Was That It?

Well what an anti-climax. We ended up with two players coming in and none departing. Solano is a solid signing but what on earth we are doing signing a player like Henri Camara I just do not know. He’s not exactly Adriano, is he? We now remain short of cover at left back in particular. it is said that we were being quoted £10 million each for Giles Barnes and Nicky Shorey and that is silly money, so I don’t blame the club for not being held to ransom, but even so, I am sure I am not alone by being disappointed in not getting one world class player to sign for us.

Those who accuse us of throwing our money around ought to look at the figures. We have made a net outlay of around £3 million. Just look at what Spurs and Fulham have spent!

The onus now is to to make sure we are in the top half of the table by the time the transfer window opens again in January. If we look as if we are a club on its way up, then we should be able to attract the best players. If we are near the bottom they just won’t come.


38 Responses to Was That It?

  1. Frazzle says:

    What a nightmare. I’m really sad to say we’re looking like nothing more than relegation fodder. Albeit that that’s down to injury, with the almost neutral net spend, you’d have thought we’d have been more aggressive getting players in. Also, where’s the innovative scouting? Where’re the foreign players? And why are we buying Newcastle cast offs? If we finish 15th or above I’ll be surprised. I just pray Ashton and Bellamy gel, and Parker and Llunberg get fit, and Noble keeps his spirit. We’re weak at the back, apart from Neill. It’s Curbs out by January I reckon, and on the evidence of how he plays the transfer market, rightly so…

  2. Tom says:

    Solano is a steady squad player and as for Camara, I’m sure all will be explained in the morning … as for Shorey and Barnes .. lets be honest here, if they wanted to come they’d have put transfer requests in and have made there debuts two weeks ago. We haven’t the profile to be expected the club to go get the world class players yet … we are plenty good enough with what we’ve got and I believe come January, Eidur and others will arrive. The club has got it right not being held to ransom … we’ll have a big enough argument over where to play the likes of Parker and Freddie soon cos Mullins and Noble look solid.

  3. Oggyflute says:

    Whilst I’m relatively OK about Solano covering the hole left by Dyers injury. I fail to see how Camara can really help us. The pressure is truly on Ashton to remain fit.

  4. crazyhorse says:

    for gods sake is there no pleasing anyone.Them derby and reading lot including others have jumped on the money train and tried to ponce off of us,and yet we get to players in and its still whinge whinge whinge.Ok its not adriano but if you were following the developments you would no there were complications in getting him.So who would you rather have mate,carlton cole who couldnt score in a whorehouse on a saturday night or camara? its not been easy for us,but it will get better in time

  5. anyotherbizniz says:

    Will we get Adriano, Riquelme, Appiah, Joe Cole. Shorfey, Barnes, Defoe, Mancini ? Oh the rumours were making us lip our lips. And what do we get? Camara. Camara? Camara! Talk about down to earth with a bump.

  6. Ironsman says:

    I don’t want this to sound personal, but reading articles like the above really irritates me. I’m really happy with Curbs signings in this transfer window. As if Dyer, Faubert, Parker, Lungberg, and Bellamy aren’t enough you appear to be complaining simply because there wasn’t another last minute signing.

    People seem so fickle as to thing you can go out and buy a new team overnight. Yes, we do have a weakness at left back and are a bit short up front, but the squad has been substantially strengthened since last season. Besides I’d prefer to support a football club that spent shrewdly and steadily developed a squad rather than just blasted wedge loads of cash on random names.

  7. TrevorH says:

    I really cannot believe that we are doing business with Wigan after all that happened last year. Surely if Camara is not good enough for Wigan, how can he be good enough for West Ham. I appreciate he has been signed for cover but with no disrespect to Camara, I really hope that he never plays for us. Quite frankly I would much rather struggle than watch a Wigan reject play for us.

    I can’t help feeling that this is a big mistake made by Curbishley and Magnusson and one that will really piss the fans off. Solano is not much better but at least he didn’t come from Wigan!

