Shorey is a Gooner

Nicky Shorey is on Golas on SUnday at the moment. He said all his family are Arsenal fans and he used to go and watch them as a kid. Quite where the idea came from that he is Hammer though and though I don’t know. I suppose it partly explains why he didn;t seem desperate to move to us.

Three nil to the cockney boys! Having seen the goals now I am even more encoraged by Etherington and Bellamy’s performances. If they can continue that sort of interlinking, we’re going to have a very enjoyable season.


72 Responses to Shorey is a Gooner

  1. ny hammer says:

    spot on. passing and movement were excellent.

  2. spooli says:

    so what if we didnt get shorey – looks over-rated to me anyway. i was hoping we would get a left-back and he seemed like the logical choice but i have to say solano is a better signing. a proven quality player who will make our team better.
    west ham are looking much stronger, a tidy premiership team – not far from being a top six team if they can carry on improving.
    but we cant get carried away, we’ve only beat reading – we need to beat better teams than them this year. shorey will regret not joining us, but we wont regret not getting him

  3. hammertime says:

    a left sided english winger with pace, just what the national side need. joe cole will not be getting many games with malouda in his current form so he may not be in the england reconing. however, i hope he remembers where his roots are come january!

  4. BAC says:

    Yes, it was a good performance from Etherington (good job we didn’t sell him) and excellent from Bellamy. Other players who have been getting a bit of stick who did well, in my opinion, were Neil, McCartney Ferdinand and Mullins. The keeper was on rop form, too.

    So a lot of positives, all in all.

    Dean Ashton looked well off the pace to me, but he’ll be ‘back’ soon, hopefully.

    Can Nobby Solano run quicker than Lee Bowyer? Let’s hope so.

  5. GPiron says:

    Who need Shorey?

    If they dont want to play for us thats fine.

    But dont think Arsenal will want him.

    When we are in Europe they will wish they came and I hope Curbs laughts at them.
    Rant over

  6. Rooster says:

    Ethers was whizzing up the wing, made some fantastic assists too, Our counter attack is what won the game for us, counter attack is a killer if your not prepared for it in training, which Reading obviously was not, Now if Curbs and the other coaching staff work on techniques like they did for the reading game than all our matches to come will be exciting, We obviously know we wont win all of them, but we will scare the likes of Manure and Arseolenal when they fear going in to attack.
    Practice makes perfect, exactly what Hammers did yesterday and the days before the game..
    In a previous post (somewhere) i said Curbs would not last the season, as all premier clubs will spend more money on Elite Managers, Play more games like that curbs and you will be entitled to ask Bjorg and Eggert for a pay rise.
    Well Done Curbs and staff.
    You guys are the new staff we dreamed of, lets hope it stays that way

  7. Rooster says:

    And Iain, My blog still isnt on yur Blogroll!!
    I have sent 2 posts on the blogroll page. 😦

  8. Iain Dale says:

    I’ll try to add it later. I have several to do.

  9. ny hammer says:

    agree we can live easily without shorey. as for beating teams better than reading , that will come. i wouldn t underestimate beating any side 3-0 ,away from home, especially when that side was top 10 last season

  10. icundell says:

    Regular readers of In The Brown Stuff have known about Shorey’s Goonerhood for ages. Obviously you browse the wrong pages…

  11. West Ham Fan No32 says:

    Shorey would be a good addition to our squad, I like Linda he gives a 100% and has shown signs of improvement but Shorey much like Wayne Bridge delivers quality balls into the box and over a season that makes a difference. Not sure either where the idea that he was a West Ham fan came from but most of us including me bought it.

    Was a great result yesterday and if we produce more performances like that I will eat my words about Curbs ability, fair play to him !

  12. soul brother says:

    agree on shorey being overrated. what is all teh fuss about? how many years of premiership experience does he have? he may be a decent enough player ,but is the guy going to move the earth ? i don t think so. he certainly didn t look yesterday like a player worth 7 to 9 million, or whatever reading wnted for him.

