Dyer Suffers Bad Injury

Kieron Dyer has broken his leg. Could our injury jinx get any worse?


35 Responses to Dyer Suffers Bad Injury

  1. Birdman says:

    Faubert injured, we sign Dyer, Dyer injured we sign Benayoun, or SWP, or Giles Barnes? Maybe it aint bad luck. I’m just crossing my fingers we sign Adriano and ANOTHER quality right sided winger.

    Bellamy has just scored his forst 2 goals for West Ham. That’s a positive for us.

  2. Brian says:

    Poor sod!
    I will be very surprised if he plays again in the next couple of seasons, looked very nasty.

    Bellamy looking awesome.

  3. Hayden says:

    The simple answer – No…. Well, yes.. and it probably will!!

  4. nick says:

    haha unlucky hammers!!!! serves the f&*ker right for leaving one of the most up and coming clubs in the premiership!!! the new regime at st james can’t be beaten!!! chin up hammers!!!

  5. jonnyhammer says:


    you are a credit to Newcastle, obviously a true football fan and a man of intelligence and reason ?!

    What a crass, pathetic post. You should be ashamed of yourself; I’m sure your fellow Geordies are….

    All the best to Kieron for a full recovery.

  6. Ornchurch Ammer says:

    Nick what a stupid thing to say!!! Whether he plays for West Ham or not, no one likes to see any professional break a leg, mate you are a complete TW@T!!!!

  7. hammertime says:

    nick, you are pathetic. to track down a west ham fansite just to take the piss out of a player that has just suffered a horrible injury suggests that you are perhaps a lesser man than kia joorabchian.

  8. Hayden says:

    I hope that Nick cretin isn’t a fair representation of the Newcastle fans. Wishing that on anyone suggests you are completely messed up!

  9. Ornchurch Ammer says:

    Kieron, if you read some of the West Ham Fan Websites like I know some the players do, keep your chin up son, the Fans are right behind you and wish you all the best for your recovery!!!!

  10. ny hammer says:

    well stated lads.

    nick the NUMBNUT of newcastle.

    if there s one thing you can bank on, if ladbrokes will quot eu a price, you can bet the ranch that nicky numbnut is a loser . for life

    a complete and utter no hoper.

    enjoy your time in prison nick. better be a bit more careful of how u treat people there though.


  11. powerplay says:

    nick doesn t have any. because nick doesn t get any. because nick will never have any. ever.
    poor nick. destined to be hung. drawn. and then quartered.

  12. Ian the Hammer says:

    (pr)nick mate, what a twat you are. Feel gutted for Dyer. Nothing to do with any previous injuries,just typica of WHU. (pr)nick, are you serious about up & coming? If route one shit football is all your after then you’ll be very happy indeed. You’ve beaten a poor Bolton & drawn with the mighty Villa & the mighty Middlesbro, very impressive.

  13. tomtomclub says:

    a short summary of the life of nicky newcussle

    no income
    no genuine employment or promotion prosepcts
    no woman
    no property.
    no achievement
    no interests.
    no reading comprehension.
    no manners
    no future
    no guts
    no glory

    just middle of the road ,big fat bungin -sam ,mediocre newcastle-up once upon a tyne.
    send the lad to rehab. for life

  14. bill r rickey says:

    nick ,you re even dumber than the fottenham. that takes some doing.

  15. blade murderer says:

    big fat bungin sam, biiiiiiiig fat bungin sam

    and moron mccabe

    the trio of northern wasters.

    nicky numbnut,moron mccabe and big FAT sam

  16. west ham johnny says:

    nick u silly c@n? piss off to ur own team sights u mug.

    looked bad i just hope its a clean break…. i’m devastated for him. not sure we’ll sign a right sided player as we can still use ljungberg and bowyer. i just wish dyer all the best and a speedie recovery.

  17. JackP says:

    Well, I’m a Newcastle fan, so I’ll give my two penn’orth as well.

