Ethers is Back!

Oh the joy. I am so glad I was wrong., I predicted 2-0 and it turned out to be 3-0. By all accounts it was a fantastic performance. Sky Sports said we could have had ten. And to think, I turned down tickets in favour of delivering Tory leaflets for a Tottenham supporting friend of mine in Chatham. I must want my head read. Still, as you may have seen in the previous threads, we delivered a leaflet to Rooster, one of my regular commenters. Spooky coincidence, or what?!

It seems the back four performed wonders and Rob Green saved a penalty, but the men of the match were Etherington and Bellamy. It’s fantastic to see Matty Etherington back in top form. I would have quite happily seen him leave Upton parl in the summer after his terrible form last year. It’s great to see he must have got rid of his demons.

Oh what fun it is to see, West Ham win away. Well, it would have been had I been there…


54 Responses to Ethers is Back!

  1. Josh says:

    I bet him £20 grand he wouldn’t get a hat-trick so I dont think he’ll be on form for long.

  2. Prince H says:

    So stupid of you to miss this match and do a favour to the tories. Sorry to say it 0-2 in your game. Im happy you support the workingclass team The Hammers, but to support the tories in the same time is imbecile….

  3. ny hammer says:

    superb. fantastic job by the players and the manager , after a diffiult week losing dyer and with the last minute circus that the transfer window closing is. we finally beat the voodoo that s had its hex on us every time we ve played reading in recent years, and did it away from home without the services of parker or ljungberg. good for etherington- he looked good in pre-season and it s showing that it was not a fluke. this from a guy who during the summer publicly commented that he might need to leave the club- what a great turnaround. curbishley got that one right, not giving up on him when it wud hve been easy to take the money and run. and those goals at bristol obviously didn t hurt bellamy s confidence. well done lads – congratulations on a truly excellent performance and result.

  4. fottenham killer says:

    3-1 , and u mucked it up josh.

    spurs are inferior . and you re inferior. north london muppet.

    josh- u don t make 20 grand a year , muppet.

    spuds- what a load of wannabe tosh

  5. Darren says:

    Matty was exellent, saw him in pre season and couldnt believe Curbs would even consider let him leave, today he really showed what he’s about, got pace, can do his defence duties and probably if he can do this for a few more games get into the England squad.

    Today i think we a fight off of our two hammers of the year, will it be Craig or Matty?

  6. sure bet says:

    funny josh, i had a grand on fulham drawing with totenham,aka GAZZY CRISP EATING VINEGAR ,coming back from 3-1 down . now i don t have to work the rest of the year.

    easy lesson. you can always count on spuds mucking it up

  7. exterminator of north london muppet says:

    you lose in teh 93 rd minute to total tosh, sunderland.
    you surrender a 3- 1 lead to the mighty fulham.

    that s class josh. you can t teach that .

    don t worry josh. you and your muppets shud be clear of the relegation zone by christmas, by one place or two. great return for a club that spent 50 million in teh summer.

    still tarting about on other clubs sites because you have no life josh?
    still bored and lonely? looks life you ll spend your life that way.

  8. outer of spudcrud says:

    next time you have 20 k to bet josh, let me know please. i love mugging off north london
    lunchmeat. that ll be you coming back to me in 2050 then won t it. spoiled little brat who lives off daddy- josh will you ever learn to fend for yourself instead of always dpending on daddy.

  9. campaigner against kebabs says:

    westham united- 7th place on 7 points.

    fottenham snotspur- 13th place on a whopping 4 points AFTER 5 GAMES played, comapred to westham s 4 played

    good return on your 50 million summer spending josh? p45 bound wannabe.

    josh- go back to your religious texts.

  10. immigration man says:

    you can always smell a totenham snotspur from miles away. worst breath in the world. too many onions

  11. Rooster says:

    3 Fantastic results in 1 day, Hail the Mighty Hammers 3-0 win on tired old Reading, The Spuds were mashed in the dieing minutes, i was wetting myself laughing.. and to top the cherry on the cake, Sheff U losing on the 90th Minute.. I was told Scunthorpe were singing bubbles at full time.. Precious!!!
    McCabe must be feeling the dagger turning slowly in his back, Oh Glorious Day!!!!!
    Josh hasnt got 20p nevermind £20k dream on geezer..

