Striker Killed

Newham born QPR striker Ray Jones has been killed in a car crash this morning. QPR’s match this afternoon has been postponed as a result. I’m sure I speak for all West Ham fans when I say our heartfelt wishes go out to his family and all QPR supporters this morning. What a terrible thing to happen.


13 Responses to Striker Killed

  1. Rooster says:

    Its a sad day when any footballer dies, but worse when his life was taken so soon at 19, I lost my 25 year old son to an accident so i know how his family feels.
    My heart and prayers go out to the Jones family and friends club and supporters.
    R.I.P Ray Jones

  2. Steve says:

    Rooster, its a sad day when anyone dies.

  3. fat chance says:

    steve,do us a favor and save the sermonizing for someone else

  4. sad day local lad as well rip ray.

  5. Westhamdave says:

    There is nothing sadder than when a young person dies. God bless all the families involved.

  6. sam says:

    i cant believe ray jones died so young and i cant imagine what their parents are feeling right now R.I.P ray jones

  7. Surrealist says:

    The worst thing about any tragedy is that some arsehole thinks he knows better or that he has an opinion in peoples moment of grief that actually means anything to those concerned. Well I can tell you now. If you cannot say anything constructive or heart felt to the people closest to those who’ve experienced a loss, then say nothing. Don’t start bashing people who have the decency to pay their respects. RJ RIP, my thoughts are with your family.

  8. Liam says:

    My heart goes to his family, RIP ray jones hats off to u

  9. ny hammer says:

    correct, that means if rooster wants to pay his respects , then we dont need nubnuts passing judgement.

    that clear enuf?

  10. rm hammer says:

    its sad to hear that a young footballing prodigy has died in a car crash and that my thoughts are to qpr his family and friends…

    but… he died at 00.20 saturday morning… now i know he is a youngster but he was a professional footballer and he shouldn’t of been out that late before a match.

    R.I.P RJ

  11. ny hammer says:

    re the time of death, that occurred to me as well- i was thinking to myself what was he doing out at that time the night before a match? not been a good couple weeks for current/ex-footballers . qpr must feel they re jinxed . in any case, may the poor lad rest in peace.

  12. phil says:

    he was injured so was not out on the tear before a game.

    Consensus at Rangers is he was a lovely lad who would have gone on to do big things.

    Thanks for all thecomments.

    Phil (qpr fan)

  13. The Headmaster says:

    If there is a God, may he bless you Ray.
    If not, then at least you did something few of us do – you achieved a degree of fame, however slight, because of your talent for playing football. Because of this you were loved not just by your family and friends but also by the supporters of your football club.

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