    Dyer: is the lad cursed or summat? I wish him all the best, hope his leg isn’t too knackered and that he actually gets to play for you a bit this season: but at the same time I can’t help feeling somewhat grateful to you for putting him in your treatment room instead of ours.

    After all, there’s the series of hamstrings, the gashing his leg on an advertising hoarding, the nearly poking his eye out on a corner flag… and every time it’s Kieron Dyer. I think he’s sponsored by Claims Direct, you know…

    It’s funny, and it’s also a shame for the lad. He was a talented youngster but injuries have ripped out the best part of his career: I only hope he can finally overcome some injuries and show the world what he would have been capable of…

  18. barcode blackout says:

    nick, when you die, do u think anyone will give a funk?

  19. Hammerithome says:

    NICK; You have obviously never played the game as you would know that nobody wishes anyone an injury such as that. So;why don’t you just FCUK OFF and pray that this sort of thing never happens to anyone in your family or team.
    You are a total waste of space.

  20. Dax says:

    What awful luck!! Poor Dyer. Wish him a speedy recovery. We certainly cant blame his injury proneness on this one. Gutted for the guy! For us its another setback. We can only hope Freddie comes back quickly and shows some of his mad skillz.

    Great to see Bellamy get off the mark!!!

    Anyone know why Ashton didnt play?

  21. The Headmaster says:

    It really is just the most implausibly bad luck.
    Speedy recovery Kieron!

    Great to be through tonight; I think we all half anticipated thte usual banana skin at this stage of what could become a winnable competition if we stick around through the early rounds.

    My only other request would go to all of you who have bothered to dignify the nick geez from the NE with a response. In my view, none is merited.

  22. The Headmaster says:

    Ashton’s partner was giving birth tonight Dax. Fair enough excuse I’d say – as a daddy like!

  23. Rooster says:

    Re Nick:-
    As i was born a Geordie, I can promise you Nick the nerd is a one off, He is the kind of person that you wouldnt want to babysit your kids.
    I looked into newcastles goal history for last season and how they finished, Dyer a player that actualy saved Newcastle with a couple of game winning goals last season saved Newcastle from the relegation zone, Its amazing how quick supporters are to criticise their heroes, A bit like some of us West ham fans i suppose, It nearly brought tears to my eyes when i watched Gabbidon after the 1st half when the team made a resolution in a circle to win the game for dyer, and gabbidon found it hard to stand after a prayer.
    We played fantastic, OK again Zman was a bit careless and so was ferdinand, but our passing was superb and out control of the game.
    If we dont sign another player, i really dont care, as too many cooks spoil the broth.
    Im a close friend of God by the way.

  24. Rooster says:

    He gave his heart to the Geordies, they pissed all over him when he was down, He gives his heart to the Hammers and from the comments ive read on various sites, We love and and wish him well…

    Kieron is a man that will give his heart and soul to the club he plays for, whether it be England, Newcastle, Ipswich, Or West ham, as a result of his persistant urge to get the ball he often comes into trouble, A bit like a soldier wanting to die for his country, Somebody tell the geordies we call them WAR HEROES NOW, I have to be honest, i wasnt that keen on Dyer playing for us hammers, but watching him play is like watching Di canio score that magnificent goal against ManUre.

    Dyer is going to be (maybe 2008) one of West Hams biggest heroes.

  25. Hinsdale Hammer says:

    So we are 4 games in and it’s

    Faubert …..injured

    Isn’t that about 25 million sitting on the treatment table. Why does it always happen to us? Unbelievable

  26. ny hammer says:

    speedy recovery to kieron dyer

    countersue the twitbag mccabe. make mccabe the moron pay for every waking second that remains of his useless life

  27. ny hammer says:

    these statistics show what the chant


    dave SLAVELABOR ,aka RUGBY POINTS DEDUCTION whelan cud only attract 5.000 people to their league cup tie. which they proceeded to lose to the might hull.

    swansea managed double that .
    even wrexham managed 8,000

    whelan, your team is excrement, you re excrement and your county is pony
    get stuffed u timewasting crock of organic spud

