Transfer News Latest

Er, there is none, apart from the fact that tumbleweed could be seen blowing through the West Ham Transfer Signature Room this morning…

I reckon Barnes and Shorey are still the two most likely arrivals, but having written that, I’ve probably put a jinx on them. I see Glen Johnson has gone to Portsmouth. And Joe Cole has gone to West Ham… just joking.


50 Responses to Transfer News Latest

  1. ray stokes says:

    C’mon Eggy and Duxbury,pull your fingers out and sign Joe Cole,Nicky Shorey,Stephen Appiah and either Adriano or Defoe! PLEASE!

  2. Dax says:

    In the unlikey event that Joe Cole would sign for us, it would be our transfer of the summer. I will personally role out the red carpet……

  3. Tom says:

    And tumbleweed is all were likely to see …. aye there are a few weaknesses but I’d rather see guys Zamo and Bowyer running there socks off to wear the shirt than some of the big name sulks that have been branded aronund … and as for the Sambo conection ….. have we forgotten last years last minute rumpuss … Parker and Freddie to return soon and feed the front boys …. we’ll be fine … mid table by chrimbo and Eidur and Appiah will be delivered. As for Joey Cole ….. we can always dream … Defoe …. never !

  4. Jaime says:

    Adriano please Eggy…..Appiah would be good too!

    P.S. Ian – if i were you i would change the picture and the top of your page, no offence but you look pretty gay…..

  5. JMan says:

    This is a joke. We are down the very players we brought in to the club to take us forwards and all I hear from UP is AC negativity. I start to wonder if Egg really does want us to move forwards because I have not seen much of that so far. Of course I hope that a lot is going on in the background and will be announced later and that I will have to come back on here and give my humble apologies, but as things stand I am one extremely pissed off Hammers fan, who is tired of words and wants to see action backing them up. What has happened to the Adriano situation, same with Mancini, Appiah et al. Even if they are no goers it would be nice to be told so rather than left hoping. If Ljunberg, Faubert, parker and Dyer were fit then we would be a lot more positive but they aren’t and we are going to struggle if nothing happens today. No good waiting until Jan, that is survival buying nothing else. When is the club every going to learn that if we want to break in to the top four that comes with a price and it isn’t a net outlay of £10 million. Good to see nothing’s changed at UP, still thinking way too small and narrowly!!

  6. ChrisG says:

    I think we have missed the boat (again) and will be in our usual fight to stay up come seasson end.

  7. Chris says:

    My Friend working at a sports law firm (the same that dealt with the tevez case) and he tells me they are finalising a deal with a young Brazillian called Carlos Alberto.
    Watch this space and mark my words.

  8. JMan says:

    Tom, impressed by your positiveness but I don’t think you are facing the reality of the situation. We are in a precarious position and with what we have at the moment I don’t see any chance of mid-table by Xmas, th strength in depth is not there. It is one thing having players run their socks off but if there is no end result effort counts for nothing. I would rather have a difficult player, ie PDC, who can deliver that one bit of magic that can inspire and motivate than a player who runs himself in to the ground for little at the end of it. This is a results business and nothing else.

  9. ozhammer says:

    unfortunately we are unable to attract big name players so we will always be mediocre. i’m tired of following a club who aspire to just dream and never seem to walk the walk. If you measure us by on-field success then we are failures. Sorry, but this is the reality. We should stop dreaming about europe, titles, etc, because we have never achieved anything. Now we have a biscuit maker driving our recruitment & future goals. All we need is Teltley and we can happily enjoy retirement….

  10. ny hammer says:

    tom i think your point is a good one about rather seeing the likes of zamora and bowyer ,mullins etc running their sox off than big name “sulks” arriving .

    like anyone else, initially i d have thought getting joe cole back somehow ,on loan or however , was a 1000 to 1 shot. but maybe it s not so outrageous , as he is struggling to get in teh side at chelsea still , and if the papers are correct has had a dispute with mourinho about it. you cud argue that someone like joe cole might solidify his england place more as a west ham starter than as a chelsea sub. at this point in his career he s got to be feeling very disappointed at not being able to convince mourinho that he s wrotha starting place. maybe it s too late for this window , but perhaps getting him in janaury is not out of the question if mourinho continues to use him only sparingly. as crazy as it sounds, this link has more sense than almost all the others being bandied about. it wud seem to work to the benefit of the player, chelsea and west ham. and on more than one occassion the player has made it clear he still holds west ham in high regard.