  12. ny hammer says:

    rock on rooster

    and rock on east london

  13. redkipper says:

    Great to see Ethers going so well after his last seasons problems. Also the much abused Bellamy is now proving the doubters wrong, well done Curbs in buying him.
    I’m not so pleased at noting Ian delivering letters for the Torries, Ian please show better class in the future otherwise I’ll have to leave you!

  14. Brooking knows best says:

    Oh what great joy! I was rather mithed after transfer deadline day. But with some top players missing,through injury, we win 3 -0 away. Sky sports said it could have been 10! Saturdays don’t get better! COYI

  15. manhattan says:

    spot on about bellmy proving doubtrs wrong and etherington regaining form. great to see.

  16. Ian the Hammer says:

    I just want to apologize to Matty, Anton & Mullins. I have in the past (& maybe with some justification) slated all three of you. So far this season you have all proved me wrong & I think if you’re prepared to give it out, you should also be humble enough to say sorry & support when it’s going right. I shouted for Collins, after the end of last season, to replace Anton & would have been quite happy to see the back of him, but he had a fantastic game today. I was gutted when Parker (who I believe should be next to Gerrard for England – I’m not going to start on Lumpard, that’s for another time) got injured, but Mullins has been superb in the middle, in fact how badly did we miss him against Man City. Matty has always had the ability & now seems to have got a fantastic relationship with the very underrated McCarthy & our left side is again looking good enough to tear into any opposition Onwards & upwards now (I hope)! PS that is now 5 away wins on the trot, unbelievable.

  17. hammertime says:

    its great to see some pace and invevtion up front. i liked pardew but i felt we always lacked a cutting edge under him. i just hope bellers doesn’t get bored here!! COME ON YOU IRONS!!!!!

  18. Rapidhammer says:

    I think our left side with McCartney and Matty Etherington is very strong. Seems we don’t need Shorey at the moment!
    And I’m very glad Bellamy is doing so well! This result is balm for the soul of this club after Dyer’s terrible injury!

  19. Hammerithome says:

    I was at Upton Park pre season for the open day and someone said to Ethers they hoped he would not move,then another man behind us said stay and fight for your place Matty mate,and Ethers just looked up and said”I will”.
    Thank goodness he did.
    I think the reason for his good form is that he knows Boa Morte is waiting in the wings and he has tried that bit harder because of this.
    I’ve always liked him as his name is Matthew(like my son)he plays on the left(like my son)and my son is on the same level as Ethers(sorry,that bit’s a lie)he he.
    Long may it continue.

  20. west ham johnny says:

    thats the west ham we all no and love its been comin that result and lets hope we keep it up. we looked like we could score everytime we broke. could of been 6-0. well done to etherington thats the best i’ve seen of him since we came back up. AND WELL DONE CURBS he keeps gettin alot of stick by some supporters on here and i cant see why. curbishleys claret n blue army!!!

  21. the headmaster says:

    The Rooster has it spot on. The only result he missed out of his round-up that more or less completed the perfect Irons day was Millwall’s home defeat! Having said that, I guess that only serves to reinforce the insignificance of that shower from south london!
    A great way to move into the international break, psychologically – top half of the table, albeit early doors, but how many times did we reach those heights last term??
    Bellamy really does hav the potential to fulfil the challenge that Curbs has thrown at him, you know. Potentially, he could (and I stress could) become legend.

  22. JMan says:

    Redkipper and Prince H, anything’s better than this criminal New Labour Govt and this is a footie site so keep it to footie. What a result and what style, the pace up front is gonna scare a lot of defences this season. I though we would lose, but boy am I happy to have been proven wrong. COYI

  23. the headmaster says:

    extraordinary 1st sentence there, Jman. Seems incongruous with the rest of your post which strikes me as being pretty much on the money!

  24. Iron says:

    You cannot get ANY lower than this!!:

    “..delivering Tory leaflets for a Tottenham supporting friend”

    Missing a West Ham victory in favour of helping 2 lots of scum!! WTF??!

  25. ny hammer says:

    it s about balance. to limit every comment solely to football is POINTLESS in the extreme. obviously football is the focus , but the odd reference to something outside the game doens t hurt, and adds a bit of spice to the blog , provided it doesn t dominate the blog , or take up more than a reasonable piece of it. much as we all like to comment on and share our joy at a brilliant hammers win ,it would be megaboring to have 69 comments all just praising the virtues of etherington and nothing else. it is PRECISELY why some of us visit this site alone, that it is not your dull, bog standard blog with the same old same old. should politics on the site not get out of hand , and be kept to a reasonable minimum? absolutely. should politics , or some other area of interest , or humor be fully excluded ? absoiutely not.

