A Message to Alan Curbishley

Dear Alan,

Should you seriously be thinking about making a move for El Hadj Diouf (which I can’t really bring myself to believe), could I make a plea on behalf of everyone that read this blog (on average 4-5000 a day) that you look elsewhere. Most of us won’t forget the time he spat at us at Anfield. And most of us believe him to be totally unsuited to the West Ham style of play. Don’t waste your money. Bellamy was a risk. We could just about put up with Anelka’s sulks because we know he can deliver the goods, but if Diouf isn’t good enough for a team like Bolton, surely we should be setting our sights a little higher. Just a thought.

Your Ever



28 Responses to A Message to Alan Curbishley

  1. crazy horse says:

    Heard Curbs on ssn earlier saying theres not much to be read into the Diouf story.I think its just the stupid media trying to brand us as aggro player target club.

  2. Swiss Hammer says:

    I have been thinking about this recent situation at WH and have come to a conclusion. It seems that Eggy and his team, Curbs included have shut up shop with regards to the press. As the vultures are circling and with nothing to pick at they are drumming up any titbit they can to fill the pages. If you think further, the back pages have been so filled with West Ham over the summer they have forgotten how to report about the rest of the league. Now, I am hoping beyond hope that Curbs and Eggy have secret deals in the pipeline and that they will not be publicised until they are complete. I still have a feeling that Appiah and Shorey will be wearing our colours this season. That said I have been a West Ham fan since birth so I am well aware of the dissapointment that usually follows us around. What it is to be a true football supporter!!!

  3. RML says:

    Here here i think you spoke for most hammers fans feelings regarding that filthy twat Diouf!! Also Curbs has been quoted as saying that we’re well covered at left back with Stella and Spector??. What is he on because i want some!?!?

  4. Chris Harrison says:

    Well said if not a little on the tame side.

  5. John says:

    Could not agree with you more ian, surely this Diouf scenaro is a rumour which should never ever have been heard. Ten million for a player like that Eggert is fat too shrewd., and Curbs far too sensible.

  6. jonnyhammer says:

    AGREE 150%

    I emailed the club today to voice my concern and dirtect the powers that be to some of the comments made on the various fan forums today. He is in my humble opinion a disgrace to football and he has no place in the game, let alone at WHU.

    I feel strongly enough that I would consider my continuing support, after 35 years, most as a season ticket holder.

    It HAS to be a false headline….please god

  7. Ian Walker says:

    As a 42 year old west ham fan from an east end family of all west ham fans, i was brought up on Moore hurst and peters, have adl mired brooking devo and bonds came so close with macavennie and tc. I campaigned against the bond scheme and if you cut me like most west ham fans i bleed claret and blue. But i swear on the late great bobby moores grave that if we sign El hadj Diouf i will cease all ties with the club i love. the an is pond life the lowest of the low and i will not support any team with such a parasite in its colours. please please please say this is not going to happen

  8. ray stokes says:

    The majority of fans didn’t want Bellamy,but he’s already becoming a hero at Upton Park.Hardly anyone wanted Dyer,but he could become a favourite if he can stay fit.However,signing Diouf would be the biggest mistake any West Ham manager has ever made,and that includes H signing Boogers!

  9. luc bailey says:

    i am a lifelong west ham fan and want nothing more than a team with good spirit. I you ask me, the whole Dyer and Bowyer thing was a freak moment at newcastle and i believe they will turn over a new leaf at upton park. I like the fact of diouf coming for his skills with the ball but i would be the first person to show him the door if he some much as grunted in the wrong direction! Bellamy may be a bit of a hot-head but again if he does what he is supposed to do then pay him those mouth-watering wages! I don’t rate shorey that much and have never heard of Appiah before. Europe would be fantastic but first we have to stay in the premiership! ALL HAIL PAULO DI CANIO and good luck to tevez at old trafford!

  10. Brooking knows best says:

    Mmm, i agree, Diouf might be going that yard to far, but i wonder if we was to score a hatrick on his debut against the Spuds if he would still be so dispised?
    Yeah he most likely would be! lol
    We do need another striker though! I think Shorey will not leave Reading until January so Curbs has to say we are covered in the left back slot.

  11. chris jordan says:

    please please dont get Diouf and not for bloody 10mill so i have seen. Does anyone know whats goin on bout gudjonson is that all forgotten now? and i realy think we should get a left back as i realy dont think we are strong anough in that area with mc cartny or spector

  12. alan says:

    I have a very young son that one day i want to share the thrills and spills associated with the club i have loved with all my life. He will never get to see the greats we have had in the past and i do not want to deprive him the chance of being part of a new exciting era in West Ham’s history, however i could not take him to see the famous claret & blue if that animal Diouf were to sign. It is irrelevent how good or bad a player he is spitting at opposing fans or players is as low as any player could get. PLEASE West Ham do not sign him and publish a denial of any interest on the official site ASAP.

  13. Alan says:

    What on earth is he doing waisting money on DIOUF if he buy’s him when there is a much better player at Barcelona in Gudjohnson,ok he’s injured i hear you say but surely every player gets injured ,infact it’s rumoured that Scott Parker will be making his first appearance this week through injury so i dont see what the problem is.
    Mr Curbishly if you read these come to your sense forget DIOUF and sign Gudjohnson instead,a player i’m sure the Fans would rather see in our Claret and Blue…

  14. hammerman says:

    I could’nt agree more Ian, if Curbs was to sign that ignorant piece of sh*t my support for my lifelong club and no doubt the rest of my family would cease immediatly!!