    Unfortunately a net outlay of £3M (and I make it over £10M) will not get us far. Both in January and this summer we have bought good players on the cheap that are known to carry injuries – Neil, Upson, Ljungberg, Parker et al. Unlucky with Faubert and Dyer but how many of us thought that Bowyer, McCartney and Mullins would be starting for us after all the promises made? Very disappointing……

  8. ny hammer says:

    in terms of not paying silly money for barnes and shorey , i fully agree. i don t think it s a bad the importantly, ing that in effect ,we made a statement to the league that we are not desperate , and we will not be forced into paying ridiculously high prices for as yet unproven players. shorey may have made the england squad, but let s face it- how long has he been doing the business in the top flight? not very. and if the match against germany is anything to go by, he has a lot to learn, so much so that 10 million appears way over the top. barnes may be a good prospect, but 10 million? i don t think so. we re short at cover for left back ,but we ll survive til january with some combo of spector or gabbidon if mccartney gets hurt, and perhaps then reading will put a more realistic price on shorey. if our bid for shorey was so “derisory” then why did no other club rush to come in for him,despite hm being a so-called england international . how wrong the media have been about our so-called big spending. as you say ,we net spent very little , and more importantly,by today s standards , we did NOT overpay for any player in this window, unlike fottenham and other clubs. 16 million for bent was absolutely ludicrous .
    one regret i have is that weeks ago we did not beat redknapp to the punch in signing nugent.
    as a last gasp measure, perhaps it should have been us ,not derby to sign kenny miller. we obviously relly needed another striker as we re very thin to the ground- what happens if zamora ,bellamy or ashton get hurt , now that dyer is out? so on that basis ,the laon deal for camara makes sense. i know it s disappointing that we had to settle for that , but short of paying a massive fee for benni mccarthy i m not sure what else we cud have done in the last few days of the window. the real mistake was not getting a deal done for a striker much earlier in the window ,perhaps from the continent.

    it s easy to forget the good business we have done in this window because we re all a bit disappointed that we cud not come up with that fantastic last minute signing. but a swedish captain, a welsh captain, a french international even if he is injured at the moment, and two england internationals even if one is a long term injury case now, is pretty good business i think ,specially when you take into account that king numbnut(aka moron mccabe) made it difficult for us. there is enough quality in this side to make progress ,especially as parker and ljungberg can t be far away now from recovering from injuries , although i think it may not be until october that we see a big improvement. by then ashton should be in the groove again. we could also do with faubert s recovery not being delayed. it s meant to be december-lets hope it s not a repeat of what happened with ashton last year.

    all in all? anti-climax i think describes it well, rather than major disappointment .

  9. cambridge-iron says:


  10. ny hammer says:

    something to consider is ,was it really worth it to sell marlon before we had gotten a better replacement? 3.5 million is not a bad fee to get for marlon, but was it worth it to leave ourselves this short upfront? so effectively ,what we ve done is sell marlon and replace him,temporarily ,with a player with some pace ,but not necesarily any better. i still feel we pulled the trigger too quickly on harewood ,altho i admit his lack of work-rate at times was frustrating. on the plus side i think solano will prove to be a very useful purchase.

  11. HAmmer says:

    solano will be great cover for faubert and dyer.
    im happy wiv this this one,
    Henri Camara will score a few goals
    and if ya think we was goin to get adriano
    then u need to think again.
    im fed up with muppets saying we aint gettin into europe
    and not gettin world class palyers
    tell me one good reason why the likes of adriano
    would want to come to west ham??

    are we steady in the prem and dont fight relegation?? NO
    do we have a good ground? NO it an ok ground..
    do we have any world class players there to attract them?? NO
    do we have a big name manager that has won stuff?? NO
    are we in europe??? NO
    do we have money?? YES (but money aint everything so it seems)

    so tho think the likes of adriano to come to the club, just wont happen..

    curbs has done a decent job so far.
    in keeping us up.
    slowly building up the squad. world class players wont come in over night.
    it takes time. we need to steady the ship. we got to build the first year and so on,
    then maybe ull see some of the like of adrinao and co in place….
    untill then… keep dreamin and crying.

