Senor Zamora?

One of the more bizarre transfer rumours of the day concerns Bobby Zamora, who is apparently a target for Real Betis. Can’t see that somehow. Perhaps we could offload Carlton Cole to them instead…


32 Responses to Senor Zamora?

  1. Hammerithome says:

    Don’t mind Zamo going,but we need a decent striker URGENT. I hear that Defoe is still not completely happy at Spurts,so why not make a move for him and tell him the fans will forgive him if he bangs in the goals.
    Come on Curbs,you know it makes sense!

  2. luc bailey says:

    i have heard from some sources that bowyer’s on his way to villa but that cod b b******s! wot do u fink of bowyer Iain?

  3. Chris says:

    I think offload the both of them, both useless.. Carlton Cole is a disgrace to football, has never lived up to his potential.. Laziest player in the league.
    Bob thinks he is quality, but really he is just second rate.. how he gets a game week in week out, i’ll never know.

  4. jon l.colney says:

    blind media reporting yet again. they must get soooo bored up there in fleet street that they trail through some old rubbish they printed a few weeks back and then say it again as if its new news!!!! and then the worse bit….people believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bobby zamora would love to warm the bench if it came to it.

    as for mr cole im sure he would suit a chumpionship side so why not lend him out and get a propper striker in ?

  5. vicki says:

    Our top goal scorer last season,
    who would you rather have Carlton Cole ??week in week out
    ok not the best but gives 110% every game
    Fickle thats what some people are

  6. SD says:

    Don’t know how you can call Bobby 2nd rate with one of the highest workrates in the Prem, winning balls and holding them up being his speciality. Also, how many strikers do you get these days who are so committed to their team and play for the good of the club rather than having ulterior motives- HELLO DEFOE!!! No thanks, and to call Bowyer useless is way off the mark, he might not be champions league football anymore but he deserves his place in the squad

  7. SD says:

    Also, forgot to mention, Bobby kept us in the Prem with his goals against Ars and Toffees!!

  8. Stickers says:

    Here here Vicky,Bobby may not be top notch but he tries his GOOLIES off and occasionally surprizes us ! A decent squad player………..unlike C.Cole

  9. PJR says:

    I’d rather Curbs bided his time and got the right people in rather than just signing any old RB and CF like most people seem to want. Zamora is a great squad player and Cole is useful for the time being.

    Vicki, I hope you’re not surprised at how fickle football fans are, especially WH fans!

  10. PJR says:

    Above should read LB. I was foaming at the mouth as I typed…

  11. ny hammer says:

    spot on vicki…

    well stated. he had a big part in our promotion, a big part in our successful first season
    back in the prem, and a big part in our great escape last season. that goal at hom eto everton was vital , and that win really made people believe the great escape was on.
    i don t give a toss that he isn t wayne rooney. he plays for the shirt and gives 100 pct every time. he s also getting better. even last week, although he didnt score he cud have had a brace as he got himself in good scoring position a number of times.

    people need to support the guy, and that goes for every player in the squad who may not be a “champions league” player at the moment ,or ever,but who gives everything.

    we need a fourth striker. we do NOT need to sell Zamora. the reason we need a fourth is for cover for all the familiar reasons, not because zamora isn t good enuf.

    the one who shud be laoned out BECAUSE HE IS NOT GUD ENUF is carlton cole.

    the chairman of the club is prepared to spend money , but sensibly. not in the way that
    brown and redknapp did years ago. which achieved nothing for us.

    zamora stays . end of

  12. ny hammer says:

    rock on pjr and sd

  13. Rooster says:

    Its ludicrous to think we would lose Zamora, whats up with hammerithome thinking we would rather have Defoe than Zamora, On ya bike m8!!, Zamora has been the heart n soul of west ham since we got aimed to get out the fizzy pop league.
    Zamora stays!! enough said.


  14. Rooster says:

    Hammerithome, yur link sux too as well as yur judgement on players. lmfhao 🙂

  15. ny hammer says:

    rock on roosta

  16. Ian the Hammer says:

    Big up Zamora, I would be gutted if he left. Thought he played a blinder last season when allowed to. CC is poo, get rid of.

  17. glad the inhaler says:

    Get rid of Zamora? Do me a favour. If they all put their hearts into it like he does I’d turn up to cheer them every week no matter how successful or unsuccessful they were.

