As the Transfer Deadline Approaches

There are only three days before the transfer window closes. I think we all agree that we need another left back and a striker. In theor Danny Gabbidon and Jonathan Spector can play there bu for specialist positions like that we need two alternates. George McCartney hasn’t done anything wrong, but I am not sure he is the kind of class player we need there. Nicky Shorey still looks the most likely target, but I would also be happy with Matthew Taylor from Portsmouth.

As regards a striker, I just can’t see McCarthy or Anelka joining us and it’s difficult to see who else we’d want. I suppose we should remember that both Dyer and Ljungberg can play up front. Once Faubert is back in contention we’ll have three right sided players vying for one place, although Dyer can play anywhere across the middle.

It wouldn’t at all surprise me to see the club sign another tough tackling midfielder either.

As far as departures go, I can’t see any point in hanging on to Carlton Cole. I still think Pantsil is worth another try, but if he’s not going to be used, why keep him? And finally, I can see Hayden Mullins being included as part of the Shorey Deal.

Mystic Dale is putting away his crystal ball now.


25 Responses to As the Transfer Deadline Approaches

  1. mark says:

    A decent left back is a must!

    I think we would have a chance with anelka if man U weren’t so desperate for a new front man. He is class.

    We definately need another top striker though, as it will give the others a ‘kick up the backside’. Bellamy and Deno won’t last all season together.

  2. Ross Lamont says:

    Hi Iain,

    Good aticle, been meaning to reply for a while now.
    Think you are right about Mullins being a ‘make weight’ in the Shorey deal, we could be running out of time though !
    Talking of tough tackling midfield players I still quite fancy us signing Appiah, think he would be a great partner for Parker / Noble.

    Cheers, Ross.

  3. GJF says:

    Quite agree with the Pantsil comment, the one game I saw him play (as a sub as well) he outclassed the rightsided player and made that American one look like a schoolboy, should definitely give him a go. What is wrong with Curbs, I can’t beleive someone who wanted to be England Manager can be so blind as not to have seen asfter the first game of the season, which was really poor, that he didnt need 2 or 3 more class act players. If the likes of Shorey and barnes are there to be had then HAD them for goodness sake, if you are reallt searious about contending for european football Curbs then open your eyes take off the dark glasses and ditch the guide dog, wake up and smell Europe, but you seriously need to look at your squad if you think you are going to be sucessful with what you’ve got, cos any idiot can see the best you will do this year is not getting relegated…….try playing EA Sports Club Manager, see how u get on with the West Ham squad on there…..your having a laugh Sir………..

  4. irritable east ender says:

    agree on pantsil- i think he s worth a shot as substitute midfielder, but if we re not going to play him, then sell him or loan him out. agree on cole-if we can t sell him, then lend him out to reduce the wage bill. i d keep mulllins given how injury prone our midfield is – he s reasonable cover, all the more so if our cup performance is better this year. as far as shorey goes, i m less convinced than many other supporters ,especially at the price of 6 quid or whatever reading want for him. but i take on board that it wud be useful to have another good left back in the squad. as i ve said repeatedly, i feel mccartney is better than people credit him for, but people do get injured. i think the shirt shud be his until and unless his play warrants otherwise. which means if we do buy shorey , i think there shud be a battle for that position. i don t give a toss that shorey played for england last week. so did mccartney play for his country, and george did a lot better for his side than shorey did. if i m honest ,part of it is i just don t like anything to do with reading, dating back to their supporters never being able to get over teh departure of pardew.

    up mccartney
    up zamora
    up the irons


  5. Mike says:

    I think a striker is a must! bellamy is not goin 2 score us a huge amount of goals, why was he signed in the first place?

    I would love to see anelka or mc carthy, but i can’t see it happening to be honest!

    I just hope currbs doesnt go and sign any1 injury prone (once again) !!

    Matt taylor is a class act, but can’t see harry lettin him go. Shorey is not wrth 6million, but we can’t go all season with just one left back in mc cartney! it may be a case of another curbs panic buy!!

    I must say tht matt upson is useless and i cannot wait for collins 2 b fit again!! Upson has 2 b the slowest centre back, with the worst distribution in the prem!!