  15. Prince H says:

    Luc Balley: First of all: Appiah would really be IT, did you really miss the whole WC last year?
    Second: “All hail” di canio (even if wrongly spelled) is really wrong words here…. after what he did at Lazio. Good footballer, but with a disgraceful mind.

  16. Tony from Lanzarote says:

    Spot on Ian
    I sincerely hope it is media hype. It would be an absolute disaster if we signed him. Question – there must have been some other good player on that pitch last night as there were so so many Premiership Managers watching.
    Surely Diouf wasnt the reason – surely – PLEASE

  17. ny hammer says:

    Diouf is an absolute disgrace. a complete and utter piece of filth on the same level as mccabe. this club shud not be tarnished with an association with a lowlife like that . he is bottom of the barrel. an ill mannered waste of space who belongs in a jail cell. i don t care if he was available for 99 pence, i wouldn t want him, nl less 10 million pounds.

    keep that vermin away from west ham. are u listening eggert ?

  18. ny hammer says:

    re spector and mccartney

    can those who insist on downing these 2 lads start being a bit more positive ? they both bleed for this club , and both contributed to us staying up, with mccartney in particular playing a major role. cut the lads a bit of slack.

    as for shorey, there are better ways of investing 7 million , especially on the evidence of th egermany match. if it came down to it , i d rather give gabbidon a chance in the role than pay reading that overinflated fee. but the position is desrvedly mccartney s unless he gives curbishley a reason to think otherwise. and so far mccartney has done just fine . he may not be ashley cole or william gallas. but he desn t have the attitude problem they have and he doesn t cost what they do. and he s probbaly a shedload more loyal.

  19. Kit says:

    well said, signing diouf would be a big mistake. i would refuse to go and watch the team play while diouf was a west ham player were the move to happen.

  20. anyotherbizniz says:

    Agree with supportive comments re Spector and Mccartney. Spector is decent cover for Neill and across the back four, and while I’m unconvinced about McCartney, I am even less convinced Shorey is that much better to justify the inflated fees being quoted. Only Steve Coppell seemed to think he had a good game for England. Reckon Curbs thinks he can use Gabbidon and/or Spector at left back if need be, which is why he’s saying we are covered. Should still be in the market for a top left back but if no-one better than Shorey is on offer I say wait til January.

    As to Diouf. No. No. And No. How could we even be considering it?

  21. Plaistow54 says:

    I remarked on another thread about Diouf. However this one is about him. I was born & grew up in West Ham. I live in Oz but still have relatives that attend games. I have relatives that were professional footballers. I still referee games on a district level & have coached youth sides out here. I love football. There are fans at West Ham who are pretty sure of what they saw that day. One presumes that something was said. Diouf said that he just spat in the general direction of the West Ham fans. On any park that i am refereeing i consider spitting as an assault and the player will no longer be on the park. I forgave Di Canio as the referee made the most of it & he was remorseful. He became a gentleman of the game. Remember when he caught the ball because an opposition player was down. Even if Diouf scored 50 goals in a season for us i would still think he was a pr..k. Don’t do it Curbs.

  22. crazy horse says:

    I agree with you ny hammer,but we do need another left back.If we get this postion filled it will give those already there in that area more incentive to play even better,which is good for the club and their careers.Just look at etheringtons determination to play first team football now other players came in to fill his position

  23. jon l.colney says:

    come on chaps,do not believe everything you read.

    i do sometimes think now that we can influence egg n curbs with our sugestions on bloggs like these so any media rubbish needs a responce on here.

    joe cole pleeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee eggy .break the bank,porn the watch,have a whip round,whatever it takes.

    we are desperate for that bit ov magic in the middle.someone who can get you off your seat .someone that you pay to see even when were bottom .no need to mention names here but we all have seen and baught the t shirt for these types of players.

  24. WestHamForever says:

    I suspect that this Diouf business is a load of nonsense as the papers seem to have spent most of the summer reporting nonsense about who west ham are gonna sign.

    I just really hope it is, because watching Diouf in a west ham shirt would break my heart! It’s one thing having the likes of Bellamy and Dyer, cocky/football’s bad boys type characters, but Diouf is the ultimate scum-bag, everyone hates him!

    If i had the oppurtunity to speak to Curbishley, the first thing i’d say is please don’t sign Diouf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. ny hammer says:

    reply to crazy horse.

    fair comment on etherington- well spotted. he has improved , and one cud argue that the presence of stiffer competition on the wing has somethiung to do with it.

    i can t disagree that an “experienced,top drawer ” left nack would help us. what s been bothering me though is the extreme negativity mccartney and spector have been subject to at times. i can t deny that someone of the quality of heinze , had he wanted to come,would have helped. i just don t think the “need” for a left back is as strong as a need for the fourth striker. spector and mccartney need our support and i get concerned that we re not going to see them at their best if there is too much criticism from supporters, especially when its nasty criticism. something else to throw into the mix is that given that both these two are reklatively “inexperienced” in the premiership , we would be a bit exposed if we lost one to injury . this is the easy part odf the season in terms of fixture ciongestion. if we have any kind of a decent cup run, which i believe we re capable of again, depth cud become an issue, which does add to the case of adding an experienced left back. perhaps the 7 million pound question is,
    cud dabby gabbidon play this position if needed , rather than spending the money on shorey. i wasn t that impressed with shorey in the germany match.

  26. ny hammer says:

    additional message to westham management and ownership.

    if there is truth to the epsulation about real betis bidding for zamora,don t sell him.
    he s one of our own , and he s improving with each season. in addition, we re short on options upfront as is. selling him would be a mistake. he loves the club and he has an extremely good rapport with the supporters, something benayoun, coker and sheringham never managed.

  27. Rooster says:

    Here Here

  28. Rooster says:

    Well said NY Hammer

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