Shorey Deal on?

West Ham have tabled a £5 million bid for Nicky Shorey, according th 5 Live. Pundits reckon they will have to increase it by at least another million. Go for it, I say. We need another left back and he’s an England international.


17 Responses to Shorey Deal on?

  1. Adam Harris says:

    I agree. Plus with McCartney getting a knock last night I am sure that will spur on Curbs to make a move for cover as well.

  2. John says:

    So was Dyer

  3. Nick says:

    Saturdays performance against wigan proved we need strengthening at the back, once Anton picked up an injury early in the second half we should have taken him off, he was completley flat footed and constantly off the pace for most of the second half but who did we have on the bench that could come on and shuffle the defence. We also need a top striker someone who is gauranteed to put 15-20 goals away each season, BZ tried hard but Kirkland didnt have one shot to save in the first half and only two in the second. Ashton cant be fully fit otherwise AC would have given him more time wouldnt he? and can we get a rightsided midfielder in as cover for Dyer who will probably miss the rest of the season if he comes back at all.

  4. mark says:

    This is a must signing!!

  5. Loyal Royal Mary says:


  6. ray stokes says:

    What’s an extra million to our Icelandic owners? It’s just small change to them. I hope we get him,along with Appiah and Anelka!

  7. Paul says:

    Money talks Mary sorry love!

    But so does that to*ser Madjaski or how ever he wants to spell it !

  8. ny hammer says:

    on the topic of left back, i thought that gabbidon played decently in that position. despite it not being gabbidon s preferred position, i m not convinced that shorey is worth the now re-inflated price of perhaps 6 or 7 million . the need to have two good left backs is clear as you can almost count on one of ours getting crocked at some point during the season. as it is , gabbidon i snot going to have an easy time getting in the side ,nor collins ,unless curbishley chnages his mind on ferdinand . ferdinand looked average last nite, whereas collins played well when he came on. mccartney also delivered a lot good crosses into the box. if the fee for shorey was more reasonable i d feel more comfortable with it- at 6 or 7 million i m not sure he s going to do that much better than a combination of mccartney and gabbidon.

  9. west ham johnny says:

    well we need a left back. last night i thought mccartney looked good then he went off and gabbs looked lost out there. anton was poor last night knocked off the ball to easily so gabbs deserves a run in the centre. losin dyer is a big loss but i’d like us to try loan/sign a midfielder and a striker. bobby was poor last night and saturday he seems to need an extra touch all the time. and in midfield anyone will do for some back up.

  10. Iron Greg says:

    Still say Curbs needs to wake up.

    How did Sven Manage to sign 8 players in a couple of weeks and it takes us 2 months to sign a couple, no-one will want to come to West Ham as they know they will have at least 6 months out injured

  11. ny hammer says:

    in fairness to curbishley, sven had an open checkbook. he s spent 40 million. curbishley has net spent about 6 million in this window. also, much as many of us don t like sven ,he s got a reputation at club and international level ,i.e. he s got more experience than curbishley . also,sven didn t have to put up with court battles all summer , as curbishley did. another reason we shud sue that vermin mccabe and bankrupt his tired rear,

  12. E1 says:

    Yipee !!!!! a real left back fingers crossed. Requelme still wants out why do we not have a go for him can anyone through any light on it. 4.5 mill they want for him ? does anybody know if we have made any other bids

  13. West Ham Fan No32 says:

    I doubt we will get Shorey before January unless Linda goes the other way, there is no time for Reading to get a replacement. Shorey also has about 18 months left on his contract doesn’t he ? If so there is no immediate rush for Reading to sell, I am still not convinced by Curbishleys tactics or transfer targets, it is obvious we need a playmaker in the midfield, in Bellamy and Ashton we have the centre forwards to get us 35 + goals between them with BZ to keep them under pressure and Carlton Cole as reserves I can’t understand why we need more strikers… its not like we are in the CL or UEFA cup, having too many quality players just causes unrest imho, look at Chelsea, Liverpool and to a lesser degree the spuds now for that. Is far better to have one quality reserve in each position and a few utility men like Man U and the Gooners if you want a happy settled team.

    Hopefully Curbs will prove me wrong and get the team playing the type of attacking football we produced at the end of last season, its the way we play best, screw sitting deep to defend a 1 goal lead, in 35 years of watching West Ham we have never been any good at it no matter what position we were in the table and I can’t understand why no WHU manager has worked that out yet can any of you ?.

  14. ny hammer says:

    spot on 32 about sitting deep to defend a one goal lead. doesn t suit us and it almost got us into trouble at bristol. the minute we step off the gas and sit back,either in the league or the cup, we put ourselves under pressure. also agree that altho we need depth, going overboard isn t the answer either ,with too many people fighting to get a game. the only reason that s already not the case is the incredible bad luck with injuries so far

  15. Rooster says:

    I wrote on my Blog about managers and their influence to buy players with ease, Sven is one of these Elite managers, his reputation speaks for him, The time will come when most of the premier clubs will have an Elite manager.

  16. ny hammer says:

    this is it exactly it- this is what curbishley is up against when he goes to buy players.
    he s a decent manager ,even if there were times last year when i wanted to strangle him, but he s competing against managers with bigger “profile” whether its deserve d or not. makes you wonder if the shoe was on the other foot how wud some of the bigger managerial names in the prem have coped if their budgets had been halk, or one quarter of what they were .

  17. Rooster says:

    Looks like he will join in January, Think we should take him on a year loan first

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