  11. Iain Dale says:

    Jaimie, I hate to tell you this, and no offence – but maybe because it is because I am…

  12. GoatyGav says:

    Getting very eager to hear something now. All sorts of rumours flyin’ round but there isn’t the usual sightings of players at Upton Park. Could this be because everything’s going on overseas? (Come on Mancini – You know you want to)

  13. billyp says:

    jman, come on son, you know west ham always do things the hard way but thats the way it is at up thats see wat happenings at the end of the day the start moaning coz you cant put anything past west ham

  14. ny hammer says:

    i can understand the irritation of those ,like jman ,pointing to what looks like a lack of strentgh in depth, but in fairness i think magnusson has made an effort . the only position where we are “desperate” for a quality addition is up front. in midfield it shu dnot be long b4 w eve got parker and ljungberg back so i don t think it s so bleak. bellamy ,parker,lungberg,faubert ,dyer ,wright – the ownners have put their hands in their pockets and can t be blamed for the long term injuries to faubert and dyer. also , the club has probably racked up a very large legal bill this summer owing to moronic mccabe. and we also spent a few bob in desperation last january which has taken away from the kitty for this window. i think the asessment of oz hammer is a bit harsh. i don t think we re condemned to never rising above mediocrity. but it s going to take time.
    first things first, which is making sure we are well and truly clear of a releagtion scrap forever more. then teh next step,is consistently top half of the table. THEN to look to get into a uefa spot. to expect all that too happen in one season though is asking a massive amount, although had we not been hit with serious injuries i d have thought it was very possible. even with the injuries though, optimistic as it sounds , i don think a top 10 or even a top 8 finsih is beyond us ,if players play to their potential and if we don t lose more players to injury. that means bowyer and boa morte playing as they did against wigan, not disappointing as they did vs man city. it means etherington continuing to look like his old self as he has lately. it means bellamy starting to take shots and score as he did at bristol. it means ashton getting 100 pct fit. etc etc.
    objectively speaking i don t think it s nearly as bleak as some are making it out to be-it may be a hard slog at times, but i think we ll be ok- more than ok in fact.

  15. Hinsdale Hammer says:

    Chris, Carlos Alberto? Isn’t he about 60 now? Wouldn’t surprise me, we can’t get anybody youger

  16. Swiss Hammer says:

    I agree with most sentiments that I think we have missed the boat with the signings.
    But remember we were in the same position last season.
    I always live in hope and for those who dont remeber the 1980 FA Cup.
    Blimey I did that without mentioning ’66

  17. Chris says:

    Back to transfers, any other news on the radar, i heard Appiah was seen in Heathrow being escorted by club officials, could be rubbish but would be a supurb addition.

  18. Stuart says:

    Solano from barcodes – a done deal. A fantastic signing for us..

    Discussions are ongoing for Shorey and Barnes – but may not complete in time (perhaps now Jan targets).

    Apiah still a possibility.

    Benni McCarthy a target but maybe not for this window.

  19. Hammerithome says:

    Sorry to say lads but; Too much negative stuff on here for my liking.
    We know we are not world beaters,but on our day we can deliver,as we did last year against Man Utd and Arsenal. There are not many teams that have achieved doubles over those two in the same season,so let’s now have some positive vibes from everyone,PLEASE!!

  20. west ham johnny says:

    all our transfers and targets do seem to drag on for weeks, i’m not sure why but is it to do with duxbury. look at pompey they just signed johnson and i hadnt heard any news on that until today. villa, man city fulham have all signed aload of players this season and none really dragged on like any of ours. i do think its down to someone at the club but i dont think its curbs as he points out who he wants and the club go for em. and i no it aint eggs cos he is very ambitious and evryone we’ve signed has said so.

  21. Tommy d says:

    Is it just me or does the who Adriano affair seem v strange indeed? Why did the club announce they were in talks with him on the official website?? No one ever does that, and lets be honest, he was never gonna come to us anyway! It just reeks of un professionalism!! Curbishley didnt know about it because as w Julien Faubert, he was completely in the dark!! Nb Fauberts comments after signing- he never once mentioned Curbishley, just what gr8 vision Eggy had!
    Curbishley should have been installed as manager when Harry left, but he wasnt. We had to move on- He is not the man to take us forward and i just hope the chairman realises this before we lose out on anymore quality players (Young, Bent, Barton etc) and replace them with ageing, injury prone players such as Dyer, Ljungberg Quashie(?), Boa Morte and evan Upson to a lesser degree!!
    And so it seems, hes once again failed to recruit despite our critical injury list. We will be ok this yr- mid table most prob, but if we had spent our money a lil more wisely we could be looking a lot higher!!!

