Three Games in and Yossi Wants Out

From the Daily Mail website…

Liverpool midfielder Yossi Benayoun is already displeased at his lack of first team opportunities on Merseyside and his agent Ronen Katzav said: “He will think about moving to a medium-sized team if his chances remain restricted.”

Laugh? I nearly wet myself.


36 Responses to Three Games in and Yossi Wants Out

  1. DC says:

    John Terry wasnt at the Academy was he? Born in barking and may well have supported west ham as a kid but i think that was it?

  2. Birdman says:

    I’m a HUGE Hammers fans, have been since I was born, and I am VERY proud of our Academy and it’s influence on English players, but the following are not from the Hammers Academy.
    John Terry – Chelsea Youth Academy
    J. Defoe – Charlton Youth Academy
    David James – Watford Youth Academy
    Kieron Dyer – Ipswich Youth Academy

  3. Alex Jones says:

    So did I, but I’d have him back.

  4. jonnyhammer says:

    Good, hope he rots there on the bench, the greedy gloryhunter. I thought the Reds were his boyhood dream, his ultimate ambition ????

    Obviously he and he agent were just after another payday.

    Hope the Reds loan him out to Crewe.

  5. mickeyhammer says:

    Yep, I laughed too. So a move to a medium sized club is next eh? How about Spurs?

  6. Steve Cargill says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……

  7. BAC says:

    He must have realised he was only ever likely to be on the fringe of the squad at Liverpool.

  8. Gus says:

    You couldn’t make it up, delusions of grandeur.

    BTW just read Labour’s little red book of sleaze and it was a cracking read, ta.

  9. crazy horse says:

    what goes around comes around yossi

  10. says:

    John Terry?

    I believe he was on West Ham’s Schoolboy team, in the same squad as Rio?

    But he moved to Chelsea aged 15.

    I still consider him a West Ham product, once you’ve been Claret & Blue, they simply is no substitute……

    I feel for Yossi, he’s obviously been promised playing time, and now Rafa has gone back on his word. Let this be a lesson to all players and greedy agents.

    Not to mention poor Joe Cole, whose career has stalled at Chelsea…..

  11. Richard says:

    Hilarious a ‘medium sized club’ he can piss of to Aston Villa or shit like that, sell out. Even though liverpool came in he should have realized he’d agreed in principale a new 5 year deal wiped his mouth and stayed at the hammers, a certain thing called integrity, clearly something he is defunct of.

    P.s if the editor reads this on the celebrity hammers piece down the bottom add Matt Damon, he was in the sun the other day saying he comes and watches a game every season, and that he is a hammers fan, result!

  12. Stuart says:

    MickyHammer suggested Spurs for Yossi – actually I wouldn’t be at all surprised on that one. Yossi’s just what they need imo.

  13. ny hammer says:


    what a complete naive numbnut. as i posted recently, i have no sympathy for him.
    the arrogance of him to think he cud just walk into liverpool s midfield as a starter. starting midfeilders at liverpool or the other big 3 don t cost 5 quid. they cost 10 to 15 quid. or in the case of carrick and hargreaves ,15 to 20. benayoun s price said it all – that he was going to be a bit player.

    he had a chance to be a part of something at west ham and help push this club into uefa slot territory. but he became arrognat and egotistical and blew it.

    and this from a guy who prior to the home fulham match had been virtually non-existent last season.

    he gave up on a west ham side that has the potential to really accomplish something this season and over the next few seasons. a very ,very poor decision. he made his bed- he can rot in it. disloyal to the core.

  14. West Ham fan No32 says:

    Whatever his reasons, I’d take him back in a heartbeat, our team is missing his vision and creativity. No one should begrudge a player for wanting champions league football, it shows ambition, so far it hasn’t worked out for him and if he wanted to come back we should welcome him. Liverpool actually need him more than we do as they are one of the least creative teams in the top half of the table, look at their strikers goal ratio to see that.

    Mascherano when he plays looks like there best defensive midfielder but he only plays champions league games, seems like Yossi is on the same deal, oh well hopefully we can get him back

  15. TrevorH says:

    I agree with ny hammer. He is only at Liverpool until they find a better player and they will get rid of him. Just like Bellamy and many others. He was a decent player and still is but West Ham are probably as good as he is likely to get. Perhaps Spursor Newcastle but nothing more. Unless injuries prevail at Anfield I would be surprised if he gets a dozen starts in the Premiership. He let us down on more than one occasion last year so I don’t have a lot of sympathy. However, he played out of his skin against Man Utd last year so I don’t think that we should forget that.

