Reading Preview

Well it can’t be worse than last year, can it?! I am optimistic that we will get at least a point at Reading this afternoon. I can;t put my finger on why, but I just don’t think Reading are quite the same team as they were last season. I hope I am not being complacent. I got a phone call yesterday from a friend who had procured two tickets for the match and asked if I wanted to go. Very annoyingly I had already committed to going to help my friend Tracey Crouch, who is the Tory candidate in Chatham and Aylesford, to deliver 20,000 newspapers to her adoring electorate. I decided she’s lynch me if I let her down. So that guarantees that West Ham will deliver a convincing win! I don’t see many changes from last week’s team, apart from Dean Ashton starting and Lee Bowyer coming in to replace Kieron Dyer. Prediction? 0-2 to the Hammers. Brave man,aren’t I?


25 Responses to Reading Preview

  1. dave says:

    Sod the papers go to the game, that’s only politicts this is football.
    Although at least their not labour one’s.
    I agree Reading do look beatable today .

  2. Tom says:

    Deano and Bellars to get one apiece ….. however after we concede the usual sloppy opener …. 1 – 2 for me with Man of the match being a back to form Mullins ….

  3. ny hammer says:

    i agree with you that we ll get something from this match, more likely a draw than a win ,but something. why? because if there is one match that requires no team talk ,this is it. even before teh fiasco last new year, this had become a needle match simply because we took pardew from them. curbishley ,and in particular those players still here that were involved last january will want to put it right, big time. one man in particular who owes us a performance is mullins , as he was one of the culprits last january. and another man with a point to prove is mccartney. i hope he plays a blinder to shut up all the people who find fault with him, and to shut up all the people who think that shorey is god s gift. at 10 million quid , or 8 or 9 whatevr it was madejski wanted for shorey ,reading can funk right off. let clubs like fottenham pay silly prices liek that -mugs. reading have a good home record and have already proven they can cope with man utd and chelsea, but i agree with u that there are chinks in the armour. maybe they re not the same without sidwell, and the korean who scored at upton park last term has buggered off. also lita is only just getting back from injury, so perhaps he won t be at his sparkling best yet.
    best evidence that we can get at least a point is that this lot were turned over by a bolton side that are not exactly worldbeaters this year. compare september 1 to last jan 1- we ve got bellamy,ashton,and neill this time as well as having boa morte to call upon. i know some of you aren t thrilled with upson, and i admit i have some doubts about him , but our back 4 was decimated last christmas with injury , so having upson is an improvemnt on that . not too metion that mccartney is better than konchesky , at least in a west ham shirt. there are good reasons for believing today s result will be much better than last january.

    go on the westham

  4. bubblez says:

    i think your right maybewe can score more just remember reading got battered last week by bolton n there CRAP!! they may have Lita back but i think he will be nervous having only played 1ce in the carling cup

    prediction West Ham United 3 – 1 Reading

    Ashton Bellamy, Noble Lita

  5. Rooster says:

    I live in Chatham, Iain…. no freebies please mate!!!

  6. Rooster says:

    As i wrote that post, The Tracey Crouch letter entered my letterbox, She will get my vote, shes 10 times better looking than the labour candidate. πŸ™‚

  7. ian says:

    the other thing in our favour is that the reading fans will, based on last season, expect to win this one which in my opinion makes them vulnerable, they will feel that this is the first real chance for 3 points and a start to their season based on the other games they have played however we can put a spanner in the works cos we have a stronger team on paper and we are more of a unit / team, we should not need any motivating for this one, come on you irons 3 points please please please

  8. Sarah says:

    My head says 1-0 defeat but my heart says 2-1 Bellamy and Nobel (last minute winner).

    lets just hope its nothing like last year!

    Come on you IRONS!

  9. Iain Dale says:

    Rooster, what street do you live in. Maybe your leaflet was delivered by my own fair hand! Get the kettle on. I’ll be round when I have finished Dale Street and King Edward Rd!

  10. Joe says:

    Hi Iain,

    I have been reading your West Ham blog for a while and I like it. Recently found out that you a Tory and have been praising Andrew Gilligan’s reporting and turning a blind eye to Boris Johnson’s racism.

    I hope I never see you at Upton Park and have removed your blog from my favourties.

    Vote Livingstone

  11. JackP says:

    never mind what Joe says: I’m an old-left labour man; I’m also a Newcastle fan. But I don’t expect everyone to have the same opinions as me, otherwise there would be no fun in political or football debate.