  22. my hammer says:

    And Keiron Dyer is about to be transferred to a Health Spa somewhere in Berkshire to enjoy a couple of months of rest and recuperation massaged by some Norwegian lovelies with an economy size bottle of baby oil…

  23. JMan says:

    Boys, I so want us to be able to stick the two fingers up at all those who have given us a hard time over the last few months because this is the greatest club there is and I wouldn’t ever support anyone else. I just want us to signal our intent and for other to stand up and take notice and all I have seen is one excuse after another and for me that is not good enough. Why haven’t we gone and got Appiah, why is he no longer linked with us but Everton. Our luck might be bad at the mo, but we have had the opportunity to do something about it and that is what will be hard to swallow if there is nothing come the end of the day…but I do hope I am proved wrong and I will always be west ham til I die.

  24. Rooster says:

    Rumours are ripe in Mugpie papers that Solano maybe coming to West Ham if they get the 2 players they are after, Beye and Faye, isnt that the 2 girls in BB8?
    Solano would be a good replacement for dyer, Solano can play right-back or right-midfield.
    Also Newcastle online are saying WHUFC is a laughing stock, so i gave them a peice of my mind on my blog.

  25. Rooster says:

    Jamie, just read what you said about Iain.
    When you post comment like that please put your pic next to your comment, so we can all judge you.
    Personally im too ugly to have a pic so i put my mad hammer icon there. 🙂

  26. Chris says:

    Not that Carlos Alberto, a young attacking midfielder from Corinthians. But the elder Alberto could still probably do a job. About as realistic as Joe Cole…

  27. crazyhorse says:

    ozhammer you are not uri gellar and dont know where we will be going.In saying that i will add this,it is disappointing that curbishley hasnt got his finger out of his ear and signed anyone this week,the guy is too laid back.And jman i agree with you,because im a pissed off hammer aswell

  28. jon l.colney says:

    how can solano be a fantastic signing? missed that one !

    i do like these people saying theyve seen a player at a ground or airport.

    are we mugs or what?

    i rekon we should just wait till 12 tonight and then turn the telly on.

    you may just get a lovely thing to dream about.

  29. Rooster says:

    Howard Webb, A yorkshireman will be referee for the match on saturday, lets hope he isnt a sheff u sympathiser.
    He has refereed 2 matches so far this season,
    Mugpies v Villa. and
    Manure v Spuds.

  30. Jaime says:

    Rooster, If i knew how to do it i would! My technical capabilities on the internet are limited to opening and shutting down…..

    Ian, no offence intended!!!

  31. ny hammer says:

    agree rooster – real non- productive contributions by JAMIE and by MAI TAI HAMMER
    on dyer. what is the point adds absolutely no value .

    let newcussle laugh. they ve got a fat bunger for a manager and in 10 years of begging,borrowing and spending have never put together anything other than an average or barely above average side. great return on investment newcastle -if we all operated as newcastle did we d have nothing but p45 s to show for it.

    in terms of what jman said , i agree with the desire to get our own back against the various muckers from other clubs who talked rubbish all summer long about the tevez situation, but on the flip side , as pointed out by someone else, we DID take 6 points off arsenal and man utd last year . once the short term injured players are back there i s no reason why we can t hold our own again this year against clubs like that . so i d like to remain optimistic , even if so far this week has not brought us another good signing yet. but there s still time- as we all know a lot can happen in the dying hours of the window. keep the faith

  32. Jaime says:

    p.s. Love your work

  33. Iain Dale says:

    PS Love u too 🙂

  34. ChrisG says:

    Iain, although its been a disappointing day hence far, I would like to second Jamie´s point and say thanks for the blog and the work you put into it.

