Bobby Zamora: Usless fact of the Day No 94

The News of the World tells us this morning that Bobby Zamora has committed 14 fouls this season – more than anyother Premier League player. As if we couldn;t have guessed that for ourselves…


25 Responses to Bobby Zamora: Usless fact of the Day No 94

  1. Grant says:

    really dissapointed with zamora’s performance against wigan i went to the game and he was so poor with his touch and control. Maybe its time we started ashton or should we give cole a chance ?

  2. Rooster says:

    There was nothing wrong in his performance, but his finishing, Like i said in a previous post about the Team, i believe hes actualy trying too hard, maybe if he just chilled out and played his natural way he might score the goals we were used to him scoring, and that goes for the whole team!.
    Once the team gels it will be alot better, everywhere that ive read about the game, says we dominated quite a lot of the game, so we just need to put the cherry on the cake and score 2 or 3 a match and thats it, were on our way 🙂

  3. David says:

    The Bristol Cup game is an ideal opportunity to give Ashton his match fitness. I think Z man needs a rest and needs to loosen up a bit. He IS trying too hard, and he is still a good goalscorer. Its not all down to him you know but its far easier for people to slag Z man off rather than Bellamy. I dont think they gel well and I dont think they ever will. But Curbs aint gonna drop Bellamy because then he would be admitting he done a bum buy. Cant be doing his confidence much good being linked with just about every striker that comes on the market either so hows about cutting the guy some slack?. And seeing as how Curbs likes buying cheap injury prone players why not have a pop for Michael Owen if he really wants a striker. I reckon we would get him for peanuts with HIS fitness track record :-))

  4. Rooster says:

    Im surprised at you still reading Comic’s Iain, Tabloids like the Sun, Mirror, and news of the World wouldnt know the truth if it bit them in the face. Read the Times! now there’s a quality paper. lol.

  5. hardinga says:

    fuck me, youd think it was christmas the way people were banging on, its 3 games down, one win one draw one defeat. we have got money, we will not go down, and we aint gonna win the league or qualify for the chumpions league, dont get all drawn into the egg heads dreams, it will take a year or two or three before we will be able to compete, it took chelski 5 years and about 5 managers and a zillion quid before they were where they are now. in the wordsof a thieving scouse, “calm down calm down”

  6. Zamora is having a slow start to say the least, but lets not forget what he did to keep us up, and to get us promoted in the first place. A top player who is rubbished and slated by his own fellow supporters but always gives his everything. Bob will come good again, stick with the bloke.

  7. ny hammer says:

    spot on barney. zamora is just going through a rough patch , and will come through it, AS HE HAS IN EACH OF THE LAST 3 SEASONS. as roosta correctly stated , he HAS been getting into goal scoring position , it s just the finishing that ha slet him down, also , he s not alone. bellemay needs to do more- bellemay has been too shy to pull thr trigger and test the keeper. bellemay needs to start taking shots on goal , and taking responsibility in that department. dyer, in his brief stay here so far , has also created chances, but like z-man, hasn t finished well enuf. both dyer and zamora WILL start to finish better and score goals. there is also a bit of a learning process going on in these goal scorers learning how to play together- it s only been 3 games, so of course they need more time to gel.

    the goal shud simply be to make a solid improvemnt on last year – forget about superlofty targets. a top 10 place wud be a solid improvemnt. then the next year , a top 8. but it isnt going to happen overnite. are these boys gud enuf to be top 7 this year ? in all honesty i think they are, IF people stay fit and IF attitudes stay right. but a 10 th place finish wu dnot be a failure and it wud not be a disaster.

    as for these statistics, the tabloid conveneinetly forgets 2 things –
    one is that after just 3 games ,we have been victim of some appalling officiating. zamora is getting booked for fouls which are dubious at best .

    two is that zamora is not being awarded free kicks ,despite being elbowed,kicked,bitten bollocked and scratched all game long. it is an absolute digrace that our opponents aren t getting booked for this nonsense.