  26. magnetic sensor says:

    nice one ny hammer- the prudent paulines should bugger off

  27. cool jazz says:

    the moderator will determine what constitutes acceptable content and langauage for the site. he doesn t need assistance from arrogant mugs. if you want to assist him in that function,then apply for the job properly

  28. ny hammer says:

    as pleasing as the victory was the role that a few individuals played in it. Mulllins has taken a lot of stick, especially as we approached transfer deadline day . the way he set up etheringtons first goal was superb. i think mullins showed yesterday why he is very important to west ham, and why it wouldn t have made sense to let him go. if he can produce teh form he did against reading more consistently , then not only does he deserve to be in the squad, but it also wud then not be a forgone conclusion that higher profile players start ahead of him. people are quick to fault him if he makes a bad pass or loses possession, but a lot of what the guy does is very effective. upson is another one who s taken a lot of stick. i thought the reading game was his best ina west ham shirt. i ve had some nagging doubts about him since his arrival i admit, but i think considering that he s come back from a long period of injury , and that this was only his fourth league game he s making good progress. am i totally convinced with him? not yet, and i still wish collins was involved, buy upson s performance at west ham is improving -that can t be denied. finally ,i think a lot of us ,myself for sure, had written carlton cole off. i really questioned why we sold marlon and kept carlton. but in fairness ,he looked sharp agaisnt reading. not only cud he have had a brace, but he set up the third goal with a good long pass .
    which leads to the final point- we all have gotten impatient with curbishley at one point or another since his arrival. in the beginning i was livid with the man. but i think since march he d done a very good job,including over teh summer and so far this season. he obviously saw something that lead him to keep etherington,cole and mullins when the press widely reported all 3 as being on their way out. that took judgement on his part ,and he deserves credit for it.
    with all the injuries, this cud have been a very dodgy start to the season, even if we have yet to play top drawer opposition yet – the fcat that we ve got 7 points on board from 4 matches ,despite the injuries ,is partly down to etherington,mullins an curbishley s judgement in giving them a role to play. very good start when it cud have so easily been otherwise.

  29. Hammerithome says:

    As Ian the Hammers says,that’s 5 wins on the trot!Not sure about the trots though.
    Seriously,it’s great to win away but the so called experts in the media are saying that instead of being a fortress at home we are in danger of putting our players under too much presure at home which is why the lads do better away.
    Food for thought?
    Like to hear Ian’s view on this if poss.

    By the way Ian,did not like the reference from one of ours re being gay.
    It doesn’t matter and it shouldn’t even be mentioned as long as we all support the beloved Hammers and stick together.
    I love this site Ian so keep on with the good work mate. Cheers

  30. spooli says:

    i have never really understood why people didnt have faith in curbishly, done a great job at charlton and, i thought, should have got the england job instead of that droopy no-mark…i cant even remember the red-faced dullard’s name.
    anyway, lovely for etherington and mullins to do well, and the for the team to despatch what had become a ‘bete noir’ so easily and with such class, but we have to do that week in-week out, and we have to do it to better opposition. solano will come in for matty or mccartney and add another dimension, we will be a better team then. parker is better than mullins, end of.

  31. ny hammer says:

    100 perc cent correct hammerithome.

    1- the lack of proper vocal support at upton park , not only this season ,but in recent seasons
    in general is hurting our home performance. it should be a fortress as it was in 2001-2002
    going into the world cup. since then it s been anything but. the negativity at the ground ,
    in blogs at times , and elsewhere does not help the players. we are outsung at home
    consistently. man city was beyond belief . saying that the players aren t giving fans enuf
    to cheer about is no excuse. the players need positive encouragement, not unnecesary slating and added pressure. as it is the players are being made to feel that if we dn t reach the
    uefa slots this term ,then they ve failed. pressure comes with the territory, which i m sure the players take on board, but we don t need to be raising the heat intolerably,especially on our ground

    2- we don t need on this site insulting references about people s race , religion orsexual orientation. anyone wanting to indulge in that pathetic behavior should join either mccabe s morons or millwall s morons or the snotspur s arrogant twits. stick the racism etc
    etc with the blue flag.

  32. beginning of says:

    in theory, parker is a better player than mullins.

    IF and WHEN he plays. WITHOUT getting hurt again.

    if mullins does a job as he did against reading, i m in no rush to see parker back.

    beginning,middle and end of.