  6. GoatyGav says:

    Bearing in mind the injury problems we’ve had in recent years two players in every position is an absolute minimum. The spine of the team needs an extra for each at the least. This makes the Left Back position an imperative for a new signing by the close of THIS window. Difficult one though – it seems to be the hardest position to fill in terms of the avaialble talent. I envy Curbs not in this task. I hope Shorey is tempted “Home” to the club he supported as a lad. I believe he’s a superb future prospect and belongs with us. Pantsil – Paintsil – whatever his real name is – yes he does deserve more of a chance but it looks like Curbs doesn’t fancy him and he’s the one building the squad that’s going to see us play regular European football in 4 years time and beyond – not me – so I’ll trust he’s going to convince Eggy and Bjorgulfur to splash the cash.

  7. LaurieinSpain says:

    Shorey has been rumbling on for so long now I find it hard to believe we will suddenly close the deal in the next few days. Not familiar enough with the Reading squad to know whether they have any depth in that position… if not then we need them to find a replacement in which case the deal disappears over the horizon. Matty Taylor would be an outstanding capture but I cannot see Harry letting him go… unless he sees his need for Mullins as outweighing his need for Taylor. Again, hard to see it all happening in the time remaining.
    Stephen Appiah… Oh yes please. Noises out of the Turkish press today suddenly make that a possibility and I dont care how many mids we have he is a class act. Same goes for Anelka or McCarthy. Bless Zamora but he will be out of his depth at a top 6 club – And that is where we are heading!!!”
    Happy days boys.

  8. ny hammer says:

    ease up on upson. i agree there is room for improvemnt, and i do prefer collins ,but slating him totally is wide of the mark. as for bellemay scoring, i think he will do . its been 3 games ,so not everything can gel that quickly. he needs to take more shots on goal – thats what s been missing. his passing and work-rate are good – no issue there.
    people are very quick to criticize curbishley , and seem to expect him to wave a magic
    wand . he s done a good job so far of bringing in new players this window and offlaoding some poor attitudes at high prices,despite all the negative press over the summer. contrary to popular opinion he DOES NOT have an open cheque book, as proven by the fcat that he s net spent only about 5 mio in this window.there have been times when i have been very critical of him ,like over the xmas period last season , but in terms of what he s done this summer ,and thus far this season, i don t think people shud have a moan. the man s done okay so far amidst difficult circumstances ,with mccabe and the muppets mucking about.

    up the hammers

    yih baby yih

  9. GJF says:

    Up Zamora….Are you Joking, Zamora has been useless this season totally lacking confidence and ability…..Watchin Soccer Saturday at the weekend one thing sticks in my mind ” Zamora has a shot….oh its gone out for a throw ” that just about says it all that’s as close as he’s come to the goal this year so far, he needs to sit on the bench for a while to get his strength and focus back its amazing wot a rest can do for you!!
    We so need a Top Striker, see the effect Tevez had last season when he started firing that’s what we are missing so far this year.

    And Curbs needs to stop all this long ball footbal that we atarted playing again on Saturday I cant express my disgust in pleasant language at his tactics and game play again this year West Ham 0 Man City 2 escaped at Birminham but played well then there was the Wigan game….Say no more.

  10. rough diamond says:

    re laurie

    agree these all look like unlikely deals at last minute- hard to beleive any of it coming off , as why wud reading or pompey be in sucha hurry to offload players liek these?

    agree with u on where we re headng , but as for what that means for zamora i view it differently. i don t think it s a case of becoming out of his depth at all if we were to bring in someone of the quality of mcarthy. he wud simply become a good substitute rather than being the starter that he is now. it s a long old season, and with ashton still not 100 pct,with dyer prone to injury, and with bellamy already suffering from a minor injury in the wigan game , there is no question zamora will be useful this term and beyond- whether we get another striker in the window or not. and were we to go on a decent cup run, starting with not tripping up on tonites ripe banana , i think zamora will play a key role. i know the guy makes mistakes, but he also comes up with big goals
    whe he s in form

    come on u irons

  11. alfa beta says:

    its 3 games into teh season ,

    nobody denies we cud use one more striker, but to slate zamora after 3 games is moronic beyond description.

    wake up pringlehead – they don t build that many carlos tevezes these days.

  12. spinal tap says:

    stop moaning about players 3 games into the season u comquat.
    get a grip. if u want to be calling players useless this early in teh season , go support
    fottenham or some other group freakshows like mccabes muppets.
    stop whinging choir boy

  13. king tut says:

    if u want to go slagging the players and coach off , go support millwall or sheffield disunited.

    we all want a stronger squad, but it doesn t happen overnite.