    if anyone even thinks of bringing up the penalty bellemay earned in reference to officials screwing west ham , they can sod right off. the media FORGET that dyer was not awarded a penatlty at brum when it was a CAST IRON PENALTY. and they forget that noble shud have been awarded one vs wigan in the first half as well.

    these fouls that have been called against zamora are at times absolute nonsense. i can fault zamora for being offsides a bit too often, but i can t fault him for the fouls, as i think at least some are down to poor officiating

    up zamora
    up the hammers

  8. ny hammer says:

    countersue mccabe and make that lowrent poxy waster pay the price, in full

  9. Rooster says:

    Barny French is that your website on the Link?

  10. Ornchurch Ammer says:

    I agree with Rooster, I was also at the match and think he is trying too hard to impress. Bobby always gives 100% unlike Harewood used to, he is a confidence player and if the supporters start getting on his back it won’t help him at all. I say play him against Bristol Rovers, BZ scoring a goal against them will do him a world of good.

  11. ny hammer says:

    totally agree with hornchurch

    play zamora and ashton tuesday nite. get them both on the scoresheeet. save bellamy for reading.

  12. hammer-insane says:

    up zamora

    up the hammers

    yih baby yih

  13. Mike says:

    Everyone seems to be having a go at Zamora, but what about Bellamy? Bellamy has failed to impress me so far! Costing around 7million, u would xpect 2 hav seen something by now! I hope im proved wrong, but i can see Belamy being a poor signing! He has bin running around like a headless chicken!!

  14. ny hammer says:

    re bellamy

    i think he s doing some things right, in that he looks dangerous and is making some good passes and he is chasing everything, including lost causes. i felt that there were times agaoinst wigan where he singlehandedly made it difficult for wigan to move the ball upfield after we d lost possession. you also have to give him credit for helping make the goal against steve pinhead bruce. i sgare your disappointment in one sense
    though, which is that he seems very shy of taking shots on goal at the moment. we re not testing the keeper enough at the moment, despite some good passing and movement at times , and i think it is bellamy more than anyone who needs to be having at go at times. i d also say that dyer and etherington need to be taking more shots at goal – both pass well , but i think too often both don t even consider shooting when it is a fair option. mccartney led 2 shots fly from just beyond the area vs wigan and wasn t far off the mark- if he s willing and able, then certainly our midfielders and strikers should be. we need to get out of this frame of mind of trying to walk it into the net or score the perfect goal. good,bad,ugly,pretty doesn t matter. a goal is a goal .

    i think bellamy will come good and will turn out to be a good signing. put it this way – im a lot happier seeing him on the pitch giving 110 percent then seeing marlon being lazy and ooking negative. i think the other thing to consider is that it s only been 3 games , so bellamy needs time to gel with teh club etc. the whole side is very different to last year , and a couple key pieces haven t even really been able to get involved yet due to injury ,so i think we all need to be patient. i think we will see improvemnt over the next couple months. so long as the attitude of the players is right ,i think this side can and will surprise a lot of people over the course of the season.

  15. blade banner says:

    countersue mccabe and make that disease ridden crumbsucker suffer like 7 deadly sins. lowlife , poxy two bob trailer trash piece of filth.

  16. BAC says:

    Let’s not be too hard on Bobby Z for his disciplinary record. These ‘fouls’ come from him getting stuck in trying to lead the line, mostly, and that’s a measure of how hard he’s trying. Perhaps over-hard, as others have suggested, and that’s what has been affecting his finishing, which has been poor. It’s all very well having competition for places in the team, but you can have too much of a good thing, sometimes.

    Like most players, and especially strikers, Bobby plays best when he’s feeling confident, and confidence will come when he develops a better understanding with his strike partners, and when the team starts taking a few of the chances it has been creating.

    It’s a bit early to start panicking and looking for scapegoats after just three games, this isn’t Tottenham you know.