  13. Footblogger says:

    Golas on Sunday? Is that a Sky homage to the classic 80s trainers:)

  14. war and peace says:

    anyone notice that steve coppell had teh decency to just accept that we were the better side? even though they gad chances, with the penalty and hitting the post, he didn t make excuses or say the scoreline flattered us. some like big fat bungin sam or roedent or steve bruce wud have gone on about how the game was closer than it looked etc. he even had teh grace to say we cud have had more goals, which can t be disputed ,and implied that reading were never in it such was our superiority. i actually think reading were better than their manager gave them credit for, but coppell s respect and decency towards us was commendable. makes a change from all and sundry in the media and even in the league who ve been slagging us ( like “teh mighty QUINN ” -not- at sunderland ) for our spending or anything else. a lot of sore losers these days in the prem setting a bad example. coppell isn t one of them. despite the rivalry bewteen the sides in recent years, i hope it s someone else who goes down, not them.

  15. sam says:

    shorey said to his pals that he wanted the switch, if he is available then we should get him but not for too much i hope

  16. Rooster says:

    Have to go agree with war and Peace. the 3 id be happy see go down will be Fulham, Wigan, and boro, the whingers who wanted us relegated

  17. Rooster says:

    I take back Boro, I would rather Spuds, i would celebrate for months if they were relegated.

  18. jimwhu says:

    now the window is shut i hope mccartney shows theform he showed playing for n ireland the other week i saw the match and he was there best player by far he started a lot of there attacks he was like julian dicks with hair if he plays like that for us we wont need the likes of gooner boy shorey or anyone else

  19. Tom says:

    It’s amazing … friday night and so many fickle so called WHUFC fans were saying so much rubbish rubbish about Curbs, the signings and go pay for them at any price and slating Eggy for unful-filled promises of superstars arriving …. today after wiping the floor with the one of the clubs that wanted to hold us to ransom we’re all hooray and oooohh top six … people need to take stock of some of the spending other clubs have made and look how average they are looking …. apart from the Manc game I have every game so far and the team is full of pasion and belief … look at Ethers and Mullins absolutely solid this season … Ferdinand knows one more bad game and he’ll need to fight pass Gabbibdon and Collins to get a place on the bench … Bowyer is just lovin wearing the shirt whilst £20 million of tallent is sat in the treatment room. As I keep saying …. mid table come January and the likes of Appiah and Eidur will arrive to take us on to a european spot and possibly a cup final.

  20. east london rocks says:

    villa 2-chelsea nil

    that s what happens to people whp talk tosh. they get found out and then they get stuffed.
    couldn t happen to a more arrogant set of tripe .

    ARE U HAVING A LAUGH,TERRY???? implying that man united were already out of it because they were five points behind chelsea at this early stage.

    congratulations villa.

  21. vampire blood says:

    better luck next time didier and johnny boy. it s not just the england manager that needs changing. it s the captain.

    STICK THE BLUE FLAG where it can t find an exit

  22. Hayden says:

    At the end of the day. Hammer or Gooner it seems to be obvious that Shorey wanted to come to West Ham. People have been saying he also said this on Goals on Sunday. I hope we get him in January.

  23. ny hammer says:

    well stated tom- sums up brilliantly in a nut shell. good shout jimwhu as well -absolutely spot on. and while were at it ,rock on roost- wud luv to see that maggot al-fayed get his comeuppance. apart from fulham s knack of coming back from the dead ,i d say they were a real possibility. i hope this 2 week break gives our short term injuries a chance to be all ready come
    sept 15. big opportunity for us- we need to take it.

  24. soul sacrifice says:

    eggert- please countersue mccabe. we want to see him fry in agony.

  25. steel pulse says:

    we are west ham s claret army…………

  26. thinboy fat says:

    not a bad w/e

    we beat on eof our bogey sides 3-0

    spudmuckers chuck a 3-1 lead

    sheff disunited lose to the mitey thorpe.

    milltank lose again.

    leeds win again, but remain on negative points for teh season.

    and john terry and his band of gypsies get turned over by villa.

    great stuff

  27. handsworth revolution says:

    ride on josephine baby ride on….

  28. Tom says:

    What happened to sack the manager, the summer signings are sh1t …. Eggies broken promises and the old gaurd can’t cut it …..