  28. ny hammer says:

    despite all the negativity prior to his transfer , i think dyer had been a big help in the few games he played . he s looked dangerous evry time he s been on the pitch and could have had goals vs both wigan and birmingham. of all the players we had to lose to injury ,probably THE key player unfortunately,because he can also play upfront. pretty important considering we only had 2 fully fit proper strikers before dyer s injury

    we can t be too far away from seeing parker and ljungberg back on the pitch,though so it can t be all doom and gloom. we re very lucky bellamy s minor injury last w/e wasn t worse. it s not his natural position ,but in an emrgency cud boa morte end up playing up front….one banana skin dodged but at the heaviest price. can u fault managers in any division for fielding weaker sides for this tournament?

  29. pelipar says:

    Can we get that uri geller fella to do his business on Kieron, like he did with becks? Did the trick for him!! Best wishes Kieron.

  30. jon l.colney says:

    nick,put your shirt on you gob shite.this is a man remember ! he doesnt bugger himself up on purpose! your sick attitude sums up what us southern softies think of you northern monkeys.

    kieron,all the best and keep your chip up.

    and as for the draw for the next round………………………………………………

    oh god (and im not a basher) please please please sheff(wingin)utd !!!!

  31. ny hammer says:

    inflict maximum economic pain on mccabe. sue him for everything he is worth

  32. E1 says:

    KIERON all the best mate you done good !!
    Bring on the blades do you reckon McCabe and his mates will come if it’s at our place ? Sean Bean and the chosen men, bunch of bad loooosers !

  33. JackP says:

    In the interests of truth and fairness, I must take exception to “He gave his heart to the Geordies”.

    Is this the man who refused to play for the club when asked to play (in my opinion his best position) right wing for Bobby Robson? Is this the man who threw the captains armband away? Is this the man responsible for numerous headlines dragging Newcastle United into the dirt? Why I think it was… is that really “giving his heart”?

    Newcastle fans respect him as a player. As a person, we’ve disliked him for a long time.

    I’m sick of finding on these sort of forums the better “oh, these fans are sh*t” comments – we’re all fans, we just support a different club. There’s times I’m not proud of other Newcastle fans, but there are times West Ham fans will let their club down too. And if you want to understand the feelings from Newcastle fans about Dyer – many with much stronger feelings than me – I’d suggest you look on the Newcastle forums for discussions related to Dyer before he left. We have wanted him out for some time.

    But I still, genuinely, wish him a safe recovery from his injury. I’m glad he’s not at our club any more, but I’m not malicious, and I do genuinely wish the lad all the best. In the last year or two he seems to have grown up considerably – too late to win NUFC fans over – but possibly not too late to make something of his career after all.

    Kieron, good luck son. I wish you better luck with injuries at WHU than you had with us. I also hope for your personal life and professional career that the seemingly new “grown-up Kieron” isn’t just a flash in the pan.

  34. ny hammer says:

    cheers jack.

    well stated , and as a west ham fan and i can only say that it s ashame more supporters of other clubs don t have as balanced an opiniuon as u do. unfortunately mnay of them come on here purely to take the mick

    dyer refusing to play out of position and some of the other incidents u mention are welll documented ,so i can undertsand your disappointemnt as well a sthat of other newcastle fans in the way he carried on there.

    in truth many west ham supporters, myself included had major doubts before the transfer was done , and at the time wud have preferred it not happeneed. my sense i sthat i m not alone at west ham though, in saying that now he s joined we ll support him . to the extent his attitude is right and he gives 100 percent and turns over a new leaf , i think he ll have the support of the crowd at upton park. in some ways it his last chnace saloon- he either gets it right now , or his career is basically over . the little we saw of him prior to the injury showed he certainly is talented. becomes now a case of once he s recovered ,if he s mature enuf to stay focused .

    rare these days that u can have an exchmage of views between opposite supporters without it degenerating. cheers

  35. ny hammer says:

    cheers jack- everything u say here makes sense

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