    Speaking of the Tottscum (which I seldom do, for obvious reasons) I have to admit I watched their game at Old Trafford on Sky yesterday, and reckon they were really unfortunate to lose. What a shame …

  17. road menace says:

    thats spurs for u .

    always “nearly”, “unfortunate to lose” etc. gazzy vinegar and the obesities.

    up the z man
    up the hammers

  18. Rooster says:

    They played a Manure team that wasnt at its best, they should have scored. Berbatov is excellent, the only guy in my view that might save Spuds if he stays. As for Martin Jol, I like the guy, good manager, but hes not whats gonna make them Champions League stuff, In my view things will change soon with inadequate managers, Spending £40+ million on players for a £10k a week manager dosnt make sense, Curbs knows his jobs on the line if we dont make Europe at end of season, I hope he does it, or we will be looking for a manager with international status.

  19. ny hammer says:

    i think if curbishley gets us a top 10 finish ,his job is safe. even with the new signings, the owners have to be realistic and can t expect too quick a jump from last season s relgation battle to a uefa spot. having said that ,if this set of players want it badly enough, and if we don t have more long term fitness issues like faubert,i don t think a top 7 or top 8 is beyond us this season. we need to start converting our chances. .if and when that happens, there is no reason why this team can t accumulate points.

  20. Rooster says:

    Curbs said something on skysports the other day about the Wigan match, after the journalist asked him was he happy with a point, Curbs said “No he wasnt, but its early days yet” believe me guys its never early days when it comes to end of season and teams are relagated because of 1 point they fail to get at begining of season, every point is vital, whether it be begining or end of season, lol, ask sheff u what i mean. lmao. Curbs has to change his attitude about a point thats for sure, and i aint picking on him, i love the guy, as long as he does well. Im looking forward to the Rovers match later tonight, Ashton on for 90 mins, its gonna be a brill game, but im watching it down the pub. lets slaughter the lil bastards. C’Mon yu Irons!!!!!!!!!

  21. ny hammer says:

    this is one banana skin we can t trip up on. we need that like a hole in the head given the media s loving attitude towards us these days, so lets hope the lads are up for it.
    a decisive win ,even vs lower league opposition,wud be a good way to go into the reading match. we need to make up for the debacle last new year s ,so going into it with a degree of confidence wud help. in fairness to curbishley, he did mention that although we did well to rescue a point, it did feel like 2 dropped points given the possession we had.

  22. jon l.colney says:

    zamora just needs that one goal and he will be off again .he is trying far to hard like noble sometimes but ide rather have someone givin it there all than a money grabbing big nosed yid like yossi playing for mate rekoned mullins was pants on saturday but what i saw on tv i thaught he did a job? anyone?

  23. hammer-addict says:


  24. ny hammer says:

    first things first. i don t give a toss what yossi s religion , or anyone else s color is. thats irrlevant. wake the funk up and get into the 21 st century, numbnut , and stop using moronic words like yid. low rent .pony , poxy sheffield united type vocabulary. get that vocabulary th efunk outta here now.

    as for mullins, he had a good first half, but struggled a bit secxond half when wigan caught us on the break a couple times. overall i d say he had a satosfactory game ,but i felt he ws better in the previous two matches.

    as for zamora i totally agree- one goal and he will start producing again. in fact as soon as he starts cuttting down on the numbe rof times he s caught offsides ,his confidence will rise. every single time he s had a lukewarm period with us, he has ALWAYS come good, often at critical times. and yes i d take zamora any day over marlon, and for that matter even over a more skilled player like benyaoun, because
    benyaoun was not reliable enuf and he wasn t committed.

    you shouldn t need to hem and haw , and have teh debate of the century as to whether you want to play for west ham united. if a player can t make his mind up without
    having unpteen debates with himself and all and sundry , then we don t need him

    This club is going places. WE DON T NEED TO BEG PEOPLE TO PLAY HERE.
    take your ipswich bent and stick it with the blue flag

    up zamora
    up bellamy
    up ashton

    up the irons,


  25. irritable east ender says:

    up the hammers

    yih baby yih

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