    I find those (on either side of the political debate or on any side of the football one) who refuse to listen to another’s opinion because it is different to their own more worrying than I find the contrary opinions. After all, arguing contrary opinions is what happens in a democracy. I’d hate to be somewhere where all dissent was ruthlessly silenced (except on the football pitch, where it ought to be!)

    You keep calling it as you see it, and I’ll keep on arguing with you πŸ™‚

  12. mega muckraker says:

    ken livingstone? are you having a laugh ? one of the alltime pathetic freakshows of the 21 century , next to glen roeder and kevin moron mccabe,

    livingstone? what has he done apart from watch the murder rate of teenagers explode in london. useless bag of donuts

  13. manhattan says:

    3-1 , and you. mucked it up FOTTENHAM. still giving it the big one about your so called big club spudsuckers???? get funked fottenham,arrogant lowlifes.

    and GET FUNKED MCCABE you moron. can t even beat SCUNTHORPE a side that it was in LEAGUE ONE last year.

    sheffield disunited and fottenham- the ultimate tosh.

  14. east london rocks says:

    well done, irons . absolutely brilliant.

  15. hater of the moaners and whingers says:

    reading 0- west ham 3

    who s not singing anymore????

    stop moaning about who we did or did not sign in the window. solid win , away from home ,clean sheet against a club that has been a bogey team for us.

    AND robert green saved a penalty. who s your keeper mcclaren????

    and this with no parker or ljungberg , and obviously no faubert or dyer

    cut the whinging , cut the slagging off of the players, manager and owner.


  16. bitter and twisted says:

    reading nil- WHU 3

    to all the doubting thomases ,poncing peters,whinging willies,burping billies, michael muppets,mary morons and just plain MUGS …

    GET STUFFED . stick your moaning,whinging ,aka MOANGING with the blue flag

  17. Rooster says:

    Iane i was in Glencoe road, the guy had a blue hooped t shirt on, I had a bacon sandwich and mug a tea waiting for you.
    Well done you Irons, 3-0 Etherington and Bellamy your my new heroes, Good bust up at the corner flag Bellamy on 89 mins, you shud have chinned him bruv. πŸ™‚

  18. Rooster says:

    OOPS Iain not Iane soz 😦

  19. Iain Dale says:

    Joe at 10.44. This is not a political blog. I generally keep my politics away from it unless it is relevant to the blog in some way. I suppose you operate under the illusion that all West Ham supporters vote Labour. Dream on. I’m sorry you are so small minded that you no longer wish to read a blog you admit you like. Rather pathetic, don;t you think?

    And just for the record, I haven;t been turning a blind eye because BJ hasn;t got a racist bone in his body. As well you know. Any further comments on this, please go to and keep them away from here.

  20. ny hammer says:

    well stated iain, as there ARE quite a few of us don t and WON T vote labor .
    why would west ham fans support a party that has failed on violent ctime, failed on the NHS , and failed to supply and support its own armed forces properly?

  21. Rooster says:

    Well said Iain.
    Bring on Boro a nice home win for a change πŸ˜‰

  22. the headmaster says:

    Iain – ignore Joe at 1044. Pointless contribution. Equally so, (unusually) is NYs at 5.56.
    As you rightly say, your other site is the place for all political comment. That, if it is of any interest, is why I only visit this one!

  23. ny hammer says:

    headmaster , when we decide we need a justice of the peace , to determine the quality of people s contributions , we ll give you a ring. you re not the arbiter of free speech , nor is it down to you to dtermine wht subjects people deal with on the blog. if you don t like it, leave who are you to passing judgement ,with regularity on people s contributions . worry about your own home .

    do u really think the owner of the site needs advice from you about what to include? you re hitting the ground with a mighty thud old man from your delusional high horse.

    note the difference between “generally” and always. not relly difficult to understand

  24. cool jazz says:

    did it ever dawn on you , oh high and mighty one (kingdom of what ,none of us know)
    that this is what the moderator function is for? it s down to the moderator to detrmine what is acceptable or not ,in terms of language and content , not some sanctimonious nitpicker

  25. media mogul says:

    obviously iain chose NOT to ignore joe at 1044.
    “head” master? can t imagine to many parents sending their kids to your school.
    more like “dis” aster.

    if you want to pass judgement on people s contributions why don t you put the time,money and effort into your own blog? or is that too much for you ?

    whats pointless is pompous rears “evaluating” the suitability of other contributors contributions.

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