  14. jimwhu says:

    i think shorey has done well now he seems to be englands third choice 2007 konch was englands third choice last year and we flogged him cole and bridge are first and second choice either would make a difference to us i cant see shorey doing any better than mc cartney regards forwards if we cant get someone like anelka maybe its time to buy a young forward from down the leagues with potential a gamble weve missed out on eastwood but there are others

  15. ny hammer says:

    jim s suggestion re forwards makes sense. paying silly money out of desperation is not teh anser, especially for a player liek anelka who can t sya at one club for more than a cuple years. i don t see shorey doing any better than mccartney either, altho perhaps it s not a bad idea to have 2 good left backs. expensive way to make the position secure -very open to debate as to whether its worth it

  16. Hayden says:

    There were many stories about Appiah being back in talks with us. Although I’ve not heard anything else I reeeally wish we could make that a possibility! He would be an excellent addition – the tough tackling midfielder hopefully!! Shorey – If there’s one player I’ve wanted us to sign this year it’s been him. I can’t see it happening at all but I really wish it would… Shorey and Appiah would be EXCELLENT additions to our squad. It’s looking increasingly unlikely that we’ll bring in a forward but as you say we have the option of cover players. Once Bellamy / Ashton gets off the mark the goals will come flying in I’m sure. As for departures… If Mullins / Paintsil could help get Shorey here then send them on their way!

  17. ian says:

    green, neill, collins, ferdinand, shorey?, lundberg, dyer, parker, boa morte, ashton, bellamy …. this team would get us into the top 10 and we aint far off this now so be patient cos 2007/ 2008 really is gonna be the platform year… im forever blowing bubbles ……………..

  18. johnny came late says:

    still want to sell mullins then, tommy “wise-one”?

    or after dyer s injury. do u for once stop poncing about, hold your hand up and say that you got it wrong.

    mullins stays. end of.

  19. The Headmaster says:

    Mullins is not good enough from where I sit. Anyone at the Wigan game will have witnessed his usual ration of poorly placed passes, lack of tackling in midfield and general lack of ability. Tries his nuts off for sure (a la Bobby Z) but it just aint good enough I’m afraid – not at this level.

  20. joefootball says:

    apparently they want to sign Adriano from inter

    i really cant see it happening, especcially as he dont want to go out on loan

  21. Tony from Lanzarote says:

    Some very wise comments on article.Sadly after last night yet,another rethink is called for. So where are our worries ? Goalie & back four – NO – we have enough to change if for example Upson does not step up his pace, Gabbi or Spector can cover Full backs and Collins will soon be fit. Mid field -Questionmark – Ideally we need a craftsman to replace that traiter Yossi. I dont know enough about Appiah to know if he is subtle enough but brain not more brawn is needed. – Strikers- YES – A great worry. Why is Ashton being brought on so so slowly ? I have a strange feeling all is not well there. As Mike says despite last night Bellamy is not going to scor a load of goals, Booby Z has lost that little bit he had, Cole never had it, and Dyer even before his sad injury does not score goals but wide right was a possibility. So we need a striker URGENTLY I agree it would be fantastic to get Anelka or even better McCarthy. Why we didnt get him ahead of blackburn is a disgrace when previously he wanted to come and only his Club President blocked the move before. For me its Defoe and swear the moron fans who would boo him, to silence. If not then offer Wolves a big profit and take achance on Eastwood.

  22. ny hammer says:

    anyone who isn t blind wud have seen that mullins had a good first half vs wigan. he was much less effective in teh second half, which was why he was substituted,but there was nothing wrong with his first half performance. nobody wud claim he shud be a starter when our first choice 11 are fit, but he s certainly good cover . when u ve got dyer,parker,ljungberg and faubert all injured ,you ve got to survive with what you can.
    we can t afford 8 first class midfielders,nor can most clubs apart from the very wealthiest, which means when these lads are injured, we shud consider ourselves fortunate to have etherington,boa morte ,mullins and bowyer to choose from to join noble in midfield. we cud do a lot worse for squad players.

  23. tally-ho junction says:

    agreed mate- tell the negative numbnuts to stop faulting all our squad players,and a couple of our starters. they don t need the useless criticism.

    up the hammers

  24. premiumplayer says:

    I’ve just read at BBC that W.H have offered 5m for Shorey, but it seems like an offer must be increased to 6m.

  25. E1 says:

    were not looking to bad considering the amount of changes we have had forced on us through injuries, we’ve not got a settled side yet and at times it shows. It can only get better and at the end of the season away from the religation zone and purhaps a decent cup run we I’m sure will be and should be more than happy. GIVE EM TIME to do their jobs & 100% SUPPORT thats our job. To strenthen the squad is always good but to get a tight knit team working better.
    CUM ON YOU IRONS!!!!!!!!!!

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