    Hey Curbs spot on fella and when the likes of Freddie and Scot Parker return it’ll be time to rub some short sighted so called fans noses right in it … up the Irons .. and roll on Jan for the likes of Eidur n co to take us on to europe ..

  29. perceybogtrotter says:

    I think you will find HE DID want to come to us BUT Reading wouldnt allow him or pay him off! Wait till January hence the signing of Rosenior??

  30. poisonous snake says:

    keep talking tripe, terry

    u spend big ,u talk big, and u still get turned over by villa


    get stuffed abramovich

  31. biryani says:

    we don t feel your pain jose, martin or bryan. we relish it

  32. EastHammer says:

    There is only one Georgie McCartney.

    Can someone explain to me how Shorey is better than George? And winning an England does not count.

  33. Jaime says:

    Bellamy is Welsh for Tevez……..FACT

  34. man on a mission says:

    superb easthammer.

    absolutely spot on.

  35. hammer to the death says:

    sheffield disunited,fottenham snotspur,millspank ,chelsea soviet satellite (aka we survive on daddy s trust fund, we couldn t graft if our lives depended on it)


    you used to laugh and shout … now u just TART ABOUT….

  36. overseas claret army says:

    now you don t look so proud fottenham and sheffield misunited , do you

    you can dish it out can you , but you can take it .

    DEAL WITH IT , underachieving arrogant sewage

  37. bruce who? says:

    still having a moan are we steve about not getting decisions ,are we??

    still ckalking up your miserable start to the LITTLE CLUB, BIG CLUB syndrome are we?? that d be wht boro turned your fat rear over like a pancake ,you conniving unfit mug.

    DID YOU ROBERT GREEN OR ALAN CURBISHLEY complain about the penalty reading were awarded??? no… Because they accepted that the referee was right.
    and they didn t argue the toss

    get stuffed you quarter wit, bruce.

  38. media spotlight says:

    still giving it the big one are we DAILY MAIL ,DAILY EXPRESS,EVEING STANDARD,
    THE TIMES and all you other lowlife so called “pundits” about how much we ve spent??

    WRONG AGAIN NUMBNBUTS . our net spend was under 5 million in this window so stop arguing the toss about us overspoending and artificially inflating the transfer market.

    HOW MANY FUNKIN TIMES ARE YOU GOING TO GET IT WRONG, MEDIA TIMEWASTERS??? if i had a pound for evry mistake you made i d own a small country by now.

    you said we wouldn t get promoted we did.
    you said we d get relegated the first season back -we didnt
    you said we d get relegated last season-we didn t
    you said we d get docked points over teh summer- we didn t
    you said we d start the season badly – we didn t




  39. welsh hammer 4 life says:

    is shorey really better than gabbidon, even with danny playing away from his natural position?? i don t think so … so why wud we need to pay over the odds for sjorey for cover for left back, when at this stage , at best shorey can be described as a decent prospect ,but certainly not the finished article??

    then again, i m not biased now , am i , haha..

  40. most vindictive hammer ever says:

    there s more where that came from ,siberian oil fields, yorkshire flood plains,southeast london crime central and north london spoiled toff central

    want some serviettes with your crow???

  41. fax murderer says:

    still talkin tripe jumbo

    feeling frustrated are we? 50 million pounds and nearly one manager later where are you? in the doctors office ,getting your prostrate checked?that s what happens to fat , arrogant fottenham snotspurs that eat greasy fish and chips 365 days a year and blow 3-1 leads to fulham and lose to the mitey sunderland in the 93 rd minute

    pathetic criminal mug

  42. mick tagger says:

    you re going to need a bit more than old pretty boy “fashion icon ” berbatov with that
    “soft and feminine ” hairstyle to save your tired rears.

    50 million quid muppets

  43. solicitor who will sue the FA says:

    you think you re clever do u FA??


    “whatever powers you need for recompense”.


    and you think your exempt ,ownership of the DAILY FAIL. you better have a nice trust fund toff to bail you out, because i will take your tired rear to the cleaners.

    YOU THINK YOU RE ” BAD ” do you. you ain t got no game ,tenth wit



    you are going to first find out exactly what legal battle you re involved in.