  35. west ham johnny says:

    and i love u’s both…. haha at least we can all still have a laugh thats west ham supporters for ya.
    well seems solano is on he’s way down for a medical, not my 1st choice but its a start and hopefuly we get at least 1 more in.
    i would of liked fulhams papa dioup he aint a bad player and wants to leave.
    how sad am i, i’m gonna stay in all night and watch sky sports news so they better sign someone

    c’mon u irons

  36. JackP says:

    Tell you what, if Nobb(l)y Solano does end up at WHU, I’ll be gutted. He’s been a great and loyal servant to the club; his attitude and his workrate is first rate, and if he does go to the Boleyn Ground (is it still called that?) you’ll be getting a great little player.

    But as for the transfer news – it has been a bit bloomin’ quiet today all round, hasn’t it? So far, at least…

  37. Gavin says:

    i hear solano on a free is on his way down to have a medical, from a ‘reliable source’ apparently,

    if so how is he gonna help us in anyway, he is about to retire in a year or two their is no point pull ur finger out and buy a better younger person, solano wud just be a drain of funds to pay his wages.

    i wudnt want joe cole to come back i see him and he thinks he is the best and he is so reckless with challenges, does stepovers without going anywhere,
    readin want 9 million for shorey (supposedly) but will we only over 5 million

    looks like that is a january transfer

  38. Fostie! says:

    Carlos Alberto de Oliveira hardly a young player, He has just signed for Corinthians so why would he move to West Ham… be realistic Mate!

  39. Hammerithome says:

    Well it’s working then! I asked for some positive vibes on here after all the dull stuff and that is what we got. Well done lads and lasses.
    I hope we go to Reading tomorrow and completely stuff the 6-0 drubbing down their throats! We are capable of getting a draw I’m sure(positive)and we will have Deano back to worry the life out of them(more positive stuff). You see it is easy to be a bit more positive and I’m convinced it rubs off onto the team if we all stick together.

  40. ny hammer says:

    hello jack

    much too quiet from west ham point of view as we were all hoping for something to happen at the last minute (perhaps it still may) . i agree on solano ,in that i ve always felt he had the ability to influence a match , even if he s getting on a bit. west ham supporters would have perhaps wanted a “higher profile ” signing , but i think the player cud be useful for west ham despite his age, and can understand why you wud be reluctant to lose him. there are players who can carry on in into their late 30 s successfully , as gary speed has at bolton , so it seems reasonable that solano cud do the same , especially if his workrate is what u say it is.

  41. Alex says:

    According to Sky Sports News, sources at Derby have said the Giles Barnes deal is def on, WHU have said nothing……………………….

  42. E1 says:

    The Barns deal has fell through no mention of anyone else.
    Shorey ?
    Anyone ?

  43. ny hammer says:

    agree with hammerithome- with bellamy ,noble ,neill in the side and ashton at least available as a sub, this is a different cast of characters to the lot that got stuffed there last january. they ve played well against some top sides already this year ,but the way they got turned over by bolton makes me think we shud come away with something from there

  44. Ornchurch Ammer says:

    Just confirmed Solano Deal is done!!!

  45. The Headmaster says:

    all quiet since 7.40. odd!

    solano people. not bad?

  46. boleyn local says:

    First time writing on here but Solano and Camara that’s giving us confidence.32 and a 30 year old load’s of cobbler’s.Here’s to thinking big Curb’s

  47. dan1982 says:

    what a total anti-climax. I think Curbs is most definately the wrong man. It is obvious he cannot attract big name signings.

    Another note, if we can offer £18 million for Bent/Adriano, why have we not spent a penny today??

    It is obvious we need cover for left back and a decent striker?? Why has curbs not looked further afield??
    I am afraid we are all talk, with no action!!
    Sad day for WHU we will struggle now…………

  48. Stuart says:

    FFS – it will take time to build up west ham!! Curbs can only buy what’s available. I for one am glad we weren’t held to ransom on Shorey and Barnes. We’ll get them (or better) in Jan or next summer.

    This is gonna be a step by step process – don’t some of you muppets understand that? Come live in the real please.

  49. Stuart says:

    P.S you’ll all end up loving Nobby wait and see.

    [deal was done by lunch time btw per my earlier post]

  50. ny hammer says:

    i can understand people being disappointed when u see a club like villa spending 9 mil and getng curtis davies, but i agree with stuart s point that we did not want to be held to ransom for barnes and shorey. stuart is right that it s going to be a step by step process – we need to be patient and try to stay positive . we still have the makings of a very good side, even with the injuries. in terms of strikers , there was not much available, although i wonder how much money would have been required to convince blackburn to part with mccarthy. also, should it have been us who took a chance on kenny miller , rather than derby?

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