    Bellemy, Dyer, Faubert, Upson. Boa-morte, Freddy, Parker, Salano

    these are all great additons to the team
    and if you look at the team sheet last year and look at nows..
    well i know which i would choose.

  12. Gavin says:

    We now have a team that looks typical Curbishley. Mid table mediocrity and we better get used to it. Its all very well saying we shouldn’t be held to ransom but sometimes it may make the difference between mediocrity and good. Man U spent big on Nani and the spuds did Bent. Chelsea did loads, Liverpool with Torres and Man City and Arsenal dug deep too. I expect all those teams to do better than us. That said…. I dont think Shorey or Barnes would have taken us on to the next level anyway. We need a Tevez or a Di Canio to spark the crowd to their feet even when we are losing. We dont have ANYONE to raise the blood pressure. Come on ffs. I was at the Wigan game. Talk about flat atmosphere. Oh well, Reading away…. I reckon on a draw or am I hoping for too much?

  13. E1 says:

    Well ? how disapointing was that, Not much to shout about lets just hope we can get a few back off the treatment table before anymore want to get on.
    Still we are in the prem so an above relegation zone finish will be the least we should expect.I agree that a good first half to the season could bring in a few names in january. So off to Reading and COME ON YOU IRONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. west ham johnny says:

    things could have been alot worse had newastle not let solano move on and i’m suprised wigan dealt with us. not the players i firstly wanted but its not that bad solano is proven and very reliable as for camara he will be a good back up to bellemy he’s very quick and has an eye for goal and i’m sure he’ll do fine. we only have to get to january without a 2nd left back so i think we have a good squad now so lets get behind the team now…….. IRONS irons IRONS irons IRONS

  15. manhattan says:

    spot on ironsman and HAmmer. better that we spend smartly and gradually than just randomly splash cash on all and sundry, with no rhyme or reason. how quickly people forget that we were almost relegated 4 months ago. how can anyone realistically expect to go from relegation scrap to top 8 just 4 games into the new season. if only it were that easy. the point is rightly made that it s not just about money- it takes more than money to build a squad . if it were that easy we d be there already. it takes time . i firmly believe we will get there, but people need to be patient and positive. and need to be loud at upton park in support of the tea, , even when we re having a bad day at the office like against man city. the lack of atmosphere at upton park does not help, and as supporters we have only ourselves to blame. we need to do better in making upton park a difficult place to come, instead of being blatantly outsung by the likes of man city s crew. the disgrace is not what we have done in the transfer market over the last few months- we brought in some good quality players ata fair price, and have been a bit unlucky with with injuies. what is totally unacceptabe , and a total disgrace is that as supporters we are not vocal enough at upton park. wigan was better , but there is room for major improvemnt in terms of crowd support.

  16. hammer says:

    Agree with HAmmer on this one. We have made good signings & when the injured players are back we will have a very good solid looking side with some real quality. I think signing nobby is good business, Curbs hand was forced after the injury Dyer sustained & a years deal for a player of nobbies ability is a good deal. I know he’s no spring chicken but he will do a job ’till Faubert’s back fit. Camara is on loan & desent cover. I don’t see why anyone thinks we will get any top flight players in at the moment, be fair, why would they want to come to us? not exactly high profile for the right reasons are we. But it will happen. The club’s done well getting in the players it has & once we stabalize and look like the club we should be, good top class players will be interested in sighing for us and i for one am glad we did not go and pay silly money on Shorey etc, they ain’t worth the asking price and we should save the dosh for when we are looking steady and can entice real quality players. Remember the team is still settling, i’m positive we are going to see some good football from them soon they are starting to show glimpses of it, i feel there’s more to come.

