Transfer Rumours Latest

I’m writing my Telegraph column (it’s political, so look away) this morning so little time to post, but here’s a roundup of the latest rumours…

* £15 million bid for Adriano accepted by Inter Milan
* Mullins to go to Reading as part of Shorey deal
* Giles Barnes bid resurrected
* Zamora to Fulham
* Roma’s Mancini is on the bid list

Enough to be going on with?


43 Responses to Transfer Rumours Latest

  1. mark says:

    The only one i dont like is Adriano. I’ve seen milk turn quicker! 15 mil for what looks like a has been – don’t do it.

    Shame to loose Zamora but he is a tryer and nothing more.

    Shorey and Barnes will fit in well – they are young keen and up for it!

  2. JMan says:

    Those would all be great if we can get them, but what about Appiah, that is one guy I would want to see in C&B? COYI

  3. sam says:

    god i wish we get Adriano his a sensational striker, if we get him to full fitness and back to his stiking form he will be a big part in west hams strike force 15m is nothing compared to what he can do on the pitch!!!

  4. sam says:

    all will not happen

  5. Hayden says:

    I have a sneaky feeling that we will sign the grand sum of 0 players before Friday night. Always so tricky in the last week of the window.. Don’t think any of those deals will be successful but any of them players would be great acquisitions!

  6. Nose says:

    I personally feel mullins is better than bowyer and is good cover,Zamora I like but in all honestly he has been shocking so far but i would still rather have him as 4th choice rather than Carlton Cole I can see us getting Shorey,Barnes and 1 more.

  7. Alex says:

    Keep watchng Murdoch Sports News but nothing new about WHU, come con Eggy the clock is ticking…..

  8. west ham johnny says:

    adriano has stated he would only come to a top 5 club in england

    i wouldnt let mullins go as we need all the midfielders possible at the moment i’d try give em the like’s of daily,pantsil, spector or cole.

    giles barnes is a great young prospect and would be great for midfield cover.

    zamora to fulham??? no way as we need an extra stiker ourselfs so wouldnt let him go….yet

    mancini would be nice but are we leavin it to late again (benni mccarthy deal)

    we need a left back, midfielder and a striker, we all no that lets hope something happens

  9. camziron says:

    Adriano is world class but is not gonna be content not playing on the big scene this season.

    Shorey, most hammers believe is a done deal. Will be a great addition as he is a hammer and has broken into the England team.

    Barnes is a tricky livewire that terrorises defences, which is exactly what we need. We already have head down, run for the line wingers so this will be a welcome signing.

    Zamora, all the best if you go to fulham. A good honest grafter, but far too expensive in front of goal.

    Mancini is my pick of the lot. He is very quick, has great feet, and has good awareness.

    I am a nervous wreck, and will be until the deadline hass passed. Curbs, choose wisely as this is make or break my friend.

    P.s. Get well soon KD..!!

  10. David says:

    I think you should slip some of these rumours into your Telegraph column. fwiw I think Shorey and Barnes may happen but not the others.

  11. crazyhorse says:

    Just read on that curbs has said to us fans not to expect anymore signings in this transfer window.This doesnt surprise me the guy never looked like pulling his finger out of his ear this last week.A joke really considering we needed a left back,midfeilder and obviously another forward.The guy is too laid back and we have an injury crisis

  12. ears and mouth says:

    agree with nose and westham johny. we re short in midfield and upfront hence keep zamora and mullins .even if they are going to be only squad players. daiily was a good servant to the club, but if we cud get any cash for him and cole to use either in this window or next ,it wud help. had dyer not been injured all these moves wud seem pie in the sky but his injury chnaged things so perhaps one of them comes off.

