West Ham Till I Die Blog Survey Results

A few weeks ago I invited people to take part in a reader survey about West Ham and what you like or don’t like about this blog., The main message is that you’d like more regualr posts. You may have noticed an increase in frequency of posts of late as I try to heed your wishes! Anyway, here are some of the other findings. More than 500 took part, of which 97% are Hammers fans…

* 23% of you are season ticket holders, but 40% go to fewer than half of the home games. 27% never go to a game.
* More of you sit in the Dr Martens Stand (23%) than anywhere else in the ground and 22% of you go to a pub before the game.
* 37% of you visit this blog at least once a day. I intend to get that figure up to 60% within 3 months!
* 34% of you expect Alan Curbishley to be sacked before the end of the season
* 35% believe Dean Ashton will be Hammer of the Year and 22% Lucas Neill
* 40% of you believe we should move to a new stadium in London Docklands. Only 14% reckon we should stay at Upton Park come what may, 13% want to go to the Olympic Stadium and 13% to a site nearer the M25
* 61% read the match day programme, 34% buy OLAS, 44% read Hammers News and 18% read Ex
* 88% of you visit the West Ham official site every day, 80% visit KUMB, 55% the West Ham News Now page, 35% teamtalk and 73% the BBC football pages
* 30% of you are aged between 36 and 45, the most popular age group. Only 3% are under 16. None of you are over 75!
* Rather shcokingly, only 3% of you are female!
* 50% of you thought Eggert Magnusson played a blinder in the Carlos Tevez affair, 29% thought we were lucky not to be relegated and 56% reckon the club should sue Terry Brown
* 40% voted for John Lyall as West Ham’s best ever manager with 34% opting for Ron Greenwood. Would the one person who voted for Glen Roeder please levae the room now?

This is the team you voted for as your best team of the last 15 years

Ludek Miklosko
Rio Ferdinand
Alvin Martin
Lucas Neill
Julian Dicks
Joe Cole
Michael Carrick
Frank Lampard
Trevor Sinclair
Paolo Di Canio
Carlos Tevez

* 33% of you named Tottenham as the team you most dislike in the Premiership.
* 15.3% of you voted for Portsmouth as your second favourite team, only 0.2% ahead of Liverpool and Arsenal (!)
* 59% voted for Phil Parkes as the best goalkeeper of the last 40 years, followed by Ludek Miklosko with 20%

And thank you to the 255 people who left comments and suggestions. They were all positive and constructive and I shall try to take most of the advice offered.


29 Responses to West Ham Till I Die Blog Survey Results

  1. Westhamdave says:

    Great results, it’s really interesting to see the profile of the readers. Fantastic stuff Iain, keep up the good work and let’s never speak of Glen Roeder again if possible!

  2. ny hammer says:

    thanks for organizing it- cheers

  3. edi hammer says:

    just shows you… statistics prove we are a bunch of n0bheads!

  4. jon l.colney says:

    lucas neil ????? 15 years ,come on someone needs to re count that one!

  5. TW of the Old Town says:

    I cannot believe or understand how Fat boy Fat can get into our all time greatest team of the last 15 years, apart from being pretty average in the most part at the Hammers, using Arry as he’s get out, which is a damm lie, he hates the Redknapps, never speak to Jamie & hated the old man. The greed burger eating fat knob, wasnt even fit enough to lace the boots of someone like ‘Foe’ even though he was only here a year or so or even average midfielders like Mullins, Martin Allen (89 -96), Ian Bishop (89 -98), Moncur (94 – 2003). Some people are very misguided & let me tell you even Nigel Quashie would have looked good in that Chelsea team!

  6. ny hammer says:

    if lucas neill was not playing for the last 10 matches of last season ,this club wud be playing fixxy pop football this year. if i had to pick 2 other players apart from tevez who were the most instrumental in our staying up, he wud be one of them.

    in 10 games he accomplished more than various other dfenders, a la gary breen, ever accompished in years at the club.

  7. jon l.colney says:

    ny the more i read your imput the more deluded you sound.

    10 games ?

    the question needs to be read again my friend.

    15 years !

  8. ny hammer says:

    doesnt matter whether its 15 months or 15 days moron

    colney you are even dumber than u sound.

    get a grip ignorant NUMBNUT.

    you r ejust plain stupid colney. take ur pony racist lingo elsewhere ,poxy waster.

  9. racehorse says:

    colney, learn how to spell input ,

    you re reading comprehension didn t take you past 11 plus did it. nor your spelling
    either. twat .

    doesn t matter whether the guy s been here one year , it s the quality of his contribution, spitwipe

  10. foxy lady says:

    what wud u know about lucas neill anyway colney? you can t see.read or think

  11. hendrix says:

    yes 10 very important games oikky oik

    colney, go to rehab. your lack of intelligence is depressing

  12. hammerology says:

    colney, funk off with your pseudo -racist 19 century

    you re one of a select few on this site who s too stupid to even qualify for being deluded,no less accuse someone else . 2 bob waster

  13. hammer-ama says:

    the more we read ur nonsense colney the more we think u shud shut the funk up.

  14. ny hammer says:

    the more you talk colney the stupider you sound

    Neill is only our captain now, the Australian captain for a number of years , and a major factor in us , even pathetic whinging crumbsuckers liek you, being able to watch premiership football this season. there s more to west ham over the last 15 years than paolo di canio.


  15. colney s brother says:

    tehn don t read it numbnut

  16. coney island says:

    colney , you may not rate neill, but plenty of us do.

    DEAL WITH IT , old bag

  17. rainbow coalition says:

    stop moaning colney

  18. rainbow coalition two says:

    colney, nobody gives a toss what your middle initial is, pratt

  19. westhamspain says:

    Good job! Remember there are readers from other countries as well. A spanish West Ham fan

  20. The Headmaster says:

    Interesting stuff, Iain – cheers. Only surprise for me was the stat that said 60%+ buy the programme as against 34% the olas. I am aware that the perception is of falling club programme sales and rising olas sales. Are there any stats for the programme sales that anyone is aware of, by any chance?
    Interesting that the hits to the club’s website are around 80%. I guess a lot, like me, have it as their home page.

  21. Connor says:

    Woot 3% of 16 under haha!

    I’m that one percent 🙂

  22. The Headmaster says:

    Conor – would you mind translating that lasat contribution for those of us used to using English, mate?

  23. italian bandit says:

    colney, are u roeder in disguise

  24. sanctimonious says:

    john “l”

    do u cook your tripe or do u eat it raw??

  25. Rooster says:

    I would never have picked lampard in my team, just out of hatred, and he aint all that as a player.

  26. austrlian consulate says:

    any more daft pearls of wisdom jon “l” (like anyone gives a rats ) colney

  27. ny hammer says:

    This team is impossible as they didn’t all play together ??

  28. jon l colney says:

    doh , sorry guys i put my wrong name one the previous post about the team playing altogether

    i can t spell. i can t think.
    doh i can t even remember my name. cos i am an aging oikwit

  29. ny hammer says:

    yes, if they had played together then i d have been the king of england. twice

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