubert and wright knew teh correct answer

  25. No offence but I doubt Heinze would ‘downgrade’ and join the Hammers.

  26. ny hammer says:

    as for “downgrading”, he may have no choice. its either that , or sit on the pine and colect pimples where he doesn t want them.

    or leave the uk…

  27. NuttyIron says:

    well if Heinze joine on loan for the season then with shorey only having 1 year on his contract at Reading we can get him on a free when his contract runs out wld make perfect sense n we wldnt have to pay a fee for heinze or shorey jus wages

  28. Hammerithome says:

    I thought Shorey had already indicated that he had no desire to join West Ham.
    Also,I think Shorey is not the perfect answer for West Ham as looking at his displays for England he can sometimes get a bit flustered and just clear the ball anywhere.
    There were a couple of times against Germany where he turned and just kicked it away and it actually cost England a goal.
    Curbs will be the judge in the end as he obviously knows the weakness of any player he plans to sign so the decision is all his and we the supporters can only pray he gets it right.

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