  17. Mr Moon says:

    Whilst we all hoped for more yesterday I think we bought well over the closed season.

    Also players like Gabbidon and Upson were injured for most of the previous campaign anyway, so we’re going to be fielding a very different team to the one that started last season so badley.

    It’s hard to guess where we’ll finish – look at Pompey last year. A bunch of has-beens and ‘who’s that’s’ who gelled together and were probably unlucky not to make Europe.

    Let’s support the team we’ve got now, not the team we might buy in January.

  18. jimwhu says:

    i think we were lucky missing out on shorey englands third choice left back we sold konch who proberley just as good who was also englands third choice this time last year shame about barnes as he looks class camara he brings back memories of our last camara the tit i hope this one is not as bad i wonder though all these class players we were interested not one big one yesterday signed for us maybe they have something against our manager i think solano will do well for us

  19. MOORO says:

    I think we’ve made some good signings early on in the window. Then suddenly, the tabloids go into overdrive about who we’re supposed to be signing, as we are loaded with cash.
    Fans hopes are raised and bam….we end up with a couple of squad players, and now fans are moaning blah blah.
    Despite the fact we have a lot of cash to spend, we still won’t be able to attract world class players that fans are wanting. Simple fact of the matter is that we have had a couple of yo yo seasons, only just escaped relegation last season and quite rightly needed to improve the squad, which curbs has done.
    We’ll finish mid table which after last season suits me. This time next season we’ll then see.
    Just because of the new cash, won’t mean we turn into a champions league chasing team overnight. Eggy has a five year plan which is about right.

  20. Rooster says:

    Transfer window now closed, i cant say im excited or dissapointed, but…. its time to let our players do the talking for us now, a good win against Reading will show the rest of the league we mean business, if we lose then its another week of whingers, piss takers, and torment.
    My prediction 2-1 to the Mighty Hammers.

  21. terev says:

    how are we relegation fodder, u all have short memories if we signed camara and solano 2 years ago when we were promoted we would have been jumping for joy, they’re both match winners on their day, henri camara ripped us to pieces 2 seasons ago when wigan stuffed us at UP. we have got blackburns captain, newcastles captain. birminghams captain and wales’s captain. we have a top 6 starting 11 if everyone is fit and curbs has acted swiftly to boost the squad. fair play, i think you’ll be eating your words about both players!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. manhattan says:

    i know camara isn t tevez , but i think he cud surprise a few people. i think we ll get more goals out of him than we did from harewod last season.all things considered , i think we did well overall in teh window, and even on the last day of the window ,i thought we achieved something, considering what a lottery it is getting anything done at the last minute

  23. West Ham Fan No32 says:

    I agree with all those who WEREN’T disappointed, with all the whinging about lack of quality signings towards the end of the window, it is unfortunate that we didn’t sign them, but lets not turn into spuds fans overnight ! There is a danger now that we have some extra money and expectation that too much pressure will be put on the squad and we don’t want that too early in the season. We have bought quite a few players Parker, Bellamy, Faubert, Ljunberg, Dyer, Solano etc and remember who we have sold NRC, Tevez, Benayoun, Harewood… most of which would walk into most premiership first teams so you can see why it would be difficult to attract players when losing such quality from last season. Curbishley did try and sign players for key positions, Left back and attacking midfield, Barnes and Shorey but hewas quoted stupid money, Shorey will be sold either at the end of the season or in January and a lot cheaper than he is being touted around now.

    We will be fine and incase we are not there is January ! Lets show Madjeski why Shorey want to come to us COYI !

  24. nixon01 says:

    I can understand why people are disappointed – with all the comments of top quality signings we were told of that we were going for after we got Ljungberg (I’m sure the Egg made a comment about 3 quality signings). We’ve not got anyone of note to show for it & the fact that Dyer was supposedley one of those quality signings is a joke!