  13. Rooster says:

    We made an Official bid of £4Mill for Shorey, hardly enough for a good player like him.
    It will be sad day for me and my family when Zamora goes, but it would be best for Zamora, and best for The Hammers, I’m sure he will prove a lot of people wrong when he settles with his new club, He will always be A hammer to me.
    If we get Adriano (which i doubt) he is capable of scoring 10-20 goals a season for us, he has scored 25 goals from 37games for Brazil in the past.
    I cant see curbs getting anymore players, looks like curbs and egg are just putting on a front to please the fans.
    We will have to make do with what we have 🙂

  14. hammermolder says:

    sorry Iain,dont think anything will happen before friday,we’ll have to wait until january and thats only if we’re in the middle of the table.

  15. RunningHammer says:

    Don’t forget the Joe Cole “rumour” also being reported. I highly doubt it will happen but I quite like the idea of the return of the prodigal !

  16. neil says:

    not sure curbs has the pulling power to get the players west ham do need , he has not got a good track record with money to spend and he has lots considering the money we have got back from the outgoing players this year, come on curbs pull your finger out cole and defoe back to west ham would be a good start

  17. Gee says:

    We can’t lose mullins for a left-back as we don’t have enough midfielders as Dyer, Faubert, Ljungberg and Parker are all out injured.

  18. Gee says:

    Also I don’t agree it’s curb’s pulling power that is the problem. The problem getting champions league quality players is the fact we have been a yo-yo club and nearly got relegated last season.

    We will only get star players once we prove we can definitely offer them european football.

    Back-off Curbs, it isn’t his fault our club history is poor!

  19. DamerHammer says:

    we should kep Mullins for a start, i ve always been a fan of his, he is the only player we have that will sit in front of the back for for cover, and not wander. Bowyer cant fo his job, quashie is rubbish, and parker is better attacking. cant see Zman goin anywhere 2 b honest, unlesss we sign 2 front mwn, which we wont do in 2 days, no way. Shorey is quality, but rather pay 1mill more and keep mullins. we wont get adriano, and if we want barnes we will have to pay odds on 10mill. Mancini would be good, but cant see it myself, but u never know!

  20. JMan says:

    I can feel the frustration as I’m pissed off at the mucking about we seem to be doing. £4million for Shorey a day before the deadline, bloody hell wake up WH. We need players, none of our new signings are fit, we have the money, so make them offers they can’t refuse and let’s move forward. How much of the £50 million TV money have we spent, sod all, and I don’t buy the excuses coming out of UP. If we do not sign any more before end of tomorrow, then we will struggle, there is not enough depth when you look at what other clubs have done. I watched Man City against Bristol City and boy what a different team MC are from last year, now if Eriksson can get the players why the f can’t we. I want to eat my words but Curbs playing down of things is so negative. I want Shorey, Barnes, Appiahplus a striker and it’s no good waiting until Jan as our fixture list for the second half of the season is tough. COYI

  21. ny hammer says:

    agree with various bits and pieces of most recent posts. i think there IS a problem in terms of curbishley s pulling power, but that this is not his fault. he hasn t done anything wrong, it s just that compared to the managers of the big spending clubs ,curbs has much narrower experience. he s never managed a club with real euopean prospects , but that s not his fault . the narrow escape from relegation ,and teh fact that we went down in 2003 may put some potential signings off- it shouldn t ,as the ownership has changed, and the club seems committed to a better future now, but human beings don t always look at things logically. even though the future looks much better at the club now, there may be some prospects who see our skirmishes with relegation in recent years as some sort of stigma. all this is a lot for curbishley to contend with and obviously that fruitcake mccabe didn t help. with various injuries, we re in no position to be letting go of decent squad players such as mullins and zamora , even as makeweights for so called “stars.” in the ideal world we would not need to rely on such players , but in our circumstances we do. as one of you rightlu said , better to have zamora than cole. and certainly better to have mullins than quashie. and despite bowyer s goal vs wigan, overall i d prefer mullins over bowyer.
    there is clearly some debate over the value of zamora to the team. i m biased because the guy is a local lad who gives 110 percent, but trying to look at objectively , i still feel he adds a lot to the team ,despite his indifferent start to this season. he hasn t been at his best obviously , far from it, but after 3 league games you cud say he and bellamy have not had that much time to work together. i cud undertsand the criticism zamora comes under at the moment more if we were 10-12 games into the season, but we ve only played 3 in the league. something else to consider os that if any of dyer,parker lungberg and faubert were available now, we d probably be seeing a better performance from zamora. the club dodged a massive bullet on the pitch last term and in the courts this summer- it is going to take time for real progress to be made. it can t happen overnite , which is why even tho we re capable of 8 to 10th place this season,
    just so long as we steer well clear of the relegation zone all season long, that in and of itself wud be a positive step.