  33. mullins solicitor says:

    parker may be a good player, and a good buy, but he s gong to have to prove it.
    he doens t just inherit the shirt by divine right.

    epilogue of

  34. rock and roll heart says:

    spot on hammerithome.

    to the punkwits who insist on pony insults about people s race and such,


    shoo be doo wah.

    any part of that u don t undertsand billybigbap??

  35. american woman says:

    rock on mullins. rock on mccartney.

  36. stick the boot in says:

    mullins and mccartney 3- ignorant boo boys NIL

  37. sadistic monk says:

    mullins 1 – numbnut whingee moanees ZERO

  38. Ian the Hammer says:

    I’m not sure you can blame the home support for poor home form. I think it’s pretty well known that if you put 100% in for us we’re the best fans in the world, but the opposite applies. 35k when we’re all but relegated, 35k when we’ve been relegated, Leeds fans soon deserted them. I think our style of football is more suited to counter attack than against teams that sit back & ask us to make things happen – ie when you’re at home.

  39. Aylesbury Hammer says:

    Am really chuffed for Matty …well done, son – we’re proud of you.

    And welcome aboard to Bellamy …it seems that the trust that we placed in him is respectfully well placed.

  40. spooli says:

    whats all this mullins 1 – 0 ignorant numbnu…blah, blah, blah bullhs*t?? are you having a laugh?
    have you really forgot all them nightmares from last season when our midfield was totally over-run, and at times downright embarrassed by the likes of reading, watford and half the other half-arsed premiership chancers – and why? because we win one game – against a team that has no real quality and should be getting soundly beat by west ham whenever we play them.
    get a grip! all that devine right nonsense – get real, we know that parker is a top player and as much as i like players with spirit, george parris springs to mind as well, we are in a new era and we have to get better. mullins is from the championship and only just survives in the prem – and reallistically dosent always survive.
    i am not a boo-boy, in fact i hate boo-boys and people who slag off their club but i reserve the right to say it as i see it, so go backk to youre sad, deluded, worlds and convince yourselves that the ‘good ole boys’ will do it for us – but they wont. i wonder if you would all start moaning if we played ME & HM and we ended up bottom of the prem – again?

  41. West Ham Fan No32 says:

    Agree with all those that say Mullins is important to us, in the championship he was our most consistent player, our first season in the premiership he maintained that, last season like Ethers he was not so consistent but he has been very good for us this year and hope he stays with the club and keeps up his good form !

  42. Rooster says:

    I dont know if any of you have ever worked for a business that has just been taken over by a larger business, like West Ham last season and all the turmoil that went with it, I was making £20k profit a month for the company i was working for, during the takeover it dropped to £10k, and i was on the verge of moving to another company that offered a good wage package, but i stuck it out and went on from there, promotion etc etc.. I know this is how most of the Players were feeling last season, it made the whole team on edge, and now its all falling back into place (still a bit early to say really) and lets hope with all our hearts that, the reading game was our spark to a fantastic season.

  43. spoonbuster says:

    GRIP- spooli u need a life, or a lifeline is mor elike it. a drip feed to your head is so so far up your rear you can t walk frink or think.

    reading no quality-what , because they sit 18th AFTER 4 GAMES??? get stuffed u twat.
    lita,hunt,doyle etc- they ve got quality as man utd and chelsea found out . they ve just had a rough start, whereas we re starting to fin dour feet.

    TOSSWIPE- it was one hayden mullins that helped us get to an FA cup final . so he came from the championship. Who gives a toss. SO DID DEAN ASHTON…

    SCOTT PARKER ?? yes , he ll make his contribution to west ham undoubtedly, but he s not god s gift to england or anyone else.

    how many games did he play for newcastle? how many has he played for us??
    he was supposed to be fit for birmingham. WHERE IS HE?? has he been working his socks off to get fit? maybe, maybe not.

    7 million or 77 million , i don t give a toss. parker is a an established good player, but that gives him no right to just walk into the side. he ll have to earn that right , especially after this
    start-stop-start period . call it you see it, but don t be an arrogant ,narrow-minded
    billy bigbap pinhead in the process. clueless low rent naffbag.

