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I hope you will spend a couple of minutes filling in my online survey. It’s partly about getting feedback on the blog and partly for you to give your views on what’s happening at West Ham at the moment. You also get to pick your best team of the last 15 years. I’ll be posting the findings of the survey on the blog over the next few weeks.

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9 Responses to Take the Test

  1. Jay Mullaly says:

    I think we need more depth in midfield….Starting with Bowyer and an inexperienced Nobel is not going to get us a top 10 finish. Bad tactical mistakes yesterday, cannot believe Curbs started without Ashton – if he cant do 90 minutes then start him and bring Zamora on later, he did that well most of last season, why not yesterday?

    Last thing is to find a way to bring Bellamy into the side, I think he needs to play upfront, off Ashton, not on the left or right!!

    Sadly missed Neill and Parker will be a major crowd favorite, I am still very optimistic!

  2. Phil says:

    I live in Australia, blogs like these are a good way of getting feedback on what is really happeng at West Ham. I find the newpaper websites often have there own agenda (particularly over the Tevez saga) and the official West Ham website doesnt give much news away.

    Im a bit worried about what is going on at West Ham, saturdays home match against Manchester City should have been 3 points if we are going to have a decent season, but we were poor against a side who hadnt played as a team before and deserved the result. We need to get some confidence back in the next few games.

  3. David King says:

    You seem to have missed out on quite a few players that we could pick as favourites. I suppose it was deliberate on the part of the World Cup Trio and Bonzo, but what about “Ticker” Boyce, Mark Ward, Brooking “Pop” Robson and more. Gonna be a strange result me thinks.

  4. Iain Dale says:

    David – as it says in the text, this is only since the Premier League began in 1992.

  5. David King says:

    I stand corrected. Standing in the “naughty” corner now

  6. west ham johnny says:

    enloyed the test thanx. thought the hardest question was who i like 2nd best in the league, no one really just ended up pickin sunderland only coz they done spurs saturday. i think ur next blog should be who will/shall we sign befor transfer window as we’re in need of 3-4 players i think.

  7. Ian the Hammer says:

    Sorry to go off topic but I have a question. Who now owns Tevez & Mascherano because I’d hate liverpool or man utd to get themselves into trouble

  8. markk00 says:

    “Who now owns Tevez….”

    Tevez has joined the Red Devils, so Sir Alex Ferguson sees him as a great asset to Man U. When Tevez was with the Hammers, he didn’t get much playtime, did he?

  9. raincoaster says:

    Can’t answer a survey I’m not informed enough to take in the first place (did answer your one on the other site), but I did answer your comment on running through rain.

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