Wigan: Match Preview

Today’s game at Wigan is crucial in a very different respect to last season’s. Then, we were fighting relegation. Today we could go into the top half of the league, even though we have played a game fewer than everyone else. And a victory keeps us above Man U! So in many ways it could help define where we go as a club this season. There will be no love lost from the fans. At the first home game of the season the crowd was really quiet and just didn’t get behind the team enough. Today, that shouldn’t be a problem despite the absence of the Wigan chairman Dave Whelan.

But we underestimate Wigan at our peril. Last season we did just that and lost to them at home. They have improved their team this season and are on a roll. Sibierski couldn’t hit a barn door at Newcastle, yet he is on fire for Wigan at the moment. And their defence has been shored up by the signing of Melchiot.

I don’t expect Alan Curbishley to make any changes to the team which beat Birmingham, apart from bringing in a (hopefully) fit again Lucas Neill to replace Jonathan Spector at right back. Ashton will again, for some unfathomable reason, start getting splinters, rather than in the centre circle where he ought to be. It is in games likes this where he will regain his match fitness.

Right, If any of you want to come and say hello, I’ll be in the Newham bookshop at 1.45 till about 2pm on the corner of Green Street and Barking Road. Always nice to meet readers!


10 Responses to Wigan: Match Preview

  1. Rooster says:

    Wigan have improved, but its only 3 games so far, and the EPL is a bit weird at the moment, with ManUre down the bottom, But im sure the Mighty Hammers will win 2-1 today.

    C’mon yu irons!!

  2. tom says:

    As usual you are talking a load of drivel. All you needed to pu was Wigan will beat West Han again.

  3. neil says:

    why is ashton being kept on the bench when we are clearly struggling to score and this is a good game to get his fitness come on curbs let him off the leash

  4. Gee says:

    Ageed, you have to play Ashton otherwise how will he get his sharpness back.

    I aasume Curbs sees he isn’t quite ready.

  5. ny hammer says:

    wigan excel at on ething tom, employing slave labor an dhaving numbnuts for chairmen .

    we huimilliated you in may . w etook your pride and dignity and carved into 99 pieces.
    and then binned it.

    not for the last time.

    low-rent ,timewasting miserable,pathetic freak.

  6. aussie lee says:

    cant believe ashton isnt starting he is heaps better then zamora great to see neill back will strenghen the back 4 if west ham dont win this i will be very disapointed but can see it ending up a draw

  7. Plaistow54 says:

    I’ll be watching on Foxsports in less than half an hour. I expect us to beat Wigam by at least two goals. Wigam have been very lucky so far. A loss against Everton & two home wins against weaker teams & they will soon adopt their proper position at the other end. We have always had difficult games against Wigam but i see no problem this season.

  8. theFrontSteps says:

    you know what I love about WordPress? 9 out of 10 of the “hawt posts” have to do with English Football. Gives me a chance to see what’s going on in the real world of sports. Not these dodgy American sports I’m forced to see all over the tele and radio here…like baseball and American Football. One of these days I’ll get on over to England and watch one of these Premier matches.

  9. fat chance says:

    still giving it the big one, tom , u timewasting twit?

    have a nice journey to the chmapionship , u pie eating loser.

  10. Rooster says:

    RE Tom:- Quote “As usual you are talking a load of drivel. All you needed to pu was Wigan will beat West Han again”

    Time to eat your words!!

    I love remembering scum like you!!

    Happy Happy Hammer

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