  44. warning to the daily mail says:

    you either stop printing this tripe , or i will sue for a lot more than eggert magnusson does. you want to muck about? lets muck about then. i will employ every single legal avenue available to me to gain the maximum amount of compensation for west ham united , in redress for you printing false, misleading information in your paper and causing reptational damage to our club. you picked a fight with teh wrong person.i will make eggert magnusson look like a pussy cat. i am the most miserable basket you will ever encounter in your lifetime, unless you should meet osama bin laden, and i will make u pay the maximum legal price. you are raw untreated fecal matter.

  45. stonewall jackson says:

    fa arbitration? there are the freakshows who couldn t keep their trousers on in thei rown offices. and they pretend to pass judgement on us . not only do they shag their own administrative assistants , but they do don t even do different ones. brian fartwick, you are a fat funk. and your national manager is pants.

  46. tony flail says:

    you can order all the recompense u like brian fatwick. all that will result is that we sue the funk out of you, your fat ,overpaid organization and all the tarts that work for it.
    and then bankrupt mccabe.

    you ve got no shot fatwick. and u will pay the legal price. gobwipe

  47. loyal hammer says:

    eggert- please sue these people and make them pay the maximum price. this beyond the pale. mccabe, the fa and the daily mail have no right to caus eus reputaional damage or detract from our brand name. PLAY HARDBALL with this lot. they deserve not an ounce of mercy.

  48. legal consultant says:

    bartwick, don t give us excuses. why are your personell leaking information , and factually incorrect information to bodily fluid liek the daily mail??

    can u not control your emplyees brian? what is your function then.

    sort it out brian, or your heading for a very nasty legal bruising

  49. mother teresa says:

    to the editor of the daily fail

    you wouldn t be trying to falsely influence the outcome of due process of the law now would you??

    checked with your counsel about the legaility of what you printed today?

    oh really? well you didn t check thoroughly enough.

    and now you have steped well and truly in it. and “it” isn t the proverbial strawberry patch.

    you thought you were clever did you, pushing the old envelope with your bad breath saliva , about what was legal for you to print. except you didn t dot your i s and cross your t s . NICE OWN GOAL MORON

    and now you will pay the full legal price. your worst nitemare? may not be your worst ,but will be one of your top 3 .

    we will play you like a fiddle

  50. trainspotter says:

    how considerate of our freinds at london underground to at least ensure that their 72 hour strike doesn t cross paths with the england internationals or any prmiership matches. as if their 30 odd days a year of paid leave isn t generous enouigh

    thx so much for that guys

  51. meanest basket on earth says:

    mccabe, eggert is the least of your worries. i can guarantee you one thing. you will not have a moment s peace until you take your dying breath. and upon your deathbed you will be admitting to yourself that it was not worth it.

    there are laws against murder , so i won t kill you or phsically harm you. but i will make sure ,using actions that are entirely within the law , that you pay a staggeringly high price , and that you suffer for it. you made your bed. now you l lie in it

  52. north london points failure says:

    champions league?
    try getting clear of the relegation zone first fottenham

  53. handsworth revolution says:

    mccabe- do u really think anyone is going to give a toss when u die? do u think anyone will have one iota of sympathy , even if it s from a terminal illness? you re having a laugh ,old man , because you only be remembered for being a lying, cheating greedy prat who tried to make a quick buck out of distorting and twisting the facts consistently,

    yiu weren t good enough. not as a child. not as a teenager. not as an adult. and u never will be.

  54. london lite calling says:

    they can t give it away . because it s such tosh ,they have to throw it in your face of an evening.
    FREE LONDON LITE , FREE LONDON LITE ,FREE LONDON LITE. which of course includes a pony sports section, in which 3 mugs had their pearls of wisdom published.

    one little mug went to market. he said west ham will never reach europe (presumably not in the
    next 2 or 200 years ).

    one more little mug went to market. he said west ham would end up in the “chanmpionship league ” rather than the champions league. another real intelligent guy.

    and the other little mug ran all the way home. he said west ham was hated by everybody because ‘we outright cheated.”

    right . we cheated. thats why the player was fully registered right from teh start and remained
    legally registered from start to finish. right. and thats s why he s able to play for man utd now.

    and of course the 3 little pigs in our story, or the 3 little muppets , in that FIRST CLASS tabloid
    LONDON LITE had so much courage , that NONE of them listed which club tey do support.
    one was so courageous that he even listed his address as ESSEX. real big giveaway that is. loads of courage that took.

    the the truth is this. even after “tevezgate” west ham are not the most hated club in the premiership. so who claims that coveted prize?

    i ll tell you who the prime contenders are.