  22. jon l.colney says:

    mullins Cant go surely? hes played most of the season and done a job 4 us.

    why not play him in the back 4 again? pards did that b4 and he did well.

    love the rumours today about joe cole. now wouldnt that be nice!

  23. norfolkhammer says:

    we deffo need more signings b4 the window shuts, but i dont think curbs is upto it,

    our £4mill bid for shorey just got rejected and i cant see mancini or adriano coming but after the tevez mascherano saga anything is possible.

    i dont reli rate bowyer but curbs rates him highly and i think we need to keep mullins 4 cover

  24. i seriously can’t see Adriano playing for West Ham.

    keep Mullins, he’s better than Bowyer and more is unlikely to get himself injured more often like Dyer.

  25. i seriouly can’t see Adriano playing for West Ham.

    keep Mullins, he’s better than Bowyer and is unlikely to get himself injured as often as Dyer

  26. bueller says:

    you all should stop cheering for west ham and cheer for the Galaxy instead

  27. crazyhorse says:

    Just heard curbs say in an interview on ssn that he doesnt think there will be much going on before end of window and that its hard bringing anyone in…well it would be mr curbishley when you only offer 4 million for shorey.For crying out loud up the bid to a sensible price

  28. mullins mom says:

    colney are u an absolute idiot , or are u just on drugs?

    play mullins at the BACK??

    thats the WORST time mullins ever had in a west ham shirt. like we don t have enough players to do that already.

    mccabe in disguise u are

  29. Hinsdale Hammer says:

    We can’t blame Curbishly for all our failings in the transfer market. I can’t help thinking that Scott Duxbury is a big part of the problem. In the days of Peter Storrie we used to pull off real coups and if he’d had the money we have now he’d have been dangerous. Duxbury on the other hand doesn’t seem to have the same pulling power. I say we get shot of him and get someone in who can really sell the club.
    As far as bidding 4 mill for Shorey. That’s a joke. How can we complain about not getting our man when we go around bidding on the cheap. Maybe Shorey needs to get a solid history of injuries behind him and get a little older before we pay up!

  30. JMan says:

    Crazyhorse, I think that is an old interview with Curbs. I heard that after the Wigan game last Saturday, obviously a lot has happened since then and there is an absolute need for more players, so I suggest if Egg wants to see the improvements he is aiming for he is going to have to splash the cash. As things stand I don’t give a monkey’s pestle whether we pay over the odds, go get Shorey, Appiah, Mancini, Barnes, even Adriano or another good striker and signal our intent with a loud bang, at the moment it’s been more of a damp squib!!

  31. papa john creach says:

    spot on with dilly dally duxbury. why is that creep still employed by WHU when he s part of the beetroot that got us in hot water over tevez anyway. ditch the duxbury dimwit

  32. The Headmaster says:

    Interesting string.
    Personally, I’d take exactly what Iain outlines in the opening blog. Love BZ to bits but he just hasnt got enough for me – tho I take NYs point about keeping him around as cover (certainly ahead of Cole who I have no regard for whatsoever). Re Mullins, yes in preference to Quashie but not better than Bowyer for my money.

    I’m with the Jman with less rhan 24 hours to go. We need to signal a tad more intent. Having said that, if Lundberg, Faubert, Dyer and Parker were all playing in the side regularly I wonder if we’d feel as tho we had added very little to last term’s squad!