  16. barry the iron says:

    i know a sunday pub team that could use you yossi,dont forget to bring your boots (doc martins) and your own fags!

  17. Hammerithome says:


  18. should have stayed when he said he would.dissapointing,no loyality.let him rot on the bench.

  19. D says:

    Is that medium as in talking to the dead because there’s one of them at every fairground. Give the man a goldfish and send him on his way.

  20. Gareth Southgate says:

    The boys got Middlesboro written all over him !

  21. levs says:

    putting yossi to one side for a mo, how about we start the ball rolling for the return of mr redknapp would that be the best signing of the season or what?
    we could keep curbs as right hand man!
    harry redknapps claret n blue army forever!

  22. Matty Pee says:

    terry was in the academy…so was defoe…dyer wasnt. james wasnt, james played for us and dyer plays for us.

  23. edtajchman says:

    does the term ‘fags’ mean ‘cigarettes’ in England? cause if it’s the American definition what Barry the Iron said sounds pretty kinky…lol…

  24. patterson says:

    I can confirm that John Terry was a trainee at west ham as a schoolboy

  25. westhamwayne says:

    john terry was definately at west ham as a kid ask tonye was the one who includuded carr as him in his all time 11 !!

  26. Mr Moon says:

    Defoe was not at our Academy he come through Charlton nut John Terry WAS on our books as a schoolboy.

  27. DUMB YOSSI says:

    R bless the little lamb!!! his fault 4 geting greedy + unloyal although i do agree with west ham fan no. 32 his creativity is somthing we now lack with him and tevez were is the inspiration gonna come from? moving on anyone were closer 2 sighning? dyer lokked a little slow and blind against germany (4 england) what do u think ? AND 4 GOD SAKE CURBS DONT SIGHN DIOUF AND PLAY AHSTON!!!!!!!!

  28. elmo says:

    birdmans an idiot in the west ham records john terry was with us from 9 years old to 13years old

  29. Mike Conrad says:

    …ha ha ha!

  30. ozhammer says:

    if he’s not good enough for liverpool then he’s not good enough for us….

  31. Plaistow54 says:

    I have no sympathy for Yossi. He came & went of his own accord. It’s called personal responsibility. Consequences. Sit on the bench. There are other creative midfielders. We are still talking to Appiah. I’ll won’t say to much but as i thought we would get Heinze. I nearly had his name tattooed on my arm. The silly season,rumours, tricks me every time. Correct me if i’m wrong but we still need a specialist left back don’t we ? We need another striker before a midfielder. We only really have Ashton & Bellamy for week in week out. Z man has scored goals but not consistent. Cole. nah. Appiah was a striker but went into midfield at Udinese & was one of the better players at the World cup. I don’t like Papa Diouf much. He spits at people. Hard to forgive that in the game. I’d rather Anelka any day than him.

  32. Plaistow54 says:

    Sorry Iain, me again. I better get this right. It’s El Hadji Diouf & Papa Bouba Diop. Two totally different people. It’s Diouf i was talking about. Apologies to Mr.Diop. My bad.

  33. KennyHammer says:

    Curbs wants to keep of the back pages for the wrong reasons. Great! So he has been linked with the signing of Papa Diouf, if any player can get adverse publicity and have a disruptive infulance he can. Despite being concerned over some of the new signings I feel we have the basis of the strongest team for several years Appiah would be a good addition, but no player can be more important to the hammers and england than Dean Ashton, possibly the best player in a Sherringham type roll around.
    As for Yossi, a talanted player, who made an error in moving to Anfield,very few players return to previous clubs and have success as Robbie Fowler will testify.

  34. Birdman says:


    How am I an idiot? Firstly, I have never seen evidence of J Terry being a Hammer trainee, just like our supposed link with Redknapp scouting Sheva to be a Hammer, and secondly, what about the others? Defoe, James, Dyer? If you have information on the contrary please provide and I will happily ass these gems to my argument to all NON-Hammer fans that we have produced the best English talent of all clubs, but if not…YOU ARE THE IDIOT.

  35. I definitely feel that footballers are becoming more stupid. Every midfielder that goes to Spurs is clearly stupid; they’ve already got 42 of them! Doesn’t Benayoun know that big clubs have big squads? Did he think he was going to replace Gerrard?

  36. Eric Mjide says:

    Hi everyone, my name is Eric and I’m sorry to bother you but I’m just trying to get in touch with an ex-colleague of mine, a crazy hammmer fan,STEVE CARGILL (BY THE WAY WE WORKED AT SONY PICTURES,LONDON.)stevey boy is Franco Zola’s magic working for you guys just yet.Get in touch, will you? I’m at the the way from Italy.ciao!!!

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