  18. KennyHammer says:

    Zamora to go! Never. If all the players had half his passion for the club we would have breezed it last season and avoided all the crap from the Blades. All the so called hammers supporters who played for us have jumped ship in our darkest hours, Joe Cole etc. Zamora has got something that no transfer fee can buy.
    Talking about loyalty isn’t it about time the FA woke up and appointed a manager who has proven loyalty and is English. Who knows the game inside out can bring a bit of fun and flair into our national team. Harry Redknapp should be given a go, no one deserves it more and the interviews will be a hoot. Get rid of the Swedes & Scots get a manager that every one will play for. Terry V. was our most successful manager in recent years. So why not give Harry a go.

  19. ny hammer says:

    spot on inhaler

  20. Hammerithome says:

    Hi Rooster; I’m sorry you feel the way you do,but you don’t know what my judgement on players is,whereas I know you know nothing about politics as your previous comments showed re the PM.
    I DID actually say that there was no offence meant from my comments but you obviously chose to ignore that.
    I know you will not be able to read this for a while as it is way past your bed time.
    Good night.

  21. ny hammer says:

    spot on kennyhammer on zamora

    not a bad shout on redknapp ,despite some of his mistakes in the transfer market towards the end of his time with us. looking at what he s done at portsmouth,he can obvioulsy still motivate players, so maybe he wud be a good choice for england manager. the england team needs a manager with a bit of spark ,which has been misisng for years now.

  22. Rooster says:

    lol Hammerithome, i leave the politics to Iain, hes the genius on it not me, im not going to get in a slagging match with yu bruv, I dont want to make you look like an idiot more than you already do.

    re Kennyhammer: I totaly agree about your post on harry being the England manager for England. Its hard to fathom why a Scotsman would want to manage England and in his heart actualy want them to win anything. His ancestors must be turning in there graves.

  23. StevO says:

    Looks like some of you are football blind and soft in the head, there is no place for layolty in football, look how far that got pards with dickheads like Mullins, Konchesky and Harewood. Alex Ferguson drops players and getrs rid if they are not performing, Zamora is a great example for kids giving 100% but he is not good enough for the prem, if we want to progress we need better players. If i was skint and could n’t afford a season ticket this year as i have the last 10 years would eggy let me watch the season for nothing, bollocks he would. Stop being soft in the head you lot, THERE IS NO PLACE FOR LOYALTY AND SOFT BASTARDS IN FOOTBALL.

  24. Rooster says:

    StevO.. Take some stress pills mate!!

  25. ny hammer says:

    there is no place for thick, numbnut pseudo-hard twats like u stevo.

    u think ur hard enuf do ya?



    loyalty is excactly what konchesky and harewood were u not ,u filth.

    HARD ? you wouldn t know what hard was it if it bit you in your blue flag. tosspot.

    go to basra , or bagdad, then u can first be in a position to talk about soft.and what s not.

    you timewasting twat.

    up zamora and up the hammers,

  26. fat chance says:

    stevo- ur a mug , and ur going down…

  27. gringo says:

    start supporting your players and helping them do better instead of slagging them off.

    i can name about 10 premiership clubs who d be happy to have zamora , so do us a favor stevo,
    and put ur trailer trash comments where they belong . in the bin.

  28. gravkapell says:

    I hope the Z man stays. He’s a hammer through and through, and a decent player despite being critized even when in top shape. He scored quite many goals last season and was instrumental in the relegation battle, though carlitos stole all the headlines. Well. Hope he stays.

  29. manic hammer says:

    that s rite grav. zamora has a major role to play at the club, whether it s as a starter or a substitute. he will contribute ,as he has since he s been at the club.

    trevor brooking was loyal. when we went down he didn t do a runner. loyalty may not be the only thing , but it does matter. and until dean ashton proves he s fit, and willing to run his socks off, then the shirt is zamora s . period.

  30. Hammerithome says:

    Hi Ian; You are a clever man. Getting all these people to argue over Zamo is certainly putting the old average up on this site-I’m loving it!

    For the record,I’m not fussed one way or another if Zamo goes or not,as in the end they all leave anyway. I just want to see a decent striker in the side who can score 20+ goals a season,and then we will be motoring. We need a striker urgently as we still havn’t replaced Harewood yet,so we are a striker down as I see it.
    If Zamo scores on a decent regular basis then I am not against him,but if he just stays in the team on his past glories then this can not be right surely?

    Zamo is a decent bloke and a Hammer at heart which is great,but sentiment stops there for the sake of the team,and one man is not as important as the team.
    Keep Zamo by all means but we MUST get another striker in soon.

  31. Hammerithome says:

    Just heard on Sky West Ham are considering a bid for Benni McCarthy. Yes Yes Yes!

  32. ny hammer says:

    wud be brilliant if we cud pull it off. a darn sight better business than paying silly money for
    ipswich bent.

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