  33. Rooster says:

    Re Ny Hammer:-

    I read a lot of your posts as i do everyone else’s, the post you put in on this article is amazing, well thought out and very intelligent thinking.
    I can tell that what you write about the Hammers is from the heart, and thats how i write.
    Do you have your own West ham Blog? if not i would like it if you wrote for mine now and then!
    email me and let me know.

  34. ny hammer says:

    this is what people seem to forget. that group of 4 players that are injured is very strong. nobody cud have budgeted for all 4 to get hurt in so short a space of time . if all were healthy now we d have competition for places, but almost too much ,especially with etherington regaining form and boa morte playing better the last couple matches. we have added to the squad in a big way.

  35. ny hammer says:

    thanks rooster, apprecaite that . will contact u cheers

  36. jon l.colney says:

    mullins mom,

    for your information yes i am an idiot thanks.not one gcse or o level.

    for the record last year i was fortunate to have a walk round the pitch and view the dressing room with the sports tech bloke at west ham. the question was asked who was the fittest?

    mullins by a mile the reply came back.

    repka was centre back and then moved out there.he started to play with confidence again and you could see why he played in seria A.

    why cant we do that with mullins ?
    why cant we use him as cover for the infury hit rasberrys in mid field?

    use your football brain 4 once and try and be constructive.

  37. jon l.colney says:

    oh and if your his mum show some mothering !

  38. ny hammer says:

    re bowyer vs mullins

    it s an interesting one to debate. one way to look at it i guess , is that when bowyer is at his best , its fair to say he s the better player , as he can score ,distributes better etc. like in teh first game of the season last year v charlton and like last week vs wigan . the problem i have with bowyer is the lack of consistency – you don t know what to expect from one game to the next , meaning compare man city vs wigan. with mullins , there s little that is spectacular, but he s basically solid /consistent. the problem with mullins ,apart from him being more limited in skill set compared to our other midfielders ,is he occassionally does fade out a bit over the course of the 90 minutes . it s a very big decison to choose bewteen the 2 ,given our fitness issues at the moment. maybe one answer , until, ljunberg,parker become available ,is to play bowyer wide right and etherington left, noble and mullins central with boa morte as first sub. we need to get thru this period , as it includes some very winnable fixtures, from which we can t afford to drop points

  39. mullins pop says:

    colney you re having a laugh. actually you re not because your worse than a bad joke.

    read your post nunbscull- u suggested playing mullins “at the back ” comquat ,not in midfield . yes anyone with half a brain knows that s where mullins belongs, which is exactly where he s playing. not “at teh back, as he did under pardew ” when we were in teh championship.

    fitness? one piece of the puzzle , but only one piece moron. yes mullins shud play and we shud keep him , playing him in his correct position.

    CONSTRUCTIVE?? what the bloomin do u know about constructive other tehn constructive dismissal. class act u are dissing lucas neill.

    get back in your hole and stay there . with your bloody stadium tour

  40. angry politican says:

    take the personal diatribes some where else colney. we re not interested. or if u feel the urgent to defend yourself i can give the name of a good solicitor. fo ronce just admit you got it wrong and move on

  41. mullins' solicitor says:

    my client is a central midfielder and does not wish to ever play right back again. anyone attemtping to cajole him into playing such position ,or anyone caught even suggesting such an outrage ,risks being hung drawn and quartered. anon

    over and out

  42. jon l.colney says:

    short sighted morons,

    open your eyes and realise that if we dont get anyone in ,and that looks the only answer today,we are gona need versatile players that can cover !
    im not saying mullins for right back im saying use him as cover ,use him and not bin him.
    if you lot had read the crap on all the sites today you will have seen his name being swapped for shorey. err hes a right back and mullins a midfielder? wheres the brains behind that one with all our injuries ?

    now go and jump down someone else’s throat you short sighted muppets.

  43. political minefield says:

    colney, learn to stop antagonizing people and to stop referring to jewish people as “yids” and perhaps one or two people might actually consider what you have to say.
    until that time, you remain a fossil.

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