  44. bad grammar says:

    hey oikwit-

    if u talk tripe about players like mullins and etherington who have contributed greatly in the past , and who are again making a needed contribution, then don t moan if u get treated like tripe , and if people shove it down your ill mannered throat. take the 3 points from reading gracefully and the role etherington and mullins played in that ,instead of belittling it,threadbare “spooli”

  45. ny hammer says:

    spot on roost and 32

  46. angriest man on earth says:

    are you out of your tree? what drug rehab program did u run away from??

    if you want to start pointing fingers about our troubles last season , you can point to yossi benayoun, paul konchesky,anton ferdinand, nigel reo coker ,marlon harewood and danny gabbidon- i wouldn t be holding etherington as the sole ,or even the main culprit.

    as for mullins , until the chnage managers ,mullins was one of our few players who was doing anything right . anyone with any sense ,who s in touch with west ham and with football knows that . yes, once curbishley took over mullins seemed to fade , and without doubt , last new year s he was very poor. but if u look at his whole time at the club, on balance ,he s helped us in a big way. and most importantly, thus far this season he IS doing the business.

    you can express your opinion. but if it s tosh, and if u slate players who are giving 100 pct , and getting results , you will take it right where the blue flag belongs. mullins did far better than bowyer vs man city. and mullins had a lot to do with beating reading. “get real”?? you need a REALITY CHECK is mor elike it, not to meention a bloddy grammar lesson.

  47. Hammerithome says:

    I agree in part what Spooli says except that it doesn’t matter who’s better than who. All the fans want to see is players giving thier all for the club/team. I think you should always play the players in form no matter who is ready and waiting on the bench. If a player is doing the business week in week out then keep him in. The so called big stars will get their turn eventually,so they will just have to be patient.
    I tell you what though. Some bloody good posts on here lately now that the rabble have given up. All that swearing…dear oh dear!!!

  48. soul brother says:

    it s not just about putting 35000 bums in seats. if the 3,000 away supporters, especially of an outfit like man city, who though looking better now ,have normally been mid table , outshout us, that is pathetic. if there are 32,000 of us upton park shuld not sound like a morgue , and we certainly shouldn t be hearing the 3,000 away supporters all game long. it was like that in the championship, and it hasn t gotten much better despite getting to an FA cup final , and performing one of the greatest escapes ever. there are matches when u can hear a pin drop at upton park and it s not right. our away support on teh oher hand is absolutely brilliant. any time we re on the box ,our supporters can be heard loud and clear , so much so that commentators often make note of it. the difference in the quality of our home and away support is shocking sometimes. which might explain why there are periods during the season when we seem more comfortable away than at upton park- certainly looks it at the moment. let s hope
    the spitir can become a bit stronger at upton park now,especially as we re making a bit of progress.

  49. fly swatter aka bug killer says:

    rite on hammerithome. play who s in form . not really bothered about pedigree,pecking order or profile. possession in nine-tenths of the law. if a man is giving 110 percent for us , and really doing a job in the process , then let him carry on. the HIGH FLYERS will get their shot eventually. IF it means enough to them to get fit. fully fit.

  50. mean and nasty says:

    josh , we make our money the old fashioned way. we graft for it.

    we don t sit on our rear and inherit from daddy.


  51. Brooking knows best says:

    Oh well, what a great weekend. Why is it, there always seems to be a break after our best performances?
    I used to love watching England. Every bit as much as my loved Hammers but lately, I feel cheated every time they play. At least Lumpard and Gerrard is not playing. They both seem to be right up the managers back passage and seem undropable to him. hopefully it wont be another lame duck performance like they normaly produce!
    Come on England!

  52. handsworth revolution says:

    ha yes, know what u mean brooking. maybe the extra week off will help get a few of the other lads fit enough to join in the fun though.

  53. Hammerithome says:

    Sometimes a break can be as bad as a good thing. In my experience,it has always been good for those that are recovering from illness/injuries etc,but to those players who are fully fit it can be a distraction they don’t need,but I think that Curbs will cope well with it and get the players in thw right frame of mind come the Middlesbro game.
    We are starting to see why Curbs was at Charlton for all those years,and for the majority of the time he was quite successfull,without actually winning anything. By staying in the Prem for a number of years on a shoestring budget is beleive me quite a successfull achievment.
    I don’t think he is a wheeler dealer like Harry R but who is? Given time I think we have the right manager in place to achieve our goals and I hope that Magnesson will keep faith in him.

  54. ny hammer says:

    agreed mate – the man s not perfect , but who is. 9 months from now we may feel differently ,but based on recent evidence, he certainly deserves the chance to move the club forward.

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