A Game of Two Chancellors

Just had this from a reader…

I need to vent my John Motson-fuelled rage at someone that understands (hopefully)…Last night, just before the national anthems, the BBC camera picked up Gordon Brown stood chatting to the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Motty, in his wisdom said:”A current and a former Chancellor there *cue Motson chuckle*. Glad to say that one has been promoted in the past few months, the other still remains in that same position.”

Isn’t it about time Motty was pensioned off? His inane comments are only marginally less inane than those of his sidekick Mark Lawrenson. Martin Tyler and Andy Gray put them to shame.


12 Responses to A Game of Two Chancellors

  1. Nick says:

    Whilst I agree Motson should be put out to grass with the likes of Jimmy the chin Hill, can someone please take a gun and put both Alan “smug git” Green and David sex case sex case hang him hang him hang him Pleat out of our miseries. I cant believe radio 5 has the front to put them on the same matches together its bad enough spending half the game listening to that sanctimonious no everything done nothing Green but having to listen to that Totenscum twat Pleat bleat on about anything and turn it in to a memory from the good old days at white heart lane is enough to rip a perfectly good car radio out of the motor and throw it out the window as you are running down the M40. PLease note that when I did that there were no hells angels in the area.

  2. Rooster says:

    Isnt Tony Blair the PM anymore? i dont remember going to the Polls, unless the polls were at 3am on saturday morning, coz i never remember what happens to me then! lol.
    How come Gordon Brown was at the Game? isnt he Scottish?

  3. Rooster says:

    sorry about the link Iain 😦

  4. Nick says:

    And another thing Lawrenson is like thrush an iritating c**t, crooks can take a long walk off a short pier too.

    All football programmes on the radio or telly should be fronted by Mick “The boy line acre done good” Shannon, Danny Baker , the bloke who used to do robot wars and Wrighty and Brighty. The rest are complete tossers especially Chris Kamara on sky what a leg breaking evil twat, never new anything about football on the pitch what the f**k does he know about it off.

  5. Brian Sains says:

    Iain, really like your site, but let’s keep it all things West Ham and not politics ?? We know where your political views lie, but air them on a political web site and not a West Ham site. I don’t actually see anything wrong with a silly quip from Motty, so let’s just leave it as a silly quip. Now, more great West Ham news please ??

  6. EastHammer says:

    Motson and Lawrenson are the biggest imbeciles on tv. I hate him them with a passion. They laugh at their own stupid comments and never critcise players of big clubs. Lets not forget Lawrenson went to Newcastle as defensive coach and they started to concede more goals. There is a reason why he is a pundit and that because he has no brains to be a coach. Gray and Tyler are not much better but rather them then Motson and Lawrenson.

    Gary Bloom and Ken Wolstenholme are the best commentators

  7. ny hammer says:

    agree on lawrensen – smug arrogant twit , along with gazzy vinegar, the crisp an d child obesity promoting fottenham timewaster.

    lawrensen seems to think that no player connected with man utd , currently or previously ,can do wrong. carrick was poor, as was ferdinand, and alan smith for all his huff and puff , is only marginally better than all the ex leeds bratpackers still earning a living, just about, in the premiership. carrick should be on the bench, as should lampard, once gerrard and hargreaves are fit.

    cole and beckham wide, or cole and SWP. gerrard and hargreaves central. let carrick and lamapard sit on the pine.

    to top it off , lawrenson ha sthe cheek to say that hargreaves deserves to play instead of lamapard( one of the rare sensible ideas he had) , yet went on an don about how good a match lampard had. good match? he missed 2 if not 3 sitters. not for the first time .

    the only one on that entire bbc panel with anything useful to say at times ,is hansen .
    the rest are a complete and utter waste of space. like u need 4 people on a panel for a friendly,even if it vs. germany? get stuffed bbc.

  8. Hammerithome says:

    Sorry Rooster;don’t mean to be nasty about this,but it doesn’t matter that Brown has not been elected as PM.The Conservatives did it last time with John Major who was given the job after Maggie,and yes,NO ELECTION.
    You see,they get away with it because when there is a general election you vote for the party or candidate in your area. You are not voting for the Prime Minister himself.
    I hope this makes sense,and I don’t wish to upset you as we are both Hammers and should stick together,so please don’t take offence.
    Also’does it matter that he is Scottish? He is the PM and goes to these sort of things as the PM and so does not matter that he is Scottish! He probably doesn’t give a shit about the England team,but he was just doing his job I suppose.

  9. ny hammer says:

    regarding the complaint about iain dale posting an item periodically about politics- it s his site. if he wants to post something a little different, to make the site a bit more interesting than the average blog , that s his prerogative. just because most of his who vist this site are passionate about the club doesn t mean we re not interested in anything else. part of what makes this site very good is that it is not your bog standard , “transfer windows only” blog.

  10. brummers72 says:

    “Did you hear his good “right winger” if i can use that phrase, ” priceless

  11. West Ham Fan No32 says:

    Even if it was politically motivated, this one of the funniest set of responses I’ve seen to the posts on this site.

    Anger fuelled comedy is the best.

    Don’t agree about Motty admittedly he is inane but at least he tries to add humour to the situation, trouble is as a comedy act they are both playing the straight guy. Lawrensons attempts at humour must have the mickey mousers crying into their beer.

    Next time he tries to tell a joke Garth Crooks should appear with a crook ( the shepherds not the scouse variety ) and yank him off by the throat they could then have Richard Attenborough throw him to the lions in Africa film it all and use it in a mock up of the MGM film insignia, use that as the new introduction to MOTD and as a warning to all the other useless twats working at the bbc collecting money for their football drivel !

    While I am about it. is it compulsory for all bbc pundits to have monotone voices, more specifically Shearer, Hansen and to a degree Lineker ! Once when I was watching match of the day the morning after with the sign language person, I saw the poor bloke while translating Hansen and Shearer make a noose sign around his neck as though he wanted to commit hari cari then fall off the corner of the screen ! ( disclaimer this may not have actually happened )

  12. Martin Stephenson says:

    John Motson has just srepped out of the Tardis in the year 1965 . What a statistical bore…who care’s .All we require is the occsional comment and to hear the reaction of the crowd. Does “Motsee” ..[joke] not have a retirement plan..maybe he can f ..k off and bore some deaf mates down the golf club. I for one will stop shuddering when the drippy twat retires.
    Sure to be fair he has had his day and has help to build the game to the glorius game of today,….so come on” Motty “..Pleas give it up mate ..take up” train spotting”…and do s ALLa favour.

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