    1- chelsea , because they bought what limited success they ve achieved. they haven t earned it, they bought it. well money can t buy you love, or the treble , or the champions league title. especially when it s dirty money stolen from the siberian oilfields , from the russian people. and why else does everybody love to hate chelsea ? because they dive and moan and harass the referee all day long. like didier drogba. he shud have his deep sea diving license by now.

    2- arsenal , because they re continental european wannabees who can t be bothered to play
    a single english player. they take english pounds , they accept our money, but do they play any english players?? of course not , it would be too much too ask. so exactly what does arsenal contribute to the english national side then? correct . FA . and not the sweet variety either.
    you certainly got that one right pards.

    3- manchester united for being the original big spenders , long before chelsea stole siberian oil money , they simply outspent everbody for years and years, deluding people into thinking that they were that much more skilled and better coached than everyone else. they weren t . they simply spent big , way before it became fashionable.

    so there are a few viable, and likely options for MOST HATED in the premiership. if push came to shove , it wouldn t west ham they really hate , but it wud be one of these 3. maybe one or 2 others too, who think their excrement doesn t stink,like that polite set at gulders green .

    london lite. wonder if ladbrokes will give me odds on who goes bankrupt first , that paper or mccabe. ah screw it i ll just bet on the double. they re both going down anyway , dead cert.

    go on the west ham

  55. disloyalty doesn t pay says:

    mugged off by emile heskey… it could only happen to jermaine DISLOYAL de-foe. lot of good it s done you to go fottenham snotspur ,then jermain? then again ,you and fottenham are made for each other. the nearly man and the nearly club. always spending big. but never having anything to show for it. and always making excuses . what was your excuse for that red card at gillingham then? and that red card at home against west brom? 4-3 scoreline jermaine ,remember that one. enjoy your time on the pine ,de-foe . you re never going to make it.not at fottenham ,not anywhere. once disloyal , always disloyal. and don t go playing the false racism card either.that doesn t pay either.

  56. Bloody hell, there’s some fierce debate going on here. Surely this should be a dreamland at the moment where everybody loves each other in the wake of you ripping Reading to pieces. I think you’ll finish in the top 6 or 7 this year as long as Curbs can keep a tight reign on all of the toruble makers you have in your squad.

    I know you West Ham fans care about your football, but what about your shirts? We’re putting some feedback together to approach manufacturers about improving their shirts. My name is the link if you’re interested. 🙂

  57. north london points failure says:

    lineker- are u that thick that you haven t figured it out yet ?? eating walker s crisps incessantly only makes your fat sarcastic lips even fatter and uglier.

    great example for kids gaz vinegar – that s just top drawer . promoting child obesity.
    great contribution to society. greedy sarcastic mug

  58. yorkshire points failure says:

    mccabe we re all over you like flies to excrement . right up until you re on your deathbed. you lie, you cheat, you steak, you distort, you exaggerate, you twist facts,you harass, you waste time.

    and you will experience severe mental anguish for that , within what is deemed to be within the paramters of the strict letter of the law.

    you have not a clue of what you have unleashed here old maggot.

  59. ny hammer says:

    cheers for the encouragement west ham shirts

  60. manhattan island says:

    re the fierce debate, you can expect that to continue until and unless we get to top 8 this season. for a start expectations are very high given the change in ownership. secondly emotions are running high after what was one of the greatest escapes in any sport in recent memory. thirdly , and maybe the most important , i sthat there is a strong sense of indignation amongst the club s supporters about the factg that sheffield disunited have had 3 legal opportunities already, and now a fourth , which represents not double jeopeardy for us ,but quadruple jeopardy. so fans are very very nervy as a result. along those lines , west ham fans are disgusted at the way in which the media , both in print and on television has grossly distorted the details of the tevez saga, and essentailly accused our club or ” convicted” our club of things which the club CLEARLY DID NOT DO . and of course westg ham fans have ,unsurprisingly ,grown bored with cheap shot muppets from other clubs taking the mick, whether it s niall ” i ll bend over for roy keane anytime ” quinn or illiterate fottenham snotspur fans , or whoever. and last but not least , the injuries to key new signings. so despite a reasonable start to the season, all this is a lethal cocktail which is making west ham fans perhaps a bit more irritable than would normally be the case . tevez or tevez, WHU fans feel that we never ever shud have been in a relegation scrap in the first place last year , given the talent at th eclub, regardless of the takeover circus. and rightfully or wrongfully, curbishley is feeling some backlash, and will continue to feel it until the club sits firmly in the top half of the table. my own feeling is that altho curbishley started miserably, not just in results, but in the manner in which he communicated with the media, the players and the fans, and in the decisions he took, he has improved tremendously, and that improvement continues to be shown this season. but the temperature wil remain hot for awhile, and that means even between and amongst fellow supporters. as is well documented , this is a club whose supporters are amongst the most loyal and passionate on the planet- probably to the point where it is bad for their health, and i freely admit i fall into that category.
    this jsut is not your “bog standard” club, or bog standard set of supporters. never was and never will be

  61. red hot chilli pepper says:

    sue moron mccabe for every penny he s worth. bankrupt him .

    do not purchase the daily fail

  62. a levels says:

    which of the following choices all sahre something in common

    a. dave whelan

    b. kevin mccabe

    c. terry brown

    d.brian fartwick

    e. sports editor of the daily mail

    f. supporters of toff-enham snobsspur

    g. glen roeder

    h. rick parry

    i. niall quinn

    j. steve mcclaren

    k.jermaine defoe

    l. sean bean


    if you chose m, because you correctly identified all choices as PROPER MUGS,
    then you chose correectly. congratulations

  63. Liam T says:

    The Shorey’s West Ham connection comes form the fact he was brought up in Chadwell Heath and his Dad worked for the club as a kids coach.
    Pretty sure it’s clear he himself wanted to join us and there is every reason to believe we will go back in for him in January, and get him for far else than quoted as his contract runs down.
    I don’t think he is anything special but is certainly better than McCartney going forward with his link up play, free kicks etc.

  64. csi london says:

    keep hiding mccabe. we re well on our way to finding the skeletons in your closet. not one, not two, but several. the kind of stuff that makes KABBA AND WATFORD look like cinderella. you are one very unclever homosapien mccabe. not sure about homosapien. i ve seen 1 year old chimps with more intelligence than you.

  65. unimpressed with shorey says:

    it s possible shorey might take better free kicks than mccartney. but i ll have to agree to disagree with u on going forward and link-up play. george isn t cashley cole on that score ,but he s no less able going forward than shorey. one reason we re still in the premiership is the way in which mccartney linked up towards the end of teh season. and thus far,in the new season, he s doing fine on that score. after seeing shorey play for england and against us , that lad has a long way to go before he s anything special .
    does he have potential? maybe. now it s down to him to prove it by january

  66. csi yorkshire says:

    mccabe ,you re not going to have 2 pennies to rub together to pass on to your heirs to the thown of gross negligence and stupidity.

  67. my gggg-generation says:

    aint no cure for the inetrnational week blues

  68. quadruple jeopardy says:

    can u hear the sheffield sing??


  69. headmaster1 says:

    my gggg-generation is right.
    Check out
    for my views if you care to

  70. Rooster says:

    McCabe v BJorg & Eggy looks like its going to be 4-0 to the West Ham Boys

    C’Mon you Icey Irons

  71. Rooster says:

    Id like to say Thank-You to all the Sheff Utd supporters Mums & Wives for shopping at Icelands and making our owner richer and richer every day.

  72. abracadabra says:



    i ll tell u who you are .

    you re a benchwarmer who sits on the pine , who can t even get in the england starting line-up or the toff-en-ham snots-spur

    you re a disloyal overr-rated redcarder who isn t worth a fraction of 12 million quid.

    get stuffed u timewaster

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