Which Commentators do Hammers Fans Love to Love or Love to Hate?

I’ve set up a new survey to test which football commentators and presenters West Ham fans like best, or love to hate. There are ten questions. Click Here to take survey

I bet some clever dick will tell me all the names I have missed off the lists…


20 Responses to Which Commentators do Hammers Fans Love to Love or Love to Hate?

  1. Croydonian says:

    If the most loathed pundit isn’t ‘Lawro’, I’ll eat my hat. And scarf. And rattle….

  2. Stuart says:

    Personally, I loathe Andy Gray from Sky – a total bell-end and so anti-West Ham.

    P.S. His voice really grates – which I think is only partly down to his accent.

  3. Stuart says:

    The most sensible commentator (sadly no longer does this) has to be Sir Trevor Brooking.I’m not saying that just because I follow West Ham. It’s because he speaks total sense, with great insight, and never over does it.

    Brian Moore (RIP) was the King though!

  4. John Erskine says:

    You left off Chris Kamara – the worst commentator ever. Refuses to admit he’s wrong even when replays show it quite clearly (states black is blue).

  5. Hammerithome says:

    Cheers Ian. Survey completed.

  6. ny hammer says:

    although i dislike virtually anyone and everyone connected to the BBC footie coverage ,hansen is the exception in that i think he says what he really thinks ,without worrying about saying what s politically correct ,and his analysis overall tends to be pretty accurate . Some people may not like Andy Gray s style, but i think his analysis also tends to be right , even if i don t necesarily agree with every single thing he says. i think Gray is a good commentator, although from time to time i do seem to sense a mild anti- west ham bias in him.

  7. west ham johnny says:

    iain have u read the main website curbs is not lookin for a left back, i had that feelin as he kept playin spectator or upson left back in pre season. i think this is a joke spector is bloody useless cant curbs see this or is it only me that thinks he’ds useless???

  8. ny hammer says:

    re spector

    i disagree strongly. clearly , he can t come close to Neill , but Neill i think is a very special player. i don t see Spector as good enough to start , but i do think he s a decent squad player. His comiitment can t be questioned , and he never shirks a tackle. Yes, he needs to improve his delivery on crosses , and yes , he needs to work on giving away fewer free kicks. but i do think that the guy contributes, and given that he s only 21 or 22 ,can and will improve. i think to write him off and be negative on him is a big mistake.

  9. ny hammer says:

    further on the left back situation.

    i think curbishley s comments on that position on the club s website are spot on, saying that we ve got 2 solid left backs in mccartney and spector. they re not ashley cole, but so what? and on top of the 2 “proper ” left backs we have, we ve got gabbidon and collins, who if it became necesary ,could play there even if it s not their natural position.

    the priority to me is to get another striker(and not that spitball Diouf either) . Not because there is anything wrong with what we ve got . i think bellamy,zamora and ashton are all good to excellent premiership strikers. are they thierry henry? of course not ,but so what? we need a fourth striker because as sure as death and taxes one of these 3 will get crocked at some point. Not to mention the possibility of cup runs and fixture congestion at xmas/easter etc. and of course the possibility of suspensions…
    3 good strikers is not enough . we simply need a fourth . period.

  10. StevO says:

    Curbs is not playing Ashton against wigan, his prefers to play bellamy and zamora as his preferred strikers, does he have a problem with dean is there something we do not know, with all the rehab and pre-season work Ashton has done he said he was ready and just need to get his sharpness back. I think there is something we don’t know.

  11. chris says:

    agree with west ham johnny, we desperately need a left back. but im not sure who is out that that will improve us. not a big fan of shorey. have said it before but think maybe it is best to wait for a class left back rather than wasting 7mil. in the mean time try gabbs at LB, with pace in the gallas (when at chelsea ) mould. i think would complement upsons with his lack of pace. wont expect him to do much attacking but would def stop us leaking goals. then we could bide our time and go for the “class” LB, in the carlos, evra, clichy mould (we can attract this kind of name when we have a good season). Didnt evra cost what we are supposedly gonna pay out for shorey?!!!

  12. West Ham fan No32 says:

    Lawro should definitely win worst commentator he isn’t even any good when using hindsight to state his case. I feel sorry for Motty that he so often has to share the gantry with the fool.

    I like Motson, he doesn’t pretend to know too much about the game and always tries to be unbiased in his views.

  13. Matthew Dear says:

    You’re right – and you asked for it. I didn’t finish the survey because you didn’t offer me a way of expressing my beliefs that 1) Mark Lawrenson is a total maggot who (I can only presume) spends his time watching a different match to the one he’s supposed to be commentating on and 2) Andy Gray is a total idiot.

  14. Iain Dale says:

    Matthew, the last question gave you a big box to write in whatever you liked. Shame you didn’t get that far!!

  15. E1 says:

    TREVOR FRANCIS !!!!!!! got to be the most anti West Hammer ever and never makes much sense.

  16. Coxtin says:

    Missing out Jimmy Armfield is a huge oversite.

  17. Al Bundy says:

    Andy (I have to say) Gray is the most obnoxious of them all.
    When he get’s a question right he just sits back with a smug grin on his face and wallows in his own self importance. Do us all a favour and “Take a bow son”
    As for the best let’s take a trip back in time.
    For those of us old enough to remember, who can forget The Big Match and the legend that was Brian Moore.

  18. ny hammer says:

    regarding playing ashton vs wigan, based on ashton s performance vs city he shud NOT start. either he s not match fit, or his attitude is lacking in some way or both. i thought he was absolutely non-existent vs man city. i hope it was just a case of him still not being fully fit, but i have my doubts. there were moments where he looked downright lazy, a la marlon harewood. let s hope it was a one -off

  19. Matthew Dear says:

    Fair enough – I’ll have another go! I didn’t feel I could answer the questions with any integrity without having a “Lawro” option, but I’ll see it through to the end this time!

  20. ny hammer says:

    countersue mccabe. bankrupt him and strip him of his dignity. he is worse than any media commentator.

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