Going Away?

Here’s tip about a new website which helps you find a hotel when you go to away matches. Match Hotels.com is HERE.


16 Responses to Going Away?

  1. road tripper says:


  2. Rooster says:

    N1 Iain thx Bruv.. any home match i always stay in Woolwich accross the free ferry with family.. free lodgings too, same at newcastle soon.. family up there too, i love to wind the sad os up 🙂 good pubs up there tho, well as long as i dont wear my hammers shirt to the pub

  3. Rooster says:

    BTW lol at chelski 🙂

  4. T-jay says:

    hey Iain can u tell me if we had a player called Dave Knjght at the club in the 80’s or early 90’s maybe even late 70’s he is an aussie i no his son he says he plyed for us and has the shirts to prove it.

  5. T-jay says:

    i ment knight sorry

  6. Rooster says:

    I checked every squad we had from 1964 – 1991 the only knight that ever played for West Ham was Allen McKnight who was our goalkeeper for 1988-1989 season, Came from Celtic.
    We had Phil Parkes as our Goalie after that.
    Think the Guy is a BS

  7. Damien Hogan says:

    how much did you get for that plug….

  8. headmaster1 says:

    Is Iain dead or something – this post is a) boring and b) about 72 hours old, attracting no relevant comment and must be symptomatic of the fact that it’s international week and we’ve all drifted off into a sort of post lunch dip for old aged men after sunday dinner. We’ve gone to sleep.

  9. Rooster says:

    Damien – You posted a question, try and let us know who to!! and what you are talking about.

  10. my gggg-generation says:

    yes- we we cud do with more regular updating of reader s posts during this dreaded inetrnational period,please. thank you

  11. no symppathy says:

    this just in.

    oxford dictionary has now listed “mccabe” as one of its correct and up to date definitions of the word FAILURE

    glad to see to that somewhere in the printed media there is sense. better lat ethan never

  12. choo choo charlie says:

    losing 3-2 to scunthorpe –



  13. Stephen says:

    Interesting article on us Hammers….maybe we need to be more positive and create a better mood in the stadium.


  14. ny hammer says:

    brilliant post stephen- deals with the issue better than anything i ve seen ina long long time. cheers mate

  15. headmaster1 says:

    Read the link that Stephen posted – almost makes you feel ashamed to be honest. I certainly didnt walk out when Wigan scored but I do remember well giving the warming up Deano a big cheer, and I guess part of the cheers was saying to AC ‘get him on you donut!!’. Since then I have heard AC explain that they are not rushing Deano back to full service which I can quite understand.
    Equally shaming has to be our reaction to Boa Morte and Bowyer. Mia culpa on that one too!
    Thought provoking stuff, Stephen.

  16. David says:

    Matchhotels looks like an awesome site for finding west ham hotels!!

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