    We potentially had £40-50m to spend – say £20-30m from Egg and £20m+ from player sales. If you had that money to spend are you seriously telling me Richard Wright, Solano, Camara, Bellamy and Sicknote Dyer would be on your shopping list?! Add that to the crap bought in January of Boa Morte, Quashie, Davenport, no wonder people are questionning the direction we’re going in.

    After all these “good Curbs signings” we still have a starting 11 now including Bowyer, Mullins and Boa Morte – the rest of the Premier Leage must be quaking at the sight of that. I cannot see us being in a good enough position in January to attract any real quality players to improve the team, and especially not if old Charisma Curbishley is still in charge.

    Regards being ‘held to ransom’ by Reading and Derby – can you blame them? We had 8 weeks to bid for Shorey & Barnes and we waited until the last 2 days to actually put bids in, leaving them no time to replace them. So of course they asked for stupid money, we ‘d have done the same if a team enquired about any of our players yesterday. Not sure whether it was arrogance or stupidity on West Ham’s part to expect Reading & Derby to agree to selling them yesterday

  25. GoatyGav says:

    The yardstick for success is 10th or above this year. Once Scotty, Freddy and Julien return we’ll only really have one weak link at left back and I’m confident we’ll succeed. Eggy & Curbs’ plan is not a 6 month one – it’s a 5 year one. If Hammers fans, the genuine ones that is, are one thing it’s patient – we’ve had to be. We really should know not to raise the bar of expectation too high too early.

  26. Brooking knows best says:

    I feel almost like I’ve been mugged! All this talk about signing world stars and England internationals (I make the point that those two are not the same thing) and we get two averagely good players.

    A stop gap for the season at best, but still useful.

    I guess over all, we have signed decent players that has improved the squad but having lost Teves and Benyoun, is our first 11 that much stronger then last year? Ashton’s return to fitness will help.

    Curbs will have to prove his worthyness to be our manager to get us in Europe this year, I for one hope he does!COYI

  27. Gee says:

    Well Solano is a quality player. I am happy with his signing.

    As we only have Zamora and Carlton Cole as cover for Ashton and Bellemy, I can see the benifit of Camara.

    We didn’t sugn superstars because they don’t want to play for a club thats recently been relegated and took two years to get back up and then neary get relegated again.

    As for mid-table mediocrity, bring it on, I would love us to be a mid-table side for next few seasons.

    It IS NOT reasonable to expect european football, we ARE NOT a big enough club, we couldn’t even attact Darren Bent. If support expectation contiues as it has we will be accused of being Spurs fans!

  28. crazyhorse says:

    I agree with you goatygav,we have to be patient,some fans seem to think we will wave a magic wand and we will get who we want…have faith,and be patient

  29. negativity hater says:

    before you go questioning when or how much we bid for barnes and shorey you ought to get your facts right. do you know the details nixon? then shut the funk up. and take the negativity to the valley,selhurst park or bramall lane where it belongs you ungrateful, spiteful tart

  30. Rooster says:

    Day of Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!! West Ham win 3-0, Sheff U Lose, and Spuds draw from a 3-1 advantage.. Glorious day..
    I cant stop laughing…. hahahahahahahahahaha

  31. ny hammer says:

    rock on rooster

  32. nixon01 says:

    “negativity hater” – I’d suggest with comments like that you’re the spiteful one, but unlike you I’m not here to personally attack fellow Hammers supporters.

    All I was trying to say was, with our supposed resources we had the ability to aim towards the Egg’s vision. And I cannot honestly see that buying players towards the end of their careers and those with checkered medical histories, is going to help with that. Especially when you consider how their current clubs were seemingly happy to see them go. But again that’s only my opinion.

    How much we bid for Shorey or Barnes is irrelevant, in fact I’m glad we didn’t pay over the odds for them, I just question waiting until the end of the window to bid – especially when it was widely suggested all Summer that both were targets. The point I was making was that Reading & Derby were quite entitled to rank the prices up, we should have just tried earlier & had alternative back-up options.

    But that’s all over with now, and it’s down to business – and a great result today! Looks like we’ll be having more luck with the counter-attack game on our travels this season!

  33. hater of nixon says:

    yes nixon , i m the most spiteful piece of business you ll ever encounter , this side of osama bin laden. and what i won t put up with is prats like you spewing tosh,maoning, constantly finding fault , when you have nothing contructive to add , and when you have no value

    at the end of their careers? are u a muppet or just an out and out loser??

    gary speed was effective til 37. sheringham was til 40.

    so there is no reson why solano,jungberg and others north of 30 cant do a job. injury prone my rear end- dyer breaking a leg isn t injury prone,

    and in the end you ll never know PRECISELY WHEN WE EXPRESSED OUR INTEREST ON BARNES OR SHOREY. so don t talk tosh.

    and get your back in your box . you deserved to b eattacked because you were a whinging, complaining ,timewasting piece of excrement. admit you were wrong and shut teh funk up.

    supporter?? you don t what the word means. wsster.

  34. spite-meister says:

    you made your bed nixon. lie in it.
    next tiime be a bit more constructive in your criticism , or don t bother.

    period. END OF

  35. Ornchurch Ammer says:

    I agree with a number of people on here, as a season ticket holder at UP I have seen the ups and downs in recent years and after last years “Great Escape” it is now time to steady the ship and get a good year in!!! By a good year I mean top half of the table, Europe if we are lucky.

    I can’t say I am a huge Curbs fan but lets face it he has bought in some good players (Parker, Bellamy, Upson, Neill, Ljungberg … to name a few) and yes I was slighty disappointed not to see Adriano but I agree with the others a good year will attract the great players, no World Stars will want to join a team that has flirted with relegation (not that we will be this year) but after last year we have to be realistic!!! If we do well the first half of the season we may well see something bigger in January but we do have some very good and talented players!!!

    I think the signing of Solano was a shrewd move, you have only got to ask the barcodes who where sad to see him leave. Lets not forget this guy is good in a dead ball situation, something in my view we need. As for Camara, I admit I’m not a fan but lets give the boy a chance, I remember him scoring against us on a cold December night and he was a speedy little bugger!!!

    Lets get behind the boys, these are the players we are blessed with until January and in my opinion we’ll do well. 3-0 at Reading, a great result!!! These boys will do us proud, mark my words!!! C’MON YOU IRONS!!!!!

  36. Steve says:

    Dose anyone no why we dident buy anyone we were being told that great things were going to happen. I stayed up till the end of the day and am sure most other fans done the same , we seem to be getting players that are just past there sell buy date. Well at the start we got 2 good players then nothing more till almost the end of the window. I think we have a very smart man over the club , hes telling us what we want to here spending a bit . Like how many players have we been in for and there was a problem with them , and if not the players it ws the club and if not the club it was there agent makes you wonder. I aint got a lot of hair left after last season looks like i will pull the rest out this season. Oh it was a great result today and i can sleep tonight . Keep the irons hot

  37. the headmaster says:

    Some superb contributions, in my humble….

    I make this a season of consolidation in the Prem, maybe with a decent cup run thrown in for good measure (a bit of luck for a change in the 3rd round of the Carling I see……).

    top result today – a real nerve settler. We’ll be ok. For one season, let’s forget the beat a top 4 club and lose to the likes of Boro/Fulham/Reading/Wigan approach. Let’s concentrate on the mini league just beloe the top 4 and do well within that.

    Rest easy Irons til the 15th. 🙂

  38. ny hammer says:

    exactly rite- this shud be a season of getting the maximum return from the “winnable” fixtures rather then taking 6 points off of man utd and arsenal only to be ina relegaton scrap. i ll take 8th to 10 th place all day long, maybe slitely better , buy beating all the average and weak teams consistently ,even if we get very few points off the top 4, one season at a time, with a bit of progress each season. no overnite miracles

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